0% 83 xp remaining or 4 Penguin Points
(1) (2)
Resell Products to GE
High Alch the Products
Low Alch the Products

Buy materials from GE
Gather materials
Total Boost Multiplier: 1 Boosts
Penance Horn
Clan Avatar (Same World)
Clan Avatar (Within 10 Steps)
Voice of Seren (Trahaearn)
Desert Pantheon Aura
Double XP Weekend
Boosting Sets
Golden mining set
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Golden mining boots
Golden mining gloves
Golden mining helmet
Golden mining trousers
Golden mining top
Emerald golem outfit
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Emerald Golem Head
Emerald Golem Torso
Emerald Golem Legs
Emerald Golem Gloves
Emerald Golem Boots
Ruby golem outfit
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Ruby Golem Head
Ruby Golem Torso
Ruby Golem Legs
Ruby Golem Gloves
Ruby Golem Boots
Sapphire golem outfit
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Sapphire Golem Head
Sapphire Golem Torso
Sapphire Golem Legs
Sapphire Golem Gloves
Sapphire Golem Boots
Magic golem outfit
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Magic golem head
Magic golem torso
Magic golem legs
Magic golem gloves
Magic golem boots
Display Options Hide Members Items Hide Items Higher Than My Level Hide Sub-Category Show Materials and Profit/Loss Details
Level Image Type of Ore Sub-Category Actions /
    1 Clay Clay Ores 17
5 XP
19.5k GP
229.8 GP/XP
    1 Copper ore Copper ore Ores 8
10.56 XP
3.9k GP
46.12 GP/XP
    1 Rune essence Rune essence Ores 17
5 XP
2.7k GP
32.2 GP/XP
    1 Tin ore Tin ore Ores 8
10.56 XP
3.4k GP
39.87 GP/XP
    1 Novite ore Novite ore Dungeon Ores 6
15 XP
0 GP
    10 Blurite ore Blurite ore Ores 2
42 XP
0 GP
    10 Daeyalt ore Daeyalt ore Ores 5
17.5 XP
0 GP
    10 Iron ore Iron ore Ores 3
32.64 XP
2.8k GP
28.09 GP/XP
    10 Limestone Limestone Ores 4
26.5 XP
5.1k GP
47.7 GP/XP
    10 Bathus ore Bathus ore Dungeon Ores 4
27.5 XP
0 GP
    20 Coal Coal Ores 2
50 XP
572 GP
5.72 GP/XP
    20 Silver ore Silver ore Ores 3
40 XP
1.4k GP
12 GP/XP
    20 Marmaros ore Marmaros ore Dungeon Ores 3
41 XP
0 GP
    30 Mithril ore Mithril ore Ores 2
69.12 XP
1.3k GP
9.27 GP/XP
    30 Pure essence Pure essence Ores 17
5 XP
3.3k GP
38.8 GP/XP
    30 Kratonium ore Kratonium ore Dungeon Ores 2
56.5 XP
0 GP
    35 Sandstone (10kg) Sandstone (10kg) Ores 2
60 XP
11.9k GP
99 GP/XP
    35 Sandstone (1kg) Sandstone (1kg) Ores 3
30 XP
243 GP
2.7 GP/XP
    35 Sandstone (2kg) Sandstone (2kg) Ores 3
40 XP
630 GP
5.25 GP/XP
    35 Sandstone (5kg) Sandstone (5kg) Ores 2
50 XP
4.4k GP
43.86 GP/XP
    40 Adamantite ore Adamantite ore Ores 1
109.44 XP
1.1k GP
9.75 GP/XP
    40 Gem rock Gem rock Ores 2
65 XP
0 GP
    40 Gold ore Gold ore Ores 2
65 XP
1.8k GP
13.72 GP/XP
    40 Luminite Luminite Ores 2
54 XP
4k GP
37.2 GP/XP
    40 Fractite ore Fractite ore Dungeon Ores 2
71 XP
0 GP
    41 Obsidian Obsidian Ores 3
40 XP
0 GP
    45 Granite - average Granite - average Ores 2
75 XP
5.9k GP
39.11 GP/XP
    46 Rubium Rubium Ores 5
17.5 XP
0 GP
    50 Runite ore Runite ore Ores 1
182.4 XP
2.1k GP
11.45 GP/XP
    50 Zephyrium ore Zephyrium ore Dungeon Ores 1
85 XP
0 GP
    60 Drakolith Drakolith Ores 1
436.8 XP
3.4k GP
7.88 GP/XP
    60 Orichalcite ore Orichalcite ore Ores 1
436.8 XP
2.5k GP
5.83 GP/XP
    60 Argonite ore Argonite ore Dungeon Ores 1
100.5 XP
0 GP
    70 Necrite ore Necrite ore Ores 1
416 XP
3.5k GP
8.37 GP/XP
    70 Phasmatite Phasmatite Ores 1
416 XP
3.3k GP
7.9 GP/XP
    70 Katagon ore Katagon ore Dungeon Ores 1
117 XP
0 GP
    73 Living rock remains Living rock remains Ores 4
25 XP
400 GP
    77 Concentrated coal deposits Concentrated coal deposits Ores 2
50 XP
572 GP
5.72 GP/XP
    80 Banite ore Banite ore Ores 1
557.6 XP
3.4k GP
6.11 GP/XP
    80 Concentrated gold deposits Concentrated gold deposits Ores 2
65 XP
1.8k GP
13.72 GP/XP
    80 Gorgonite ore Gorgonite ore Dungeon Ores 1
131.5 XP
0 GP
    89 Seren stones Seren stones Ores 1
296.4 XP
0 GP
    90 Dark animica Dark animica Ores 1
672 XP
3.8k GP
5.71 GP/XP
    90 Light animica Light animica Ores 1
672 XP
4.1k GP
6.15 GP/XP
    90 Promethium ore Promethium ore Dungeon Ores 1
148 XP
0 GP
    91 Sea salt Sea salt Ores 1
445.5 XP
0 GP
    97 Alaea sea salt Alaea sea salt Ores 1
692.5 XP
0 GP
    98 Golden idol Golden idol Ores 1
5250 XP
0 GP
Using this calculator:

If you're a RuneScape member you can begin by entering your RuneScape username and hitting 'Calculate', this will automatically load your current experience and set a goal appropriate to your level. If you're logged into the forums, the calculator will load the username set in your profile.
If you're a non-member of RuneScape, or do not wish to enter your username then you can manually fill in your level or experience in the current and goal fields.

Using the dropdown to the right of the username field, you may select a different skill to calculate.

Once the above data is entered, the calculator will calculate the approximate number of actions that will need to be completed. To help narrow down your selection of items you may choose a main category and then further select sub categories (when available).

Selecting boosts will adjust the number of actions needed to reach your goal according to their boost amount. Boosts will show with a green border when active. Some boosts are a part of a set that give an additional boost when all items are worn, once all boosts in this set are active the additional boost will be added automatically. (You may also check the 'select all' option under the set name to activate all boosts in that set)

Some additional options are available to aid in your calculations; these include hiding members only items, hiding items higher than your level, hiding the sub category field from the table, and showing the materials required to make the item in the table. To modify these options, click the 'Show Options' link underneath the 'Goal' field.

  • 'Hide Members Items' will hide all items in the table that require a RuneScape membership to complete.
  • 'Hide Items Higher Than My Level' will hide all items in the table the require a higher level than your current level to complete.
  • 'Hide Sub-Category' will remove the sub-category column from the table as well as the sub-category selection options.
  • 'Show Materials and Profit/Loss Details' will open up the Profit/Loss details in each row, which includes all the materials required to make the item.

If you want some more information on a specific action, there is a '+' button that will open a popup including more detailed information about the item, including a breakdown of the materials required and how much they cost to purchase from the Grand Exchange.

You can sort the table by the columns that feature up and down arrows to the right. To sort by a single column, click the column header. To sort by multiple columns, shift+click on the column headers you want to sort by. Click again (or shift+click) to switch between ascending and descending sort.

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