Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
80 Herblore
80 Constitution
78 Attack
78 Ranged
78 Magic
76 Firemaking
75 Fletching
72 Mining
Ability to enter Morytania
Combat level of 100+ recommended.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Weapons to defeat vampyres (sunspear or blisterwood weaponry, 3 Steel helms, 3 Steel platebodies, 3 Steel platelegs, 2 main-hand blisterwood sickles, and a Blisterwood polearm.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
The Covenant of Perpetual Conflict, The Sleeping Seven, Blood of the Covenant, Scroll case, Scroll of Balance, Silvithril bar, Ivandis's serum, Diary pages, Blisterwood ashes, Silvthril dust, Silvthril dust (b), Super Guthix balance, Efaritay's pendant, Blisterwood shaft, Blood of the Hybrid, Daeyalt ore, Refined daeyalt, Vertida's bottle of holy water Wyrd blood, and Extreme guthix balance.
Quest Points:
75,000 Herblore XP, 50,000 Firemaking XP, 50,000 Fletching XP, 50,000 Mining XP, an XP tome with three 75k xp chapters, a reforged Sunspear, access to Haelmalchemical blood essences, 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
Start Point:
Inside Varrock palace, North of Varrock square.
To Start:
Speak to King Roald about the River of blood quest.
  1. Start by speaking to King Roald in Varrock palace and ask about the River of Blood quest, he will ask you to help out the caretakers of the temple at the River salve.

    King Roald

  2. Enter the underground passage underneath the temple and inform Ivan of what King Roald has said. Drezel and him will then report a lack of success in their attempts to make the barrier stronger.

    Note: Before you proceed to the next step, make sure you are prepared for combat against vampyric creatures.


  3. Head to the beacon closest to the temple and talk to Aeonisig at the foot of it. 3 Vyrewatches (level 70) will all of a sudden appear. Once the Vyrewatch are dead, talk to Aeonisig again. He will ask you to clear the temple, reinforce the barrier, and outfit the guard.


  4. Talk to Captain rovin, just east of Aeonisig, and hand over all the equipment he requires (3 Steel helms, 3 Steel platebodies, 3 Steel platelegs, 2 Blisterwood sickles(mainhand), and 1 Blisterwood polearm).


  5. Now, enter the temple and kill 10 Monks. Then head upstairs to the top floor and kill the 2 Conspirators (25K HP each). Once they are dead pick up the book, titled The Covenant of Perpetual Conflict.


  6. Return to Ivan and Drezel to find out that Drezel may know of Heretic book which may be able to help but is sealed in the library. He then gives you a book, titled The Sleeping Seven, to help find the book within the library.


  7. Climb down the nearby trapdoor into the basement and search the bookcases in the following order, facing North. Westernmost wall, Northern bookshelf is 1, South of it is 2. The bookshelf across from 2 (heading East) is number 3. The 4th bookshelf is across from 3 heading East. Bookshelf 5 is North of 4. The 6th bookshelf is the bookshelf farthest East(all by itself). Bookshelf 7 is North of 3, and the final bookshelf is along the Northern wall. Search the Northern bookshelves till you find the book, titled Blood of the Covenant, and take it from the shelf. Read the book and return to Drezel with the book.


  8. Your next stop is the Temple of Ivandis Seergaze. Head down the back of the pub just east of the Paterdomus Temple and through the retractable wall. Then go through the first crack in the eastern wall. Inside is the tomb of Ivandis. Use your Guthix balance potion on the tomb to remove the seal and obtain a Scroll case, a Silvithril bar, and Ivandis's serum. Open the scroll case to retrieve the missing diary pages and a Scroll of balance. Light one of your Blisterwood logs and pick up the Blisterwoord ashes.

    Note: If you have unlocked the trapdoor short-cut (reward from Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott), you will either have to toggle this effect off at the Temple Trekking noticeboard. Alternatively, you can also use the the fairy ring DLS to take you to the tunnels

    Ivandis' tomb

  9. Then take the silvthril bar to the bone grinder in the Ectofuntus, near Port Phasmatys, and grind the bar into dust. Take the dust to the nature spirit temple located in the Morytanian swamp and use it on the altar to get it blessed.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Ectofuntus is by using the Ectophial. The easiest way to reach the nature temple is by teleporting to Burgh de Rott and running northwest.


  10. Use any of the component items on each other to make a Super Guthix balance potion. Then show it to Drezel and Ivan. They will suggest pouring it into the river salve. Pour the potion into the well in the main chamber, then report back to Aeonisig.

    First potion

  11. Vanescula is now at the edge of the river. Talk to her and she will summon 3 Vampyre juvinates. However, due to adding the potion to the River Salve, the juvinates turn into Feral Vampyres, which you must defeat.

    River's egde

  12. Once you have defeated them a Wyrd will appear which you must also battle. The Wyrd has 2 special attacks.

    • Blood vortex: Use protect from magic against this attack. Your damage taken will vary up to 250 life points per hit.
    • Sonic scream: To avoid walk back toward the door into the temple, if you get hit you may get hit up to 7,500 damage.

    Wyrd fight

  13. After the battle Queen Efaritay will appear and banish the Wyrd. She will scorn both sides and tell you to meet her at the Icyene temple. You can get to the Icyene temple using the boat South of Burgh de Rott. Once there, she will ask you to retrieve the pendant from the temple just to the North then ask your help to rebuild her old weapon. For this you will need the Sun spear, Wolf bane dagger, and Blisterwood logs. Fletch the logs into a Shaft, and combine all 3 components to make the weapon, handing it over to Efaritay.

    Weapon crafting

  14. Teleport to the Meiyerditch laboratory, and talk to Sarius Guile. Head down the tunnel and enter the first room on the west filled with Mutated Bloodvelds. Inside search the research table to the North to find a book then return to Sarius to discover a possible cure for vampirism.

    Possible cure?

  15. After talking to her travel to the Meiyerditch mines. You can get there several ways:

    • Teleport to Darkmeyer using the Drakan medallion and head out of Darkmeyer through the hole in the wall to the South in the slums. Then climb down the hole just outside to enter the mines. (Blue path)

    • From the laboratory, you are in, walk up the stairs. Open the door to the West, walk South through the slashed tapestry, and open the door to the East. You are now outside and can click as far North, and slightly West, as possible to reach the mines. (Red path)


  16. Once in the mines, talk to one of the guards and ask where the refinery is. If you are wearing the House Drakan/Darkmeyer outfit, the juvinate guard will inform you that a slave is about to fill a cart and you can push that in once it is full. If you aren't wearing one of thise outfits, the gaurds will tell you that they will take you there once you fill up a cart with 15 ores, then push the cart to enter the vault.


  17. Inside kill the 3 Juvinates and free all 5 of the prisoners, each lock will take 10% of your total health. In the next room you need to alter people's attitudes to suit the matching tithe, simply examine the tithe to find the personality it desires, then alter the person to suit the correct tithe.
    Vampire House Emotion Person What to tell them
    Drakan Hope Florin 'Cheer up. Don't give up hope.'
    Myrmel Remorse Razvan 'You should be ashamed. Have you no remorse?"
    Pyrah Disapproval Ileana "I don't approve of this, and neither should you."
    Vitur Awe Sorin "Isn't this technology awesome?"
    Ghrazi Anger Emilia "Let the anger flow through you."
    Shadum Submission You "I accept my fate and put my hand in the machine."


  18. Once done, mine a piece of the ore and examine the chamber to the Northwest. Safalaan will break out and poison you for your full maximum Life points (even if you are not at full hp), but you will just faint without losing any health.


  19. When you wake up, climb the stairs and make your way up the tower. One the first floor, talk to Safalaan and then kill the 7 Hellhounds just up the stairs in the first room.

    Skeletal Hellhounds

  20. Proceed clockwise around the tower and pick up the Holy water (red dot on your minimap) on the way to kill the Bloodveld.

    The power of Saradomin compels you!

  21. On the next floor, chop a Blisterwood log and light the pit in front of the Stone of Jas. Then kick the barrel nearby into the fire and wait for the debris to finish falling. Unlock the seal and head to the top of the tower to fight Safalaan.

    Wait for the boom!

  22. This battle has several phases. Efaritay and you will try to talk Safalaan down, but he is unable to contain himself and will first attack his own mother and then you. During this fight he has the same special attacks as before (blood vortex and sonic scream).

    Note:If you die during the battle, you will reenter via the gatehouse near the Blisterwood tree in Darkmeyer. You will have to start the entire battle over if you die.

    I hate you Mommy!

  23. When you have mostly defeated him, you will hallucinate that he is Vanstrom Klause. While fighting him you will often be teleported and blood pools will appear. Avoid the pools to avoid damage.

    Vanstrom Hallucination

  24. When he has been defeated your hallucination will end and you will once again be fighting Safalaan as a Wyrd. The same mechanics apply, plus he can Telegrab and pull you closer if you run too far.

    Safalan fight

  25. Once again, when his health is reduced, you will begin to hallucinate. This time your hallucinations have you fighting Drakan. His special attack are blood mines when he shouts 'HAHAHA!'. Run away from these as they hit extremely hard.

    Drakan hallucination

  26. Finally, when you have defeated Drakan, Safalaan will appear and fight you once more. The same mechanics apply as before.

    Final fight

  27. After you have won combine a sample of Safalaan's blood with the refined ore you retrieved earlier and the Ivandis serum, to create an Extreme Guthix balance potion. Talk to Safalaan and convince him to drink the poition. This will restore him to normal.

    Feeling Better?

  28. Travel to Paterdomus and talk to Ivan Strom. He will tell you to use the potion on the well. Pour the potion into the well and a small cut scene will occur. Now, leave the temple and talk to Vanescula on the brdige to trigger another cut scene.

    Restore the well

  29. Afterwards, head back to King Roald in Varrock to claim your rewards.

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Complete!

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