Quests Required:
Varies between clues.
Items Needed:
For any type of Treasure Trail activity, you will need to carry the Clue scroll. If you die and lose the clue, then you cannot get it back. You will have to try to get another one. You can only have one clue at a time, either in your bank or inventory.
For Coordinate clues, the following is necessary: a Watch, a Sextant, a Chart, and a Spade.
For Emote clues, each clue will specify what items are needed to be equipped.
Skill Levels Recommended:
  • 60 - 70 Agility - To be able to use many of the shortcuts
  • 64 Magic - To be able to use all regular teleport spells.
  • 43 Prayer - To be able to use Protect from magic, missiles, and melee.
Items Recommended:
  • Rope
  • About 100-500gp
  • Any weapon
  • Teleport runes to everywhere
  • Amulet of glory(4)
  • Some food
  • Boots of lightness
  • Antipoison
Starting Point:
Varies due to the variety of each clue. Search this guide to find where your particular clue starts.
Is this MiniGame Safe to play?:
Getting Started:

Table of Contents

General Information

Anagram Clues

Cipher Clues

Coordinate Clues

You can enter your coordinates and get a customized map (with nice red cross-hairs on your specific location) by using the World and Coordinates Map.

Where to get the items needed to do a Coordinate Clue:

Where to get the items needed to do a Coordinate Clue:
Item Location
Sextant Murphy the trawler sailor in Port Khazard.
Watch Monk in the Clock Tower.
Navigation Chart Speak to one of the men in the Observatory.

How to complete coordinate clues on your own

This next section will you help you to become a master at figuring out coordinate clues without help from anyone!

How to figure out the coordinates:

Imagine a large plus sign across the Runescape map. The center of it marks the location 00� 00min North, 00� 00min East. This spot is located at the Observatory, near the Castle Wars arena. If you move North in a straight line, the first set of numbers will increase, but the numbers marking East will stay at zero. If you move East in a straight line, the first set of numbers will remain zero but the set marking East will increase.

An example: Let's say you have the coordinates 07 deg 00 min N, 00 deg 39 min E. This means you have moved to a location north and slightly east from the observatory. Each square on the Runescape ground is two numbers higher or lower from the adjacent squares depending on in what direction you move. This picture shows the location of a square at the Tree Gnome Stronghold gate.

Gnome Stronghold Coord Example

If you get a coordinate that says, for example, 05 deg 14 min South, 12 deg 03 min East, it means the location is somewhere on the lower half of the plus sign, to the east. It's all about adding and subtracting, yet no major math is involved.

How to use the sextant:

Your goal is to get the horizon and sun in the middle of the center piece.

Sextant View

  1. The center piece.
  2. This lever "raises" the horizon in the center piece.
  3. This lever "lowers" the horizon in the center piece.
  4. This lever "raises" the sun in the center piece.
  5. This lever "lowers" the sun in the center piece.

Click "Get Location" to get the coordinates for the square you are standing on.

Degrees North or South

00 Degrees 01 Degrees 02 Degrees 03 Degrees
04 Degrees 05 Degrees 06 Degrees 07 Degrees
08 Degrees 09 Degrees 11 Degrees 12 Degrees
13 Degrees 14 Degrees 15 Degrees 16 Degrees
17 Degrees 18 Degrees 19 Degrees 20 Degrees
21 Degrees 22 Degrees 24 Degrees 25 Degrees

00 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
00 degrees 00 minutes north
07 degrees 13 minutes west
** Regicide area, Northeast of Tyras Camp (near the entrance to his camp, before the thick forest pass) past a stick trap, dig near the stone towards the back of the pond.
06 degrees 58 minutes north
21 degrees 16 minutes east
Located at the northeast fence outside of Draynor Manor, on the southern side of the River Lum.
00 degrees 05 minutes south
01 degrees 13 minutes east
East opposite the Observatory, West of Tree Gnome Village - Dig on the SouthWest side of the Lonely Willow Tree
00 degrees 13 minutes south
13 degrees 58 minutes east
On Karamja between two small lakes, just past the mud path by the banana plantation.
00 degrees 18 minutes south
09 minutes 28 degrees east
South-west of Brimhaven, two paces south of the northwestern most gold rock
00 degrees 20 minutes south
23 degrees 13 minutes east
In Lumbridge swamp, south of the cave entrance there is a very small peninsula with 4 mossy rocks near it in the water, dig here.
00 degrees 30 mins north
24 degrees 16 mins east
Lumbridge swamps - From the shack to the Lost City, head North East until you see an open area with rocks on the ground, proceed to dig there
00 degrees 31 mins south
17 degrees 43 mins east
South of the Church located South of Rimmington, West of Port Sarim - Near the entrance to the Ice Caves

01 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
01 degrees 18 minutes south
14 degrees 15 minutes East
On top of the seaweed spawn, near Tiadeche, east of the harpie bug swarms across the river with the log in it.
01 degrees 24 minutes north
08 degrees 05 minutes west
In Regicide area, go in the direction north of the tracker heading to the elves past the leaf trap, look for a path to the west of the leaf trap, there is a stick trap, south of the stick trap dig to the west of the first tree. The Zamorak wizard will appear, so be prepared!
01 degrees 26 minutes north
08 degrees 01 minutes east
In the middle of the Moss Giant Island at its highest point, West of Brimhaven - You will need agility to get there.
01 degrees 35 mins south
07degrees 28 mins east
The Green Spider island east of Yanille

02 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
02 degrees 46 mins north
29 degrees 11 mins east
Al Kharid obstacle Duel Arena. You must challenge a player and set it to obstacles. The place where to do could be described as, near the corner of an 'L' shaped wall with a vertical line attached to the bottom
02 degrees 48 minutes north
22 degrees 30 minutes east
Behind Lumbridge Castle - On the path behind the spider hut
02 degrees 43 minutes south
33 degrees 26 minutes east
Directly north of the Teak tree east of Uzer
02 degrees 50 minutes north
06 degrees 20 minutes east
South of Ardougne, North of the Necromancer - Dig by the North-east side of the group of 3 willow trees

03 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
03 degrees 35 minutes South
13 degrees 35 minutes East.
Dig directly north of the nature altar on Karamja. The spot is located just north of a tree.
03 degrees 45 minutes south
22 degrees 45 minutes east
** In the Bedabin Encampment, located in the Desert South of Al Kharid; digging spot is north of the small pond near the guarded tent. A Zamorak wizard will attack!

04 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
04 degrees 00 minutes south
12 degrees 46 minutes east
It's the Mining area North of Shilo Village. Middle of the spot. It's *NOT* the gem rocks. Look at world map.
04 degrees 03 minutes south
03 degrees 11 minutes east
It is at the farthest point in the Ogre City of Gu'Tanoth. You take the west path when you enter the main city and follow it, past the battlements and the broken bridge, across 1 final bridge. It is 2 steps west of the bone spawn. Saradomin wizard does attack and you must have completed the Watchtower quest.
04 degrees 05 minutes south
04 degrees 24 minutes east
** On the Ogre island south of Yanille.
To gain access to it, you must go through the tunnel south of the ogre city.
The clue is on the far east side of the island, inbetween a spear wall and a grouping of three roots.
A Zamorak wizard will spawn and attack you. Kill it and dig again.
04 degrees 13 minutes north
12 degrees 45 minutes east
Crandor island area with the King scorpions - Go to the northernmost part, East of mines
04 degrees 16 minutes south
16 degrees 16 minutes east
** Inside the Karamja Shipyard, southernmost house. Dig at the window between 2 bookshelves and a Zamorak wizard will attack! (See the Grand Tree Quest Guide)
04 degrees 41 minutes north
03 degrees 09 minutes west
On the road to the elven forest where you kill the mourner in the Mourning's Ends Part I Quest. 3 red spider eggs spawn here. Dig 1 step north of the southern-most red spider egg.

05 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
05 degrees 20 minutes South
04 degrees 28 minutes East
Dig right beside the most northern rockslide in Feldip hills, by the plain rock mine.
05 degrees 37 minutes north
31 degrees 15 minutes east
Right behind the Nature Spirit's tree in Mort Myre swamp, a Saradomin wizard will attack!
05 degrees 43 minutes north
23 degrees 05 minutes east
The Lumbridge cow pen by the river - North of the Windmill between Draynor and Lumbridge
05 degrees 50 minutes south
10 degrees 05 minutes east
"On Cairn Isle next to Tinsay, you will be attacked by a Zamorak Wizard."

06 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
06 degrees 0 minutes south
21 degrees 48 minutes east
The far west end of the Desert Bandit Camp, next to a cactus and the shoreline
06 degrees 11 minutes south
15 degrees 07 minutes east
** East part of Karamja just north of the stepping stones you can balance on which leads to a Jungle Forester
06 degrees 31 minutes north
01 degrees 46 minutes west
At a grouping of 3 lakes southwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold - dig between the 2 most Eastern lakes.

07 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
07 degrees 05 minutes north
30 degrees 56 minutes east
In Mort Myre swamp, substantially north of the island where the Nature Spirit is; dig near a rotten tree
07 degrees 33 minutes north
15 minutes 00 degrees east
Lady of the Lake, SouthWest of the gate leading to Taverley - Dig on top of some leaves.
07 degrees 43 minutes south
12 minutes 26 degrees east
In the Kharazi Jungle. Two steps south of the Water Pool used in Legends Quest. Must have started Legends quest. Remember to bring your best Machete and bring your best hatchet .

08 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
08 degrees 03 minutes north
31 minutes 16 degrees east
In the Mort Myre swamp. Almost directly south of the gate leading into it. Head down, it was the second lake south of the gates.
08 degrees 05 minutes south
15 degrees 56 minutes east
** The southeastern corner of Kharazi jungle (Legends Quest area), dig at the brown spot.
08 degrees 26 minutes south
10 minutes 28 degrees east
** In the Kharazi Jungle, all the way south from the cave you did legends in, dig near a corpse, near the shore.
08 degrees 33 minutes north
01 minutes 39 degrees west
South-west corner of the Gnome Stronghold, cross a bridge to the terrorbird pen, exit the east-northeast gate of the pen and dig near the water.

09 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
09 degrees 33 minutes north
02 degrees 15 minutes east
Baxtorian Falls, Second island on the Waterfall - You will need to bring a rope, Dig right before the dead tree on the edge of the waterfall
09 degrees 35 minutes north
01 degrees 50 minutes west
09 Degrees 48 minutes north
17 degrees 39 minutes east
West of the entrance to Ice mountain, south of the Oracle, a little north between two trees, near the ancient magicks teleport spot.

10 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
10 degrees 45 minutes north
04 degrees 31 minutes east
Far west of Seers village, by the shore line north of the Coal Trucks. You may use the log to the south to pass (Requires 20 Agility) or go round about the Fishing guild and enter via the gate.

11 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
11 degrees 03 minutes north
31 degrees 20 minutes east
It's northwest of Canifis (the werewolf town) in the swamps, just above the river portal (must have completed Priest in Peril quest to get there). Go north to gate to new area, proceed slightly east. The spot is on the north side of the path, south of some large roots.
11 degrees 05 minutes north
00 degrees 45 minutes west
Between two swamps northwest of the Grand Tree
11 degrees 41 minutes north
14 degrees 58 minutes east
An area surrounded by a fence next to the pub in Burthorpe

12 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image

13 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
13 degrees 46 minutes north
21 degrees 01 minutes east
East of the Bronze arrow respawn in level 11 wilderness in the upsidedown 'u' of mushrooms.

14 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
14 degrees 54 minutes north
09 degrees 13 minutes east
2 steps west of the swaying tree you cut a branch from during the Fremennik Trials Quest.

15 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image

16 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
16 degrees 03 minutes north
14 degrees 07 minutes east
Just above the entrance to Mad Eadgar's cave on Trollheim mountain
16 degrees 07 minutes north
22 degrees 45 minutes east
* In the Graveyard of Shadows in the level 20 wilderness - Starting from the East entrance, follow the curly road until you see a dead tree right next to it. Dig directly north of it to find the casket. A Zamorak Wizard will attack!
16 degrees 31 minutes north
12 degrees 54 minutes east
** Northern part of Troll Stronghold, 3 steps west of Mushroom the sleeping troll. A Zamorak wizard will attack!
16 degrees 35 minutes North
27 degrees 01 minutes East
Level 22 wilderness - north of the Hill Giants lair, there are a few volcanoes. Look for the two taller volcanoes on the north edge of the group. The dig spot is just southeast of the western volcano.
16 degrees 43 minutes north
19 degrees 13 minutes east
* At the Bandits Camp in the level 22 wilderness - Through the house and outside with the rats, in the corner by the lake, as much east as possible, in the broken wall.

17 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
17 degrees 50 minutes north
8 degrees 30 minutes east
North east of relekka by the rock crabs, dig between the eastern most pair of seaweed spawn.
05 degrees 20 minutes South
04 degrees 28 minutes East.
Dig right beside the most northern rockslide in feldip hills, by the plain rock mine.

18 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
18 degrees 22 minutes North
16 degrees 33 minutes East
This lies in the Forgotten Cemetary lvl 29 wilderness infront of the broken gravestone of the middle row.
18 degrees 50 minutes north
20 degrees 26 minutes east
* Just west of the easternmost rocks of Hobgoblin Mine in Wilderness.

19 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
19 degrees 00 minutes north
27 degrees 13 minutes east
* The steel dagger spawn in the Black Knight area (South from Demonic Ruins). Pick up the dagger and dig.
19 degrees 43 minutes north
25 degrees 07 minutes east
* The Chaos Dwarf area in the level 34 wilderness - Go to the Big Bone respawn. From that point, go directly north until you see some chaos dwarves and rocks. You have to dig exactly in the middle of the 4 large, white rocks.

20 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
20 degrees 05 minutes north
21 degrees 52 minutes east
* Near the plant with the Moss Giants in the level 36 wilderness, West of the Red Dragon island.
20 degrees 33 minutes north
15 degrees 48 minutes east
* Just South of the Zamorak Altar in the level 38 wilderness. Dig at the west-southwest corner of the building.

21 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
21 degrees 24 minutes north
17 degrees 54 minutes east
* The Lesser Demon cage in the level 41 wilderness.

22 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
22 degrees 30 minutes north
03 degress 01 minutes east
On Miscellania at the end of the path just south of the mining and smithing place.
22 degrees 35 minutes north
19 degrees 18 minutes east
* Between the rune rocks in level 46 Wilderness, North of the Lava Maze.
22 degrees 45 minutes north
26 degrees 33 minutes east
* At the Greater Demon ruins in the level 47 wilderness - You have to dig on the most northeast pentagram (the red star on the ground).

23 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
23 degrees 03 minutes north
02 degrees 01 minutes east
Small penguin island accessible via Fairy Ring code A-J-S. Bring a spade to dig and a level 108 Saradomin wizard will appear. Kill him and dig again. Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen is required to complete this clue.

24 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
24 degrees 24 minutes north
26 degrees 24 minutes east
Level 50 Wilderness at the Rogues Castle. On the inside, the most northeast point.
24 Degrees 56 Minutes north
22 degrees 28 minutes east
* North of the Deserted Keep in the Wilderness. Use the Ardougne lever to teleport to deep Wilderness, go North and slash the web. You should see some bones on the ground a little north of the web, walk 5 steps east of the bones and dig.
24 degrees 58 minutes north
18 degrees 43 minutes east
* Behind the Pirates house in the level 56 wilderness - You have to dig directly north of the Pirate's bar - the casket is near the Northwestern corner.

25 Degrees

Coordinate Location Image
25 degrees 03 minutes north
17 degrees 05 minutes east
* West of Agility Camp in the Wilderness - all the way North, close to agility fence.
25 degrees 03 minutes north
23 degrees 24 minutes east
* Northeast of Mage Arena, north of the building with the magic axes 1 space west of the back door.

* A Zamorak wizard will appear during Wilderness and Level 3 (Hard) clues. Kill him and then dig again to get a casket.

* A Guthix wizard will appear during Level 4 (Elite) clues. Kill him and then dig again to get a casket.

Cryptic Clues

Emote Clues

  • Beginner
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Elite
  • Map Clues

    Beginner Clue
    Maps Location Image
    Easy Clue
    Maps Location Image
    Medium Clue
    Maps Location Image
    Hard Clue
    Maps Location Image
    Elite Clue
    Maps Location Image
    Dark Knight's Fortress Dark Knight's Fortress in the Wilderness. Search the crate in the southwest corner of the area inside.
    clue_brother_galahad.jpg Brother Galahad's house across the river from Coal Trucks.
    West of Champions Guild West of the Champions' Guild.
    falador_mine.jpg Falador Useless Rock Area Map - Fenced area East-NorthEast of Falador's North entrance, full of useless rocks.
    dranor_fishing.jpg Draynor Fish Spot Map - South from Draynor's Bank
    cluegoblinsnearobservatory.png Search crate outside the house with range at goblin area near Observatory
    clue_necromancer.png At the Necromancer peninsula south of East Ardougne. 2 squares west of the small tree as indicated on the clue map.
    varrock_lumber.jpg Varrock Lumberyard Map - NorthEast from Eastern Varrock Bank
    varrock_mine.jpg Varrock Mine Map - Dig at the fence at the Varrock East mining site
    South of Yanille Bank South of Yanille bank. Behind the house with an anvil.
    Chemist's house West of the Chemist's house west of Rimmington (South of Falador below the Crafting Guild).
    Hobgoblin peninsula It's on the Hobgoblin peninsula that sticks out west of the Crafting Guild (below the Make over Mage - found directly west after exiting Falador by the south entrance).
    McGrubor's wood Inside McGrubor's wood, which is west of Seer's village.
    clock tower Search a crate on the west side of the Clock Tower, which is south of Ardougne.
    clue_west_ardougne.jpg Northwest corner of West Ardougne
    Wizard Tower Behind the Wizard's Tower
    Mort'ton Southern part of the path to Mort'ton.
    Chaos Altar The Chaos Altar north of the Observatory. Stand and dig right next to the standards behind the altar.
    Volcanoes Level 50 wilderness, east of the Agility Course. You will see 3 trees and 3 little volcanoes. Dig between the 2 North ones.
    Miscellania Miscellania. Just outside the castle entrance. Follow the steps and dig.
    Miscellania On the road to Rellekka from Camelot near the section with the wolf on the road. Dig on the fern in the middle of the grass section
    Legends guild South of the Legends entrance, northeast of Ardougne.
    Lighthouse Near the lighthouse in Relleka.
    North of Falador Road intersection just north of Falador.
    Al Kharid Mine Al Kharid Mine

    Hot/Cold Clues

    Falo the Bard Clues

    Sherlock Clues

    Puzzle Boxes

    Solving Puzzles:

    The following basic technique will help you solve any of the puzzle challenges given to you. The general idea is to start at the top and work your way to the bottom of the puzzle. You only need to learn the order of the pieces and get them in in that order. The first piece correctly placed must be Red 1 (as marked in the image above), then Red 2, and work your way to Pink 5. Getting each section in order is becomes more difficult as you work your way to the end. If you happen to mess around with the puzzle making it unsolvable, then log out and start again.

    • Red 12345
    • Yellow 12345
    • Green 12345
    • Blue 1234
    • Pink 12345

    Basic Technique

    If you can follow this technique successfully, the puzzle almost solves itself. If you are having some difficulties getting pieces in the correct order, then here are some tips to help you follow the technique laid out in the previous section.

    There is no way you will get 4 and 5 in place unless you do them together, consecutively. You have Red 1, 2, 3 and 4 in position. Unless you have the black space available, where 5 is meant to go, you cannot get 5 in without moving 4. Therefore, you need to move them both in together. This may seem very obvious but is the hardest step of a puzzle, especially near the end. Here is an example.

    Red Technique

    Here are Blue 1 and 2. Once you get to this stage it is becoming easier to solve the puzzle. However again, the position shown is essential. Moving pieces around lots of times, often helps. Do not stick to moving only the pieces you need to place, move every unplaced piece.

    Blue Technique

    Sometimes it is worthwhile, to move pieces that you have already placed correctly according to the basic technique. Sometimes this is necessary, so that you can place the blue and pink section correctly. Do not let yourself get too far backward though. Just start by undoing one piece at a time to help you. You should only have to move a couple of pieces to give yourself room to maneuver. When working in the blue and pink areas, think of putting the pieces in the correct order by rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.

    Castle puzzle The Grand Tree troll puzzlebox
    cerberus tob Gnome

    Task Clues

    Light Box Clues

    To increase chances of getting a clue, a Ring of Wealth may be used. Your best chance however is to just find a good area for whatever enemy it is that you are killing, and hope there isn't a lot of people in that area. Mystery boxes from Random events have the chance to give easy, medium or hard clues.

    There are a lot of solutions in this guide, and you might not even find yours if you are looking manually. Simply use the "CTRL + F" feature and search for keywords. For example "halt us" or "under cook."

    I. Speak To Clues

    Speak to... Location
    Arhein The General Store person on the dock at Catherby
    Bartender Blue Moon Inn in Varrock - Across from the Sword shop
    Bartender Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim
    Black Heather Bandit's Camp in the Wilderness
    Citric Cellar Heckel Funch in the Grand Tree, 2nd floor southeast path
    Donovan Sinclair Mansion Second floor - North of Camelot and Seer's Village
    Doric At the house with anvils - along the road, East of the gate to Taverley
    Ellis The tanner in Al-Kharid
    Gaius 2-Handed Sword dealer in Taverley
    General Bentnoze Goblin Village north of Falador
    Hajedy Brimhaven - Usually walking by the North dock to Ardougne
    Hans Lumbridge Castle - Usually walking inside the courtyard
    Hazelmere House on the green spiders island east of Yanille, second floor
    Jatix Inside the Herblore shop in Taverley.
    Kangai Mau Inside the pub in Brimhaven
    Kebab Seller Kebab Store in Al Kharid - South of the furnace
    Keeper of Melzar's Oziach, rune plate seller - Outside of Edgeville
    King Bolren Tree Gnome Maze - Usually by the Spirit Tree
    Lowe Lowe's Archery Store in Varrock - West of East Varrock bank
    Luthas Karamja Banana Plantation
    Murphy Pier in Port Khazard
    Monk Ardougne Clock Tower
    Ned Draynor Village - Usually walking next to the grain field
    Oracle Ice Mountain - Near Black Knight's castle
    Party Pete Party Room in Falador
    Referee Gnome Stronghold in the Gnome-Ball course
    Roavar In Canifis bar, Morytania
    Sir Kay Camelot Castle - Usually walking outside the castle by the door
    Squire White Knights Castle in Falador
    Staff in the Sinclair Mansion The mansion is north of Seers' Village and Camelot, speak Louisa, she is in the kitchen
    Tanner Tanner in Al Kharid, North of the furnace
    Ulizius The monk at the gate of Mort Myre swamp
    Zeke Scimitar shop in Al Kharid - East of the Tanner
    Zoo Keeper Ardougne Zoo

    II. Anagram Clues

    Anagram Person Location
    A Basic Anti Pot Captain Tobias Port Sarim
    A Bas Saba A cave in Burthorpe
    R Slicer Clerris Arceuus Dense Essence Mine
    Aha Jar Jaraah Al Kharid Duel Arena hospital
    Arc O Line Caroline East of Ardougne in the area from the Sea Slug quest.
    Are Col Oracle Ice Mountain
    Area Chef Trek Father Aereck Lumbridge Church
    Bail Trims Brimstail Southwest corner of the Gnome Stronghold in a "hollowed" cave
    Blue grim guided Lumbridge Guide East of the Lumbridge Castle
    Bar Bell Seek Kebab Seller Al Kharid
    By Look Bolkoy Tree Gnome Village, up a ladder at the General Store.
    C On Game Hoc Gnome Coach Tree Gnome Stronghold near the Gnomeball field.
    Do Say More Doomsayer East of Lumbridge castle, near the Lumbridge guide.
    Dragons Lament Strange Old Man Strange old man is a grave digger at barrows.
    Dt Run B Brundt The captain who is found in the Fremmenik Pub.
    Eek Zero Op Zookeeper East Ardougne - SouthWest corner on the East side of river
    El Ow Lowe Archery Store in Varrock - Next to East Bank
    Err Cure It Recruiter West Ardougne city square
    Goblin Kern King Bolren Gnome Maze - Usually close to the Spirit Tree
    Goblets Odd Toes Otto Godbless Inside the house South of Barbarian Assault
    Got A Boy Gabooty Center of Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
    Halt Us Luthas Karamja - Inside the Banana Plantation
    Heoric Eohric Burthorpe - Inside the games room on the second floor.
    Icy Fe Fycie South of Yanille, Feldip Hills area, in a cave north of Rantz
    I Even Nieve Tree Gnome Stronghold, right outside the Stronghold Slayer Cave
    Lark In Dog King Roald Varrock Palace
    Leakey Unknown, please submit. Unknown, please submit.
    Me If Femi the gnome By the big gate at the entrance to the Gnome Stronghold
    Motherboard Brother Omad Monastery south of Ardougne
    Nod Med Edmond Northwest corner of East Ardougne
    O Birdz A Zany En Pc Cap'n Izzy No Beard Agility Arena in Brimhaven.
    Ok Co Cook Lumbridge Castle
    Peaty Pert Party Pete Party Room in Falador
    R Ak Mi Karim Al-Kharid Kebab Salesman
    Slide Woman Wise Old Man Draynor Village
    Thickno Hickton Archery store in Catherby
    A Zen She Zenesha Platebody shop in East Ardougne - South of the market

    III. Challenge Clues

    Challenge Clues: Solution
    19 to the power of 3 6859
    During a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes.How many people were at the party? 12
    How many animals are there in Ardougne Zoo? 40
    How many banana trees are in the plantation? 33
    How many bookcases are in the Wise Old Man's house? 28
    How many bookshelves are there in the palace? 24
    How many buildings are there in the village? 11
    How many buildings are there in Rimmington? 7
    How many cannons in Lumbridge Castle? 9
    How many fisherman are on the fishing platform? 11
    How many flowers are there in the clearing below this platform? 13
    How many fountains are there within the grounds of Camelot castle? 6
    How many gnome players have red patches? 6
    How many houses have a cross on the door? 20
    How many people are waiting for the next bard to perform? 4
    How many pigeon cages are behind Jerrico's house? 3
    How many ranges are there in Catherby? 2
    How many round tables are on this floor? 9
    How many scorpions live under the pit? 28
    How many ships are there docked at Port Sarim currently? 7
    How many types of dragons are underneath the whirlpool? 2
    If x is 15 and y is 3, what is 3x + y 48
    I have 16 kebabs, I eat one myself and share the rest equally between 3 friends. How many do they have each? 5
    On a clock, how many times a day do the minute hand and the hour hand overlap? 22
    What is 57 x 89 + 23? 5096
    What is 40 divided by 1/2 plus 15? 95
    What is the next number? 12, 13 15, 17, 111, 113, 117, 119, 123....? 129
    One pipe fills a barrel in 1 hour while another pipe can fill a barrel in 2 hours.
    How many minutes will it take to fill the tank if both pipes are used?

    IV. Normal Treasure Clues

    Clue / Riddle Solution
    2 musical birds, dig in front of the spinning light. On the iceberg, in the room with Ping and Pong. Dig in front of the fan on the eastern wall. Cold War quest must be started to do this. You must have a clockwork penguin suit as well.
    46 is its number, it is burnt orange body, things with 8 crawl on it, it has 3 mouths that can't eat and it has a blue eye hiding it's grave. The blue eye is the sapphire in the spider nest in Level 46 Wilderness. Try to dig below it with a spade.
    A bag belt only? He asked his balding brothers. Abbott Langley in the Monastery - Northeast from Dwarven Mine, northwest of Barbarian Village.
    A crate in the tower of a church is your next location The church in Ardougne where you start the Sheep Herder Quest.
    Aggie I see
    Lonely and southern I feel
    I am neither inside nor outside
    the house, yet no house would
    be complete without me.
    Your treasure waits beneath me.
    At Aggie the Witch's house in Draynor Village, dig under the window in the south side of the house, south of cauldron.
    In a city where merchants are said to have lived, talk to a man with a splendid cape, but a hat dropped by goblins. Unknown, please submit!
    A great view - watch the rapidly drying hides get splashed. Check the box your sat on. The house near Baxtorian Falls. Go upstairs and search the boxes.
    And so on, and so on, and so on. Walking from the land of many unimportant things leads to a choice of paths. It's on Etceteria. Dig on the crossroad.
    A reck you say; let's pray there aren't any ghosts. Speak to Father Aereck in Lumbridge Church.
    A ring of water surrounds 4 powerful rings, dig above the ladder located there. Dig just North of the ladder to the Dagannoth King dungeon.
    A town with a different sort of night life is your destination. Search for some crates in one of the houses. In the clothes shop of Canifis, Morytania.
    Beware of the dog Run over to the mansion in East Ardougne and kill a dog to get the key.
    City of thieves Ardougne
    Come to the evil ledge.
    Yew know you want to
    And try not to get stung
    Edgeville yew tree - Dig around it.
    Covered in shadows, the center of the circle is where you will find the answer. Mort'ton, where all the roads meet in front of the general store.
    Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the giant tree. Dig behind the large mushroom behind the Grand Tree in Gnome Stronghold.
    Don't forget to feed the chickens Just kill any chicken to get the drawer key.
    Find a crate close to the monk's that like to paaarty! Search the crates in the building with monks south of Ardougne.
    Four blades I have
    yet I draw no blood.
    But I mash and turn
    my victims to powder.
    Search in my head,
    search in my rafters,
    Where my blades are louder.
    It's a crate in the top of Lumbridge/Draynor windmill.
    Generally speaking, his nose was very bent. General Bentnoze in the Goblin Village- North of Falador
    Go to a village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers in one of the houses. Burthorpe, house with anvils up north. When you try to open the drawers it says "wait til I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again." Go to pub in Burthorpe and kill Penda for key.
    Go to this building to be illuminated, and check the drawers while you are there. It's the drawers near the bed on the 2nd floor of the lighthouse. To open them you need a key dropped by a Fremenik market guard.
    His head may be hollow, but the crates nearby are full of surprises. The boxes west of The Golem Quest start point in Uzer.
    I am the token of the strongest love.
    My middle is empty, I have no
    beginning or end. My eye is red yet
    I can fit like a glove. Go to the
    place where money they lend. And
    dig by the gate to be my friend.
    Downstairs in the West Bank in Varrock - Dig by the gate.
    Identify the back of this
    over-acting brother.
    (He's a long way from home.)
    Hamid the monk by the Duel Arena altar
    If a man carried my burden
    he would break his back
    I am not rich
    but leave silver in my track
    speak to the keeper of this trail
    A snail - Talk to Gerrant the Fish Shop owner in Port Sarim.
    I lie lonely and forgotten
    in mid wilderness
    Where the dead rise from their beds
    Feel free to quarrel and wind me up
    And dig while you shoot their heads
    Under the crossbow in Graveyard of Shadows in the Level 18 Wilderness. Pick up crossbow and dig under it.
    In a town where thieves steal from stalls search for some drawers in the upstairs of a house near the bank East side of river in East Ardougne - Jerico's house on the 2nd floor. You will need to kill a guard to get a key.
    In a town where wizards are known to gather search upstairs of the large house to the north. Second floor of a house in Yanille - North of Magic Guild. You will need to kill a man to get a key for the chest.
    In a town with guards armed with maces, search the upstairs room of the public house. Ardougne Tavern on the west side of the river, north of the palace. Search the drawers. If it is locked, right click on it and find out why (usually need to kill something to get a key).
    In a village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers in one of the houses. Burthorpe, house with anvils up north. When you try to open the drawers it says "wait til I get my hands on Penda, he's nicked the key again." Go to pub in Burthorpe and kill Penda for key.
    In a village made of bamboo look for some crates under one of the houses. Karamja, in Tai Bwo Wannai, south of Brimhaven
    It's a guard's life. Kill a guard to get the key.
    If you look closely enough it seems that the archers have lost more than their needles. Search the big haystack in the Ranging guild.
    It seems to have reached the end of the line, and its still empty. Go down the ladder into the Dwarven Mines and follow the tracks south. At the fork, turn east and follow the track until you get to the end that has the double mine cars. Search the northern car.
    In a town that everyone has perfect vision seek some locked drawers in a house that sits opposite of a workshop. Search the drawers in the house south of the Elemental Workshop in Seers' Village. In order to obtain the key you must kill a Chicken; the closest one is by the entrance of the Ranging Guild.
    Look in the drawers upstairs in houses in East Ardougne Go across the river. It's the first house there. (tavern?)
    Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador The house East of Falador East bank. First crate on right.
    Mine was the strangest birth under the sun.
    I left the crimson sack, yet life had not begun.
    Entered the world yet seen by none.
    Lesser cave, Karamja volcano - pick up red spider eggs and dig.
    Must have lots of railings.
    Must be full of railings.
    Search the crate outside the house with the broken multicannon (near where you start the Dwarf Cannon quest.) It's the first crate to the west with the 'X' on it.
    My Giant guardians below
    the market streets would
    be fans of rock and roll,
    if only they could grab hold of it
    Dig near my green bubbles
    Dig next to the cauldron with green bubbling liquid in the Varrock sewers by the Moss giants.
    My home is gray and made of stone -
    A castle with a search for a meal
    Hidden in some drawers I am
    Across from a wooden wheel
    Search the drawers on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle - Inside the room with a spinning wheel.
    My name is like a tree,
    yet it is spelt with a "g"
    come see the fur
    which is right near me
    Speak to the child Wilough ("Willow") in the Varrock Market - Next to the fur merchant.
    Often examined by learners of what has passed, find me where words of wisdom speak volumes. Examiner at Digsite, always gives puzzle boxes
    One of the sailors in Port Sarim is your next destination. Talk to Captain Tobias in Port Sarim.
    Probably filled with books on magic. Search the bookcase in the basement of the Wizard's Tower, in Sedridor's room.
    Probably filled with wizard socks. The chest on the bottom floor of the Wizard Tower. Search the drawer closest the to fence in the eastern most room. Kill a wizard for the key.
    Property of Black Heather Kill Black Heather in the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness.
    Read "How to breed scorpions" by O.W. Thathurt. Go to the second floor of the wizards tower south-southwest of the Seer's Village, search the bookcase on the northern wall.
    Reflection is the weakness for these eyes of evil. In the Basilisk area of the Fremennik Slayer Cave, kill one Basilisk for the casket. (Using a Slayer Ring is the fastest way to the cave. Bring a mirror shield!)
    Search a bookcase in the Lumbridge swamp. Go to Father Urhney's house located in the swamp.
    Search a wardrobe in Draynor In Aggie's house, the wardrobe on the north east side.
    Search for a box in one of the tents in Al Kharid. Head east from the Silk trader into a tent.
    Search the bucket in the Port Sarim jail. Talk to Shanty at the Shanty Pass and identify yourself as an outlaw after asking what the place is. Once you are sent to the Shanty jail, refuse to pay the 5gp fine twice and you will be sent to the Port Sarim jail. Search the bucket inside the cell.
    Search for a crate in a building in Hemenster. Simply search all crates in Hemenster (City between Fishing guild and Ranging guild.)
    Search for a crate in a building in Hemenster. Simply search all crates in Hemenster (City between Fishing guild and Ranging guild.)
    Search the crates in Canifis. The crate is in Rufus's Meat Emporium (just north of bank) in Canifis.
    Search for a crate in Varrock Castle. It's one of the crates in the kitchen.
    Search for some drawers in the upstairs of a house in Rimmington. Search drawers upstairs in the house just north of the one with a range in Rimmington.
    Search the boxes in a shop in Taverley. Two-handed sword shop.
    Search the boxes in the Goblin House near Lumbridge. Self explanatory.
    Search the boxes in the house near the South entrance to Varrock. It's the crates inside the big grey building with nothing else inside except for a ladder.
    Search the boxes just outside the Armour Shop in East Ardougne. The boxes lie between the plate body shop and the silk stall in the Ardougne Market.
    Search the chest upstairs in Al Kharid palace. Upstairs 1st one from the east.
    Search the bush at the digsite centre. The bush is on the east side of the western pathway towards the digsite, north of the Exam Centre. You'll encounter before crossing the specimen tray.
    Search the chest upstairs of houses in the east part of Falador. The chest is upstairs in the north building in the circle in east Falador.
    Search the chests upstairs in the shops of Port Sarim. Search the eastern chest upstairs in the Port Sarim Food Store.
    Search the chest in the left hand tower of Camelot Castle. Look in the chest at the very top of the western tower.
    Search the crates in the Port Sarim Fishing shop. It's the northern-most crate in the shop.
    Search the crate in the left hand tower of Lumbridge castle. Look upstairs in the guard tower in front of the castle.
    Search the crate near a cart in Port Khazard. Search the crate south of where the Trawler starts.
    Search the crates in a house in Yanille with a Piano. As you enter Yanille, it should be the first building you come to that's adjacent to the north wall.
    Search the crates in Draynor Manor Search all possible crates and boxes on the third floor in the room to the left of the professor and machine, north end of room, in Draynor Manor.
    Search the crates in Horvik's Armoury. North East of Varrock center there is an armoury , search the crates there.
    Search the crates in the Guard House of the Northern Gate of East Ardougne. Just north-west of the Market Square in the building in front of the field. There are guards milling around west of it.
    Search the crates in the Northwest most house in al kharid. Located in the house south of gem trader in the most south west crate.
    Search the crates in the Barbarian Village Helmet Shop. Look in the southern-most crate in the shop.
    Search the crates in the shed just north of east Ardougne. North of the North bank by the diseased sheep - Inside the building that the wood cutter used to be in.
    Search the crates near a cart in Varrock. This cart is NOT the one at the inner courtyard of Varrock Castle. South of the inner courtyard (and north of Varrock's central square), there is a double-loop path. Northeast of this intersection is a small cart, and the crates are nearby.
    Search the drawers above shops in Varrock. Drawers in room above Clothes shop.
    Search the drawers in the ground floor of a house in Yanille. Search the drawers in the house directly east of the pub.
    Search the drawers in the upstairs of a house in catherby . Its the house north of the bank in catherby.
    Search the drawers in Catherby's Archery Shop. Drawers are on the ground floor of said shop.
    Search through some drawers found in Taverley's houses. Look for three small houses in the southeast corner of Taverley. The drawers are in the eastern house.
    Search the drawers in one of the bedrooms in Gertrude's house. Gertrude's house can be found west of anvil house in central Varrock, just before bridge to Barbarian Village; with a blue quest star.
    Search the drawers in the upstairs of the Bank to the East of Varrock. Self explanatory.
    Search the drawers of houses in Burthorpe. Drawers in the house that is south east of the house with an anvil.
    Search the drawers on the first floor of a building overlooking the Ardougne market. House north of Ardougne market; look upstairs (British 1st floor is upstairs; the bottom is the "ground floor").
    Search the drawers upstairs in a house in a village where the pirates have a good time. Across the street from the bar in Brimhaven (2 houses south of Agility Arena, south of the house with a cooking pot symbol.) Go upstairs in that house and search the drawers. It will say "Shiver me timbers" and not allow you to open the chest. Kill the pirate near that house, he will drop a key. Use the key on the drawers.
    Search the drawers upstairs in a house in a villiage where pirates like to party. Brimhaven, the house with the range in it. (Kill a pirate in the nearby bar to get the key.)
    Search the drawers in a house in Draynor Village. The drawers are in the northern-most building in Draynor Village.
    Search the drawers upstairs of houses in the east part of Falador. The drawers are upstairs in the south building in the circle in east Falador.
    Search the upstairs of houses in Seers' Village for some drawers. It's the house with the spinning wheel in Seer's Village.
    Search for a crate on the ground floor of a house in Seer's Village Look in the house south-southeast of the Seer's pub and north of the church.
    Search the drawers in Falador's Chain Mail Shop. The chain mail shop is directly south of the castle. Search the southernmost drawers inside.
    "Small shoe" often found with rod on mushroom. Speak to the trainer in the Gnome Stronghold agility arena.
    Snah? I feel all confused like one of those cakes... Talk to Hans in Lumbridge Castle.
    Someone watching the fights in the Duel Arena is your next destination. Talk to Jeed.
    Stand by your man. Kill the level 2 Man downstairs to get a key.
    Stop crying! Talk to the head. Talk to the Head Mourner, he is in West Ardougne, in the room top right, (the room with a range) and go down the trapdoor.
    *You need to be in mourners gear to access this area
    Surprising? I bet he is.... Sir Prysin on the first floor of Varrock castle.
    Thanks, Grandma Talk to Tynan in Tynan's Fishing Supplies in the Piscarilius House on the North-east corner.
    The beasts to my east
    snap claws and tails
    The rest to my west
    can slide and eat fish
    The northern are silly
    and jump and wail
    Dig by my fire and make a wish
    Between the penguins and scorpions in the Ardougne Zoo - Dig by the torch.
    The cheapest water for miles around, but they react badly to religious icons. The Bandit Camp, south of the Bedabin Camp. Search the crates in the general store.
    The crate in the ground
    floor of a church
    is your next location
    Ardougne church - Next to ladder
    The dead, red dragon looks down on this chest. He must really dig the view. The chest in the most southern room of the Examine Center (south of the Digsite) with a Dragon head hanging above it. Kill a barbarian for the key
    The hand ain't listening, speak to The Face in Port Sarim. Talk to The Face in Port Sarim, near the entrance to the Rat Pits.
    The Keeper of Melzars...
    Spare? Skeleton? Anar?
    Talk to Oziach The Rune Plate seller - West of Edgeville
    There is no "worthier" lord. Lord Iorwerth in the Elf camp
    They're everywhere but they were here first, dig for treasure where the ground is rich with ore. Dig by the entrance of the Security stronghold in the Barbarian village.
    This aviator is at the peak of his profession. Speak to gnome pilot at the top of White Wolf Mountain.
    This crate holds better than a broken arrow. A crate in the ranging guild near the most northern ranging shop.
    This crate is mine all mine, even if it is in the middle of the desert. It is in the mining camp in the "middle" of the desert. Search the crates there.
    This village has a problem with cartloads of the undead. Try checking the bookcase to find an answer. The bookcase in the antiques store in shilo village. Search the bookcase on the west wall.
    Try not to step on any aquatic nasties while searching this crate. In the Shack on the Fishing Platform that you go to during the Sea Slug quest.
    When no weapons are at hand, now is the time to reflect in Saradomins name! redemption draws closer. Entrana in a drawer in the house with a glass blowing pipe.
    When you get tired of fighting, go deep, deep down until you need an antidote. In the Yanille Agility Dungeon go down a floor where poison spiders are then go to the stairs and search the crates next to them.
    You have all the elements available to solve this clue. Elemental Workshop in Seers Village. Check the crates north of the east anvil.
    You'll need to look for a town with a central fountain. Look for a locked chest in the towns chapel Search the chest in the chapel in northeast Varrock (north of the museum). The chest says 'Property of Clocktower Monastery'. Go to the Monastery southeast of the Clocktower (south of Ardougne) and kill a Monk for the key.
    You will need to under cook to solve this one. Search the crates in basement of Lumbridge Castle.

    VIII. Fairy Ring Clues

    Fairy Ring Clues require Fairytale II to start.

    How to solve

    These clues are in the form of 'ABC 1234', with 'ABC' meaning the Fairy Ring code, and '1234' meaning how many spaces you must move to dig. The numbers correspond to the Compass (NESW), also easily remembered by the Elementary School saying "Never Eat Soggy Waffles".

    In this specific case, this clue would mean that you must put ABC in the Fairy Ring code screen, which would teleport you to that area. From the exact point of landing, you would move 1 space North, 2 spaces East, 3 spaces South, and 4 spaces west.

    Below is a list of all clues relating to this.

    Clue: Steps: Image:
    AIR 2331 Go to code AIR. 2 steps North, 3 steps east,
    3 steps south, 1 step west
    AIQ 0440 Go to code AIQ. 0 steps North, 4 steps east,
    4 steps south, 0 steps west
    BJR 1123 Go to code BJR. 1 step North, 1 step east,
    2 steps south, 3 steps west
    BJR 1123
    CIS 0009 Go to code CIS. 0 steps North, 0 steps east,
    0 steps south, 9 steps west
    DKS 2310 Go to code DKS. 2 steps North, 3 steps east,
    1 step south, 0 steps west

    IX. Emote Clues

    These clues will require you to perform one of the many emotes at a specific location while also equipping 3 specific items. You can also be equipping any other items but you must have at least the 3 specified by the clue. When you perform the correct emote while equipping the correct items, then Uri Molotov will appear and give you the next clue or casket.

    The table below lists the emote clues along with the specific locations and items needed for the clue. There is also a list of some of the ways to obtain the items. Of course, if you don't want to make the items yourself, you can always purchase them from other players. In any of the clues that tell of a Double Agent, you will need to fight a look alike of Uri Molotov. The Double agent level for clues leading to the wilderness will be level 65 and for clues that lead to all other areas, it will be level 108. After you fight the Double agent, you will need to perform the emote again and Uri Molotov will appear instead.

    Clue Location
    Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem. Beware of double agents! Equip a ring of life, an uncharged amulet of glory and an adamant two-handed sword. Klenter's pyramid in Sophanem.

    X. Clue Droppers

    These are enemies known to drop clues. It is also possible to get a clue from a Mort'ton dungeon chest (see the Shades of Mort'ton Quest Guide for initial info).

    Enemy: Combat Level: Where to Find: Reward Level:
    Gem Rocks 0 Varies spots throughout the game. Clue Geode
    Man/Woman 2 Almost at every town Low
    Rock Crab 13 North of Relleka Low
    Goblin 2 Various places - near Lumbridge, Goblin Village, Goblin cave near Fishing Guild Low
    Goblin 5 Various places - near Lumbridge, Goblin Village, Goblin cave near Fishing Guild Low
    Barbarian 7 Barbarian Village Low
    Farmer 7 various areas Low
    Barbarian Woman 9 Barbarian Village and Varrock Castle Low
    Al Kharid Warrior 9 Al Kharid Palace Low
    H.A.M. Guard N/A H.A.M. Village Low
    H.A.M. Member N/A H.A.M. Village Low
    Thugs 10 Wilderness and in some towns - Varrock primarily Low
    Rogues 14 Rogue House in level 51-53 Wilderness Low
    Thief 16 In some towns - Varrock primarily Low
    Ogre Coffin N/A Check the Ogre Flesh Eater Quest for more info. Low
    Guards 21 In almost every large town Medium
    Cockatrices 37 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Medium
    Tribesman 32 Karamja Jungle Area Medium
    Jogre 53 Karamja Jungle Area Medium
    Ice Warriors 57 Ice Cave close to Rimmington and Wilderness Medium
    Paladin 62 Ardougne Medium
    Dagannoth 74 Dagannoth area below lighthouse Medium
    Cyclops 76 Warrior's Guild High
    Jelly 78 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon High
    Green Dragon 79 Wilderness - South of Lava Maze High
    Greater Demon 92 Level 45 Wilderness and Entrana Dungeon High
    Blue Dragon 111 Taverley Dungeon and Hero's Guild High
    Hellhound 122 Family Crest Dungeon and Taverley Dungeon High
    Red Dragon 152 Red Dragon Area of Wilderness (Lava Lake Area) High
    Black Dragon 227 Taverley Dungeon and Wilderness Lava Maze Dungeon High
    Steel Dragon 246 Karamja dungeon, southwest of Brimhaven High
    King Black Dragon 276 KBD Lair, near Lava Maze in Wilderness High

    XII. Wilderness Tips

    1. Use a world with a low number of players.

    2. Avoid taking valuable stuff, take as few valuable things as you can (and don't forget to use protect item if it looks like you are going to die).

    3. Bring antipoisons.

    4. Bring a teleport (I recommend a spell with runes not something like glory ammy, as runes are cheaper and tele spells are a bit quicker to use).

    5. Have Prayer 43 or above so you can use protect prayers.

    6. If you see someone coming, log out and switch worlds.

    7. Remember the 3 way triangle of power. If you're attacking a mage with a warrior your chances of winning are reduced dramatically. It's a good idea to have a reasonable amount of levels in every skill so you can change between them when needed.

    8. Bring the best food you can afford. You'll never know when you'll need it.

    9. If you're under 45 combat it is advised that you stay behind the 20 level wilderness as you can teleport here and not lose your items.

    10. If you're not out there to PK then try to pick a good route through that misses all the top PKing spots.

    11. If low on energy, stop in your tracks and wait for a while, while doing this keep an eye out and the cursor over the log out button in case of an emergency.

    12. If your clue goes past 40 in wild, then the best way out is through the portal. BUT there is the axe hut nearby. If you go right next to the lava on the side close to axe hut, you're just barely out of map range, but it is safer to go the long way around the portal.

    13. Avoid multi combat zones!

    14. If you are being chased in a non-multi zone, attack an NPC as this will stop the attacker from being able to attack you. Move slowly away, getting up energy; when the NPC dies, run, then after 10 seconds log off and switch worlds.

    15. Make sure you have full health and prayer before you enter the wildy.

    16. Never open a casket until you are out of the wildy, in case it contains more than 1 good item.

    17. When you are being attacked by another player and he has used tele block on you, just click on your mini map deep into an area of trees and you will run into them but the person coming after you will take a bit longer, this usually gives you a bit of a lead and sometimes 10 secs to log out.

    18. When you log out to get away and into another world make sure your private chat is off or on friends that way if the PKer added you he won't know what world you are in.

    19. If it's a deep wildy clue, don't bother running from the mage arena down, just cut through the webs and pull the lever. Same for the deserted keep: if you are not teleblocked, just run in and pull the lever.

    20. Another little trick is for those with 52+ Agility, if a team or one person is chasing you, run into the agility arena, go through a couple of obstacles and log out because even if the other person is attacking you, they will have to come all the way through the obstacles giving you that precious 10 seconds.

    21. If a team comes after you and you can't teleport, run into non-multi so it limits the attackers.

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