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RuneHQ Quest Guides
desc asc Quest descasc Length descasc Quest Points descasc Free / Members
'Phite ClubShort1Members
All Fired UpShort1Members
Ancient AwakeningMedium1Members
Animal MagnetismShort1Members
Another Slice of H.A.M.Medium1Members
As a First ResortLong1Members
Azzanadra's QuestLong3Members
Back to my RootsMedium1Members
Back to the FreezerMedium1Members
Battle of ForinthryMedium1Members
Battle of the MonolithMedium0Members
Beneath Cursed TidesShort1Free
Between a Rock...Medium2Members
Big Chompy Bird HuntingShort2Members
Birthright of the DwarvesLong2Members
Blood Pact, TheShort1Free
Blood Runs DeepLong2Members
Branches of Darkmeyer, TheLong2Members
Bringing Home the BaconShort1Members
Brink of Extinction, TheVery Long3Members
Broken HomeLong1Free
Buyers and CellarsShort1Members
Cabin FeverMedium2Members
Call of the AncestorsShort1Members
Carnillean RisingMedium1Members
Catapult ConstructionShort2Members
Chef's AssistantShort1Free
Children of MahMedium2Members
Chosen Commander, TheLong3Members
City of SenntistenLong3Members
Clock TowerMedium1Members
Clockwork Syringe, ALong1Members
Cold WarMedium1Members
Cook's AssistantShort1Free
Creature of FenkenstrainMedium2Members
Crocodile TearsMedium1Members
Curse of Arrav, TheMedium1Members
Curse of the Black StoneLong4Members
Darkness of Hallowvale, TheLong2Members
Daughter of ChaosMedium1Members
Dead And BuriedMedium1Members
Deadliest CatchShort1Members
Dealing with ScabarasLong1Members
Death of Chivalry, TheMedium3Free
Death PlateauShort1Free
Death to the DorgeshuunMedium1Members
Defender of VarrockMedium2Members
Demon SlayerShort3Free
Desert TreasureLong3Members
Desperate CreaturesShort0Members
Desperate MeasuresVery Long3Members
Desperate TimesMedium3Members
Devious MindsShort1Members
Diamond in the RoughShort1Members
Dig Site, TheLong2Members
Dimension of DisasterLong10Members
Dishonour among ThievesLong2Members
Do No EvilLong1Members
Dragon SlayerLong2Free
Dream MentorShort2Members
Druidic RitualShort4Free
Dwarf CannonShort1Members
Eadgar's RuseMedium1Members
Eagles' PeakShort2Members
Elder Kiln, TheLong2Members
Elemental Workshop IShort1Members
Elemental Workshop IIShort1Members
Elemental Workshop IIIMedium1Members
Elemental Workshop IVShort2Members
Enakhra's LamentMedium2Members
Enlightened JourneyMedium1Members
Ernest the ChickenMedium4Free
Evil Dave's Big Day OutMedium2Members
ExtinctionVery Long4Members
Eye of Het IShort0Members
Eye of Het IIShort0Members
Eyes of Glouphrie, TheMedium2Members
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains, ALong2Members
Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, AMedium2Members
Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift, AMedium2Members
Family CrestLong1Members
Fate of the GodsLong2Members
Feud, TheMedium1Members
Fight ArenaMedium2Members
Firemaker's Curse, TheLong2Members
Fishing ContestShort1Members
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken DwarfMedium2Members
Forgiveness of a Chaos DwarfMedium2Members
Fremennik Isles, TheLong1Members
Fremennik Trials, TheLong3Members
Fur 'n SeekMedium2Members
Garden of TranquillityLong2Members
Gertrude's CatShort1Free
Ghosts AhoyLong2Members
Giant Dwarf, TheMedium2Members
Glorious MemoriesMedium1Members
Goblin DiplomacyMedium5Free
Golem, TheMedium1Members
Gower QuestMedium1Free
Grand Tree, TheLong5Members
Great Brain Robbery, TheMedium2Members
Great Egg-spectationsShort0Free
Grim TalesMedium1Members
Gunnar's GroundShort-Medium5Free
Hand in the Sand, TheMedium1Members
Haunted MineMedium2Members
Hazeel CultMedium1Members
Heart of StoneShort1Members
Hero's WelcomeMedium2Members
Heroes' QuestMedium1Members
Holy GrailLong2Members
Horror from the DeepShort2Members
Housing of ParliamentShort1Members
Hunt for Red RaktuberMedium1Members
Icthlarin's Little HelperMedium2Members
Imp CatcherMedium1Free
Impressing the LocalsShort1Members
In Aid of the MyrequeMedium2Members
In Pyre NeedShort1Members
In Search of the MyrequeShort2Members
It's Snow BotherShort0Free
Jack of Spades, TheShort-Medium1Members
Jungle PotionShort1Members
Kennith's ConcernsMedium1Members
Kili RowShort1Members
Kindred SpiritsMedium1Members
King of the DwarvesMedium2Members
King's RansomMedium1Members
Knight's Sword, TheMedium1Free
Land of the GoblinsMedium1Members
Legacy of SeergazeLong2Members
Legends' QuestLong4Members
Let Them Eat PieShort1Free
Light Within, TheLong2Members
Lord of Vampyrium, TheLong2Members
Lost CityMedium3Members
Lost Tribe, TheMedium1Members
Love StoryMedium2Members
Lunar DiplomacyLong2Members
Making HistoryMedium3Members
Meeting HistoryShort1Members
Merlin's CrystalLong6Members
Mighty Fall, TheMedium2Members
Missing My MummyMedium1Members
Missing, Presumed DeathMedium2Free
Monk's FriendShort1Members
Monkey MadnessVery Long3Members
Mountain DaughterMedium2Members
Mourning's End Part ILong2Members
Mourning's End Part IILong2Members
Murder MysteryShort3Members
Murder on the BorderMedium1Members
My Arm's Big AdventureMedium1Members
Myths of the White LandsShort2Free
Nature SpiritMedium2Members
Needle Skips, TheShort1Members
New FoundationsLong1Members
Nomad's ElegyLong1Members
Nomad's RequiemMedium3Members
Observatory QuestMedium2Members
Olaf's QuestShort1Members
Once Upon a SlimeShort-Medium1Free
Once Upon a Time in GielinorMedium-Long4Members
One of a KindMedium1Members
One Piercing NoteShort2Free
One Small FavourLong2Members
Our Man in the NorthMedium1Members
Path of Glouphrie, TheMedium1Members
Perils of Ice MountainShort1Free
Pieces of HateLong2Members
Pirate's TreasureShort2Free
Plague CityMedium1Members
Plague's EndLong2Members
Priest in PerilMedium1Free
Prisoner of Glouphrie, TheMedium1Members
Quiet Before the SwarmShort1Members
Rag and Bone ManShort2Members
Raksha, the Shadow ColossusShort0Members
Rat CatchersMedium2Members
Recipe for DisasterVery Long10Members
Recruitment DriveShort1Members
Restless Ghost, TheShort1Free
Ritual of the MahjarratVery, Very Long3Members
River of BloodLong3Members
Rocking OutLong2Members
Roving ElvesShort1Members
Royal TroubleMedium-Long1Members
Rum DealMedium2Members
Rune MechanicsShort1Members
Rune MemoriesShort1Members
Rune MysteriesShort1Free
Rune MythosShort-Medium1Members
Salt in the WoundMedium2Members
Scorpion CatcherShort1Members
Sea SlugShort1Members
Shades of Mort'tonShort3Members
Shadow of the StormMedium1Members
Shadow over Ashdale, AMedium1Free
Sheep HerderShort4Members
Shield of ArravMedium1Free
Shilo VillageLong2Members
Sins of the FatherShort0Members
Sliske's EndgameVery Long3Members
Slug Menace, TheMedium-Long1Members
Smoking KillsShort1Members
Some Like It ColdLong1Members
Song from the DepthsShort1Free
Soul's Bane, AShort1Free
Spirit of SummerMedium1Members
Spirits of the ElidMedium2Members
Stolen HeartsMedium-Long3Free
Summer's EndShort1Members
Swan SongMedium2Members
Swept AwayShort2Free
Tai Bwo Wannai TrioLong2Members
Tail of Two Cats, AMedium2Members
Tale of the Muspah, TheMedium1Members
Tears of GuthixShort1Members
Temple at Senntisten, TheLong2Members
Temple of IkovMedium1Members
Throne of MiscellaniaMedium1Members
Tomes of the WarlockLong1Members
Tourist Trap, TheLong2Members
Tower of LifeShort2Members
Tree Gnome VillageLong2Members
Tribal TotemMedium1Members
Troll RomanceMedium2Members
Troll StrongholdMedium1Members
Twilight of the GodsLong3Members
Underground PassLong5Members
Unwelcome GuestsMedium1Members
Vampyre SlayerShort3Free
Vault of Shadows, TheMedium0Members
Vessel Of The HarbingerMedium1Members
Violet is BlueShort1Free
Violet Is Blue TooMedium1Free
Void Dance, AMedium-Long1Members
Void Stares Back, TheMedium1Members
Waterfall QuestLong1Members
What Lies BelowMedium1Members
What's Mine is YoursMedium1Free
While Guthix SleepsVery, Very Long5Members
Witch's HouseMedium4Free
Within the LightMedium2Members
Wolf WhistleShort-Medium1Free
World Wakes, TheVery, Very Long3Members
You Are ItShort1Members
Zogre Flesh EatersLong1Members