Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
39 Magic
43 Prayer
45 Firemaking
50 Crafting
45 Mining (Recommended, but not required - You can buy the required Sandstone and Granite)
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Pickaxe (any kind), Chisel, Light source, Tinderbox, Soft clay (2 if you wish to make a Camel mask), Bread or Cake, Coal, Logs, Willow logs, Oak Logs, Maple logs, Candle, and a wand or staff with runes for fire and air bolt or higher.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
7K Crafting XP, 7K Firemaking XP, 7K Magic XP, 7K Mining XP, a Camulet, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
The Quarry, south of the Desert Bandit Camp.
To Start:
Talk to Lazim.
  1. Travel to the Quarry, south of the Desert Bandit Camp and talk to Lazim just northeast of it. He will explain to you that he wants to decorate the desert by building a statue in it. Unfortunately he cannot hold a chisel anymore and therefore requests that make it for him.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Quarry is by using the Pharaoh's sceptre (3) to teleport to Azzanadra's Pyramid and then walk a little northwest, or by taking a Magic carpet ride to Menaphos and then walking north, or teleporting to the Bandit Camp Lodestone and walk southwest.


  2. Offer to help Lazim and he will first ask you to acquire 32kg of sandstone for him. Head over to the stone quarry to the southwest and start mining the sandstone rocks. Large blocks of sandstone weigh 10kg, medium-sized blocks 5K, small blocks 2kg and tiny blocks 1kg.

    Note: Blocks can be broken up into smaller ones by using a Chisel on them. If you forgot to bring a pickaxe, or don't have one in your toolbelt, then pull the Bronze pickaxe out of the rock in the center of the quarry.


  3. Hand the sandstone blocks over to Lazim and he will give you some Sandstone (32kg). Use a Chisel on it to create a Sandstone base and place the it on the flat ground near Lazim.


  4. Lazim say that the statue is missing something and will ask for 20Kg of sandstone. Repeat what you did earlier but get 20kg instead of 32kg. Hand the sandstone blocks over to Lazim and he will give you block of Sandstone (20kg). Use a Chisel on it to create a Sandstone body and add it to the statue's base.


  5. Talk to Lazim again and he will ask to chisel the statue a bit more. Do as requested and he will ask for a head made of granite. Choose what kind of head you want to make. Return to the quarry and mine 2 Granite (5kg) blocks, one of which you will need later on in the quest. Use a Chisel on one of the blocks and select the kind of head you have chosen earlier to create a Stone head (Statue). Now, place the head on the statue.

    Stone Head

  6. As soon as you have finished the statue, it will fall and so will you. You will find yourself inside a temple with Lazim. Talk with him and he will explain that he has been searching for this temple and its treasure for long time. He will then ask for your help to proceed further into the temple and explain that the door locks can only be opened with large limbs. Agree to help him in exchange for a share of the treasure. Use your pickaxe or Chisel on the statue and take all of its limbs (Stone left arm, Stone right arm, Stone left leg, Stone right leg

    Note: If you wish to leave the temple, climb up the ladders and then up the piles of sand in the corners of the lowest level the temple. If you wish to enter the temple again from the surface, climb down the secret entrances nearby the Quarry.


  7. Take the northern path and examine the door to find out which limb is needed to unlock it. Use the appropriate limb on the door and open it. Proceed further and take Z sigil from the pedestal. Use the same process to obtain the remaining K, M, and R sigils. A cut scene about Enakhra will occur each time you have unlocked a door.


  8. When you have acquired the four sigils, go to center of the temple and examine a door to find out which sigil is needed to unlock it. Use the appropriate sigil to unlock the each of four doors. After all the four doors have been unlocked, climb up the ladder.


  9. You will appear on the next floor of the temple near a pedestal in front of a magical barrier. Return to Lazim on the bottom level the temple and talk to him about the pedestal. After he has given you the Stone head (Statue), go back to the pedestal and place the stone head in it. Sadly enough, you will find out that it will not fit. Put a piece of Soft clay in the pedestal to make a Camel mould (p). Now, use a Chisel on a block of Granite (5kg) to craft a Stone head (Pedestal). Place the head in the pedestal and another cut scene about Enakhra will occur. After the cut scene is over, Lazim will appear next to you and explain that you must light the four globes on the pedestal by solving the puzzles in the other rooms in order to pass through the barrier.

    Note: After you have placed the Stone head (Pedestal) in the pedestal, you can use the second piece of Soft clay on the pedestal to create a Camel mask.


  10. Go into the northwestern corridor and speak with Pentyn. He will ask if you are here to torture him and suspects that you are one of the Mahjarrat. Give him a Bread or Cake to persuade him that you are a human. Pentyn will offer his advice on solving the puzzles in the other rooms.


  11. Head into the room to the west and use the melt option on the fountain to melt away the ice.

    Crust of Ice

  12. Cast a wind spell (bolt or better) on the furnace grate to the northeast to clear the smoke out of the room.


  13. Finally, go with a light source into the dark room to the east and investigate the braziers to find out which item was burned in each one of them. Use the appropriate items (Coal, Logs, Oak Logs, Willow logs, Maple logs, or Candle) to light all of the braziers.

    Note: If you spend too long in the dark room without having lit the braziers, tiny insects will appear swiftly dealing 10 damage.


  14. All the globes on the pedestal will be lit now. Walk through the magical barrier and climb up the stairs. Talk to Lazim and then climb over the pile of bones to the south.

  15. Climb down the stone ladder and talk to Boneguard here who will explain that it was put under Enakhra's control. It will then ask for your help to seal Enakhra in her temple.


  16. Take 3 blocks of Sandstone (5kg) from the pile of rubble, near the Boneguard, and add them to the wall to the south. After you have added a block, you must trim the wall with a Chisel before you will be able to add the next block of Sandstone (5kg).


  17. Once the wall is finished, talk to the Boneguard again. He will give you your reward and another cut scene about Enakhra will occur. Talk to Lazim again and ask him to teach you some spells? You will be asked to dedicate yourself to Zamorak though.... Your choice!

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete Scroll

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