Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Charcoal* Cup of tea* Vial 2 Rope*
Cut/Uncut opal
* Can be obtained during the quest
Items Recommended for Quest:
Varrock teleport method.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
15.3 K Mining XP, 2 K Herblore XP, 2 Gold bars, Codex Ultimatus*, Ability to clean specimens to obtain Kudos at the Varrock Museum and Digsite pendant, Ability to pan and dig at the Digsite, Ability to make Frozen keys, and 2 Treasure Hunter keys.

* It can only be obtained if you have either 75 Attack, Magic or Ranged, or 91 Constitution.
Start Point:
Exam Centre, South of the Digsite, which is signposted East of Varrock.
To Start:
Talk to an Examiner.
  1. Ask any of the Examiners at the Exam Centre, South East of Varrock, if you can take the Earth Sciences exam. Examiner will tell you that in order to be allowed to take the exam, you must get an Unstamped letter signed by Seth Minas in the Archaeology Guild.


  2. Take the Unstamped letter to Seth Minas on the ground floor of the Archaeology Guild, just North West of the Exam centre. He will sign it and give you a Sealed letter, which you must return to any of the Examiners.

  3. Once signed, head back to the Exam Centre and speak to one of the Examiners. You will be given a Earth Sciences level 1 exam. which you will fail no matter what you answer. In order to pass the exam you will need to study using the books nearby or you may speak to other students to gain information. Sadly, searching the bookcase will reveal that the books containing information on the exam are missing.

  4. Head North into the Digsite and speak to the Student, wearing a green shirt. He will tell you that he has lost his Animal skull and wants you to find it. Pickpocket any of the nearby Digsite workmen until you receive it. Use the Animal skull with the student, who will thank you and give you some information about the Earth Sciences level 1 exam.

    Note: Keep pickpocketing the Digsite workmen until you snatch away a Specimen brush from them. You will need it later on in the quest.

    Green Student

  5. Walk North East to find a Student in an orange-red shirt. He will give you the information about the Earth Sciences level 1 exam, if you recover a Special cup which he lost near the river.

    Red Student

  6. Head South and grab a Panning tray from the table in the tent. Go a bit East and use the Panning tray on a panning spot along the river. While trying to pan, you will be stopped by the Panning guide. Ask him how you can be invited to be allowed to use the panning points. He will tell you that you can use the panning points as much as you would like in exchange for a Cup of tea. Give it to him. Now start panning and searching the Panning tray until you receive a Special cup. Once you have found it use it on the Student, wearing a orange-red shirt, to gain some more information about the Earth Sciences level 1 exam.

  7. Make your way to the North Western corner of the Digsite to find the last Student dressed in purple. She will exchange the information if you find the her Teddy.

    Purple Student

  8. To the south of the Digsite you will find a large blue urn along with some bushes. Search the most Eastern bush to discover the lost Teddy. Return it to the Student, wearing a purple shirt, to receive the final share of information.


  9. Return to the Exam Centre and speak to one of the Examiners to do the exam once again. The answers are as follows, but do note that the order of the questions may vary. When you have successfully completed the Earth Sciences level 1 exam, you will receive a Level 1 certificate and a Trowel.

    • The study of earth sciences is the study of the earth, its contents and history.
    • The eligible people to use the Digsite are all that have passed the appropriate earth sciences exam.
    • The proper health and safety points are gloves and boots to be worn at all times, proper tools must be used.

    Level 1 Exam

  10. Speak to the Examiner again to take your Earth Sciences level 2 exam. Just like with the level 1 exam, you will fail the exam no matter what you answer. Speak to each of the students again to gather the required information, you will not need to do them any favors this time around, however. When you have spoken to all of the students again, head back and take your level 2 exam again. The answers are as follows, but do note that the order of the questions may vary. When you have successfully completed the Earth Sciences level 2 exam, you will receive a Level 2 certificate.

    • Samples are transported in rough form, kept only in sealed containers.
    • Finds must be carefully handled, and gloves worn.
    • Always handle with care, strike the rock cleanly on its cleaving point.

    Level 2 Exam

  11. Now it is time to take the last exam. Just as with the previous 2 exams, you will have all the answers wrong. Go back to all the students one last time to get your hands on the required information. they will all give you information for free of charge except for the Student dressed in purple, who wants an Uncut opal or Cut opal in exchange for the information. Give to her and head back to the Exam Centre for the final exam. The answers are as follows, but do note that the order of the questions may vary. When you have successfully completed the Earth Sciences level 3 exam, you will receive a Level 3 certificate and the permission to dig at the Digsite.

    • Samples cleaned and carried only in specimen jars.
    • Brush carefully and slowly using short strokes.
    • Handle bones carefully, and keep away from other samples.

    Note: If you forgot to bring an Opal, then use a Panning tray with one of the panning spots to the South of the Digsite until you receive an Uncut opal.

    Level 3 Exam

  12. Now that you have passed the exams, you will have to find something to impress Terry Balando, at the Exam Centre, into giving you permission to use the winches. Head East of the bank in the Digsite and "Dig" the "Level 3 grid" (next to the "Mining" icon on the minimap), while having a Specimen brush and Specimen jar in your inventory, until you receive an Ancient talisman (this may take a while).

    Note: If you do not have a Specimen jar, you can obtain one by visiting the exam room and searching the cupboards. Also, if you have not obtained a Specimen brush by now, then pickpocket one of the Digsite workmen to receive it.

  13. Bring this Ancient talisman to Terry Balando at the Exam Centre. He will give you an Invitation letter, granting you the access to the winches and dig shafts. Before you leave, search the bookcases and cupboards for a Book on chemicals and a Specimen jar

    Archaeological Expert

  14. Head to the winch in the North East area of the Digsite, near Elissa. Use the Invitation letter with the Dig Site Winch Operator and then "Operate" the winch to tie a rope to it, operate it again to climb down. Then search the bricks to the East to find out you need to find help to get passed it (you may attempt to use one of your tools if the "Choose a tool" window pops up but it won't work, you need something more powerful to shift it).

    Note: If you forgot to bring a Rope, then pickpocket one of the Digsite workmen until you receive it.

  15. Go back up to the surface and head to the South West, to the other winch. Attach the remaining Rope to the winch by clicking on it to "Operate" and then climb down the rope into a small cave. Ask Doug Deeping, wandering around in the cave, how the rocks can be cleared. He will give you a Chest key and suggests that you blow the bricks up. Doug also refers to a former colleague who discovered what chemicals to use, but was scared away by his findings down the other shaft.

    Note: If you forgot to bring a Rope, then pickpocket one of the Digsite workmen until you receive it.

    Doug Deeping

  16. Head back to the first winch and climb down, grab the Arcenia root from the ground. Then head to the North East corner to find a room with a Chest and a Barrel. Use the Chest key on the chest to receive Ammonium nitrate. Click on the Barrel, then select a "Trowel" from the "Tool Selection" popup to successfully open it. Click on the barrel again and select a Vial to obtain Nitroglycerin. Then "Grind" a Charcoal to produce Ground charcoal.

    Note: Do not drop the vial of Nitroglycerin as it will damage you by a lot. If you forgot to bring a Charcoal; search the Sack of charcoal in the North East corner of the room.

  17. Use the Ammonium nitrate with Nitroglycerin and add the Ground charcoal to it to prepare a vial of Mixed chemicals. Finally add the Arcenia root to the mixture to create a Chemical compound. Then search the bricks again and select the Chemical compound to apply it to the bricks. Then search it again and use your Tinderbox to light and blow it up. You will automatically run away. Enter the area, while evading some Skeletons (level 15) and pick up the Stone tablet.

    Note: Do not drop the vial of Chemical compound as it will damage you by a lot.

    Stone Tablet

  18. Take the Stone tablet to Terry Balando to claim your reward.

    Note: Give the Level 1 certificate, Level 2 certificate, and Level 3 certificate to Curator Haig Halen at the Varrock Museum to be rewarded a Chocolate cake or Fruit blast.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete!

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