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Arriving at Daemonheim

How to get there

Daemonheim is located near level 16 Wilderness. The peninsula can be reached through the following options:

  • Take the ferry from either northwest of the Al Kharid bank, or southwest of the Taverley bank to the port on the eastern side of Daemonheim.
  • Go through the wilderness. This method is risky, as you can be attacked by other players. The entrance is at level 11 wilderness, and once you are past the border guards you are safe.
  • Use the Ring of Kinship to teleport to Daemonheim. This option is only available after you have acquired the ring from the Dungeoneering tutor.

The Dungeoneering Tutor

The Dungeoneering tutor is found just east of the bank, outside of Daemonheim. When speaking to him without owning a Ring of Kinship, he will immediately give you one. After this, he can give you a short tutorial on dungeoneering, and show you any journals you have found while dungeoneering.

The Ring of Kinship

The Ring of kinship has several options.

  • Open party interface lets you open a new interface (replacing the achievement diary tab) to create parties, view your prestige and set your floor and complexity level.
  • Wear simply allows you to equip the ring.
  • Teleport to Daemonheim will teleport you to the peninsula, placing you near the Rewards trader, south of the bank. You can teleport to daemonheim with the Scrolls of quick teleportation.
  • Use allows you to use the ring on another item - no known effect of this action.
  • Customise is an option you are only able to use when inside a dungeon. It allows you to upgrade your ring into a class ring.
  • Destroy will destroy your ring, after a warning message. You can reclaim it from the dungeoneering tutor.

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Dungeoneering Parties

Once you have reached the island, there are two ways to train Dungeoneering.

  • Solo Dungeoneering: With solo dungeoneering, you will play by yourself, without any team members. To solo, just start a party with your Ring of Kinship, and go down one of the two dungeon stairs.
  • Team Dungeoneering: With team dungeoneering, you will play with a team (2-5 players). This option can be started by creating your own party, joining someone else's party or by getting into an auto-grouped party.

Creating a party

A party, which can contain up to 5 players, can be created by select the 'Form Party' option on the Ring of Kinship. You are then allocated the position of 'Party Leader'. Now, you must get players to join your party. This can be done either by right clicking a player in the Daemonheim castle and selecting 'Invite', or by selecting the 'Invite player' button, marked with green, and entering their name. The players must be on the same world and in the castle or on its grounds. Those players will then have the option to accept or decline your invitation. When a party has been formed, you may proceed to the next step.

Creating a Party

Joining a party

To join a party, you will have to be invited by a party leader. Once you get an invitation, click it and you will see the following menu. You will be able to see the stats of each person in that party and will be given 3 options. If you want to join the party, click the 'Accept' button, marked with green. If you do not want to join the party, click the 'Decline' button, marked with yellow. If you do not want to receive another invite from that player, you can select the 'Decline forever' button marked in red.

Joining a Party

Auto grouped parties

A second way to start team Dungeoneering is by joining an auto-grouped party. This is a party that is randomly created, and therefore you will have no influence on who you play with. To enter an auto-grouped party, you must first enter one of the two types of grouping rooms. One has no dungeoneering floor requirements (a 'Free-for-all' room), while the other does have dungeoneering floor requirements (a 'Themed' room). The Free for all room is located on the northern side of the main area. Groups are formed every 30 seconds. If there are a lot of players waiting, groups are made according to skill level and the amount of rooms that players have access to. If there are very few people in a waiting room however, you are grouped regardless of skill level or the number of rooms you have access to.

When a party has been successfully created through the auto grouping method, you will not have to choose a floor and complexity level, as this will be done automatically. The floor and complexity of a dungeon has to be unlocked by all players in a party. Therefore, the highest floor and complexity available is determined by the least experienced player in the party, whether it has been manually created or auto-formed. A disadvantage of this method is that the dungeon will always be set for a lesser number of players than you have, and this will decrease the experience received. For example, if you have 5 people in your party, it will be set to only need 3 people.

Free for All

Leaving a party or dungeon

If you want to leave your current party, open the Party interface again, and click the 'Leave party' button, marked in red. If at any time you need to leave a dungeon, you can do this, or you can climb up the dungeon exit ladder in the starting room, marked in blue in the starting room section. Before you climb up, a message will appear stating that you will not be able to rejoin the party. If you continue, you will be placed in a waiting room. To return to the ground floor of the castle, you need to jump off the ledge. If you have left your dungeon before finishing it, you will receive the experience earned so far in that dungeon when you jump down.


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Kicking a player

If needed, a party leader may remove a player from the party. However to able to kick a player a majority vote will need to be taken to check whether if the rest of the team agrees with the decision. To start a vote, click on the Ring of Kinship and then right-click the player's name. Select the option 'Kick' and all the members of the party will receive a message asking whether they want the player to be kicked. If the majority agrees, the player will be kicked from the party.

Choosing a floor

Once a single-player party or a manually created party has been created, the party leader will have to select a floor and complexity level that will be faced. This is not necessary for auto-created parties, as this is decided automatically for you. In the party creation menu, there are a couple of settings that have be adjusted before one can raid a dungeon: the floor (red), the complexity level (green), guide mode (cyan) and the awarded experience (yellow)


The first button (red) will open the following menu. Here, the party leader may select which floor they will attempt to beat. More dangerous floors have stronger monsters, while sets of floors have selected themes. For example, the first few floors have the 'ice' theme, while other floors have different ones. A floor can only be accessed if the floor below it has been beaten at least once, and the player's Dungeoneering level is at least double the floor level. To access floor 25 floor for example, one must have beaten a level 24 floor, and have level 51 Dungeoneering or higher. The highest floor that can be attempted by a group is defined by the least experienced party member.


Theme Floors
Frozen 1-11
Abandoned 1 12-17
Furnished 18-29
Abandoned 2 30-35
Occult 36-47
Warped 48-60

Complexity level and Guide mode

The second button (green) opens the complexity menu. The complexity of a dungeon defines what skills will be tested while beating the dungeon. Complexity 1 for example tests only basic combat skills, and is very straightforward to beat. Higher complexities require more skills, thus making the floors more complicated to beat. However, lower complexities, while being less complicated, have the negative side of a hefty experience penalty. For example, level 1 carries a penalty of 50%. This means that you will earn only 50% of the experienced gained after beating a dungeon. Below is a complete list of completxity levels, along with the required skills and the complexity level.


Complexity Level Skills Needed Experience Penalty
Complexity 1 Combat only (Monster fighting) -50%
Complexity 2 Same as complexity level 1 + Cooking + Firemaking + Fishing + Woodcutting -45%
Complexity 3 Same as complexity level 2 + Making weapons + Mining + Runecrafting -40%
Complexity 4 Same as complexity level 3 + Farming textiles + Hunting + Creating armor -35%
Complexity 5 Same as complexity level 4 + Farming seeds + Herblore + Thieving -30%
Complexity 6 Same as complexity level 5 + Summoning and Divination 0%

The Guide Mode option (cyan) can be turned on or off. When turned on, the safest and quickest path through the dungeon will appear on the dungeon map as a highlighted route, shown below. If you choose to have the guide mode on, you will receive an experience penalty. Any floors under complexity 6 will always have Guide Mode turned on.

Guide mode map

The last button (yellow) next to each player's name will allow a player to toggle their shared experience on and off before the start of a dungeon. When turned on, one will receive a share of the experience whenever a party member performs an action. However, the person who does the action will gain a lager share of the experience. When shared XP is toggled off, you will not gain experiences from the actions of other members in your party. This is recommend for pures if they wish to keep certain skills at a low level.

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Inside the Dungeon

Once the party leader has selected the floor and complexity level, the party leader must go through the dungeon entrance. Before the dungeon starts, the party leader will also have the option to select dungeon size and player amount (Note: Players can now start large dungeons with a party of 2). You have the option to play a dungeon designed for fewer people, but it will come at the cost of an experience penalty. For example, you could have a party of 2 play in a dungeon designed for 1 person, but will suffer an experience penalty of 7%. The party leader will also be able to select different sized dungeons; Small, Medium, and Large (respectively marked yellow, red and blue in the image below). Once those options have been selected, you will be placed in the Starting Room and you will be ready to start Dungeoneering.

Dungeon Map

Starting room

When starting any dungeon, be it on your own or in a team, the first room you will appear in will be the starting room. This is a safe room without any enemies. This is the perfect location to prepare yourself before entering other rooms, or to retreat and restock with items if you are struggling in the dungeon. Furthermore, this room is where you appear when casting the Dungeon Home Teleport spell, and where you will respawn if you die. For each new floor, the only thing that will not change is the lay out of the Starting room.

On one side of the room, you will also see the dungeon exit ladder used to leave the dungeon. This will take you outside, after a warning message.

Starting Room Exit

On one side of the room, you will see the Runecrafting altar (marked in green). This is used to make runes as long as you have the required level. You can also use it to enchant staffs. Marked with purple, you will see the Spinning wheel. Any type of textile can be woven into cloth by using it. You can then use a needle and thread to craft the cloth into magic armor. The room also contains a Summoning Obelisk (marked in yellow), which can be used to infuse pouches. Pouches require a wide variety of items, ranging from hides to torn bags. Marked in orange is an energy rift you can use to create portents.


In one of the other corners, you will find a furnace (marked in cyan) and a number of anvils (marked in red). Here, you will be able to smelt any ores you obtain into bars, and turn any bars into armor or weapons. The water trough (marked in yellow), next to the anvils, will allow you fill any empty vials with water and use them to make potions.


The party leader will also receive a Group gatestone in his inventory. By stepping through the group gatestone portal (marked in yellow), in one of the corners of the starting room, or using the group gatestone teleport spell, you will be able to teleport to the location of the gatestone, whether it is in a player's inventory or on the ground. This will allow you to return to room far away from the starting room with little or no effort. The portal can be removed and replaced by a number of other features, requiring a certain Construction level to be build.

Group Gatestone Portal

When you appear in the starting room, you will find a supply of armor, weapons and food available in your inventory and on the resource tables (marked in purple), based on the complexity level you are playing. In complexity levels 1 and 2, you will have combat equipment of every type in your inventory. At higher complexity levels, you will receive less starting supplies. Complexity 3 will only give you armor in your inventory, while a small selection of weapons is available from the resource tables. Finally, at complexities 4 through 6 will start you off with a small selection of weapons and armor on the resource tables, but with no supplies in your inventory. An exception to this is that items that have been bound in previous rounds are available in your inventory in later rounds. For more information on about bound items, see the Binding Items section.

Dungeoneering armor, weapons, and food are divided up into different tiers, which indicates the effectiveness. A tier 5 item will be more effective more than a tier 3 for example. Tiers range from 1 to 11, with 6-11 only being available to members, and tier 11 being only obtainable as a reward for defeating a dungeon boss. Examining an item will show what tier it belongs to.


Tier Skill Level Melee Gear Magic Robes Staffs Ranged Armor Bows
1 1 Novite Salve Water Protoleather Tangle Gum
2 10 Bathus Wildercress Earth Subleather Seeping Elm
3 20 Marmaros Blightleaf Fire Paraleather Blood Spindle
4 30 Kratonite Roseblood Air Archleather Utuku
5 40 Fractite Bryll Catalytic Dromoleather Spinebeam
6 50 Zephyrium Duskweed Empowered Water Spinoleather Bovistangler
7 60 Argonite Soulbell Empowered Earth Gallileather Thigat
8 70 Katagon Ecto Empowered Fire Stegoleather Corpsethorn
9 80 Gorgonite Runic Empowered Air Megaleather Entgallow
10 90 Promethium Spiritbloom Empowered Catalytic Tyrannoleather Gravecreeper
11 99 Primal Celestial Celestial Catalytic Sagittarian Sagittarian

The Smuggler

Regardless of the complexity level, there will always be one person in the starting room: The Smuggler. This person is there for several purposes:


  • He will identify and give hints about items you find in the dungeon. This can be done using an item on the Smuggler.
  • He will buy and sell items for coins. The higher the complexity level you are playing in, the more skill-related items will be available. Items that are acquired in the dungeon itself can also be sold to the smuggler for coins, which can then be used to buy other products. Coins can also be obtained as a drop from monsters.
  • A last function of the Smuggler is, as his name suggests, smuggling. When completing a dungeon, you are rewarded with several tokens, which are smuggled out of the dungeon by the smuggler. This happens automatically, and no action has to be taken by the player. These tokens can be traded for rewards at the reward trader.

Money Making inside Daemonheim

There are a lot of uses for money within Daemonheim. It can buy the large variety of items from the Smuggler. However, to make money, there are several different good methods that, if you use all the time, will gain more money than just selling things to the smuggler.

  • ALWAYS alch anything you want to trade for money, don't sell it to the smuggler. Alching items will give you double the money selling to the smuggler would.
  • Don't just sell or alch raw materials. If you have logs, fletch them into a bow, or into a stave. This will give more money than just the logs. If you can, turn your stave into an enchanted staff - this will give even more money. Turn ores into bars and armour. Turn charms into a summoning pouch - the highest bloodragers can give a lot of money if they've been alched. If you're selling food, make it a potato rather than just the short-finned eel.
  • Open any chest you find. Some chests don't give any money at all, while others can relinquish 150k. They also quite often give charms and herbs that can speed up your dungeon (making potions without having to grow herbs) or give you money (alching the charms).

Your toolbelt

When you enter a dungeon, you will automatically have certain tools with you in your toolbelt. These tools are:

The hatchet and pickaxe in the toolbelt are originally novite. These can be upgraded however, by adding-to-toolbelt any other type of hatchet and pickaxe. Even if you add a higher level pickaxe or hatchet than you can use, it will act as one that you do have the level to use. For example, if you have a gorgonite pickaxe bound, and your mining level is only 45, the gorgonite pickaxe will be a kratonite pickaxe until you can use a zephyrium pickaxe.

Dungoneering Toolbelt

The only things not in the toolbelt that you may need are feathers and a vial - these can still be bought from the smuggler. It is advised you get some feathers at the beginning of your dungeon, as these may still be needed to complete the floor, but the only use for vials now is to make potions.

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Within a dungeon, your main goal is to open as many rooms as you can. A number of doors involve the use of dungeoneering "keys". There are a possible 48 different keys to be found in any dungeon, though the max you will come across in any one dungeon is around 20-30. Keys can be found in any room but the boss room, and will match up to a door found in the dungeon. When you pick up a key it goes into a storage that you can see in the top left corner of your screen. Any player in your party can access this, and therefore any player can open a key door when the party has the key. Simply click "unlock" on a key door to use the key and unlock the door.

Key Door

Skill doors

There are doors (see the list below) that require the use of one of your skills. It is possible to fail any one of the doors and take high damage (up to in excess of 5,000), so make sure that you have an extra supply of food. The damage taken can be reduced by certain skiller class rings. The level requirements and experience rewards you get for each door will vary, and sometimes you might not have the necessary levels to get past them. For example, some door might require you to have a level of 102 in a particular skill. You can however use potion to temporarily boost your level.

Door Image Required Skill
Agility Agility
Construction Construction
Crafting Crafting
Agility Divination
Farming Farming
Firemaking Firemaking
Herblore Herblore
Magic Magic
Mining Mining
Prayer Prayer
Runecrafting Runecrafting
Smithing Smithing
Strength Strength
Summoning Summoning
Thieving Thieving
Woodcutting Woodcutting

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Challenge Rooms

Skills are also used in solving challenge room puzzles. In order to pass a door challenge, there is normally a skill requirement involved. However, a room that is necessary in order to reach the final boss is always reachable by someone in the team. Therefore it is always possible to finish a dungeon. The level requirements and experience rewards you get for each puzzle will vary, and sometimes you might not have the necessary levels to solve them. For example, some puzzles might require you to have a level of 102 in a particular skill. The only way to reach that level is by using a potion.

Agility room

Agility puzzle room

The agility room requires agility levels. If you have the level, you will be able to cross the grooves shown in the bottom of this picture. Once past these grooves, run forward past two agility tests (jumping under a blade, and jumping over a swinging pendulum). You will then face the large spinning blades. You must be careful not to walk into these, as they will hit you for around 500-600 damage. Once you have got past this, you can run round and open the door for the rest of your party.

Barrel room

Barrel puzzle room

The barrel room requires strength and construction levels. Run in, and push your way past the barrels that block the way. Then, choose one of the two ways to get to the barrel piece. Grab this piece, and use it on the broken barrel sitting against the thin wall. If you have the construction level, you will fix it. When it is fixed, you must push the barrel so that it matches up with the blue line on the thin wall. This line will probably change, so you must keep moving the barrel back and forth to keep filling it. When it is full, you can move it onto the pressure pad and unlock the doors.

Complete the Bridge challenge rooms:

Keystone bridge

Keystone bridge puzzle

The keystone bridge puzzle requires mining, crafting and construction levels. When entering this room, you will see a chisel on the floor, and a mining block near the door. Mine this block to receive a piece of stone, and then carve it into a keystone. Use this keystone on the gap in the bridge to complete it, and you will now be able to cross.

Plank bridge

Plank bridge puzzle

The plank bridge puzzle room requires agility and construction levels. First, you need to jump over the missing part of the bridge. Then, take 5 planks out of the crate of planks, and use these to fix the bridge and make it easier to cross later, or for your party to cross.

Statue bridge

Statue bridge puzzle

The Statue bridge puzzle requires mining, construction and strength levels. First, you need to mine a block from the mining rock near the door. Then, use it to fix the broken statue near the gap. Once fixed, you can push it to make 2 spaces between the statues, and a bridge will slide out, allowing you to cross.

Winch bridge

Winch bridge puzzle

For this challenge room, you need crafting, smithing, ranged and strength levels. First, grab a broken grapple and some meatcorn from the crates in the room. Then, use the anvil to repair the grapple, and use the spinning wheel to spin the meatcorn into rope. Use the rope and grapple on each other, then click to throw the grapple across the gap. Use the winch to then pull the bridge back across, and you can cross.

Books room

Book puzzle

The books room does not require any skill levels. You need to watch for the books flying between the book cases, and must match up the coloured books to their coloured bookcases. To do this, turn the small bookshelves around, and have them facing each other to swap the books between them. Then face them towards the bookcases in the wall to have the books fly into them. The books will not come back out if they are in the correct bookcase.

Complete the Statues challenge rooms:

Ten statues

Ten statues puzzle

In this challenge room, you need mining and crafting levels. There are five statues in this room that do not have any weapons - you must equip them with weapons to defeat the statues that stand opposite them. Grab the chisel and mine 5 rocks. Use the chisel to craft weapons - if the statue is facing a statue wielding a sword, craft a staff for it, as mage defeats melee. If it faces a bow, craft a sword, as melee defeats range. If it wields a staff, create a bow, as range defeats mage. Equip the five statues, and if you've done it correctly, they will win the fight, and open the doors.

Three statues

Three statues puzzle

This challenge room requires mining and crafting levels. One of the three statues in the room will be missing their weapon - you must make and equip it on them. If the mage is missing a weapon, make a staff - if the ranger is missing a weapon, make a bow, and if the warrior is missing a weapon, make a sword. Equip it and the doors will be unlocked.

Collapsing room

Collapsing puzzle room

In this challenge room, mining and construction levels are required. You must mine the rocks in your way, and when you reach two small rocks (as seen at the bottom of the picture above), you can repair the support beams. This will stop more rocks falling down in this spot. Then, mine your way to the other doors to get through.

Crystal Lodestone room

Crystal lodestone puzzle

In this puzzle, the only skill required is runecrafting. You need to turn on the 4 lodestones in one corner of the room, and then the lights will come on, repeatedly making their way to the center stone. You need to get these 4 lights to enter the center stone at the same time. To do this, you can step on the pressure plates (shown in the right of the above picture) to stop a light from moving, and use this method to match up the four lights so they are moving together.

Damaged construct room

Damaged Construct room

This challenge room requires crafting, runecrafting and magic levels. First off, pick up the chisel, and then grab a rock from the chest next to the chisel. Examine the damaged construct to discover what it is missing - an arm, a head, or a leg. Then, use the chisel on the rock to create whichever piece is missing. Enchant the head, arm or leg, and then attach it to the construct. Use you magic to bring the construct back to life, and he will walk around the room, opening the walls and giving you access to the doors.

Emote room

Emote room puzzle

In the emote room, there will be up to five statues facing a pressure pad. The number of statues depends on the amount of players the dungeon is set to - any unused statues will be broken. The player must stand opposite a working statue, and copy the emote that it uses, three times. You will have a short amount of time to see and copy the emote. If you take too long, or do the wrong emote, the statues will attack everyone in the party, dealing 10hp damage. You can avoid this by stepping off the pressure pad.

Ferret challenge rooms:

Color coded ferrets

Color coded ferrets

There is no skill requirement for this challenge room. You need to herd the colored ferrets onto the same colored tile. The ferrets will run away from you when you are 2 steps or less away from them, even diagonally. Therefore you can herd them towards their tile fairly easily. If they get stuck, you can "scare" them, forcing them to run in a random direction. This isn't advised unless they are stuck however, as it makes them difficult to control. It is always a good idea to step back and plan where you are herding them to before doing anything.

Fishing maze ferret

Fishing Maze ferret puzzle

In this challenge room, fishing, cooking and ranged levels are required. First off, look at where the ferret is, and look at where the pressure plate is. You need to guide the ferret to the pressure plate, using vile fish. The ferret will always run diagonally, and then straight, to get to where you throw the ferret to. You can usually do this puzzle with 2 or 3 vile fish. Go to the nearby fishing spot and fish 3-4 vile fish (in case you burn some), then run to the fire. Cook the vile fish, then throw them on the maze to guide the ferret around the small coloured spots (these will teleport the ferret to a random spot on the maze if he steps on them), and onto the pressure plate. When he is on it, the plate will unlock the doors.

Hunting ferret

Hunting Ferret puzzle

There are two ways to do this challenge room - for one method, you only need hunter. For the other, you need woodcutting, fletching and hunter. The first way requires at least 2, preferably 3 players. The ferret in this room will always run away from players, and you need to catch him. The best way is to trap him between 2 players, and then one or both players can click on him to "catch" him. If you are unsuccessful, you will catch him and break the gem around his neck, opening the doors. If you are unsuccessfull he will bite you and stun you.
Another way is to look on the wall for a tree, and cut it to receive "dry sticks". You can then fletch these into a trap, and set up a trap near the escapes that the ferret will use. Scare him towards this trap, and hopefully he will get caught in it. Although this technically slower, it can be quicker if the ferret is hard to catch by hand or keep stunning players. The best method is probably for a couple people to try and catch him while another makes and sets traps.

Fremennik room

Fremennik campe room

In this room, you must help the barbarian in the room for him to unlock the doors for you. You need cooking, fletching and smithing levels for this room. You need to fletch the logs in one crate into bows, smith the bars into weapons next to the furnace, and cook the eels he has next to a fire. After doing these three tasks, the doors will be unlocked.

Ghosts room

Ghosts puzzle room

In this room, you need to kill all of the ghosts in the room to proceed. The only skill needed here is combat. When you enter the room, wait a few seconds to see a small spirit fly between the ghosts. Whichever ghost this is inside will be vulnerable to attacks. The other ghosts can be killed without the spirit being inside of it, but it is very difficult to do. The spirit will move to the nearest ghost, once the ghost it was inside is killed.

Grapple rope room

Grapple puzzle room

This room is very similar to the winch bridge puzzle, but does not have the bridge. It requires crafting, smithing, range and agility. You must take meatcorn and a broken grapple out of the crates, spin the meatcorn into rope on the spinning wheel and repair the grapple on the anvil. Then, combine these items to make a grapple. Throw the grapple across the gap and tie it tight to make a tightrope. Cross the tightrope, and everyone in your party will be able to cross, even if they didn't have the agility level.

Grooves room

Grooves puzzle room

The only skill you may need in this challenge room is thieving, but it is not required. You can right click "inspect" the grooves in this room, and a 5 second animation will take place as your character tries to discover whether the grooves has a trap in it. The result will be shown in your chat box - either there is a trap, there is not a trap, or that it's hard to tell. If you walk across a groove that has a trap in it, you will take 150-250 damage. Players often leave items on the "safe" grooves to display that it is the one you can walk across.

Icy Pressure pad

Icy pressure pad puzzle room

This challenge room is only found in frozen floors, and requires no skill level. You must manouvre across the ice, attempting to stand on the four pressure pads. This often takes diagonal movement, and you should attempt to come up against the few items in the floor, as these are here to help you access the pressure pads.

Lodestone Power crystal room

Lodestone power-up puzzle room

In this puzzle room, no skills are required. You need to grab the lodestone lying on the floor, then jump across the chasm using the small platforms. However, a ball of pure energy will appear, and will chase you, attempting to be on the same platform as you. If it catches you, it can deal a hefty amount of damage and will drop you back at the beginning. A good way to get past it is to drop a personal gatestone on one side, then go to other side. When the ball appears, teleport to your gatestone, and jump all the way across - the ball will not be able to reach you, unless you stumble too much.


Levers puzzle room

In this room, you will need all the players that the dungeon has been set up for, as the timer on the levers depends on this. If it is designed for one person, you will have enough time to run around the whole room, pulling all 5 levers on your own. If the dungeon is set up for 5 people, all 5 needs to stand at one lever each, and one person should call out when everyone should pull their lever. A common way to do this is for the dungeon leader to call "1, 2, 3", and everyone pulls their lever on 3. If the levers are not all pulled in time, gas will be expelled from them, hitting everyone nearby for around 200 damage. A way to escape this gas is to run into the middle of the room as soon as you have pulled your lever.

Maze room

Maze puzzle room

The maze room is a room in which you need to make your way around the maze, to the middle, to open the chest there. At the entrance there will be a lever - when you pull this, a countdown will start. At the end of this countdown, toxin will start to fill the chamber, hitting you for low damage very often. It is best to look at the maze before pulling the lever, deciding which route would be best to take to get to the middle. If you do this, and figure out the correct path before starting, you will always get to the middle before the timer runs out.

Mercenary leader

Merc leader puzzle room

The mercenary leader is a powerful mage who can summon other mages, rangers and warriors to help protect him. There is no point in fighting the other npc's who appear, as they will teleport away after a short duration. This can be a difficult room to beat, as you could be getting piled by around 10 npc's at any one time. The only thing you can do is pray mage and attack the mercenary leader, for as soon as he is dead the other npc's will teleport away (after a short while), and then you can get through the doors.


Monolith puzzle room

This challenge room requires you to protect the centre monolith from shades, who will appear randomly while it is charging. This room often requires most if not the whole party to complete. Start off by charging the monolith, and then wait for the mysterious shades to appear. They can vary from very low levels to the highest level (133), and they use both ranged and magics attacks. You must attack any shades that appear, ensuring they attack you and not the monolith while it is charging. If they attack the monolith, they drain its charges, making it take longer. When it is fully charged, the monolith will open the doors, and all of the shades will die.

Moving colored blocks

Moving colored blocks puzzle room

In this challenge room, the only skill required is strength. First, you must move all four blocks onto one of the coloured tiles. once this is done, somewhere on the wall will be shelves with colored vials on them. You need to mix all four colors, and then use them on the blocks with the corresponding color - for example, the block on the purple tile needs to be colored purple. If you get one wrong, you can recolor it by using a different colored vial on it. Once all four blocks are colored correctly the doors will open.

Poltergeist room

Polergeist puzzle room

This challenge room requires the herblore, prayer, firemaking and thieving skills. First, read the sarcophagus to see which herb you need to pick. Then, run over to the farming patch and pick four of the correct herbs. If you try pick an incorrect herb you will get hit for medium damage. Once all four herbs are picked, clean them, and then use them on the four censers around the sarcophagus. Light the herbs to drive away the poltergeist, and then open the sargophagus to open the doors.

Pondskaters room

Pondskaters puzzle room

This puzzle room requires only a fishing level. Watch the pondskaters as they gather in the middle - one of them will open its mouth to reveal a key. You must then fish this pondskater when it is next to one of the four fishing spots. If you try to fish the wrong pondskater, they will bite you, dealing moderate damage. Be careful, as the pondskaters will often overlap, and you have no way of knowing which one holds the key. The best way to counter this is to click on the pondskater when it shows the key, and your character will always be running after it until you manage to fish it.

Ramokee room

Ramokee puzzle room

The ramokee room is possibly one of the most dangerous rooms you can find in a dungeon, and the most likely one you will die in. The four ramokee's - bloodrager, deathslinger, strombringer and skinweaver - work as a team to bring you down, and you will need your team to be able to defeat them! It is advised to go in praying mage, as there are the two mages - skinweaver and stormbringer. The skinweaver will heal her allies as long as she is alive, so you should always kill her first. Then, it is your choice who to kill next - the stormbringer is usual but this can change if you have a lot of mages in the room as well, because you would still have to be praying mage even if you killed her. The bloodrager is normally left till last, as you can run away from him, bind him, or trap him behind the summoning obelisk or another monster. Good luck in this room, it is a hard one to defeat at higher levels!

Repair fountain

Repair the fountain puzzle room

This challenge room requires mining and construction. You need to return the flow of blood from the pillars to the fountain, by repairing the pillars, and mining away the rocks that block the way. When all four streams of blood reach the fountain, it will start running again, and the doors will be unlocked.

Riddle room

Riddle puzzle room

In this room, the enigmatic hoardstalker shown in the picture will give you a riddle (if you have the summoning level to speak to him). There is one answer for every riddle, and the answer involves an item which can be found behind the locked doors in the room. If you have the thieving levels you can open these doors and access the items beyond. The items given to the hoardstalker -do not- have to be found in this room, for example, if the answer is coins, you can give him coins from your inventory. The list of answers to the riddles is below:

Riddle Answer Found in
Born through fire, I'm lost in winds and muddied in water. Ashes Room 1
Sticks and stones may break me, exercise may ache me. Bones
Though my friends fly high, I was always destined to protect. Novite Kiteshield
Remove my yellow skin, and dine on me within. Banana Room 2
I am water that brings fire to your heart. Firebreath Whiskey
While many call me mould, some call me savoury. Mushroom
Without me you cannot survive (OR) Without me you would perish,
but fill a room with me and you would surely die.
Vial of water
The slowest of assassins, I'm at home on your blade or in your drink. Weapon Poison
A serpent am I, yet on land I would die. Dusk eel
short-finned eel
salve eel
cave moray
From your veins I flow, from essence did I grow. Blood rune Room 3
Without me, a deathslinger is merely a gorajo with a stick. Bow String
I can get you almost anything you want, but with no one to accept me, I am worthless. Rusty coins
Though I'm light, I can not illuminate the dark. Feather
I pluck the denizens of the sea, to serve a salty sailor's tea. Fly Fishing Rod
The blunt force I provide is surprisingly constructive. Hammer
Completed I can make you dead, but currently I have no head. Headless arrow
I am cursed with but one eye. And from Haystacks I will spy. Needle
I demonstrate faith in a dark god. Unholy Symbol

Sleeping brutes room

Sleeping brutes puzzle room

In this room, you -must- walk to avoid combat. You need to walk across the broken glass to avoid waking the sleeping brutes. Sometimes you may trip up on some glass and wake them up anyway, but if you run across the glass you will wake them. You must pickpocket the brutes for the door key, and only one will have the correct key for each door. If they wake, you need to kill them to receive the key.

Sliding tiles

Sliding tiles puzzle room

In this puzzle, slide the tiles on the floor to complete the picture. This process will usually take a few moves. When the image is correct the door will unlock. If you attempt to move the wrong tile, or if a player moves your tile before you, you will take damage.

Sliding statues

Sliding statues puzzle room

In this room, you must slide the statues that are on the south side of the room to be in exactly the same position as the statues on the north side. You can push or pull the statues, but if there are monsters in the room, it is easier to pull, as you can always pull a statue onto a monster, but you cannot push it onto one.

Seeker sentinel

Seeker sentinel puzzle room

In this room, you simply need to avoid being detected, both by the seeker sentinel in the centre of the room, and by the sentinel spawn, who patrol the walkways. To avoid the seeker sentinel, you must wait until he is not looking where you are (his gaze goes round in a clockwise direction), and then you can run out. To avoid detection by the sentinel spawn, you must run out behind them, and left-click to subdue them. You will knock them out, and can then run past them to the next safe point. If you are detected by any monster in this room, you will be teleported to a random safe point, and dealt a moderate amount of damage.

Unhappy ghost room

Unhappy ghost puzzle room

This challenge room requires construction, thieving, and prayer levels. Upon entering, you will see a ring on the floor. Pick this up, and put it back in the open chest found in the room. Then, fix the pillar near the sacophagus, and the pot near one of the walls. Use your thieving to unlock the coffin, and bless the remains inside, and the unhappy ghosts will do a dance, disappear, and unlock the doors.

Vines and Flower room

Vines and flower puzzle room

This room requires your woodcutting and farming skills. First, you need to make your way towards the giant flower. To do this, you need to cut the smaller flowers, but you can only cut them when they are the same color as the giant flower. If you are too fast, too slow, or get the color wrong, you will get hit for up to 250 lp. When you reach the giant flower, you can click to uproot it, and the rest of the flowers, and the vines covering the door, will all die off, allowing you through.

Warped maze

Warped Maze puzzle

In this puzzle, be prepared to take damage. When you are inside the warped maze, you will take low damage every second. All members of the party need to reach the middle of the maze, and there is no way to teleport in or out. You must choose a doorway and run in, trying different portal until you find the one that will leave you in the middle. Once everyone is in the middle, they should stand on a pressure plate, and the doors will unlock. To get out safely, use the portal that looks straight out - it is the one portal that will go where you expect it to!

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The Boss Room

In order to completely finish a dungeon, you will always have to face and defeat a final boss. The boss you will have to face varies based on the theme of the floor you are on and your Dungeoneering level. The bosses are always more difficult then the average monster in a dungeon and will require a certain strategy in order to defeat them. Below is a list of the bosses and basic strategies to kill them.

General Fighting Tips:

  • Once you have entered a boss room, you cannot leave it through the door until the boss is killed. It is therefore advised to place a (group) gatestone right outside of the room and teleport to it when you are about to die. Because of this it is also recommended to leave resources needed for the fight near the gatestone. This will allow you to restock easily if are running out of resources or when you are about to die.
  • To prevent yourself from running out of Prayer points during the boss fight, you can use various potions or replenish them at an altar. If the dungeon does not contain an altar, then you can buy an altar (151 K Coins) and build one (requires 75 Construction) in the starting room.
  • Familiars can come in handy when fighting a boss. Some of the best familiars you can use are Bloodragers and Skinweavers. A Bloodrager is a simple Melee combat familiar but its special attack scroll greatly lowers stats of an enemy, which makes it great for boss fights. Skinweavers are great to use because not only do they heal you with their scrolls, they also make food heal more (up to 30 extra LP per food).
Floor Theme Boss Level
Frozen Gluttonous Behemoth 1 No Boots
Astea Frostweb 1 No Shoes and Wands
Icy Bones 1 No Knives and Vambraces
Luminescent Icefiend 5 No Daggers and Off-hand daggers
Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz 11 No Gauntlets
To'Kash the Bloodchiller 17 No Mage gloves
Abandoned Skeletal Horde 23 No Helmets
Hobgoblin Geomancer 23 No Leather boots
Bulwark Beast 23 No Hatchets and Pickaxes
Unholy Cursebearer 29 No Staves
Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan 59 No Kiteshields
Bal'lak the Pummeller 65 No Warhammers and Off-hand warhammers
Furnished Rammernaut 35 No Mauls
Stomp 35 No Coifs and Ranged shields
Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter 35 No Rapiers and off-hand rapiers
Lexicus Runewright 39 No Hoods and orbs
Sagittare 45 No Longbows and arrows
Night-gazer Khighorahk 51 No Plateskirts
Occult Skeletal Trio 71 Yes Shortbows and Arrows
Runebound Behemoth 71 Yes Robe bottoms and Mage shields
Gravecreeper 71 Yes Chainbodies
Necrolord 77 Yes Chaps and Off-hand knives
Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk 83 Yes Platelegs
Yk'Lagor the Thunderous 89 Yes Battleaxes and Off-hand battleaxes
Warped Blink 95 Yes Longswords and Off-hand longswords
Warped Guelga 95 Yes Robe tops
Dreadnaut 95 Yes Platebodies
Hope Devourer 101 Yes Leather bodies
World-Gorger Shukarhazh 107 Yes Spears
Kal'Ger the Warmonger 113 Yes 2h swords

Gluttonous Behemoth
1 Dungeoneering

Gluttonous Behemoth

When encountering this boss, you will notice that he will have either one or two Bovimastix carcasses near him. When playing solo dungeons, there will only be one carcass. However, when two or more people are playing there will be two carcasses on either side of him. These carcasses come into play when the Gluttonous Behemoth is down to less than half of his health. He will turn to a carcass and start eating it, which heals him to nearly all of his life points. It is therefore necessary for you to stand between the Behemoth and the carcasses, as shown in the image above. The Behemoth uses attacks of all three combat forms, so it is advised to be wary and have plenty of food.

Astea Frostweb
1 Dungeoneering

Astea Frostweb

At all times, Astea Frostweb switches between the three protection prayers. The best method to counter this is to bring two types of combat weaponry (melee and range being the best). Pray protect from magic, and if you are in a group try to spread out so you do not get frozen by her ice barrage attack. If you do get caught by this, she will sometimes bring up two ice spikes at your feet which can deal high damage. During the fight she will summon low level ice spiders, two per player, which attack you for a short duration of time, before dying. Do not bother attacking these, they are a waste of time and will all disappear as soon as the boss is dead.

Icy Bones
1 Dungeoneering

Icy Bones

Icy Bones uses mainly melee attacks which are easily blocked by the melee protection prayer. He can also form a circle of power around him which can hit through melee protection. His last ability is to bring up stalagmites around the boss room. You cannot run through these until they have disappeared. There is no particular strategy for Icy Bones, but he is weak to crush attacks. This boss is generally easy to defeat at low levels, but incredibly strong at his higher combat levels

Luminescent Icefiend
5 Dungeoneering

Luminescent Icefiend

The Luminescent Icefiend uses both Ranged and Magic attacks. It is therefore recommended to pray mage against him. Four times during the battle (at 75% lp, 50% lp, 25% lp and 1% lp), the icefiend will encase itself in ice and become invulnerable for a short duration. During this time, ice stalactites fall from the ceiling onto every player in the room. These can be very painful, and when you have been hit by one it is difficult to avoid the rest that fall. The only way to avoid these is by running around the room until they stop falling. If you are soloing, this is easy enough as you can just run in a circle. It is harder in a group, as it is more likely you will run into each other and get caught by the ice meant for the other player. However, this attack cannot kill you - it will just take you to low lifepoints. You cannot teleport out of this boss room with the group gatestone or a personal gatestones, so be wary.

Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz
11 Dungeoneering

Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz

The room in which this boss monster resides has an ice floor, similar to the sliding ice puzzle room. When you step onto the ice, you will slide across it until you come up against a pillar, wall or the boss. This makes killing the plane-freezer a long and annoying battle, especially if you are meleeing. If you are next to him, he will sometimes push you away, sending you sliding until you hit a wall or pillar. Because of this, it is recommended to range him, so you can always hit wherever he is in the room.

To'kash the Bloodchiller
17 Dungeoneering

To'kash the Bloodchiller

To'kash the Bloodchiller uses both melee and magic attacks that can hit through your prayer. His special attack will freeze you in an ice block, from which you cannot move until you have been freed by a fellow player or until he has smashed you out of it. If you are playing in a group, one of the first things to do after you have been broken out of the ice is to free your fellows so that they can continue attacking. Nothing can block this attack, but it is recommended to pray mage against him. As with all demons, he is very weak to magic attacks. You should the crush attack style if meleeing.

Skeletal Horde
23 Dungeoneering

Skeletal Horde

This boss is a unique boss, because of the fact that there are many monsters to kill, and that they are not more powerful than the monsters you would find in the rest of the dungeon. The tactic for this boss fight is that you must kill a small amount of skeletons (2-4, but normally 3) before "blocking" a tunnel entrance (there are 5 of these in total) - highlighted in red above. The skinweaver will speak when you can block an entrance. Once a tunnel is blocked, skeletons will no longer emerge from it. If you try to block a tunnel entrance before the skinweaver has spoken, you will be hit for around 200 damage. It is advised to use protect from mage or range for this boss. When you have blocked all the tunnels, you must kill the remaining skeletons and then talk to the skinweaver, and she will open the exit for you. At any time during this boss, you can move onto the raised platform around the skinweaver and she will heal you.

Hobgoblin Geomancer
23 Dungeoneering

Hobgoblin Geomancer

The Hobgoblin Geomancer is a tough boss because you cannot use any prayers - he will drain your prayer points and heal himself if you do. The Geomancer uses both melee and magic attacks. His earth blasts are the highest damage-dealing attacks, hitting up to 1,500 easily. He also has a binding spell to freeze you in place. If you are standing next to him, he will bind you there and then teleport away so you cannot hit him. If you are standing more than one square away, he will teleport next to you after binding. However, he will only bind one person at a time (Note: You can use the Freedom ability to break free of his bind if you are meleeing him).

Bulwark Beast
23 Dungeoneering

Bulwark Beast

The Bulwark beast is unique from the other bosses you'll find while Dungeoneering, as he has almost infallible armour at the start of the fight. You must break off this armour by wielding pickaxes (Note: Your toolbelt pickaxe will work with a melee weapon). If you forget to bring a pickaxe, there will be a novite one in one corner of the boss room. The bar at the top of the screen indicates how much further you have to go to break off the armour. When this is gone (the bar will disappear and there is a short animation of pieces of rock coming away from his body) you are free to attack him with your normal weapon. You can also use magic to attack the bulwark beast, and this hits through his armour so if you are maging, you do not need to break this off. The Bulwark beast uses all three types of the combat triangle, so praying whatever style you are weak to is advised. Be aware that the Bulwark beast will trample you if you run underneath him, dealing a large amount of damage.

Unholy Cursebearer
29 Dungeoneering

Unholy Cursebearer

The Unholy Cursebearer is fairly easy to defeat - the only thing to worry about is the unholy aura which will lower your stats as long as you are in the boss room with him. You can always restore your stats using the unholy fonts - highlighted in red above - but this will heal the cursebearer. In a normal large 5:5 dungeon, each player only needs to restore their stats once to easily kill this boss. The Cursebearer uses both mage and melee, but it is advised to pray mage as it deals more damage than his melee.

35 Dungeoneering


Rammernaut only uses melee attacks, so high melee defence is recommended. However, using protect from melee will enrage the Rammernaut, making him use his "charge" special attack. He will charge after one player, chasing them either until he runs them over, stunning and badly injuring them, or until he runs until a wall himself. If you are run over by the rammernaut, he will follow his attack by smashing his maul into you, disabling your prayer and reducing your defence level. This boss is weak against magic attacks, and using magic makes it easier to avoid his charge attack. When he does use his special, it is advised to run next to the walls as much as you can, so as to make him run into them or place a gatestone outside and teleport to it when he charges, then re-enter the room.

35 Dungeoneering


Stomp is only partially in his boss room, coming through a portal which is powered by the two lodestones to the side of him. At three points in this boss fight, Stomp will become invulnerable, call rocks down from the ceiling, and activate the two lodestones. There will also be two crystal shards falling down with the rocks, and you must pick up both of these and use them to deactivate both lodestones. If you do not, stomp will heal 1/3rd of his lifepoints. Beware that the falling rocks can block you from accessing the crystals or the lodestones, but you can mine them out of the way. If one of the rocks falls on you, it will damage you for around 1,000LP. Stomp uses range and melee in his first form, and then all three combat styles in the rest of his forms. You can protect from these with the normal protection prayers.

Har'lakk the Riftsplitter
35 Dungeoneering

Har'lakk the Riftsplitter

Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter uses both melee and magic attacks. He can be a pain because of his ability to open portals on top of you. The longer you stay underneath a portal, the more damage you are going to take. He creates 3 different types of portals - flame, poison and a stat-draining portal. Flame (red) will deal constant but small amounts of damage to you for as long as you are on top of it. Poison (purple) will simply poison you, but the longer you are under the portal, the higher the poison will hit you. The stat-draining portal (black) will drain your stats continually until you move off the portal. As long as you run out from a portal as soon he summons one, this boss is easy to defeat. It is recommended to use protect from magic for this boss.

Lexicus Runewright
39 Dungeoneering

Lexicus Runewright

Lexicus Runewright can be a very difficult boss to defeat, mainly because of his ability to deflect 30% of the melee damage you deal back onto you. Therefore, if you can, it is highly recommended to range him.
His main attacks are magic and melee based - you are advised to pray magic. From time to time he will teleport away from his last spot, and every time he does this he will call upon his "Almanac army" - low level magic books that can be one hit KO'd but can deal a hefty amount of damage to you. Therefore it is a good idea for one person to take these out as soon as they appear. The most dangerous of his attacks is called "Book Barrage", where 2 explosive books (per player) will appear, flashing red, flying straight towards your current location. Upon reaching that point they will explode, dealing a high amount of damage each. It is advised to run away from your current spot as soon as you see him say this.

45 Dungeoneering


Sagittare lives in a maze room, as shown in the map above. He always has the protect from range prayer on, so you can only mage or melee him, but as he is a ranger he has a strong defence from magic. Melee is therefore the best option. This boss will take about a 6th of his lifepoints in damage before using his "arrow rain" special attack and teleporting away. If you are caught in this, you will be frozen for a second, but it is easy to avoid if you start running when he shouts "enough!" The sagittare will continually teleport closer to the middle of his maze, making you run around the whole room while he continually shoots you. He can also shoot an arrow which temporarily disables you, forcing you to walk for a few seconds.
As the Sagittare uses both range and magic attacks, you cannot completely protect yourself with prayers. If you are meleeing, it is recommended to pray from magic. It is also likely you will need a lot of food, as there is a lot of running around while he attacks you from afar.

Night-Gazer Khighorahk
51 Dungeoneering

Night-Gazer Khighorahk

You will probably not notice when first encountering this boss, but at each corner of the night gazer's boss room there are pillars with torches on them (seen on the right side of the above image). You MUST light at least one of these to be able to damage the boss. Each candle makes the night gazer take 25% of the damage you would hit, and so it is best to keep all four lit at once. Depending on how many players the dungeon has been set up for, the torches will go out after a short duration, and must be relit. Make sure you are not standing near the torches when they go out or the shadows engulfing the flames will damage you in the process.
Be aware of the Night-gazer's special attack - when he glows blue and lifts up into the air. If you are stood next to him when he slams back down to the floor, you will get knocked away from him and into the wall, taking damage equal to about 80% of your life points. To avoid this attack, you must be at least one square away from him - this can sometimes be a good time to go and relight your torch.
The second form for night gazer is much easier to defeat, as the torches will automatically relight themselves and not go out, so all you need to do is watch out for his special attack.

Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan
59 Dungeoneering

Shadow-Forger Ihlakhizan

Shadow-forger Ihlakizan is one of the hardest bosses you will encounter. He has powerful attacks that you can mostly not avoid. It is best to pray melee against him, and to have plenty of good food. Praying mage or range will not provide protection against any of his attacks. He spurts green acid on any walkable square of the boss room, which can hit very high.
The most dangerous attack from this boss is when he shuts his eyes and glows - as soon as he does this you must run behind one of the four pillars he hangs from. If you do not, you'll be hit by his magic blast which deals a high amount of damage and severely drains your stats. If you are hit by this blast, you are most likely dead, or at least useless against him until you restore your stats. However, if you stay behind the pillars for too long, you can be attacked by shadows, which deal moderate damage fairly quickly.

Bal'lak the Pummeller
65 Dungeoneering

Bal'lak the Pummeller

Upon entering this boss room, you will notice a bar on the top part of the screen, telling you how high Bal'lak's defence is. This bar will gradually rise while anyone is in the room with him. There are two ways to lower his defence - lure bal'lak so he is standing over the toxic pools that he creates (green spots) or by leaving the boss room via a gatestone. This boss will only target one player with his melee attack, and you can control who he goes after by one player using a defence-style melee attack. This person should pray melee and keep on luring bal'lak over the slime pools, making sure to stay more than one space away themselves - or they will take small but constant amounts of damage and have their defence lowered. The rest of the party should pray protect from magic.

Skeletal Trio
71 Dungeoneering

Skeletal Trio

The skeletal trio can be considered one of the hardest bosses to defeat, as they can all hit very high, and you cannot protect from all of their attacks. There are three bosses - a celestial skeleton mage, a sagittarian skeleton ranger and primal skeleton meleer. Another trick from these bosses is that they always have one of the protection prayers on - so timing upon entering can be crucial. Make sure you have a lot of food for this boss. It is recommended to go in praying mage, as the mage can hit up to 800. The ranger also regularly hits 400-500's, and so using vengeance spells is incredibly useful. The trio will normally target one player only - and this player can take a massive amount of damage very quickly. This boss can be a team-destroyer.

There are two main tactics to use. The better tactic also depends very much on your team. One person goes in for a few seconds to lure the bosses - as soon as they notice him, he teleports out. He will then move to one side of the room next to the boss room, and have the trio against the wall. Preferably the meleer would be trapped behind the mager or ranger, so he cannot reach your team when they enter. From here, the team can enter and MUST stay against the wall, so that none of the trio have an opportunity to spread out and it keeps the meleer trapped behind the other two.

The other tactic is to simply use a binding spell to bind the meleer. The danger for this is that there is a few seconds between him breaking free of the binding spell and being bound again, so he can normally get an attack in on someone - potentially dealing a high amount of damage.

Runebound Behemoth
71 Dungeoneering

Runebound Behemoth

The Runebound Behemoth starts off by having all 3 protection prayers on at the same time. Whenever all of these are on, he can use a devastating special attack which can easily kill you in one hit. He will shout "raaaawwwwwwwwrrrrrrrr" and use an attack which sends glowing balls over a part of the boss room, dealing very high damage which stacks up. In order to avoid this, you need to deactivate the three crystals in the room. However, avoid deactivating them all at once, as the prayer will come back on a short while before the crystal can be deactivated again. If they are all shut off at once, you risk being hit by the special, as all three prayers will come on at the same time. It is best to rotate the crystal deactivation, so there is always one prayer turned off. It makes sense to bring two types of attack in - e.g melee and ranged. Do not run under the Runebound Behemoth, as it can trample you for a large amount of damage.

71 Dungeoneering


The Gravecreeper is a fairly easy to defeat boss and only uses two basic attacks: Melee and Ranged. Scattered across the room are 16 tombs. From time to time this boss will shout "Burrrrrry", "Digggggg", or "Brrainnns" and will disappear, while a lot of the room spawns purple splotches. At this point, the tombs next to the purple splotches become blessable - it is a good idea to bless a couple of these (near to the door) so that you have room to fight the gravecreeper. After doing this, you should teleport out using a gatestone, as if you are in the room when the purple splotches activate, your defence level is severely decreased. Do not stand on any of these purple areas, as you will be hit with constant regular damage as long as you are on them. If you melee him, at random times the Gravecreeper will shout "Buuurrn" which will create a few purple splotches around him. These will deal rapid damage to you as well as drain your prayer. Using ranged to defeat attack him is a good way of avoiding this. It is best to pray melee if you are meleeing, or range if you are ranging this boss.

77 Dungeoneering


One of the first things you will notice upon entering this room is that there in a line of zombie arms separating you from the Necrolord, who only uses Magic attacks. Therefore you are advised to use protect from magic. The fence also prevents you from using melee to kill him. At several points during the battle, he will summon skeletal minions. It is recommended to leave the boss room until these skeletons disappear if you don't have much food. Some players choose to "tank", by switching to melee prayer and eating a lot of food as they take damage from the Necrolord. If you do not pray melee for the skeletons, they can deal a lot of damage, and they still hit through prayer. The best way to kill the Necrolord is to range him, although magic can still hit him quite hard.

Flesh-Spoiler Haasghenahk
83 Dungeoneering

Flesh-Spoiler Haasghenahk

The flesh-spolier Haasghenahk is often considered one of the easiest occult bosses, because he mainly concentrates on one player and for the rest of the party his attacks do not hit hard at all. For the tank though, he often hits 400-600's. The tank should pray either mage or melee, but the rest of the party doesn't need to pray anything as they cannot block his attacks. It is possible to control who is tank by having a blood rager familiar attack this boss with its special attack. When you have taken this boss down to 0lp, he explodes into a smaller eye, and 4 flesh-spoiler spawns. It is recommended for everyone to turn on protect from melee as defence from the spawns, who hit very quickly. You do not need to kill them however, as they will die as soon as the main eye dies.

Yk'lagor the Thunderous
89 Dungeoneering

Yk'lagor the Thunderous

Yk'lagor the Thunderous is usually a player's favourite or most hated boss. You can enter this boss room and it will be completely safe, as long as you do not attack any of the mages. Before starting, it is highly advised to drop a personal gatestone next to Thunderous, either to get back in or to safely attack him. Be aware that there is always one side of Thunderous that is one step closer between him and the pillars, and you should always fight on this side. Where you should drop your gate is easily discovered just by identifying which side the blue sphere overlaps the middle cross.

To start the fight, four of the mages surrounding Thunderous must be distracted, by attacking them. When you have four mages on you, run behind one of the two pillars on your side and wait for thunderous to break free. Shortly after he escapes, he will kill all of the mages in one go. Remember that as soon as he sees a player he will start his first special attack - so you should step out one square to start this and step back in quickly before attacking him.

Thunderous uses two normal and two special attacks. His magic attack targets everyone in the room who is out of melee range. It can be partially blocked by a magic protection prayer. Yk'Lagor will only use melee if you are standing next to him. This attack can be partially blocked with a melee protection prayer. If team members are both within and out of melee range, he will switch between magic and melee attacks, depending on which player he targets.

Healing attack (special) - This is one of his most devastating attacks. He will shout "Come closer!" and you have a short time to run behind a pillar. By hiding, you completely avoid the attack. Anyone who is not behind a pillar (marked in red in the above image) will be sucked next to him, healing him about 1/6th of his health, have their prayer disabled for about 4 seconds, and have their prayer drained, and stunning you. The first thing to do when you are caught by this attack is concentrate on getting your melee prayer back up. It is highly recommended to use the Freedom ability to break free of the stun. As soon as you can move, run back behind your pillar as soon as you can. Generally, as soon as you can move again Thunderous will already be initiating his next special attack so you need to be fairly quick to avoid it.

His Earthquake attack (special) is by far his deadliest attack if you are caught by it. He will shout "This is...", and as soon as you see this you should run back to behind your pillar. He will then shout "True power!" and will jump up and slam back down into the ground, creating a small earthquake that spreads across the whole boss room. If you are against any wall you will not get hit - if you are hit, he will either kill you or take you down to very few life points. Although it is true that you can avoid this just by running up against the wall, it is better to run behind the pillar so you do not get confused about which attack his is going to use - if you get confused between true power and come closer, you can accidently heal him.

The main strategy for Thunderous is to keep your group gatestone outside, and drop your personal gatestone down next to Thunderous. Start by attacking the mages, and when he breaks free step out once to start his first "Come closer" special. Then teleport to your personal gatestone, praying melee, create a new one and drop it before attacking him. Run back behind the pillar as soon as he starts his next special, and continue this method of teleportation.

Another, quicker way to defeat this boss is to keep your personal gatestone next to him, but not to use it. As soon as he starts his special attack, run behind the pillar, and then as soon as you get behind the pillar run back out to attack him. It is difficult to judge if you go out too early for the come closer special, but for the true power, as soon as he has touched the ground again, you are safe, even as the animation finishes. However, if you are too slow, he will use his magic attack, damaging the whole team.

It is advised to practise Thunderous on a C1 as soon as you can reach him. Most players will advise you not to try him if it is your first time in a large dungeon, but to watch so you know his moves.

95 Dungeoneering


Upon entering this room, you will notice a total of 16 sunken pillars, and that blink is unattackable. During the fight, Blink will run through the many portals on the walls of the room. To stop him, you need to raise a pillar that is in his path. When hitting it he will fall over and become vulnerable to attack. A good tactic for this is to watch the minimap - Blink's yellow dot will appear at where he is about to emerge, and this generally gives you enough time to raise a pillar in his path. Be careful when running around the room though, as it is easy to misclick and raise a pillar, and only one pillar can be raised at a time.

Blink uses several attacks. When he is running around the room and is invulnerable he uses blue particle magic, which can hit very hard (over 3,000 each time). This is only avoidable if you are far enough away from him, but as you are normally running to raise a pillar you're probably going to be hit. His second magic attack will target all team members and, if you can't avoid it, will deal a lot of damage. Blink will yell "Here it comes!" and a few seconds later hit everyone in range with high magic damage, only partially blocked by magic protection prayer. The best way to avoid this is to raise a sunken pillar and run behind it or break his line of sight by hiding in the doorways. He can also throw a knife into the nearest portal, which multiplies out of several portals and will deal a small amount of ranged damage. Besides these, he will use a variety of melee, ranged and magic attacks. It is advised to pray range.

Warped Gulega
95 Dungeoneering

Warped Gulega

The warped gulega is an easy boss if at least one team member has a bloodrager familiar with some scrolls for special attacks. Without any rager's, it can be a long and painful fight. The Gulega uses all three sides of the combat triangle, but it is possible to avoid all damage by prayer switching. When it pushes its two front tentacles into the ground, it is using one of two attacks - the normal melee attack (negated by the melee prayer) or its special attack. When it raises its tentacles and yellow orbs appear, switching quickly to magic prayer can avoid taking all damage. When it lunges its head forward, switch to range prayer to escape the attack. It is best to stay on melee prayer as the melee attack is the one that gives the least warning.

The Gulega's special attack will leave you will only one lifepoint remaining if it hits you. Four tentacles will emerge out of the ground around you (only two if you are near a wall - beware!!), then go back in, after which four more will emerge, closer to you. After this, one will erupt from the ground beneath you. If you see that the four are targeting you, click away immediately. Generally if you haven't clicked away by the time the first four have disappeared, you will probably be caught.

95 Dungeoneering


Dreadnaut is the warped version of Rammernaut and uses devastating attacks. His melee and ranged attacks look identical. These can be only partially blocked by protection prayers. His special attack consists of pointing his shield at you and firing a red beam. With this, he can inflict damage and temporarily disable your protection prayers. Sometimes his attacks will open rifts in the floor which will damage you if you stand on or near them. The recommended way to kill him is by running around the corners of the room, halting temporarily and attacking him with a magic attack before carrying on running. Meleeing this boss solo is suicide - when in a group, you can melee as long as you are not the tank. The tank should always be running around the corners of the room if they wish to survive.

Hope Devourer
101 Dungeoneering

Hope Devourer

Upon entering this boss room, as long as the Hope Devourer is alive, you will be hit a low amount of damage every few seconds, and your stats will be drained (this does not prevent you from casting a high level spell).
The Hope Devourer is a boss that can hit incredibly hard if you are within melee range of him. He uses a few melee attacks and a magic special attack that can be avoided. His main melee attack is when he whips his tusks at you, hitting very hard. Another is when he pushes you back with his tusks, stunning you and again hitting high damage. These can be partially blocked by prayer against melee. However, his special magic attack, when he yells "groooaaarr", means anyone who has any protection prayer on must turn their prayer off. If they do not, he will drain about half lifepoints (total, not current), heal himself in the process, and disable prayers.

The best way to defeat this boss is to use an entangle spell, and freeze him in place. You should then use your highest magical attack to mage him. Stay as far away from him as you can, giving you the maximum time to entangle him when the original spell wears off. Generally in a team, there is one person who is "tank". Hope will always go after this person, and will only attack other players if they attack him first, or if the tank leaves the room. Another tactic therefore is for the tank to stand in a corner, and for another person to stand in front of them, blocking the way from hope, but not attacking. As long as the tank keeps attacking, and the rest of the players do not stand too close, Hope will not be able to get a hit in.

World-Gorger Shukarhazh
107 Dungeoneering

World-Gorger Shukarhazh

The first thing you'll notice upon entering this boss room is that there are four npc's, instead of just the one. In the middle of three of the walls are small eyes - a melee eye, range eye and a mage eye. Attacking these eyes makes the world-gorger stronger against the style of the eye, but weaker against the other styles of the combat triangle. So attacking the range eye means that the gorger will be weaker against magic and melee, but stronger against range. Therefore, most teams will go in attacking the range and mage eyes so that the gorger is weakest to melee attack styles. Each eye is weak to its combat style - range is weak to ranged attacks, melee is weak to melee attacks. You can melee all the eyes, you just won't hit as well. These eyes will also reopen during the battle - you'll get a notice in your chat box when this happens.

The gorger itself uses melee and magic attacks, and it's advised to pray magic. These can both hit fairly hard, but by far the worst damage is from the eyes on the walls - these can shoot out painful blob attacks that can hit up to 500 lp. These can be avoided if you run away from where it is aimed - they hit a 3x3 square and being on any of these spots will result in taking damage.

Kal'ger the Warmonger
113 Dungeoneering

Kal'ger the Warmonger

Kal'ger the Warmonger is the final boss you will encounter within daemonheim. The boss room is separated in half by a stream of lava - the only way to cross this is by a teleport orb that always hovers around on the opposite side of Kal'ger. You can operate this by standing on top of it, and when it moves it will teleport one player to the other side of the room. It is however a slow way of getting across, so it is advised that when you cross the first time, you should drop a personal gatestone, and use the group gatestone (preferably outside the boss room) to get back.

Kal'ger will start off without any weapons, hitting you with his fists. After a short while, he will walk over to the primal longsword hanging on the wall, take it down and attack you with this. When you have damaged him some more, he will lose the Primal longsword, leap into the air and fly over the lava stream. Here, he will take down a celestial staff and start maging you - you should pray magic, and use the teleport orb to get across and attack him. Don't forget to drop a gatestone when you are across. After you have damaged him more, he will fly back over to the first side, and grab his primal maul. This weapon can hit very hard, so be aware. After fighting him to low health, he will fly back over (healing himself), and take down a Sagittarian bow. Now you should pray range. Use your personal gatestone to teleport over quickly, and continue attacking. Finally he will fly over one more time and attack with his Primal 2h. When you kill him, he will shout "Impossible!" and hit everyone in the room with something like a retribution prayer, taking you down to low lifepoints.

Protection prayers will act as T10 armor throughout the whole battle, but it is advised only to use prayers while kal'ger is maging or ranging. If you keep prayer on the whole time, he will become enraged, first growling as a warning, and then shouting "Enough!" When he shouts this, he will deactivate your prayer and hit for very high damage. If you use Turmoil prayer from after he switches to his maul until the end of the battle, he will steal your turmoil effects. It is therefore recommended not to use this. Whenever a player runs underneath Kal'ger, he will jump into the air and stomp back down, damaging every player around him, so you need to be careful that you don't misclick.

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Finishing the Dungeon

After you kill the boss and finish a dungeon, the following interface will appear that gives you a breakdown of your dungeon efficiency and experience rewards.

Finish screen

  • In cyan, is the amount of time it took to complete the dungeon floor
  • In orange, are the names of the players that participated in the dungeon along with their individual titles, based on their performance (See the table below).
  • In green, are the basic and prestige experiences you would receive for the floor. To the right of these is the average experience of the floor you will actually receive.
  • In red, is the the dungeon size. The larger the dungeon you play in, the greater amount of experience bonus you will get.
  • In blue, is the the bonus room multiplier. The more rooms that you unlock and complete, the higher the experience bonus.
  • In yellow, is your difficulty ratio. If you are playing in a dungeon with multiple people and when it is only designed for one person, you will receive an experience penalty.
  • In white, is the level mod. This number is based on how many monsters that you leave alive in the dungeon. As long as you kill every single monster, you will receive a nice bonus.
  • In pink, is the complexity modifier. If you select a dungeon that has a complexity level lower then 6, you will receive an experience penalty.
  • In purple, is the guide mode modifier. If the guide is turned on, you will receive an experience penalty. Any floors under Complexity 6 will always have Guide mode turned on.
  • In dark green, is the death modifier. Every time you die, you will receive a -13% penalty.
  • In dark red, is the total modifier. It will add up all the above modifiers and calculate the total experience and tokens you will receive.
Title Description Notes
"A" For Effort Attempted a number of skill tasks but didn't complete a single one. Attempt at least 10 skill tasks but fail to do so. This title cannot be obtained while soloing if a required skill door is on the path to the boss.
Against All Odds Killing a Boss with fewer than 10 life points left. Dealt the killing blow to a boss while on less than 10 life points. The chance of obtaining this title are likely high while fighting the Luminescent Icefiend.
Balanced! You adopted Mod_Reece's stubborn nature by killing a Boss while close to death, but with plenty of food left. Kill the boss while being as close to death as possible and having lots of food with you at the same time. The chance of obtaining this title is also likely high while fighting the Luminescent Icefiend and Warped Gulega.
Battle-mage Most magic damage dealt. Deal more magic damage than anyone else on your team. Dealing any magic damage in solo raiding automatically gains this title. Damage dealt while fighting bosses does not count.
Beast Mode You displayed Mod_Mark's persistence by exhausting every resource on the critical path. Deplete all resources that are in rooms that are necessary to reach the boss.
Berserker Most melee damage dealt. Deal more melee damage than anyone else on your team. Dealing any melee damage in solo raiding automatically gains this title. Damage dealt while fighting bosses does not count.
Clever Girl Death by Bovimastyx. They never attack the same place twice; they remember... Losing a fight against Bovimastyx.
Cliffhanger You held on to your last string of life and completed the dungeon with an incredibly low amount of health. Complete the floor with less than 10 Lifepoints remaining.
Crafting Calamity Attempting to fix a pulley and failing, killing the player. Attempt to fix a pulley while you have less than 10% of your Lifepoints and fail to do so.
Crafting Catastrophe Got killed trying to craft something with a chisel. Attempt to craft something while you have less than 10% of your Lifepoints and fail to do so.
Culinary Disaster Most food burned. Attempt to cook lots of high level food on low level logs.
D.I.Y. Disaster Victim of an unfortunate construction disaster. Attempt to fix a construction door or repair a collapsing support in the mining rocks room while you have less than 10% of your Lifepoints and fail to do so.
David Vanquished a superior foe. Deliver the final blow to an enemy who has a combat level twice than yours. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Double K.O. Kill a boss with Retribution. Get boss to very low Lifepoints, turn on Retribution prayer, and let him kill you. Easier to get against the Luminescent Icefiend or Gravecreeper. Wrath or any other methods of double KO such as poison will not work for this title.
Fishing Folly Lost a fight with a fishing rod. Attempt to catch a vile fish while you have less than 10% of your Lifepoints and fail to do so.
Gatherer Gathered the most resources. Gather more ores, logs, raw fish, etc. than any other player in your party. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Glutton Wasted the most food by over-eating. Gather or cook plenty of food, then eat it while you have full Lifepoints. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Goliath Fell victim to a vastly inferior foe. You must isolate an enemy who has less than half your combat level (not letting any other player help) and die to it. Easier to get against Lexicus Runewright, because his Tomes of Ranging/Strength/Magic hit extremely hard for their very low level.
Ha-Trick! You matched Mod_Trick's epic performance by getting 'Nothing Special' three times in a row. Get the 'Nothing Special' title three times in a row with the same team. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
I Can Has Heim Crab? Like a true pro, you only ate heim crabs in the dungeon. Eat at least 10 and only Heim crabs. Eating with full Lifepoints or after the boss is dead won't count. You may use healing prayers such as Soul Split while fighting boss.
I Choose You! You developed Mod_Liono's passion for enslaving small creatures. Summon 6 or more familiars.
It's a Trap! You teleported to the Group Gatestone, but died shortly after. The player must teleport to the Group Gatestone and die shortly after. However, they may walk through doors and do not necessarily have to die in the room they teleported into. This is easy to achieve at the Skeletal Horde boss if several skeletons are out and the player is the only one left in the room with low Lifepoints.
It's Too Easy! You equalled Mod_Benny's love of carnage by doing plenty of damage with melee, ranged and magic. Awarded if one player gets the Berserker, Sharpshooter and Battle-Mage titles at once.
Jack-of-all-trades Completed the greatest variety of tasks. complete skill challenges, Kill monsters, make supplies, and open doors than any other player in the party. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Kill Stealer Stole the most killing blows. Steal more monster kills than anyone else in your team. Easy to get if you only attack when the monster is on low health or arrivie late in a fight and use fast or high damaging weapons. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Knuckle Sandwich Dealt out damage, but never with weapons or spells. Use your fists to attack the monsters. Destroying the Bulwark Beast's shield with a pickaxe does not negate this title, as long as no damage is dealt with the pickaxe afterwards.
Least Harmful Dealt the least damage. Deal less damage than anyone else on your team. The damage done must be below a certain threshold. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Least I Ain't Chicken Entered a Boss room while the rest of your party were in the start room. In a team, solo the boss while everyone else is in the starting room. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Leecher Did not contribute at all. You must end the dungeon without earning any XP - this includes shared XP. You can, however, solve puzzles that don't give XP such as Emotes or Levers. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Master Chef Cooked the most life points worth of food. Cook more food successfully than anyone else in your team.
Master-of-none Failed the most skill tasks. Attempt to do 10 skill tasks but fail (take damage) from all of them.
Meat-shield Most damage taken. Tank more damage than anyone else in your team. This damage involves both combat and failing skill challenges. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Medic! You healed your teammates for the most life points. Heal other team members by using food on them, and do this more than any other team member. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Most Deaths Exactly what it says on the tin. Die more than anyone else in your team. If soloing, even one death will trigger this title.
M.V.P Most Valuable Player, most skills used. In your team, be the player that solved more puzzles, used non-combat skills, and gained the most experience within the dungeon. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Nine Lives Died eight times and completing the dungeon on the ninth life. Die eight times in a single dungeon, no more, no less.
Nothing Special You did nothing to deserve any title, except this one. Do not get any other titles. Die once to avoid Survivor, don't deal too much damage for any combat title, don't deal too little for Least Harmful, and don't do anything non-combat related. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
One Hit Wonder You demonstrated your incredible strength by destroying every monster in the dungeon (with the exception of the boss) in one crushing blow. Kill all the monsters in the dungeon in one hit (except the boss). Set the dungeon for complexity 1.
Party Magician Cast a lot of non-combat spells but otherwise dealt no damage. Cast a variety of non-combat spells (high alchemy is usually preferred) while not using any combat spells at all. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Pickaxe Alcher Alch-ed the last pickaxe. Cast Alchemy spell on a Pickaxe after the boss is dead.
Rest in Peace Put the most spirits to rest. Be the player to use the most bones on an altar. If soloing, use ten bones on an altar.
Sharpshooter Most ranged damage dealt. Deal more ranged damage than anyone else in your team. If soloing, using ranged at any time automatically gains you this title. Damage dealt while fighting bosses does not count.
Spontaneous Combustion Death by attempting to burn log-covered door and failing. Attempt to burn the flammable debris while on low health and fail to do so.
Survivor Did not die. Don't die, keep your life points at a safe amount at all times.
Tele-fail Most people teleport away from their current location. Not you. Use the gatestone teleport while it is in the exact location where you have placed it.
The Chief You gained Mod_Hulme's green fingers by harvesting at least 25 potatoes...but doing the least damage. Plant and harvest cave potatoes while the rest of the team is fighting. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
The Gate Escape Used a Gatestone to escape a Boss on low health. Use the gatestone teleport to escape a boss room when you have less than 10% of your lifepoints remaining.
Too Little, Too Late You tried to save someone from death by using a heim crab, but it was too late. Use a heim crab on a teammate when their lifepoints reaches 0. Requires at least 2 players in the party.
Uneconomical Alcher Wasted the most money through alchemy. Use alchemy on items of very little value such as Needles, or even your Fire runes.
Untouchable Did not take any damage but dealt damage. Do not take any damage. Use a protection prayer at all times. A team is needed to do this easily, but this title is possible on a solo as well.
Vengeance is Mine! Killed the boss with Vengeance. Cast Vengeance when the boss is on very low health. Vengeance other will cause the aided player to get the title. This is easy to achieve when fighting the Gravecreeper, Luminescent Icefiend, and Sagittare.
WoopWoopWoop! You kept up with Mod_Chris_L, blitzing through the entire dungeon and entering new rooms without fear. Complete a dungeon below 7 minutes and enter every room. Bonus rooms do not need to be entered.

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Skills inside Daemonheim

When dungeoneering, you will not able to take any items from Gielinor with you into the dungeon. Similar to the world outside of the dungeons, you can use the skills you have trained to obtain raw materials and then use them to produce armor, weapons, food and others. For more information on how each skill will aid you in Dungeoneering, refer to our skillguides:

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Binding Items

When you first start Dungeoneering, you will have no equipment but will be allowed to bind 10 items (12 if you have completed the Easy, Medium and Hard Daemonheim Tasks), one potion, and one stack of runes or arrows. Binding an item to your character will allow you to start any floor with that item.

In order to bind an item, simply right click on it while it is in your inventory, and select the Bind option. If you wish to bind a different item and have already have 10 items bound, then you will need to destroy an item that you currently have bound. The number of items you can have in a set at a time depends on your level (See table below).

Bound Items

To be able to use your bound items, you have to assign them to a set. 3 sets of item slots are available at any level. To change your sets, right-click the smuggler and select "Bind setup" to open up the bind sets interface. To add an item to a set drag it to a slot in that set. To remove an item from a set simply click on it twice. Items can be used in several sets at the same time, however only one set can be used at once. The player can switch between sets by returning to the smuggler and clicking the arrows next to the set in the bind interface. The checkbox to the left of the sets allows you to select which of the 3 sets you want to start every dungeon with. The padlocked slot in each set is reserved for off-hand weapons only (Note: Free-to-play players can now receive and equip off-hand drops from bosses).

Bound arrows and runes do to not take up a slot in the bound items list. They will always appear in your inventory at the start of a floor no matter what set you have selected. You may bind a maximum of 125 units of arrows or runes. Completing Salt in the Wound will give you acces to another 100 units, making the maximum amount of bound arrows/runes 225.

There are certain items you can find within Daemonheim that most players always bind when they find them. This is because they are very useful and help to both protect the player, and help kill monsters quicker. Most of these highly valued items are rare to obtain. The Shadow silk hood, when worn, makes you invisible to most humanoids with a dungeon. This means that you are at a distinct disadvantage if everyone in your party has a hood and you don't, as all the humanoids will only attack you. It also makes you safe within rooms that still have monsters in them. The Blood necklace, when worn, has a special ability that activates every 15 seconds, dealing 40 damage to all enemies adjacent to you and healing you by the amount of damage it dealt to those enemies. A Doomcore staff or a Celestial catalytic staff are another recommended bind since they give an unlimited amount of elemental runes, meaning they allow you cast any combat spell at any point.

Level Number of Active Bound Items Recommended Binds
1 1 Weapon
20 2 Weapon and Armor top
Weapon and Shadow silk hood
50 3 Weapon, Shadow silk hood, and Armor top
Weapon, Bow, and Shadow silk hood
90 4 Weapon, Armor top, Armor bottom, and Shadow silk hood
Weapon, Bow, Armor top and Shadow silk hood
120 5 Weapon, Bow, Armor top, Armor bottom, and Shadow silk hood

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Prestige Running

Getting experience in Dungeoneering may seem simple but it is a little more complex than you think. Once you finished a floor see two boxes in the top of the breakdown interface that determine your average experience: Base EXP and Prestige EXP. The Base EXP is the set amount of experience you get for that floor, the prestige however is the critical part. The prestige is determined by how many floors you have completed, or have completed on your last prestige run.
For the best experience, you need to do all of the floors you can currently do. The more you do, the higher your "prestige" will rise. When you have done all the floors that you can, you should look for the "reset" button on the bottom of the dungeoneering party interface. This button will reset your prestige, unticking all the floors you've done. This means that when you do them again, you will once again receive prestige for that floor. As you level, you will unlock more floors, and therefore you can gain higher prestige, all the way up to 60.

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After finishing a dungeon floor, you will be rewarded with a number of tokens based on how much experience you have earned. For every 10 experience, you will get 1 token. So for example if you have received 1000 experience, you will receive 100 tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for a variety of items from Rewards trader or Wythien. You can also purchase Dungeoneering XP at the rate of 1 XP per 1 token


Item Token Cost Requirements Member's Only Stats Extra Uses
Law staff
Law staff
10k 45 Dungeoneering
45 Magic
40 Strength
No Accuracy: 815 Can hold up to 1000 law runes. When equipped, there is a 10% chance of not using a law rune required for the spell you are casting.
Gravite rapier
Gravite rapier
40k 45 Dungeoneering
45 Attack
No Damage: 673
Accuracy: 899
Gravite longsword
Gravite longsword
40k 45 Dungeoneering
45 Attack
No Damage: 673
Accuracy: 899
Gravite 2h sword
Gravite 2h sword
40k 45 Dungeoneering
45 Attack
No Damage: 1256
Accuracy: 899
Gravite staff
Gravite staff
40k 45 Dungeoneering
45 magic
No Accuracy: 899 None
Gravite shortbow
Gravite shortbow
40k 45 Dungeoneering
45 Ranged
No Damage: 522
Accuracy: 899
Nature staff
Nature staff
12.5k 53 Dungeoneering
53 Magic
40 Strength
No Accuracy: 815 Can hold up to 1000 nature runes. When equipped, there is a 10% chance of not using a nature rune required for the spell you are casting.
Chaotic rapier
Chaotic rapier
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Attack
Yes Damage: 980
Accuracy: 3043
Off-hand chaotic rapier
Chaotic rapier
100k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Attack
Yes Damage: 490
Accuracy: 3043
Chaotic longsword
Chaotic longsword
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Attack
Yes Damage: 980
Accuracy: 3043
Off-hand chaotic longsword
Chaotic longsword
100k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Attack
Yes Damage: 490
Accuracy: 3043
Chaotic maul
Chaotic Maul
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Attack
Yes Damage: 1788
Accuracy: 3043
Chaotic staff
Chaotic staff
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Magic
Yes Accuracy: 3043 None
Chaotic crossbow
Chaotic crossbow
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Ranged
Yes Accuracy: 3043 None
Off-hand chaotic crossbow
Chaotic crossbow
100k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Ranged
Yes Accuracy: 3043 None
Chaotic spike
Chaotic spike
20k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Attack
Yes N/A Attach 5 to a Dragon claw and Off-hand dragon claw to make a Chaotic claw and Off-hand chaotic claw.

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Off-hand and Jewellery

Item Token Cost Requirements Member's Only Stats Extra Uses
Arcane pulse necklace
Arcane pulse necklace
6.5k 30 Dungeoneering
30 Magic
No 2.9% Magic Crit bonus None
Twisted bird skull necklace
Twisted bird skull necklace
8.5k 30 Dungeoneering
30 Prayer
No 3 Prayer When worn, it will restore 10 Prayer point for each bone buried (Bones, Burnt bones, and Bat bones).
Tome of frost
Tome of frost
43k 48 Dungeoneering
48 Magic
No Accuracy: 639 When equipped in the shield slot, it will act as an infinite supply of Water runes.
Amulet of zealots
Amulet of zealots
40k 48 Dungeoneering
48 Prayer
No -5 Prayer When worn, this amulet increases the effect of stat-boosting prayers/curses by 5%. This does not affect those that boost multiple stats at once
Arcane blast necklace
Arcane blast necklace
15.5k 50 Dungeoneering
50 Magic
No 3.5% Magic Crit bonus None
Split dragontooth necklace
Split dragontooth necklace
17k 60 Dungeoneering
60 Prayer
Yes 4 Prayer When worn, it has the same effect as the Twisted bird skull necklace and will also restore 20 Prayer point for each of the following bones buried (Big bones, Babydragon bones, and Wyvern bones
Anti-poison totem
Anti-poison totem
44k 60 Dungeoneering
60 Defence
70 Herblore
Yes Armour bonus: 200 When equipped in the offhand slot, it prevents you from getting poisoned. However, it will not remove any existing poison effects.
Chaotic kiteshield
Chaotic kiteshield
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Defence
Yes Armour bonus: 384
Life bonus: 385
Eagle-eye kiteshield
Eagle-eye kiteshield
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Defence
Yes Armour bonus: 384
Life bonus: 385
Farseer kiteshield
Farseer kiteshield
200k 80 Dungeoneering
80 Defence
Yes Armour bonus: 384
Life bonus: 385
Demon horn necklace
Demon horn necklace
35k 90 Dungeoneering
90 Prayer
Yes 5 Prayer When worn, it has the same effect as the Twisted bird skull necklace and Split dragontooth necklace. It will also restore 30 Prayer point for each of the following bones buried Dragon bones, Ourg bones, and Frost dragon bones.

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Item Token Cost Requirements Members Only Use
Ring of kinship
Ring of kinship
50k None Yes Resets your Ring of kinship class customisations and refunds the tokens spent on the upgrades.
Hoardstalker ring
Hoardstalker ring
10k A Hoardstalker ring in your inventory No Recharges a depleted Hoardstalker ring
20k None No Unlocks the ability to gain a free card when entering a Sinkhole.
34k 21 Dungeoneering
21 Prayer
Yes When in your inventory, any bones that you get from killing a monster will instantly be turned into prayer experience.
34k 21 Dungeoneering
21 Herblore
Yes When in your inventory, any herbs received from drops will be destroyed in exchange for twice the Herblore XP that you would have gained from cleaning. The herbs to be destroyed can be defined in the Herbicide's interface
Charming imp
Charming imp
100k 21 Dungeoneering
21 Summoning
Yes The imp will pick up dropped charms and place them in your inventory, or convert them into experience if you configure it to do so.
Gem bag
Gem bag
2k 25 Dungeoneering
25 Crafting
No Can hold up to 100 uncut gems in total (Uncut sapphire, Uncut Emerald, Uncut ruby, and Uncut Diamond).
Scroll of life
Scroll of life
10k 25 Dungeoneering
25 Farming
Yes Gives a permanent advantage once read. You have a 10% chance of retrieving your seeds when harvesting or clearing farming patches. There is also a 5% chance of getting your seed back when digging up fruit or normal trees.
Coal bag
Coal bag
4k 35 Dungeoneering
35 Mining
No Can hold up to 81 Coal. When superheating or smelting, Coal in the bag will be used before the Coal in your inventory.
Gem bag Upgrade
Gem bag upgrade
20k 40 Dungeoneering
40 Crafting
Yes Holds up to 60 of all types of gem up to Dragonstone.
Shieldbow Sight
Longbow sight
10k 45 Dungeoneering
45 Ranged OR
55 Ranged
No At 45 and 55 Ranged, it can be attached to a Maple shieldbow to make a Maple shieldbow (sighted) which has increased Damage, Accuracy, Armour and Lifepoint bonuses. At 55 Ranged, it can be attached to a Magic shieldbow to make a Magic shieldbow (sighted) which has increased Damage, Accuracy, Armour and Lifepoint bonuses.
Scroll of Cleansing
Scroll of cleansing
20k 49 Dungeoneering
49 Herblore
Yes Gives a permanent advantage once read. You have a 12.5% chance of making a potion twice as fast as normal. There is also a 10% chance of retaining an ingredient when making certain potions.
Spirit cape
Spirit cape
45k 50 Dungeoneering
50 Defence
50 Summoning
Yes When worn, the cost of the special attack for combat familiars is reduced by 20%. The cape also gives a 1.8% Melee, Magic and Ranged Crit bonus.
Scroll of efficiency
Scroll of efficiency
20k 55Dungeoneering
55 Smithing
No Gives a permanent advantage once read. When smithing an item requiring 3 or more bars, there is a chance of saving a bar. Bronze - 50%, Iron - 25%, Steel - 20%, Mithril - 10%, Adamant - 8%, and Runite - 5% chance of retaining.
Scroll of proficiency
Scroll of proficiency
20k 60 Dungeoneering
60 Construction
Yes Permanently give you the chance to save a plank when constructing an item requiring 3 or more planks:
  • Normal: 50%
  • Oak: 25%
  • Teak: 20%
  • Mahogany: 10%
  • Protean: 5%
Scroll of dexterity
Scroll of dexterity
20k 60 Dungeoneering
60 Crafting
Yes Permanently give you the chance to save a piece of material when crafting an item requiring 3 or more pieces of material:
  • Imphide and Wool: 50%
  • Spider silk: 40%
  • Carapace: 35%
  • Batwing and Snakeskin: 30%
  • Green dragonhide: 25%
  • Blue dragonhide: 20%
  • Red dragonhide: 15%
  • Black dragonhide: 10%
  • Royal dragonhide: 5%
Gold accumulator
Gold accumulator
20-60k* 70 Dungeoneering
70 Magic
Yes Automatically picks up coins dropped by monsters and deposits them in your money pouch. *The price to purchase a new accumulator increases by 20,000 tokens each time up to a maximum of 60,000.
Ring of vigour
Ring of vigour
50k 62 Dungeoneering
62 Strength
Yes When worn, it will add fill the Adrenaline bar by 10% after using an Ultimate ability.
Scroll of renewal
Scroll of renewal
107k 65 Dungeoneering
65 Prayer
Yes Unlocks the Rapid Renewal prayer once read, which restores Life points at 5 times the normal restore rate.
Scroll of Daemonheim
Scroll of daemonheim
30k 70 Dungeoneering Yes Once used this scroll will permanently give you a 50% chance to obtain some extra Dungeoneering experience when you obtain non-combat experience in a Dungeoneering floor.
Mercenary's gloves
Mercenary's gloves
48k 73 Dungeoneering
73 Ranged
Yes Armour bonus: 80
Life bonus: 0
Chaotic remnant
Chaotic remnant
100k 80 Dungeoneering Yes Used to create Arcane stream, Brawler's knockout and Farsight sniper necklaces.
Sneakerpeeper spawn pet
Sneakerpeeper spawn pet
85k 85 Dungeoneering
85 Summoning
Yes This pet will grow into an Adult Version. Eats Eye of Newt, and when fed will say "Om nom nom nom".
250k 85 Dungeoneering
99 Summoning
Yes Frosty is a baby Frost dragon pet and will follow you around.
500k 95 Dungeoneering
Must have killed Blink
Yes Mini-blink is a miniature version of Blink which follows you around like a pet.
Hope nibbler
Hope nibbler
1000k 101 Dungeoneering
Must have killed Hope devourer
Yes Hope nibbler is a baby Hope devourer pet and will follow you around.
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Class rings

Members can upgrade their Ring of Kinship at the cost of tokens. There are four classes with each three roles. All upgrades purchased are permanent and will remain even if you switch to another role. You will only receive the benefits of one role at a time.

Customisation screen

Melee ringMelee

  • Tank - Reduces damage taken while wielding a shield.
  • Tactician - Increases chance of hitting with one-handed melee weapons.
  • Berserker - Increases chance of hitting with two-handed weapons.

Ranged ringRanged

  • Sniper - Increases chance of hitting with a bow.
  • Keen-eye - Chance of reducing target's Defence with Ranged attacks.
  • Desperado - Increases damage of Ranged attacks.

Magic ringMagic

  • Blazer - Chance of adding a combust effect to Magic damage.
  • Blaster - Chance to slow down your opponent's attack speed.
  • Blitzer - Increases the chance of casting elemental spells faster.

Skiller ringSkiller

  • Medic - Increases the amount you heal other players.
  • Gatherer - Chance of extra resources and skill task damage reduced.
  • Artisan - Chance of saving resources and increasing rune production.
Tier 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Token Cost 135 175 335 660 1,360 3,400 6,800 18,750 58,600 233,000
Total Cost 135 310 645 1,305 2,665 6,065 12,865 31,615 90,215 323,215
Class Effect Tier
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Melee Ring
Reduces damage taken while wielding a shield 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15%
Melee Ring
Increases the chance of hitting with one-handed melee weapons 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 19% 20%
Melee Ring
Increases the chance of hitting with two-handed melee weapons 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 19% 20%
Ranged Ring
Increases the chance hitting with a bow 20% 23% 27% 30% 33% 37% 40% 43% 47% 50%
Ranged Ring
Chance of reducing an enemy's Defence level with Ranged attacks 40% 47% 53% 60% 67% 73% 80% 87% 93% 100%
Ranged Ring
Increases damage of Ranged attacks 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 19% 20%
Magic Ring
Chance of adding a combustion effect to Magic attacks 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%
Magic Ring
Chance to slow down your opponent's attack speed 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% 22% 24% 26% 28% 30%
Magic Ring
Chance of an casting elemental spells faster 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%
Skiller Ring
Increases the amount of lifepoints healed when healing others 20% 23% 27% 30% 33% 37% 40% 43% 47% 50%
Skiller Ring
Chance of gathering extra resources
Reduces the damage taken when failing skill tasks by %
20% 23% 27% 30% 33% 37% 40% 43% 47% 50%
Skiller Ring
Chance of saving resources when maken items and producing extra runes
Reduces the damage taken when failing skill tasks by %
20% 23% 27% 30% 33% 37% 40% 43% 47% 50%

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Fremennik Saga's

The Fremennik Sagas are a collection of stories told by Skaldrun, in which you have the ability to play as several different characters. To start the Sagas, you must first unfreeze Skaldrun from a randomly chosen frozen floor (requires Dungeoneering level 6) of a complexity level of 2 or higher. To unfreeze him, you can light a fire next to him with logs and a Tinderbox, or cast a fire spell on him. Once he has been rescued, every player in your party must speak to him before he will return to the surface. Once he has returned to the surface, you may speak to him to start the Sagas.

Start Saga

To be able to start the Sagas, there are individual objects that must be found within a regular dungeon before you can start it. These are:

  • To start the first Saga, Three's Company, you must find a Bearskin on floors 1-11, which can often be found near Skaldrun, when he is frozen.
  • To start the second Saga, Vengeance, you must find a Collection of swords on floors 12-21.
  • To start the third Saga, Nadir, you must find a Damaged Devide on floors 18-22.
  • To start the fourth Saga, Thok it to 'Em, you must find the Scribbled notes on floors 30-40.
  • To start the fifth Saga, Thok your block off, you must find the Rock and Twine bundle on floors 36-40.

Each Saga has an abridged and unabriged version. You may play the abriged version of a Saga if you don't have the required levels, however, the reward you receive will be less. By playing the unabridged version, you gain the rewards for both versions. The requirements and rewards for each version of the Saga is shown in the table below:

Saga Abridged requirements Unabridged requirements Abridged rewards Unabridged rewards
Three's Company 6 Dungeoneering 30 Attack
30 Magic
30 Ranged
750 Dungeoneering XP
75 Dungeoneering tokens
3750 XP in Attack, Magic or Ranged
Vengeance 23 Dungeoneering 55 Agility
55 Thieving
2410 Dungeoneering XP
241 Dungeoneering tokens
25415 XP in Agility or Thieving
Nadir 30 Dungeoneering 60 Attack
55 Dungeoneering
45 Thieving
3,750 Dungeoneering XP
375 Dungeoneering tokens
21670 Dungeoneering XP
2167 Dungeoneering tokens
11660 Thieving xp OR 37080 AttackXP
Thok it to 'Em 59 Dungeoneering 70 Strength 37080 Dungeoneering XP
3708 Dungeoneering tokens
75765 Strength XP
Thok Your Block Off 71 Dungeoneering,
completion of Thok it To 'Em
75 Strength 53000 Dungeoneering XP
5300 Dungeoneering tokens
105010 Strength XP

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Sinkholes are a Dungeoneering Distraction and Diversion that take place in various across RuneScape once every hour and awards Dungeoneering experience based upon your Dungeoneering level and the number of objectives completed. The sinkholes are dungeons used by Bilrach to store resources and the aim of the game is to explore the dungeon and collect these resources. Talsar at Daemonheim will teleport you to the sinkholes and let you know when one is due to appear. For more information, see our Sinkholes guide.


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Resource Dungeons

Spread across the land of RuneScape are several resource dungeons that you can access. You will receive a a one-time Dungeoneering XP for discovering it. Below is a table of the locations of each one you can find.

Location Image Location Map Required
Contents Gained
Edgeville Dungeon Edgeville location one Edgeville 1 map 10 1,100 Yes
Dwarven Mines Dwarven mine location Dwarven mines map 15
  • 5 Dwarves
  • Bank deposit box
  • 3 Silver rocks
  • 13 Coal rocks
  • 6 Mithril rocks
1,500 No
Edgeville Dungeon Edgeville location two Edgeville 2 map 20 1,600 No
Karamja Volcano Dungeon Karamja location Karamja volcano map 25 2,100 No
Daemonheim Daemonheim location Daemonheim location map 30
  • 8 Maple trees
  • Willow trees
  • Bank deposit box*
  • 3 Yew trees*
*Requires completion of the Daemonheim Medium Task Set
2,400 No
Baxtorian Falls Dungeon Baxtorian Falls location Baxtorian map 35 3,000 Yes
Mining Guild Mining guild location Mining Guild map 45
  • 8 Mithril rocks
  • 4 Adamantite rocks
  • 3 Runite rocks
4,400 No
Taverley Dungeon Taverley location one Taverley map 55 6,200 Yes
Taverley Dungeon Taverley location two Taverley map 2 60 7,000 Yes
Varrock Sewers Varrock sewers location Varrock sewers map 65 8,500 Yes
Chaos Tunnels
(Black demon room)
Chaos tunnels location Chaos tunnels map 70 9,600 Yes
Al Kharid Mine Al Kharid location Al Kharid map 75
  • 9 Silver rocks
  • 11 Gold rocks
  • 7 Gem rocks
  • 5 Impling spawns
11,400 Yes
Brimhaven Dungeon
(West side the Iron/Steel dragon room)
Brimhaven location Brimhaven map 80 *Requires completion of the Daemonheim Elite Task Set 12,800 Yes
Polypore Dungeon (Top floor) Polypore location Polypore dungeon map 82 13,500 Yes
Asgarnian Ice dungeon Asgarnian location Asgarnian map 85 15,000 Yes
Daemonheim Daemonheim location 2 Daemonheim location 2 map 90 17,500 Yes
Prifddinas (Meilyr Sector) Prifddinas Location 1 Prifddinas Map 1 95
  • Gorajo hoardstalker
  • Bloodwood tree
  • Pawya and Grenwalls
  • Random Divine Locations
  • Random Implings
  • Bank deposit box
75,000 Yes
Prifddinas (Meilyr Sector) Prifddinas Location 2 Prifddinas Map 2 115
  • Motherlode Maw
  • Crystal-flecked sandstone rock
  • 15 Edimmu
100,000 Yes

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Dungeoneering Capes of Accomplishment

Dungeoneering Skill Cape Set
Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Thok, Master of Dungeoneering at the camp in the southwester part of Daemonheim. He will sell you a Dungeoneering cape for 99K Coins.

Dungeoneering Master Skill
Once you have achieved level 120, Thok, Master of Dungeoneering will sell you the Dungeoneering master cape for 120,000gp.

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