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General Information

To get started on Invention, you must have the following skills up to level 80.

If you do not have these levels, the icon will be dimmed, indicating it is locked. If you do have the levels, it will light up brightly, indicating it is unlocked.

The Invention skill goes up to level 120, however, the experience curve is different in order to make early levels slower and higher levels faster. Despite the curve, Level 99 is around 36 million experience and level 120 is around 80 million experience. Like other skills, total experience possible in the skill remains 200,000,000.

Getting Started

Once you have the required levels, head to the building carved out of the mountain rock North of Falador.

Invention Guild

Upon entering the Invention Guild, Doc will be on your far right, and Grubfoot will be on your left with his Mind-controlled monkey butler. Doc will introduce the beginnings of Invention and then point you in the direction of the Workbench, which is right next to him to begin the tutorial. The tutorial will add a charge pack, inventor's tools, and a material pouch to your toolbelt.

Note: There are two parts to the workbench, "Discover" and "Manufacture" using each of these will pull up different options within the workbench.



Once you have unlocked Invention, you will receive two new abilities and a special Invention pouch. The abilities are Disassemble and Analyze.

  • Analyze - A spell in your spell-book that analyzes the junk-chance and what an item can disassemble into.
  • Dismantle spell - An icon at the bottom of your inventory (or in your spellbook) in which you can drag and drop to dismantle an item.

The first way you can train Invention with is Disassembling. Using the ability Disassemble, you can turn many items in RuneScape into materials. There are a plethora of materials you can obtain from this method. Disassembling items give up to 12 standard components, up to 7 rare components, and junk. Every item has a specific chance of obtaining any one of those things. Disassembling higher tier equipment has a lower junk chance and higher chance at obtaining rare components.

Not all items within Gielinor can be disassembled, living creatures or objects for example. Almost anything alchable, and their noted items, can be disassembled. Runes, ammunition, and other stackable items disassemble in 50 items per action; everything else is 1 item per action.


These are some of the materials you can obtain from disassembling. These allow you to make various devices and perks.

materials interface

You obtain rarer components from disassembling higher level items. Hovering over the icon shows Material Information, such as how you can obtain it and what perks it can be used for.

materials hover

You can obtain any material at any level, but you will require a certain Invention level to use some of them.


Disassembling items is not limited to things that you can Smith, Fletch, and Craft. Monsters also can drop pieces of salvage which can be disassembled for components. There are a total of 120 distinct types of salvage that can be separated into six tiers, five sizes, and four types. The names of salvage always follow a specific format: "Size" "type" "tier" salvage. So for example Tiny bladed bronze salvage.


There are a total of 5 sizes of salvage. The sizes multiply the base high alchemy value and the component rate. It is also related to the number of bars that were used to create the types of items that salvage replaced when they were added. For example: Daggers, hatchets, maces, med helms, limbs, swords, gauntlets, boots, claws, spears in Bronze through Adamant items were replaced by Tiny sized salvage on Monster drop tables and provide the same type components.

Size "Bars"/Multiplier Equipment Replaced
Tiny 1 Daggers, hatchets, maces, med helms, limbs, swords, gauntlets, boots, claws, spears
Small 2 Scimitars, pickaxes, longswords, full helms, square shields
Medium 3 Warhammers, battleaxes, chainbodies, kiteshields, 2h swords, platelegs, plateskirts
Large 4 None
Huge 5 Platebodies, halberds (2 salvage per)

Note that due to alch values, Rune items have a different conversion table as seen below.

Size "Bars"/Multiplier Equipment Replaced
Tiny 1 Daggers, hatchets, maces, med helms, limbs, swords, gauntlets, boots, claws
Small 2 2h crossbow
Medium 3 Scimitars, pickaxes, longswords, full helms, square shields, warhammers, spears
Large 4 Battleaxes, chainbodies, kiteshields, 2h swords, platelegs, plateskirts
Huge 5 Platebodies, halberds (2 salvage per)


There are 4 types of salvage that can be disassembled. These are related to the style of weapons that they replace and thus the components that you obtain from them.

Type Components Equipment Replaced
Often Rarely
Bladed Base parts Base parts
Blade parts Blade parts
Metallic parts Metallic parts
Dextrous components Dextrous components
Sharp components Sharp components
Subtle components Subtle components
2h swords, Battleaxes, Halberds, Hatchets, Longswords, Scimitars
Blunt Head parts Head parts
Smooth parts Smooth parts
Stave parts Stave parts
Direct components Direct components
Strong components Strong components
Stunning components Stunning components
Maces, Warhammers
Plated Cover parts Cover parts
Deflecting parts Deflecting parts
Plated parts Plated parts
Heavy components Heavy components
Protective components Protective components
Strong components Strong components
Boots, Chainbodies, Full helms, Gauntlets, Kiteshields, Med helms, Platebodies, Platelegs, Plateskirts, Square shields
Spiky Connector parts Connector parts
Crafted parts Crafted parts
Spiked parts Spiked parts
Light components Light components
Precise components Precise components
Swift components Swift components
2h crossbows, Claws, Daggers, Limbs, Pickaxes, Spears, Swords


There are 6 salvage tiers that correspond to the different types of metals from Bronze to Rune. These are related to the base alch value that you can receive for these items as well as your chance of obtaining junk when disassembled. Keep in mind that the alch value will be affected by the size of your salvage. For example a Tiny bronze salvage will only grant you 20 coins and 3 components, however, a Huge bronze salvage will grant you 100 coins and 15 components.

Note that salvage below Medium Adamant are not worth Alching with your Spring cleaner as the value is less than what it would cost you for Springs.

Tier Base Alch Value Base Junk Chance
Bronze 20 98.9%
Iron 65 89%
Steel 240 78%
Mithril 600 67%
Adamant 2,000 56%
Rune 8,000 45%

List of Salvage

Below you will find a table of all 120 types of salvage. Click image for more information about that type of salvage.

Size Bladed Blunt Plated Spiky Bladed Blunt Plated Spiky Bladed Blunt Plated Spiky
Bronze Iron Steel
Tiny Tiny Bladed Bronze Tiny Blunt Bronze Tiny Plated Bronze Tiny Spiky Bronze Tiny Bladed Iron Tiny Blunt Iron Tiny Plated Iron Tiny Spiky Iron Tiny Bladed Steel Tiny Blunt Steel Tiny Plated Steel Tiny Spiky Steel
Small Small Bladed Bronze Small Blunt Bronze Small Plated Bronze Small Spiky Bronze Small Bladed Iron Small Blunt Iron Small Plated Iron Small Spiky Iron Small Bladed Steel Small Blunt Steel Small Plated Steel Small Spiky Steel
Medium Medium Bladed Bronze Medium Blunt Bronze Medium Plated Bronze Medium Spiky Bronze Medium Bladed Iron Medium Blunt Iron Medium Plated Iron Medium Spiky Iron Medium Bladed Steel Medium Blunt Steel Medium Plated Steel Medium Spiky Steel
Large Large Bladed Bronze Large Blunt Bronze Large Plated Bronze Large Spiky Bronze Large Bladed Iron Large Blunt Iron Large Plated Iron Large Spiky Iron Large Bladed Steel Large Blunt Steel Large Plated Steel Large Spiky Steel
Huge Huge Bladed Bronze Huge Blunt Bronze Huge Plated Bronze Huge Spiky Bronze Huge Bladed Iron Huge Blunt Iron Huge Plated Iron Huge Spiky Iron Huge Bladed Steel Huge Blunt Steel Huge Plated Steel Huge Spiky Steel
Mithril Adamant Rune
Tiny Tiny Bladed Mithril Tiny Blunt Mithril Tiny Plated Mithril Tiny Spiky Mithril Tiny Bladed Adamant Tiny Blunt Adamant Tiny Plated Adamant Tiny Spiky Adamant Tiny Bladed Rune Tiny Blunt Rune Tiny Plated Rune Tiny Spiky Rune
Small Small Bladed Mithril Small Blunt Mithril Small Plated Mithril Small Spiky Mithril Small Bladed Adamant Small Blunt Adamant Small Plated Adamant Small Spiky Adamant Small Bladed Rune Small Blunt Rune Small Plated Rune Small Spiky Rune
Medium Medium Bladed Mithril Medium Blunt Mithril Medium Plated Mithril Medium Spiky Mithril Medium Bladed Adamant Medium Blunt Adamant Medium Plated Adamant Medium Spiky Adamant Medium Bladed Rune Medium Blunt Rune Medium Plated Rune Medium Spiky Rune
Large Large Bladed Mithril Large Blunt Mithril Large Plated Mithril Large Spiky Mithril Large Bladed Adamant Large Blunt Adamant Large Plated Adamant Large Spiky Adamant Large Bladed Rune Large Blunt Rune Large Plated Rune Large Spiky Rune
Huge Huge Bladed Mithril Huge Blunt Mithril Huge Plated Mithril Huge Spiky Mithril Huge Bladed Adamant Huge Blunt Adamant Huge Plated Adamant Huge Spiky Adamant Huge Bladed Rune Huge Blunt Rune Huge Plated Rune Huge Spiky Rune

Machine Hotspots

Within the Invention Guild there are several Machine hotspots. Machines are a great way to take some of the workload out of Invention. They can disassemble items, high alch them, tan hides, and complete several other time consuming tasks. If you want to learn more about them, visit our Invention machines special report. It will tell you what you need for the machines and how to work them.

Discovery and Manufacturing

To discover new items to make, you will need to increase your Invention level. As you discover these new items, you will need to complete an activity to unlock them. The closer you are to a "Perfect" combination and placement of parts, the more experience you will gain when you research it.


In order to research these new discoveries, you will need to interact with a workbench. Workbenches can be found in the following locations:


Devices are inventions you can create at workbenches once you've unlocked them. Creating devices requires materials and occasionally energy from the Divination skill. You will be able to sell some devices on the Grand Exchange.

There are a handful of primary devices you will use while training the Invention skill. Below we have 3 of the most important ones you will need.

  • Augmentors - They allow you to create augmented equipment by using them on one of many eligible items.
  • Charge-Pack - Automatically unlocked after the tutorial. The charge-pack will override the degrade system on augmented items. The charge drain is the rate at which you use charges from your charge pack.You can re-charge your charge pack by creating or using Divine charges.
  • Gizmos - Gizmos aid you in perk creation and allowing you to equip them to augmented items. These devices will be needed the most in order to train the Invention effectively. There are 3 types of gizmo shells:


Perks are benefits that provide a status effect while using an augmented item.

Perk Creation

In-order to create perks, you require materials gained from disassembling and a gizmo shell. Keep in mind that the type of shell you use MUST match the type of item you will be attaching it to. In the gizmo shell, you can drag and drop the components to generate a list of possible perks.

perk interface

Upon clicking "Create", the gizmo will randomly select and attach 2 perks out of the list to itself, and you will receive a chunk of experience.

perk created

Using the restart button allows you to use another gizmo in your inventory to create perks. Using the repeat button allows you to generate new perks using another gizmo and the exact same materials. Perks with numbers have multiple ranks provide a higher level of degrees of that perk.

Perk Effects

Perks can provide negative, neutral, and positive status effects. The best perks are primarily obtained from rare materials. Similar perks do not stack and they prioritize the higher ranked version of the perk in use. Once a gizmo has perks you will be able to use it on augmented weapon, armor, or tool as applicable. Each item can only hold one gizmo with the exception of 2h weapons, which can hold two. You can receive tools to remove gizmos and return augmented weapons and vice-versa. For a list of perks that can be created and what components are necessary, see our Invention Perks guide.


In order to augment an item you will need to use a device known as an Augmentor on an augmentable item. Augmenting an item allows you to level-it-up by gathering combat or skilling experience, however, it does not change it's stats.


In order to use Augmented items you must have charges in your charge pack. The charge drain is the rate at which you use charges from your charge pack. You re-charge your charge pack by using Divination charges. All your equipment derives from the same charge pack and, therefore, if you run out of charge your augmented items will act as level 1 items - useable, but HIGHLY ineffective.

You can check your Divine charges and perks on augmented items by right clicking and selecting "Check".

check item

Leveling your gear

Please bear with us! We're working on this!

Tech Trees

Tech Trees are branches of Invention that unlock various extra devices and materials. Upon starting invention, you unlock the Human Tech Tree. Once you reach level 40, you choose a second Tech Tree to focus on - either Cave goblin or Dwarven. Specializing in one of these 2 Trees means that you will earn 50% more currency for completing tasks within that Tree.

Note: you can change which Tech Tree you specialize in, however, it will cost 100 currency of your current Tree. You will need to speak with Drorkar or Oldak to specialize in their Tech Tree.


Most tasks for the Tech Trees involve handing in components or devices. A new task is added to your list each day at reset. Much like the Challenge System, you can have up to 5 that can be completed. Note that these tasks will remain until you complete 1 or more of them, they will not change.

To begin a task, you will need to open the Technology noticeboard found within the Invention Guild. Left clicking will give you the option to choose which Tree's task list you would like to view. Right clicking and choosing "Technology" will show you the various device blueprints you can unlock.


When you complete a task you will earn either 10 or 15 currency in your current Tech Tree, depending on if it is your specialized Tree or not. This currency can only be spent within it's respective Tech Tree. This means that you will need to complete tasks from the Dwarven tree to unlock Dwarven blue prints and Goblin tasks for Goblin blueprints.


Both Tech Trees have 8 different devices which you can purchase the blueprints for and components which you can now use. These are broken down into 4 different tiers which require a specific Invention level to access. In order to unlock all 16 Blueprints

Tier Level Currency Blueprints
Dwarven Goblin
1 40 10 Corporeal components Pestiferous components
2 50 25 Sprinkler MK1
Mining accumulator
Mechanised chinchompa
Woodcutting accumulator
3 60 35 Book switcher
Calorie bomb
B.A.N.K. Stander
Monkey mind-control helmet
4 70 55 Auto-sanctifier
Kinetic cyclone
Dungeoneering lock melter
Dungeoneering party simulator
Electrified box trap
Oldak coil

Capes of Accomplishment

Invention Skill Cape Set

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Doc to purchase an Invention cape for 99,000 Coins.

Invention Master Skill

Once you have achieved level 120 (approximately 80 million experience), Doc will sell you the Invention Master Cape for 120,000 Coins.


Note that as of December 2018, another one of Mod Daze's Easter Eggs have been found. This enables you to purchase a Skillcape for half price (only from Doc, not Elen) if you are wearing a Ring of Charos (a). Be aware that "Half price" is 92,000 Coins as the experience at level 92 is approximately half way to level 99.

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