Notes: the player's Runemetrics settings must be on "Public" to be able to retrieve completed (mini)quests data; if data is successfully retrieved it will overwrite current checkbox states. Additionally, the checkbox states will be saved on your device (provided you are using a HTML5 compatible webbrowser), but wether the entered player is eligible to start the quest will not.

The "unofficial" miniquests listed at the bottom are not in the ingame quests list nor in the Runemetrics data, thus they cannot be retrieved. You can still check those boxes manually though.

RuneHQ Miniquest Guides
descascMiscellaneous descascFree / Members descasc
Bar CrawlMembers
Benedict's World TourFree
Civil War IMembers
Civil War IIMembers
Civil War IIIMembers
Curse of Zaros, TheMembers
Desert Slayer DungeonMembers
Enter the AbyssMembers
Father and SonMembers
General's Shadow, TheMembers
Helping LaniakeaMembers
Hopespear's WillMembers
Hunt for Surok, TheMembers
In Memory of the MyrequeMembers
Koschei's TroublesMembers
Lair of Tarn RazorlorMembers
Lost Toys, TheMembers
Mahjarrat MemoriesMembers
One Foot in the GraveMembers
Purple CatFree
Rebuilding EdgevilleMembers
Sheep ShearerFree
Tales of NomadMembers
Tales of the God WarsMembers
Wandering Ga'alMembers
Witch's PotionFree
descascBoric and Doric Tasks descascFree / Members descasc
Boric's Task IFree
Boric's Task IIFree
Boric's Task IIIFree
Doric's Task IFree
Doric's Task IIFree
Doric's Task IIIFree
Doric's Task IVFree
Doric's Task VMembers
Doric's Task VIMembers
Doric's Task VIIMembers
Doric's Task VIIIMembers
descascFremennik Sagas descascFree / Members descasc
Thok It To 'EmMembers
Thok Your Block OffMembers
Three's CompanyFree
descascThe Arc descascFree / Members descasc
Damage ControlMembers
Eye for an EyeMembers
Final DestinationMembers
Flag FallMembers
Ghosts from the PastMembers
Head of the FamilyMembers
Jed HunterMembers
Spiritual EnlightenmentMembers
Tortle CombatFree
Tuai Leit's OwnMembers
descascThieves' Guild Capers descascFree / Members descasc
A Guild of Our OwnMembers
From Tiny AcornsMembers
Lost Her MarblesMembers
descascUnofficial Miniquest Guides descascFree / Members descasc
Barbarian TrainingMembers
Champion's ChallengeMembers
Enchanted KeyMembers
God EmissariesFree
Hooded PirateMembers
Knight Waves in Camelot, TheMembers
Mage ArenaMembers
Mogre Mini-QuestMembers
Rogue TraderMembers
Stronghold of Player SafetyFree
Stronghold of SecurityFree