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Basic Log Firemaking

For lighting a fire, you need logs and a tinderbox, which looks like this:


Logs can also be lit using a strung bow. For more information refer to the Barbarian Training section further on.

Type of Log Image Level Required
Level Required
Regular Regular Logs 1 21 40
Achey tree* Achey Logs 1 21 40
Oak Oak Logs 15 35 60
Willow Willow Logs 30 50 90
Teak* Teak Logs 35 55 105
Arctic pine* Arctic Pine Logs 42 62 125
Maple Maple Logs 45 65 135
Mahogany* Mahogany Logs 50 70 157.5
Eucalyptus* 58 78 193.5/171.2
Yew Yew Logs 60 80 202.5
Magic* Magic Logs 75 95 303.8
Elder* Elder Logs 90 99 434.3

* - Members Only

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Dungeoneering Branch Burning

While training the Dungeoneering skill, you will occasionally encounter branches that you can burn and use to cook food. You will only be able to light fires in dungeons with a Complexity level of 2 or above. Below is a table showing the different types of branches and the level required to burn them.

Branch Name Image Level Required Experience Members Only?
Tangle gum Tangle gum 1 25 No
Seeping elm Seeping elm 10 44.5 No
Blood spindle Blood spindle 20 65.6 No
Utuku Utuku 30 88.3 No
Spinebeam Spinebeam 40 112.6 No
Bovistrangler Bovistrangler 50 138.5 No
Thigat Thigat 60 166 Yes
Corpsethorn Corpsethorn 70 195.1 Yes
Entgallow Entgallow 80 225.8 Yes
Grave creeper Grave creeper 90 258.1 Yes

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Light Sources

Candles, Lamps and Lanterns are items which can be lit using the Firemaking skill, which can give you access to places which are dark. The best example to show this is the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon.

Making lamps and lanterns uses the Crafting skill and in some cases the Smithing skill. Refer to the Crafting guide for manufacturing details. Lamps and lanterns can blow out so you should carry a tinderbox with you. No Firemaking experience is earned when lighting these. When a lightsource is lit, you can extinguish it by using the extinguish option. Once you have added oil to a lamp or lantern, it never needs to be added again.

Image Item Name Level Required
White and black candle (Black) Candle 1
Torch Torch 1
Candle lantern Candle lantern 4
Oil lamp Oil lamp 12
Oil lantern Oil lantern 26
Bullseye lantern Bullseye lantern 49
Mining helmet Mining helmet 65

Lamps and Lanterns

  • The Candle Lantern takes a white candle, bought from the Lumbridge Swamp Candle seller or from Catherby's Candle-maker. It will also take the Black Candle left over from Merlin's Crystal quest which you may have stowed away in your bank.

  • The Oil Lamp can be made and used on its own but is more convenient and stronger if put into an Iron frame, converting it to an Oil lantern (Smithing level 26 to make frame, Crafting level 26 to assemble.) Use some oil on an oil lamp, then light with a tinderbox.

  • The Bullseye Lantern is made from a Steel frame and a glass Lantern lens (Smithing level 49 to make frame, Crafting level 49 to assemble.). Use Some Oil on a Bullseye Lantern, and light it using a tinderbox.

  • Mining helmets are dropped by Level 11 Cave Goblin Miners in the "Lost Tribe" dungeon underneath Lumbridge Castle. Use a tinderbox on the Mining Helmet to light it.

Making oil

To Make Oil, you must do the following:

  1. Collect 1 swamp tar for each lantern you wish to add oil to.
  2. Take all the swamp tar, and all the lanterns you wish to add oil to to the chemist in Rimmington.
  3. Use the swamp tar on the Oil still In the middle of the chemist's house
  4. Use your lantern on the Oil still, and it will be filled with oil.

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To cremate shade remains in Mort'ton, Sacred oil is required. This is obtained by using Olive oil on the temple's sacred fire when your Sanctity is 10% or more. For a better understanding, see the Shades of Mort'ton Quest Guide, and/or refer to the Mort'ton Shade Burning Special Report.

Type of Log Doses of
Sacred oil
Firemaking Level
Shade Remains Cremated Shade Levels Exp Gained
Regular 2 5 Loar 40 60
Oak 2 20 Loar, Phrin 40 70
Willow 3 35 Loar, Phrin, Riyl 40, 60 100
Teak 3 40 Loar, Phrin, Riyl 40, 60 120
Maple 3 50 Loar, Phrin, Riyl 40, 60, 80 175
Mahogany 3 55 Loar, Phrin, Riyl 40, 60, 80 210
Yew 4 65 Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn 40, 60, 80, 100 255
Magic 4 80 Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn, Fiyr 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 404.5
Elder 4 95 Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn, Fiyr 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 550

Shade remains are obtained by killing shades in Mort'ton and in the Mort'ton dungeon. A minimum of a Bronze key is required to enter Mort'ton dungeon (obtainable by killing a Loar shade in Mort'ton and cremating the remains per the instructions below). Deeper into the dungeon (access determined by key color), higher levels of shades are found. Cremating higher level shades (using higher level pyre logs) yields higher level keys, which get you further into the dungeon The key hierarchy is Bronze, Steel, Black, and Silver. The keys also open color-coded chests, and the higher level keys/chests yield better loot, including a greater chance of obtaining Fine cloth (a rare item used to make Splitbark armour).

Place pyre logs (logs treated with Sacred oil) on one of the funeral pyre sites located around Mort'ton. Place shade remains on top of the logs. You will not be permitted to place the remains if the logs are not the appropriate level; note also that you cannot pick back up your logs (nor the shade remains)! Use a tinderbox to light the pyre and the shade will be "released". Some loot will appear on the nearby stand: hopefully a Mort'ton dungeon key, or else possibly just some coins.

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Barbarian Training

Lighting logs with bows:

Upon completion of the Barbarian Basic Training you unlock the ability to light fires with a strung bow (execpt for Ogre, Crystal, Dark, or any God bows) instead of a tinderbox. Using this method of lighting logs yields you the exact same experience as if you were to use a tinderbox.

Funeral Pyre Ships

After finishing the Barbarian Advanced Training you will be granted the ability to sacrifice the remains of Barbarians using these ships. Funeral Pyre Ships are build to set the spirits of Barbarian heroes free, sending them to their final resting place. First you must gather the Chewed bones of the deceased barbarian warriors in the Ancient Cavern. These bones are dropped by the creatures that wander in this dungeon. Remember not to use Mangled bones as they will release level 116 Barbarian Spirit (Ferocious/Enraged/Angry/Berserk ). To construct these vessels use these bones with a log, a knife and a tinderbox or bow Pyre site. The construction of a ship will earn you Crafting experience while the burning of it yields you Firemaking experience. Depending on the log used, you will receive a 300% Prayer bonus on the next type of bone you bury, up to five times. For releasing the spirit of a Barbarian heroes you will also be rewarded an item. Rumor has it that if you are lucky you might even get the sought after Dragon full helm.

Type of Log Image Level Required
Number of bones
with Prayer bonus
Regular Regular Logs 11 10 40 1
Achey Achey Logs 11 10 40 1
Oak Oak Logs 25 15 60 2
Willow Willow Logs 40 22.5 90 2
Teak Teak Logs 45 26.2 105 3
Arctic pine Arctic Pine Logs 52 31.2 125 3
Maple Maple Logs 55 33.7 135 3
Mahogany Mahogany Logs 60 39.3 157.5 4
Eucalyptus 63 42.8 171.2 4
Yew Yew Logs 70 50.6 202.5 4
Magic Magic Logs 85 75.9 303.8 5
Elder Magic Logs 95 109 434.3 5

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Beacon Network

Beacon Network is a Firemaking mini-game, which can be unlocked by completing the All Fired Up quest. Alongside the borders of the Wilderness King Roald of Varrock has set up a network of beacons, to be light when danger arises. Can you help him test this network. The objective of the game is to keep as many beacons simultaneously lit as possible. Apart from the Firmaking experience, those who succeed will find the rewards very helpful in the training of their Firemaking level (see the table below). For more information, refer to the Beacon Network mini-game guide.

Item Image No. of Beacons
Ring of fire Ring of fire 6 When equipped, provides a percentage of extra firemaking experience.
Gloves of fire Gloves of fire 10 When equipped, provides a percentage of extra firemaking experience.
Can be worn with the Ring of fire to provide even more firemaking experience.
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze 14 When used while woodcutting, functions as a Dragon hatchet. While you are mining,
it will function as a Rune pickaxe. There is a 25% chance of incinerating logs while
woodcutting, providing both Woodcutting XP and Firemaking XP at the same time.

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Tips and Tricks

  • The burn time of your fire is NOT affected by the type of log you use.

  • Firelighters obtained trough Treasure Trails give you an extra 10 experience when used with a regular log.

  • Using summoned Pyrelords give you a temporary Firemaking boost (3). They also give you the ability to light fires without a tinderbox or bow, and give a 10 experience bonus per log lit.

  • For training spots always look for places with a lot of trees of the type you want to chop and burn. If you tend on lighting logs you have bought, it is best to look for banks with an open space near them. Examples are Edgeville, Draynor Village, Varrock west bank, Fist of Guthix bank, and at the Grand Exchange.

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1 to 99 Training

  • Levels 1-25: Regular logs.

  • Levels 25-40: Oak logs.

  • Levels 40-50: Willow logs.

  • Levels 50-70: Maple logs. As a Non-member, you have a few options when you reach this stage. If you plan on spending less money or no money at all, then Willows logs are a good option. Alternatively, if you have a Dungeoneering level of 30, a resource island filled with Maple trees will be available for cutting. When training on logs you have bought you could buy Maple logs from members.

  • Levels 70-99: Maple/Yew/Magic logs. The only options for Non-members are Willow, Maple, and Yew logs.

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Jadinko Lair

This underground cavern is accessible via the main entrance found east of Shilo Village. Speak to Maverick before you are allowed entry. Check out the Jadinko Lair map for more details

The corridors between the Jadinko Queen and the mutated creatures are used as a barrier to protect her from them. To ward them off, there are places where fires can be lit.

The dry areas can be filled with curly roots and lit with a tinderbox or a straight root that has been hardened on a fire.

These fires can be refuelled with curly roots while burning. However, you will still gain the same amount of Firemaking experience regardless of if you start or replenish a fire. The fire requires level 83 Firemaking to start.

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This method of training is both members and non-members. You may get Treasure Hunter keys, and strange rocks. There are worlds specifically for Bonfires (curently world 15 and 16) that help get more folks involved for better experience. Players may add logs onto a fire that is already lit, everyone contributing will recieve bonus Firemaking experience for each log that is added, this bonus increases per person contributing, up to a maximum of 4% for 5 or more players. Bonfires will last different lengths base on the type of logs use to create the fire, and will die away after a certain amount of time. While training Firemaking you will have the possibility of finding a strange Fire Spirit, who will reward you with items.

Experience boost:

This table shows the firemaking experience percentage boost, for the amount of people adding logs to the same fire. Items that boost Firemaking will also help further increase Firemaking experience.

Number of players Percentage boost
2 1%
3 2%
4 3%
5+ 4%

Item rewards:

This table shows the items a Fire Spirit can reward you. The items with a * after it are members only.

Adamantite ore (1) (noted) Air rune (5-1000) Ashes (1-6) (noted) Blue charm (1-2)*
Blue firelighter* Body rune (20-40) Chaos rune (4-20) Coal (4) (noted)
Coins (100-2000) Cosmic rune (2-12) Crimson charm (1-3)* Death rune (2-4)
Fire rune (5-100) Green charm* Green firelighter* Gold charm (1-3)*
Gold ore (3) (noted) Iron ore (2) (noted) Law rune (6-7) Loop half of a key*
Mithril ore (2-4) (noted) Pat of butter* Purple firelighter* Red firelighter*
Runite ore (1) (noted) Silver ore (1) (noted) Tin ore (1-2) (noted) Tooth half of a key*
Uncut diamond Uncut dragonstone* Uncut emerald Uncut jade*
Uncut opal* Uncut red topaz* Uncut ruby Uncut sapphire
White firelighter*

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Lifepoint boosting

When you are training with a bonfire, after a few logs you will get a lifepoint boost, the amount boosted and the time length it is boosted for depending on your firemaking level and logs used.

Firemaking Level Lp boost % Logs Used Length of boost
1-9 1% logsNormal
Achey tree logsAchey
6 minutes
10-19 1.3% Oak logsOak 12 minutes
20-29 1.5% Willow logsWillow 18 minutes
30-39 2% Teak logsTeak 24 minutes
40-49 2.5% Arctic Pine logsArctic Pine 30 minutes
50-59 2.7% Maple logsMaple 36 minutes
60-69 3.6% Mahogany logsMahogany 42 minutes
70-79 4% Eucalytpus logsEucalyptus 48 minutes
80-89 4.2% Yew logsYew 54 minutes
90-99 5% Magic logsMagic 60 minutes
90-99 5% Elder logsElder 66 minutes

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Char's Training Cave

Upon completion of The Firemaker's Curse, access to Char's Training Cave is unlocked. However, it requires level 91 Firemaking to use and boosts do not work. The cave is located West of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, along the South side of Eagles' Peak. The easiest way reach the cave is by using The Book of Char's teleport option. This will place you at the entrance of the cave. Alternatively, you can use the Eagles' Peak lodestone and run South to the cave entrance.

Char's Cave

To start the training, you will need to have a Pitch can and The Book of Char in your inventory - the Book can be re-obtained from Char and the Pitch can is found nearby. Speaking to Char, she will explain that the training consists of lighting fires in certain patterns using a Pitch can for 5 minutes. There is no order or limit to the amount of symbols you can light within the time frame. Char will tell you to start, note that the clock will begin to count down before you descend the stairs to the training board. Make sure you are facing South when starting the training as it is considered the top of the area. When you have finished a symbol, Char will clear the grid of all fires and you can create another one.

Within the Cave

The Book of Char mentions all but one pattern - the symbol of Zaros. When you first make that symbol, it will appear in the book. Creating this symbol will complete the "Impressing Char" requirement for the Master Quest Cape and Completionist Cape (t).

Image Symbol Number of Fires XP per Fire Total XP
Spiral Symbol Spiral 31 267 57,981
Concentric Squares Symbol Concentric Squares 32 207 70,920
Square Symbol Square 24 230 88,620
Cross Symbol Cross 13 212 88,644
Zaros Symbol Zaros 13 212 96,031

To maximize the gained experience, place the Pitch can on your ability bar and use the hotkey to quickly light a fire on your current location then click to your next desired space and repeat. You will also want to make as many spiral symbols as possible and finish up with a square symbol if you don't have enough time for another spiral. If you accidentally misplace a fire, you can Right-click it and stomp it out.

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Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

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Capes of Accomplishment

Firemaking Skill Cape Set

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Ignatius Vulcan to purchase a Firemaking cape for 99,000 Coins.

Firemaking Master Skill

Once you have achieved level 120, Ignatius Vulcan will sell you the Firemaking master cape for 120,000 Coins.


Note that as of December 2018, another one of Mod Daze's Easter Eggs have been found. This enables you to purchase a Skillcape for half price (only from Ignatius Vulcan, not Elen) if you are wearing a Ring of Charos (a). Be aware that "Half price" is 92,000 Coins as the experience at level 92 is approximately half way to level 99.

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