Site News, Developer Edition - Tuesday May 15th
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bugs Fixed

As (some) of you may know, we've recently made some important server-sided changes, etc. This resulted in the site being down for a rather long period of time, much longer than I EVER wanted to see happen. In addition to this down time, when the site came back online there was quite a bit of visible tags, missing information, broken, links, etc.

I've spent the recent few weeks becoming intimately familiar with the issues we were having, some of the rather extensive and hard to understand code that hasn't been touched in years, and various other issues that caused the code to function in an unintended manner. The fruits of this labor should now be visible! As of today, RHQ should be in full working order similar to how it was before our upgrades.

Fingers crossed that the major issues are all now resolved with this important patch. If you experience an issue with the site, or forums, inform a staff member so that we can investigate the issue and get it fixed ASAP. To those of you who have been doing this, allow me to personally extend my, and RuneHQ's, gratitude. The littlest "Hey, there's this random display that doesn't do anything in a guide" is of great help.

Again, sorry for the extended periods of downtime and site issues. I sincerely hope they didn't inhibit your enjoyment of RuneScape or our community.

[RuneHQ Event] Vorago - Saturday, May 26th
Monday, May 21, 2018


RuneHQ Vorago event - May 26, 2018

In a cavern near Falador resides Vorago, one of the most powerful monsters in RuneScape. Created by the Anima Mundi long ago, Vorago has awoken from his slumber ready to take on those brave enough to challenge him. This weekend Events Team will take on this boss in the hopes to obtain the rare seismic wand and orb!

More infomation about this event can be found in This topic

[RuneHQ Event] Castle Wars - Friday, May 25th
Monday, May 21, 2018

Castle Wars

RuneHQ Castle Wars event - May 25, 2018

The time has come for you to choose your path for the god you are willing to fight for. Will it be Zamorak or will it be Saradomin? Perhaps you will let Guthix choose your fate! Nevertheless it’s time to grab your Ring of Duelling for a good old fashioned game of capture the flag in one of Runescapes most popular mini-games: Castle Wars.

More infomation about this event can be found in This topic

[RuneHQ Event] Distractions and Diversions - Sunday, May 20th
Thursday, May 17, 2018

D&D Event

RuneHQ D&D event - May 20, 2018

Wisps, Demons, and Penguins oh my! This weekend we take on as many of those creatures of Runescape! Chasing wisps around the grove, taking on powerful demons, and hunting down those sneaky penguins together. But all is not just for fun, everything comes with rewards such as exp, rare drops and even a chance of fancy demon titles! Come join the fun as we run all around Geilinor for some fun times with awesome rewards.

More infomation about this event can be found in This topic

[RuneHQ Event] King Black Dragon - Saturday, May 19th
Thursday, May 17, 2018

King Black Dragon

RuneHQ King Black Dragon Event event - May 19, 2018

North of Edgeville lies a mysterious Artefact. By activating it, a Mysterious force will take hold of you and teleport you to the King Black Dragon's Lair, who was once the most powerful boss in the game. It's three menacing head cast dangerous magic that can destroy any wandering adventurer not paying proper attention! Bring dragonfire protection at all costs! Join RuneHQ as we'll defeat this powerful Foe.

More infomation about this event can be found in This topic

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