Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
68 Mining
70 Smithing
77 Strength
Must be able to defeat a level 84 enemy
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Any Pickaxe.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Falador teleport method, Varrock teleport method, Amulet of glory (4), and Varrock armour 1.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Miner(s), Keldagrim library key, Keldagrim key mould 1, Keldagrim key mould 2, Keldagrim key mould 3, Keldagrim key mould 4, Keldagrim key mould 5, Keldagrim key mould 6, Keldagrim Key 1, Keldagrim Key 2, Keldagrim Key 3, Keldagrim Key 4, Keldagrim Key 5, Keldagrim Key 6, and a Big Rock.
Quest Points:
45K Mining XP, 50K Smithing XP, 55K Strength XP, a new gravestone option, access to the Lava Flow Mine activity, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
On the eastern side of Keldagrim.
To Start:
Speak to Lava-flow miner Sven.
  1. Speak to Sven just east of the Blast Furnace and ask about taking a tour of the lava-flow mines. As he is showing you what the lava-flow mines look like, a mysterious figure will destroy the place, trapping all of the miners.


  2. You will need to mine all of the rubble spots to free the trapped miners, who will show up as yellow dots on your mini-map. Each miner you rescue will show up in your inventory, and you will need to bring each one back to Foreman Jack. Repeat this process until all 6 miners are saved. Note: The rubble you can mine is a slightly lighter color than the rubble that is too dense.


  3. After all miners are saved, go outside of the lava-flow mines and talk to Veldaban. After some small talk, he will be arrested by the Black Guard. Head to the top of the trading center in the middle of town (along the east side of the river) to help set him free.


  4. Once at the top, you will need to speak to all 4 of the directors and try to get them to release Veldaban. Each director cares about certain subjects, and you will need to select the right chat options to get them on your side. Before talking to the directors, talk to Veldaban, ask him why he is angry, and convince him to calm down. Once you have talked to all of the directors, speak to the Secretary.

    For the Yellow Fortune Director:
    • Ask why did they arrest Veldaban.
    • Tell her arresting him makes them look worse.

    For the Brown Engine Director:
    • Ask what to do about the miners.
    • Tell him it was a difficult decision, and that you understand.

    For the Blue Opal Director:
    • Ask about the lava-flow mines.
    • Tell him that they blew up the secondary boilers.

    For the Green Gemstone Director:
    • Tell him that you were there when the explosion happened.
    • Tell him that you saved some of the miners.


  5. After the directors agree to let Veldaban go, a Black Guard member will come in and tell of a revolt on the east side of the market. Take Veldaban downstairs to the east and speak to Hreidmar. You will then need to speak to the Protesters and ask if they know where Meike is. They will tell you that they think she is in the King's Axe inn.


  6. Head to the King's Axe inn on the western side of town and talk to Luitger. Ask him if he is alright and ask why he isn't joining the protests. Veldaban will wonder if Meike was arrested, and ask you to check out the Black Guard HQ.


  7. Head north to the Black Guard HQ, just west of the bank, and speak with Klaas. After some intimidation, he will reveal that Meike may be hiding in a tower on the south side of Keldagrim-West.


  8. Go to the tower, located just south of the market center, and climb to the top and speak with Meike. She is worried that Hreidmar is trying to make himself king by altering the records. Ask her about breaking into the Hall of Records before Hreidmar to save them. She will agree to it, and ask you to meet her at the library with 6 Soft Clay, and 6 Mithril Bars.


  9. Head to the Library in the north part of Keldagrim-West and speak to Meike. She will ask you to talk to the Librarian and ask him to open the display case. Do so, and he will give you the library key. Use the key on the display case, and then use the Soft Clay on it. The Librarian will catch you, and Meike will ask you to give her the clay. Use the Soft Clay on Meike, and talk to the Librarian to distract him. Once you have gone through all the chat options, talk to Meike and she will hand over the key moulds.


  10. Once you have the moulds, you will need to take them to a furnace with your Mithril Bars to make the duplicate keys. The closest one in walking distance is in Rellekka, but you are free to use whatever furnace you choose. If you have completed all of the easy Varrock tasks, then the quickest option is to put on the Varrock armour 1 and use the furnace in Edgeville. When you have made the keys, return to Meike at the records chamber in Keldagrim-West, next to the Black Guard HQ.

    Hall of Records

  11. Once inside, speak to Meike. She will tell you that you need to use the keys on all of the keyholes, but the correct order is unknown and that you will need to work it out through trial and error. From left to right, the order of the keys is 5-1-4 on the left side and 6-3-2 on the right side.

  12. Once the door is unlocked, a mini-cutscene will begin. Speak to Veldaban when you are ready and he will take you to the caves where the Chaos Dwarf army is located. This will be your last chance to prepare yourself before the battle. Once you are ready, enter the caves.

    Note: Veldaban may not be with you, if he is not then he can be found sitting in the Laughing Miner Pub in Keldagrim.


  13. When inside, speak with Colonel Grenda. After speaking with her, run to the north-east through the caves and speak to Colonel Grimsson (Level 84). After some short dialog, he will attack Veldaban. Be warned, if Veldaban dies before you can kill Colonel Grimsson, you will both be teleported back to the beginning of the cave and will have to try again.


  14. Once he has been defeated, talk to Veldaban. Tell him that you will need reinforcements, and suggest using the trolls for help. He will agree, and tell you he will meet you back at Keldagrim when you are finished. Go south to the small cave entrance located along the east wall, and go in it.

    Troll Cave

  15. Go east, and talk to Pretty Flower. He will refuse to talk to you until you prove your strength and asks to lift a Big Rock. Go over to the Big rock and try to lift it up. Unfortunately, that was the wrong Big Rock, and he will ask you to lift up Big Rock the troll. Lift him up, and then ask Pretty Flower for the trolls help against fighting the Chaos Dwarves. He will still refuse to help.

    Note: If you have 90 Strength you will carry the rock away and keep it in your inventory, but has no use in the quest.

    Big Rock

  16. Go over to My Arm and talk about Pretty Flower and try to convince him to give you his own Pretty Flower. Once he does, talk to Pretty Flower the troll and show him the flower. Tell him it was a gift from Colonel Grimsson and he will become furious and agree to attack the Chaos Dwarves.

    My Arm

  17. Head back to the east side of Keldagrim and speak to Meike and Veldaban who are hiding inside a group of protesters. The final cut scene will ensue.

    Big Protest

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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