Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Pickaxe (any kind).
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ardougne teleport methods.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Note, 8 Rubium, and a Toy train.
Quest Points:
12K Mining XP, 5K Agility XP, access to the mines under Witchaven, the ability to mine Rubium, ability to sell Rubium to Ezekial Lovecraft for 10 Coins each access to a repeatable mini-task, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Kennith's house in Witchaven.
To Start:
Speak to Kennith.

  1. Speak with Kennith at his home in the western part of Witchaven. He will ask you to investigate new villager activity in the shrine below Witchaven.


  2. Go down the old ruin entrance to the west of the village and enter the nearby wall opening


  3. Use the shortcut near the entrance and then head north if you have a high enough Agility level, or take the long way through the tunnel. Keep walking until you see two villagers guarding an entrance. Try to enter it, but they will not let you.


  4. Return to the surface and talk to Kennith again. He seems to be more concerned about his parents than the strange activities of the residents of Witchaven.

  5. Find Kent and his wife Caroline a little east of the church and talk to them. Kent will slip you a Note that tells you to meet him outside of the gate to the Legends' Guild.


  6. Head north towards the Legends' Guild and talk to Kent near the guild's gates. He will ask you to check on Kennith's friend, Kimberly, who lives just a little south of the Legends' Guild.

    Legend Guild

  7. Walk south and talk to Kimberly at her home. A cut scene will occur. Four villagers will appear trying to capture Kimberly. It is your job to distract them and to lock them up in the church. Leave the house and get all the four villagers to follow you. Run southwards to the church. Close the door once they are all inside.


  8. Return to Kimberly. She will tell you to follow her to Kennith's house. Once there, speak with him to trigger another cut scene. More villagers will try to get into the house, and you must lock them in the church again.

  9. Head back to Kimberly and talk to her. She will take you to Ezekial Lovecraft at his fishing shop on the eastern side of the village. Ezekial will tell you that he can get you into the guarded entrance under the shrine.

    Ezekial Lovecraft

  10. Make your way back to the entrance guarded by two villagers. Next to it, you will also find Ezekial Lovecraft. He will tell you to talk to the villagers. Talk to them and you will be allowed inside.

    Note: If you log out in steps 11 through 16, then you will appear outside of the mine near the guarded entrance.

    Ezekial Lovecraft at the Mine

  11. Enter the cave and talk to Ezekial Lovecraft again. He will tell you to open and proceed through the wooden door to the other side. Once on the other side, you will have to sneak past some villagers. It is safest to crouch behind the carts and hide behind the walls while all the villagers have their backs to you. You need to click on the cart to crouch behind it (see the image below). When you get to the other end, prospect the walls and mine the one with a crack. Go through the opening once it is unblocked.

    Note: If you log out during the step without having made it through the crack, you will have to solve this puzzle again.


  12. Once through, run along the track until you reach a lever. Pull the lever and Ezekial Lovecraft will appear. Lead him back along the track to a door. Go through it and speak with Ezekial again. He will tell you that in the next room you must mine some Rubium and place it in the steam vents to make the villagers collapse.

    Note: If you log out during the step without having made it through to the next room, then go through the guarded entrance and simply open the door next to the metal door, and you will end up on the track.

    Lever and Door

  13. Go through the door into the room with the next puzzle. There are four vents in total that need to be heated with the Rubium. Remember to crouch behind carts and hide behind the walls to avoid being caught (see the image below). When all have been lit with Rubium the villagers will collapse allowing you to run through to the next room safely.

    Note: If you log out during the step without having made it through to the next room, then go through the guarded entrance and simply open the door next to the metal door, and you will end up on the track. Run a long the track to the door on the other side. Go through another set of doors and you will appear in this room again.

    Crouch 2

  14. Proceed through the next door and do the same thing with the Rubium and the vents. Then, go through the door.

    Note: If you log out during the step without having made it through to the next room, make your way again to the first room the vents. The villagers will stay collapsed allowing you to go into the next room without having to solve the puzzle again.

    Crouch 3

  15. Once you have made it through, talk to Kimberly's parents in the middle of the room. They will ask you to go back to Witchaven to check on Kimberly.


  16. On your way back through the caves you will find Kennith. Talk to him and he will go berserk because Kimberly lost his Toy train. He will attack Kimberly and suspends her in mid air. Talk to Kimberly and ask her to remember where she lost it. She will tell you she lost it somewhere in Witchaven. You will then ask for a more detailed location, which she will hint about.

    Evil Kennith

  17. Back in Witchaven, head to the hinted location to look for the Toy train. Possible locations are behind Kennith's house, behind Ezekial Lovecraft's fishing shop, behind Mayor Hobb's house, or behind the house with the clay kiln in the southern part of the village. Pick up the train when you have spotted it.

    Note: Instead of walking all the way back through the mines to find Kennith you can just log out and in, and head to the first cave with Kennith in it. The location of the train is different for each player.

    Toy Train

  18. Take the Toy train back to the mines and use it with Kennith. He will release Kimberly and a cut scene will occur.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Repeatable Mini-task:

Once you have completed, you can preform mini-tasks for Kimberly's parents. If you talk to them, they will ask you to fetch various items from the surface. These items include a Knife, Iron axe, Rope, Chisel, Pot, Unlit candle, Bucket, Leather boots, Tinderbox, Hammer, and a Spade. For each item delivered to them, they will reward you with 2 noted Coal ores.

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