Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
30 Coal.
1,500 Mining experience and 4,500 charges on your Gofannon amulet.
Starting Point:
Speak to Boric in the workshop beneath Doric's hut North of Falador.
  1. Return to Doric's workshop and climb down the stairs to the North of his building. Down here, locate Boric near the furnace and speak with him. He will mention that they are having issues keeping up with the ore demands placed upon then. He will mention the Coal Trucks near Seers' Village and ask you to gather 30 Coal from that mining site.

  2. You can access this site by using the Seers' Village lodestone, or the Fairy ring teleport to McGrubbor's wood (A-L-S), and following the railway tracks around the woods to the West where you will find a level 20 Agility shortcut across a log to the opposite bank where you will find the mining site. Another way to reach this location is by using the Ardougne lodestone, running North and West around the Fishing Guild, North though iron gates, and the mining site just a little farther. Keep in mind that there are Giant bats here, so bring some food and a weapon (Ranged suggested).

    Coal Trucks Mining

  3. You are not required to mine the 30 necessary ore, though you of course can. Instead you could bring 28 (unnoted) Coal and deposit them into the trucks then mine the remaining 2 needed, or use a familiar to help carry all of it. If you have 30 or more Coal already within the trucks you won't need to do anything.

  4. No matter which way you gather 30 Coal within the trucks, once you have it, speak to the Dwarven Miner South of Stankers. He will take the ore and you will receive 1,500 Mining experience and 4,500 charges on your Gofannon amulet.

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