Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
A Pestle and mortar is used only if you bring a Chocolate bar.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2425 Mining XP, the ability to cast the Ardougne teleport spell, the ability to make Ardougne Teleport Tab, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Edmond
  1. Talk to Edmond. He will tell you about his daughter who has gone to West Ardougne to investigate the plague. He will then ask you to talk to his wife, Alrena.

    Note: The easiest way to get to the quest start is taking the ardougne lodestone, running south into the city and then west, across the river.

    Edmond and Alrena

  2. Alrena will tell you about the city and that you will need a mask to get into the city. If you have the Dwellberries, talk to her again and she will make you a Gas mask. She will tell you about her husband who is digging the garden and ask you to help him. However, before talking to Edmond, pick up the Picture of Elena from the table inside the house.

  3. The garden is located just west of this house. Talk to Edmond and he will tell you that you need to pour some water on the soil. Use your 4 buckets of water on the Mud patch. Then, pick up the spade near the patch and use it on the mud patch. You and Edmond will then fall into the sewer.

  4. Walk southwest and you will find a Sewer Pipe. Talk to Edmond and he will suggest you use your rope on the grill. Speak to Edmond again and he will help you pull off the grill. He will say that you will have to go alone. Wear your gas mask and climb-up the pipe.

    Sewer pipe

  5. You are now in West Ardougne. Find a citizen called Jethick. Talk to him and tell him you are looking for Elena (make sure you have the Picture in your inventory.) He will tell you Elena is helping the people in this city. He will also ask you to return a book for him.


  6. Head north and you will find a house. Try to open the door, but the people won't let you. Tell them you have the book, and they will let you in. Talk to the people inside and you will know that Elena has been kidnapped. One of them asks you to go up the stairs and talk to Milli. Do this, and she will tell you that Elena is being held in a building in the southeast corner of the city.

    House with Milli

  7. After you have found the building (the building has two doors with black crosses and a hole in the roof), try to open one of the doors. The mourner will say the house has been touched by the plague. Say that a girl called Elena is inside and ask him how to get in. He will tell you to talk to Bravek.

  8. Head to the big manor, just north of the square, and tell the Clerk that it is urgent. He will let you to talk to Bravek. Go up the stairs, open the door, and talk to Bravek. He will say that he has a headache. Ask him about the cure and he will give you a scruffy note. Make a Hangover cure (using the steps below) and give it to Bravek. His headache will be cured. Tell him that the Mourner won't listen to you. He will give you a warrant.

    Get a Bucket of milk
    Grind some chocolate with a Pestle and mortar
    Add the ground chocolate to the milk
    Add some Snape grass to finish

    Note: If you forgot to bring Snape grass, you can find some at the Hobgoblin Peninsula south-west of the Crafting Guild.


  9. Go back to that house and try to open the door again, the Mourner will say that he will need to ask the Head Mourner, but when you see the message "You wait until the mourner's back is turned", open the door immediately and you will sneak inside. Walk down the spooky stairs and try to open the door, Elena will tell you that the key is somewhere here. Go back upstairs and search the barrel, you will find a small key. Go back down, use the key on the door and talk to Elena. She will say that her father will reward you.


  10. Go back to the sewers and talk to Edmond to claim your reward

    Quest Complete!

    By reading the Magic scroll you will now be allowed to cast the Ardougne teleport spell, providing that you have 51 Magic, and create an Ardougne Teleport Tab.

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