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Basic Items:

Item Image Purpose Information
Ball of wool Ball Of Wool Used to string amulets and symbols See Wool
Bucket Bucket Fill with sand when making glass, or fill with water to soften clay You can buy one at the General store for two gold coins, or find them all across Runescape at various spawn locations.
Chisel Chisel A tool used to cut gems (and Members-only carve Limestone) You can buy one at any General store or the Crafting stores (located in Al Kharid and Rimmington) for one gold.
Cowhide Cowhide Used in making leather To get one, kill a cow. They will always drop one.
Dragonhide Dragonhides Used in making Dragon leather To get one, kill any dragon. Each colored dragon (Black, Blue, Green or Red; NOT metal dragons!) drops a matching color hide.
Flax Flax Used to spin Bowstrings Flax is Member's Only and considered one of the fastest/cheapest ways of gaining crafting experience. It is used to spin bowstrings. Go to a flax plant (there is a large field just West of Catherby, next to the beehives; there are also plants in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, next to the Spinning Wheels and Bank!) and click on it to pick it (or right click and select 'pick flax'). Just like wheat, flax runs out. Once you have enough flax, go to a Spinning Wheel and use the Flax with the Spinning Wheel. Flax gives 15 crafting experience for every one you spin.
Glassblowing pipe Glassblowing Pipe Used to make glass items. Use it on Molten glass then select desired item from menu. Spawns in house on Entrana and in Grandpa Jack's house northwest of the Ranging Guild (northeast of Fishing Contest)
Jug Jug Fill with water, use to soften clay You can buy one at the General Store for one gold coin.
Mould Moulds Used to make Gold and Silver items (jewellery, symbols and more) You can buy Amulet, Necklace and Ring moulds, as well as the Holy symbol mould and the Sickle mould, at either crafting shop for five gold coins. The Crafting Guild has Amulet mould, Necklace mould and Holy symbol mould spawns.
Needle Needle Used in leather armor crafting These are stackable. You can buy one at either Crafting Shop for one gold coin. They also can be found by searching haystacks!
Seaweed Seaweed Used to make glass items. Use it on a stove or in a fire to make Soda ash. Spawns on beaches all around Gielinor, inluding Entrana (8 on northwest shore) and Rellekka (9 on beach). You can also buy 80 Seaweed from Arhein in Catherby.
Shears Shears Used to obtain Wool Buy at a General store for one gold coin. Shears also spawn at the Crafting Guild, and in the northeast corner of the hay field located west of Lumbridge Mill.
Soda ash Soda ash Used to make glass items. Use it on a furnace, along with a Bucket of sand, to make Molten glass. Player made
Thread Thread Used in leather armor crafting These are stackable. You can buy one at either Crafting Shop for one gold coin. Also spawns at the Jolly Boar Inn northeast of Varrock.
Wool Wool Used to make Ball of wool (also used in a quest or two) Obtain by using Shears on some sheep (there is a big field of them just Northwest of Lumbridge, and a few north of the Crafting Guild). After a few tries (they run away a lot), or maybe on your first try, you will get some Wool. Now find a Spinning wheel and use the Wool on the Spinning wheel to make a Ball of wool (earns 2.75 xp).

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Crafting Guide (Jack Oval) - Located in Burthorpe southwest of the Heroes' Guild. Jack gives free samples of Thread, a Bucket, and an Empty pot. He also sells Chisels (14 coins), Needles (1 coin), Thread (4 coins), Bucket (2 coins), and Shears (1 coin); Ring, Amulet, Necklace, Bracelet, and Holy symbol, moulds (all 5 coins each); Tiara mould (100 coins), Sickle mould (10 coins), and Bolt mould (25 coins). Jack will also tan your Cowhide to Leather (free) and Hard leather (3 coins); Snakeskin (15 coins); and Green, Blue, Red, Black, and Royal dragonhide (20 coins).

Crafting Guild - Located southwest of Falador, northwest of Rimmington. Visit our Crafting Guild guide for more information on what is available to you there.

Crafting Shops - Located in Al Kharid and Rimmington. These stores sell Chisels (14 coins), Needles (1 coin), and Thread (4 coins); Amulet, Necklace, Ring, Holy symbol, and Bracelet moulds (all 5 coins each); Sickle mould (10 coins), Tiara mould (100 coins), Bolt mould (25 coins).

Entrana - The island of Entrana is a good place to obtain everything you need for making glass. A Glassblowing pipe spawns in the house with the range, north of the Herblore shop. To get to Entrana go to the docks at Port Sarim and speak to any Monk of Entrana. You are not allowed to bring any weapons or armor to Entrana, but the boat ride is free.

Furnaces - Furnaces are needed for gold and silver crafting. They are located in Al Kharid, Falador, Lumbridge, Ardougne (east of river), Rellekka (quest required), Shilo Village (quest required), Port Phasmatys (quest required),Neitiznot (quest required), Burthorpe, and Edgeville (easy part of the Varrock diary).

Potteries - Potteries include both Potter's Wheels and Pottery Ovens for making clay items. They are located in the Barbarian Village, near Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock, at the Crafting guild, Taverley, and north of the market in Draynor Village. For members they are also found in Ardougne (west of river), the Digsite, Burthorpe, and Rellekka (quest required).

Rellekka - None of Rellekka's amenities are usable until you have completed the Fremennik Trials Quest, but once this is done, Rellekka is a Crafting and Smithing haven (although the nearest Bank is on Miscellania). The building in the southwest corner of the town includes a Potter's Wheel, a Pottery Oven, a Furnace, and Anvils. For glassmaking, there is a Sandpit north of the Helmet shop, and the beach north of town has 9 Seaweed spawns.

Spinning Wheels - Lumbridge Castle (2nd floor), Barbarian Village, Taverley, Falador (west of the south gate), Seers' Village (upstairs), the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Rellekka (quest required), Lletya (quest required), Burthorpe, and Neitiznot (quest required).

Tanners - Tanners are located in Al Kharid and in the Crafting Guild, and for Members in Canifis (more expensive due to remote location), Burthorpe, and (Leatherworker) in the Ranging Guild. All will convert cow hides and dragonhides to leather for a fee.

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Glass (Members Only*):

Molten glass can be blown in into a number of glass items using a Glassblowing pipe which should be added to your Toolbelt to save space.

Image Item Level Required Experience
Molten glass Molten glass 1 20
Beer glass Beer glass 1 17.5
Candle lantern Candle lantern 4 19
Oil lamp Oil lamp 12 25
Vial Vial 33 35
Fishbowl Fishbowl 42 42.5
Orb Orb 46 52.5
Lantern lens Lantern lens 49 55
Potion flask Potion flask* 89 100
Crystal flask Crystal flask** 89 150

*Made using Robust glass.

**Made using Crystal glass.

Follow these instructions to make your own Molten glass:

  1. Use Buckets on a sandpit to obtain Buckets of sand. Sandpits are be found in various locations throughout Gielinor including Entrana, Yanille and Prifddinas.
  2. Collect Seaweed from one of the beaches around Gielinor.
  3. Use the Seaweed on a fire or range to obtain Soda ash.
  4. Take a Bucket of sand and Soda ash to a furnace and use them on it to combine them into Molten glass.

Note: If you have completed the Hand in the Sand quest you can talk to Bert daily to have 84 Buckets of sand deposited directly into your bank.

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Battlestaffs/Mystic Staves (Members Only*):

Battlestaffs are great. They have two uses: a weapon and an unlimited source of basic runes of one kind. (Note that the Staff of air, earth, fire and water sold at Zaff's Staff Shop are not as good in physical combat as Battlestaffs, which in turn are not as good as Mystic staffs.) To make a Battlestaff you will need the following items:

  • A Battlestaff (can be bought at the Varrock Staff Shop for 7000 gold coins only on Members servers)
  • A glass orb
  • 3 cosmic runes
  • 30 basic runes of the type of Battlestaff you want it to be (ex. 30 fire runes if you want a Battlestaff of Fire)

Powering Orbs

Picture Orb Type Magic Lvl Needed Runes Needed Obelisk Location
Water orb Water 56 3 Cosmic
30 Water
Taverley Members-only dungeon. In the Black Dragon room go up the ladder and it will be next to you.
Earth orb Earth 60 3 Cosmic
30 Earth
Edgeville dungeon, low-level wilderness area. Past the Black Demons, near Chronozon.
Fire orb Fire 63 3 Cosmic
30 Fire
Taverley Dungeon. To the west of the Black Dragons, surrounded by a pit of darkness with Braziers suspended overhead.
Air orb Air 66 3 Cosmic
30 Air
Edgeville dungeon, low-level wilderness area. At the Black Demons (level 172) there is a little room with a ladder to the North, go up the ladder and you will be standing next to it.

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Attaching Orbs to Battlestaves

Picture Staff Type Crafting Lvl Required Experience for Attaching Orb
Staff of Water Water battlestaff 54 100
Staff of Earth Earth battlestaff 58 112.5
Staff of Fire Fire battlestaff 62 125
Staff of Air Air battlestaff 66 137.5

Mystic staffs (Enchanted Battlestaffs)

You can get your Battlestaff enhanced into a Mystic staff. To get your Battlestaff enhanced you must have completed the Scorpion Catcher quest. If you have done it, go back to Thormac the Sorcerer with 40,000 gold coins and your Battlestaff. Talk to him and tell him that he said he would enhance your Battlestaff for you. Select the Battlestaff you want and it will become a great weapon. It will now have stats similiar to the Rune Long Sword!!

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Repairing Broken Staves

Materials Needed

  • Broken staff (found searching crates or boxes, stolen from HAM members, or found at Digsite)
  • Repair bench, Whetstone or Armour stand (15 Construction and up)

Use the Broken staff on the repair equipment.
You will either permanently destroy it or get a random new staff (ordinary, magic or elemental)
Experience gained: 14.5 Crafting per repaired staff

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Pottery is probably the worst part of crafting because it gives low experience and is not significantly profitable. Below are the instructions for making pottery:

  1. Use the clay with a water source
  2. Go to a Potter's Wheel and use the Soft clay on it
  3. Choose what you would like to make from the selection screen.
  4. Use the unfired clay item on the Pottery Oven.

Alternative way to get soft clay:
Equip the Bracelet of clay and mine the clay spots.

Picture Item Name Crafting Lvl Needed Experience for Spinning Experience for Firing Total Experience Gained Used For
Pot Pot 1 6.25 6.25 12.5 Carrying Flour
Pie Dish Pie Dish 7 15 10 25 Cooking Pies
Bowl Bowl 8 18 15 33 Cooking Stew
Plantpot Plant Pot 19 20 17.5 37.5 Planting Trees
Pot lid Pot lid 25 20 20 40 One Small Favour Quest (also learn how to make)

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Leather is an easy way of getting crafting experience. There is also Dragonhide leather, which also must be tanned (for a higher fee per piece).

Soft and Hard Leather

  1. Get a cow hide.
  2. Go to a Tanner (found in Al Kharid or in the Crafting Guild if you can get in; there is also a Leatherworker in the Ranging Guild and a Tanner in Canifis for Members.)
  3. Make sure you have one gold coin for every cow hide that you have.
  4. Talk to the tanner and say "Here are some cow hides, can I buy some leather?"
  5. A selection screen will come up and ask you if you want soft leather or hard leather.
  6. After you choose, the Tanner will take the cow hide and 1 coin and give you the leather.
  7. To make an item from the leather get a Needle and Thread (buy in Crafting stores in Al Kharid and Rimmington; Needles are also found by searching haystacks). Use the Needle with the leather. Then select what you want to make on the selection screen. Your crafting level will determine what you can make.

Studded Leather Armor (Members Only*)

Studded Leather bodies and Studded Leather Chaps are made by making studs out of steel bars and using the studs with regular leather armor.

Picture Item Name Crafting Lvl Needed Crafting Experience
Gloves Gloves 1 13.8
Boots Boots 7 16.3
Leather Cowl Cowl 9 18.5
Vambraces Vambraces 11 22
Leather Body Leather body 14 25
Leather Chaps Chaps 18 27
Coif Coif 38 37
Leather Hardbody Hardleather body 28 35
Studded Leather Body Studded body 41 40
Studded Leather Chaps Studded chaps 44 42
Studded leather gloves Studded leather gloves 42 40
Studded leather boots Studded leather boots 43 40
Studded leather shield Studded leather shield 45 43

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Dragonhide Leather

Like regular hides, Dragon hides must be tanned before they can be worked. Take them to any Tanner or Leatherworker. The fee per piece is higher (25-30 coins each). Then use a Needle and Thread on them to make the desired armor.

Green, Red, Blue and Black Dragons drop Dragon hides that match their color. Locations: Green Dragons south of the Lava Maze or Level 13 Wildy north of Edgeville; Blue dragons in the Hero's Guild basement or Taverley Dungeon; Red dragons in the lava lake; Black dragons in the lava maze and in Taverley Dungeon, also King Black Dragon next to the lava maze.

Progressively higher Range skill levels are required to wear dragonhide armor (refer to the Ranging Skill Guide).

Picture Item Name # of Leathers Needed Crafting Lvl Needed Crafting Experience
Green dhide vambs Green d'hide vambraces 1 57 62
Green dhide chaps Green d'hide chaps 2 60 124
Green dhide body Green d'hide body 3 63 186
Green dhide shield Green d'hide shield 4 64 248
Blue dhide vambs Blue d'hide vambraces 1 66 70
Blue dhide chaps Blue d'hide chaps 2 68 140
Blue Leather Body Blue d'hide body 3 71 210
Blue Leather shield Blue d'hide shield 4 72 280
Red dhide vambs Red d'hide vambraces 1 73 78
Red dhide chaps Red d'hide chaps 2 75 156
Red dhide body Red d'hide body 3 77 234
Red dhide shield Red d'hide shield 4 78 312
Black dhide vambs Black d'hide vambraces 1 79 86
Black dhide chaps Black d'hide chaps 2 82 172
Black dhide body Black d'hide body 3 84 258
Black dhide shield Black d'hide shield 4 85 344
Royal d'hide vambraces Royal d'hide vambraces 1 87 94
Royal d'hide chaps Royal d'hide chaps 2 89 188
Royal d'hide body Royal d'hide body 3 93 282

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Spiky Vambraces

When the Hunter Skill came out in 2006, there were additions to the vambraces. The table below will explain what they look like and the items needed. At level 32 Crafting you can add Kebbit claws to vambraces to give them a spiky appearance. This yields 5.8 experience.

Image Item Name Items Needs Crafting level needed Experience gained
Spiky vambraces Spiky vambraces 1 Soft leather and Kebbit claws 32 27.8
Green spiky vambraces Green spiky vambraces 1 Green dragonhide leather and Kebbit claws 57 67.8
Blue spiky vambraces Blue spiky vambraces 1 Blue dragonhide leather and Kebbit claws 66 75.8
Red spiky vambraces Red spiky vambraces 1 Red dragonhide leather and Kebbit claws 73 82.8
Black spiky vambraces Black spiky vambraces 1 Black dragonhide leather and Kebbit claws 79 91.8

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Mage equipment

You can craft several sets of Mage armor and equipment with materials dropped by Imps, Spiders and Bats.

Picture Item Name Materials Required Crafting Level Experience
Imphide gloves Imphide gloves 1 Imphide 10 10
Imphide boots Imphide boots 1 Imphide 11 10
Imphide hood Imphide hood 2 Imphide 12 20
Imphide robe bottom Imphide robe bottom 2 Imphide 13 20
Imphide robe top Imphide robe top 3 Imphide 14 30
Imphide book Imphide book 3 Imphide 15 30
Imp horn wand Imp horn wand 3 Imphide 16 30
Imphide shield Imphide shield 4 Imphide 17 40
Spider silk gloves Spider silk gloves 1 Spider silk 20 12.5
Spider silk boots Spider silk boots 1 Spider silk 21 12.5
Spider silk hood Spider silk hood 2 Spider silk 22 25
Spider silk robe bottom Spider silk robe bottom 2 Spider silk 23 25
Spider silk robe top Spider silk robe top 3 Spider silk 24 37.5
Spider orb Spider orb 2 Spider silk 25 25
Spider wand Spider wand 2 Spider silk 26 25
Batwing gloves Batwing gloves 1 Batwing 50 50
Batwing boots Batwing boots 1 Batwing 52 50
Batwing hood Batwing hood 2 Batwing 54 100
Batwing legs Batwing legs 2 Batwing 55 100
Batwing torso Batwing torso 3 Batwing 56 150
Batwing shield Batwing shield 4 Batwing 58 200
Bat book Bat book 4 Batwing 59 200
Bat wand Bat wand 4 Batwing 61 200

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Urns, when in your inventory slowly catch scraps left behind while you are fishing, mining, smithing, cooking, woodcutting or killing demons. Once the urn is full, you can use it to teleport to Ernie to receive a XP reward in a skill depending on the type of urn. You may only have 10 non-empty urns related to a certain skill at a time. Do note that you can only fill an urn, if you have do not have any non-empty urns of the same skill. So, you will have to finish the urn before you can start filling another one of the same skilly type.

To make an urn, you will need use 2 pieces of soft clay on a potter's wheel. You must then select the quality of the urn you wish to make (cracked/fragile/normal/strong/decorated), which determines the varienty of scraps that will be caught in it. The next step in the prodcution is to choose the type of urn (fishing/mining/smelting/cooking/woodcutting/prayer). Once you have created and fired the urn in a pottery oven, you must add a rune to the urn. The required rune depends to which the skill you to assign it.

Prayer Urns:

Prayer urns come in 3 types of quality according to the ashes they collect (impious/accursed/infernal). When you have such an urn in your inventory when killing demons, their ashes will automatically end up in the urn.

* Members Only

Urn Image Level Required Crafting XP Creating) Crafting XP (Firing) Skill XP (Teleporting) Charges Gained From
Cracked mining urn Cracked mining urn 1 11.2 16.8 87.5 Level 1 ores
Cracked cooking urn Cracked cooking urn 2 12 18 400 Food up to and including level 10
Cracked fishing urn Cracked fishing urn 2 12 18 150 Fish up to and including level 10
Impious urn Impious urn 2 12 18 120 Impious ashes
Cracked woodcutting urn Cracked woodcutting urn 4 15.4 23.1 160 Logs up to and including level 10
Cracked smelting urn Cracked smelting urn 4 15.4 23.1 40 Level 1 bars
Fragile cooking urn Fragile cooking urn 12 16 24 550 Food up to and including level 25
Fragile fishing urn Fragile fishing urn 15 20 30 350 Fish up to and including level 30
Fragile woodcutting urn Fragile woodcutting urn 15 20 30 425 Logs up to and including level 35
Fragile mining urn Fragile mining urn 17 21.2 31.8 200 Ores up to and including level 20
Fragile smelting urn Fragile smelting urn 17 21.2 31.8 62.5 Bars up to and including level 20
Accursed urn Accursed urn 26 25 37.5 375 Impious ashes, accursed ashes
Mining urn Mining urn 32 27.2 40.8 325 Ores up to and including level 40
Smelting urn Smelting urn 35 28 42 150 Bars up to and including level 50
Cooking urn Cooking urn 36 28.6 42.9 950 Food up to and including level 40
Fishing urn Fishing urn 41 31.2 46.8 500 Fish up to and including level 50
Woodcutting urn Woodcutting urn 44 32 48 825 Logs up to and including level 58
Strong mining urn* Strong mining urn 48 30.8 49.2 400 Ores up to and including level 55
Strong smelting urn* Strong smelting urn 49 33.4 50.1 250 Bars up to and including level 85
Strong cooking urn* Strong cooking urn 51 35 52.5 1050 Food up to and including level 55
Strong fishing urn* Strong fishing urn 53 36 54 600 Fish up to and including level 70
Decorated mining urn* Decorated mining urn 59 38 57 625 Ores up to and including level 85, As a side-note, mining urns will fill upon mining rune essences or pure essences, as well as regular ores.
Strong woodcutting urn* Strong woodcutting urn 61 38.8 58.2 1662.5 Logs up to and including level 75
Infernal urn* Infernal urn 62 40 60 1875 Impious ashes, accursed ashes and infernal ashes
Decorated fishing urn* Decorated fishing urn 76 48 72 1900 Fish up to and including level 96
Decorated woodcutting urn* Decorated woodcutting urn 76 48 72 1900 Cut up to and including level 96
Decorated cooking urn* Decorated cooking urn 81 52 78 1547.5 Food up to and including level 95
Decorated farming urn Impious urn 84 52 78 1400 Checking health and gathering up to and including level 99

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Dungeoneering Crafting

While training the Dungeoneering skill, you will occasionally come across different levels of Mastyx creatures that you can hunt for hides, or different types of plants that you can pick and spin into cloth. These hides and cloth can then be used with a needle and some thread to make leather armor and magic robes. You will only be able to find these types of textiles in dungeons with a Complexity level of 4 or above.

Mastyxhide Leather

Sometimes you will randomly encounter a type of Mastyx that can be caught using hunter traps. Refer to our Hunter guide for more information on the levels required to hunt these Mastyx creatures. Once you have between 1 and 4 hides, you can then use a needle and thread on them to make various tiers of ranged armor. Below is a table showing the different types of hides and armors, and the level required to make them.

Name Image Hide Image/Name Hides Level Experience Members
Protoleather vambraces Protoleather vambraces Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 1 1 13.1 No
Protoleather boots Protoleather boots Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 1 3 14.8 No
Protoleather coif Protoleather coif Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 2 5 33 No
Protoleather shield Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 3 6 39 No
Protoleather chaps Protoleather chaps Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 3 7 54.6 No
Protoleather body Protoleather body Protomastyx hide Protomastyx hide 5 9 99.5 No
Subleather vambraces Subleather vambraces Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 1 11 21.6 No
Subleather boots Subleather boots Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 1 13 23.3 No
Subleather coif Subleather coif Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 2 15 50 No
Subleather shield Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 3 16 66 No
Subleather chaps Subleather chaps Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 3 17 80.1 No
Subleather body Subleather body Submastyx hide Submastyx hide 5 19 142 No
Paraleather vambraces Paraleather vambraces Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 1 21 30.1 No
Paraleather boots Paraleather boots Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 1 23 31.8 No
Paraleather coif Paraleather coif Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 2 25 67 No
Paraleather shield Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 3 26 93 No
Paraleather chaps Paraleather chaps Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 3 27 105.6 No
Paraleather body Paraleather body Paramastyx hide Paramastyx hide 5 29 184.5 No
Archleather vambraces Archleather vambraces Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 1 31 38.6 No
Archleather boots Archleather boots Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 1 33 40.3 No
Archleather coif Archleather coif Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 2 35 84 No
Archleather shield Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 3 36 120 No
Archleather chaps Archleather chaps Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 3 37 131.1 No
Archleather body Archleather body Archaemastyx hide Archaemastyx hide 5 39 269.5 No
Dromoleather vambraces Dromoleather vambraces Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 1 41 47.1 No
Dromoleather boots Dromoleather boots Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 1 43 48.8 No
Dromoleather coif Dromoleather coif Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 2 45 101 No
Dromoleather shield Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 3 46 147 No
Dromoleather chaps Dromoleather chaps Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 3 47 156.6 No
Dromoleather body Dromoleather body Dromomastyx hide Dromomastyx hide 5 49 269.5 No
Spinoleather vambraces Spinoleather vambraces Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 1 51 55.6 Yes
Spinoleather boots Spinoleather boots Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 1 53 57.3 Yes
Spinoleather coif Spinoleather coif Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 2 55 118 Yes
Spinoleather shield Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 3 56 174 Yes
Spinoleather chaps Spinoleather chaps Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 3 57 182.1 Yes
Spinoleather body Spinoleather body Spinomastyx hide Spinomastyx hide 5 59 312 Yes
Gallileather vambraces Gallileather vambraces Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 1 61 64.1 Yes
Gallileather boots Gallileather boots Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 1 63 65.8 Yes
Gallileather coif Gallileather coif Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 2 65 135 Yes
Gallileather shield Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 3 66 201 Yes
Gallileather chaps Gallileather chaps Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 3 67 207.6 Yes
Gallileather body Gallileather body Gallimastyx hide Gallimastyx hide 5 69 354.5 Yes
Stegoleather vambraces Stegoleather vambraces Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 1 71 72.6 Yes
Stegoleather boots Stegoleather boots Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 1 73 74.3 Yes
Stegoleather coif Stegoleather coif Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 2 75 152 Yes
Stegoleather shield Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 3 76 228 Yes
Stegoleather chaps Stegoleather chaps Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 3 77 233.1 Yes
Stegoleather body Stegoleather body Stegomastyx hide Stegomastyx hide 5 79 397 Yes
Megaleather vambraces Megaleather vambraces Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 1 81 81.1 Yes
Megaleather boots Megaleather boots Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 1 83 82.8 Yes
Megaleather coif Megaleather coif Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 2 85 169 Yes
Megaleather shield Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 3 86 255 Yes
Megaleather chaps Megaleather chaps Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 3 87 258.6 Yes
Megaleather body Megaleather body Megamastyx hide Megamastyx hide 5 89 439.5 Yes
Tyrannoleather vambraces Tyrannoleather vambraces Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 1 91 89.6 Yes
Tyrannoleather boots Tyrannoleather boots Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 1 93 91.3 Yes
Tyrannoleather coif Tyrannoleather coif Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 2 95 186 Yes
Tyrannoleather shield Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 3 96 282 Yes
Tyrannoleather chaps Tyrannoleather chaps Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 2 97 284.1 Yes
Tyrannoleather body Tyrannoleather body Tyrannomastyx hide Tyrannomastyx hide 5 99 482 Yes

Cloth Robes

You can also find and pick various types of plants while Dungeoneering. You will need to use your farming skill to harvest these plants. Refer to our Farming guide for a list of the different types of plants you can harvest and the levels required. Once you have harvested the plants, you will then have to use them on a spinning wheel to turn them into bolts of cloth. After you have a number of bolts, you then will have to use a needle and some thread on them to craft yourself some Magic robes. Below is a table showing the different types of cloths and armors, and the level required to make them.

Name Image Cloth Image/Name Cloth Level Experience Members
Salve gloves Salve gloves Salve cloth Salve cloth 1 1 12.5 No
Salve shoes Salve shoes Salve cloth Salve cloth 1 2 14.2 No
Salve hood Salve hood Salve cloth Salve cloth 2 4 31.8 No
Salve shield Salve cloth Salve cloth 3 6 39 No
Salve robe bottom Salve robe bottom Salve cloth Salve cloth 3 6 52.8 No
Salve robe top Salve robe top Salve cloth Salve cloth 5 8 96.5 No
Salve orb Salve cloth Salve cloth 1 8 9 Yes
Wildercress gloves Wildercress gloves Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 1 10 21 No
Wildercress shoes Wildercress shoes Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 1 12 22.7 No
Wildercress hood Wildercress hood Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 2 14 48.8 No
Wildercress shield Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 3 16 66 No
Wildercress robe bottom Wildercress robe bottom Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 3 16 78.3 No
Wildercress robe top Wildercress robe top Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 5 18 139 No
Wildercress orb Wildercress cloth Wildercress cloth 1 18 16.2 Yes
Blightleaf gloves Blightleaf gloves Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 1 20 29.5 No
Blightleaf shoes Blightleaf shoes Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 1 22 31.2 No
Blightleaf hood Blightleaf hood Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 2 24 65.8 No
Blightleaf shield Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 3 26 93 No
Blightleaf robe bottom Blightleaf robe bottom Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 3 26 103.8 No
Blightleaf robe top Blightleaf robe top Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 5 28 181.5 No
Blightleaf orb Blightleaf cloth Blightleaf cloth 1 28 27 Yes
Roseblood gloves Roseblood gloves Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 1 30 38 No
Roseblood shoes Roseblood shoes Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 1 32 39.7 No
Roseblood hood Roseblood hood Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 2 34 82.8 No
Roseblood shield Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 3 36 120 No
Roseblood robe bottom Roseblood robe bottom Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 3 36 129.3 No
Roseblood robe top Roseblood robe top Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 5 38 224 No
Roseblood orb Roseblood cloth Roseblood cloth 1 38 41.4 Yes
Bryll gloves Bryll gloves Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 1 40 46.5 No
Bryll shoes Bryll shoes Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 1 42 48.2 No
Bryll hood Bryll hood Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 2 44 99.8 No
Bryll shield Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 3 46 147 No
Bryll robe bottom Bryll robe bottom Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 3 46 154.8 No
Bryll robe top Bryll robe top Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 5 48 266.5 No
Bryll orb Bryll cloth Bryll cloth 1 48 59.4 Yes
Duskweed gloves Duskweed gloves Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 1 50 55 Yes
Duskweed shoes Duskweed shoes Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 1 52 56.7 Yes
Duskweed hood Duskweed hood Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 2 54 116.8 Yes
Duskweed shield Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 3 56 174 Yes
Duskweed robe bottom Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 3 56 180.3 Yes
Duskweed robe top Duskweed robe top Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 5 58 309 Yes
Duskweed orb Duskweed cloth Duskweed cloth 1 58 81 Yes
Soulbell gloves Soulbell gloves Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 1 60 63.5 Yes
Soulbell shoes Soulbell shoes Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 1 62 65.2 Yes
Soulbell hood Soulbell hood Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 2 64 133.8 Yes
Soulbell shield Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 3 66 201 Yes
Soulbell robe bottom Soulbell robe bottom Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 3 66 205.8 Yes
Soulbell robe top Soulbell robe top Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 5 68 351.5 Yes
Soulbell orb Soulbell cloth Soulbell cloth 1 68 106.2 Yes
Ectogloves Ectogloves Ectocloth Ectocloth 1 70 72 Yes
Ectoshoes Ectoshoes Ectocloth Ectocloth 1 72 73.7 Yes
Ectohood Ectohood Ectocloth Ectocloth 2 74 150.8 Yes
Ectoshield Ectocloth Ectocloth 3 76 228 Yes
Ectorobe bottom Ectorobe bottom Ectocloth Ectocloth 3 76 231.3 Yes
Ectorobe top Ectorobe top Ectocloth Ectocloth 5 78 394 Yes
Ectosphere Ectocloth Ectocloth 1 78 135 Yes
Runic gloves Runic gloves Runic cloth Runic cloth 1 80 80.5 Yes
Runic shoes Runic shoes Runic cloth Runic cloth 1 82 82.2 Yes
Runic hood Runic hood Runic cloth Runic cloth 2 84 167.8 Yes
Runic shield Runic cloth Runic cloth 3 86 255 Yes
Runic robe bottom Runic robe bottom Runic cloth Runic cloth 3 86 256.8 Yes
Runic robe top Runic robe top Runic cloth Runic cloth 5 88 439.5 Yes
Runic orb Runic cloth Runic cloth 1 88 167.4 Yes
Spiritbloom gloves Spiritbloom gloves Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 1 90 89 Yes
Spiritbloom shoes Spiritbloom shoes Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 1 92 90.7 Yes
Spiritbloom hood Spiritbloom hood Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 2 94 184.8 Yes
Spiritbloom shield Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 3 96 282 Yes
Spiritbloom robe bottom Spiritbloom robe bottom Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 3 96 282.3 Yes
Spiritbloom robe top Spiritbloom robe top Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 5 98 482 Yes
Spiritbloom orb Spiritbloom cloth Spiritbloom cloth 1 98 203.4 Yes


Jewellery is a huge part of crafting. Your crafting level determines what gems you can cut, and what gems you can use and what you can craft.


Picture Gem Name Level to Cut Experience
Uncut Sapphire Sapphire 20 50
Uncut Emerald Emerald 27 67
Uncut Ruby Ruby 34 85
Uncut Diamond Diamond 43 107.5
Uncut Dragonstone Dragonstone 55 137.5
Uncut Onyx Onyx 67 168
Hydrix gem Hydrix 79 197.5
Alchemical Onyx Alchemical Onyx 91 5000

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Shilo Village Rock Gems (Members Only*)

This is a members only feature. If you have completed the Shilo Village quest you will have access to some new gem rocks. Mining each gem yields 65 mining experience. Below is a chart of the gems and the experience received when you cut them with a chisel. You can also crush these gems with a Pestle and mortar, though it yields no crafting experience. It is also possible to fail at cutting these, which ruins them. This is a picture of the crushed gemstone:

Crushed Gemstone

Here is a chart of these gems and the experience gained by cutting them.

Gem Level to Cut Cutting Experience Picture of Uncut Picture of Cut
Opal 1 15 Uncut Opal Opal
Jade 13 20 Uncut Jade Jade
Red topaz 16 25 Uncut topaz Red topaz

Opals can be cut again with a chisel to make Opal bolt tips (earns Fletching experience; more is earned when these are applied to regular Bolts sold in stores). All of the gems can be used in the Tai Bwo Wannai strengthened machetes (Red Topaz is the strongest) or sold at that village for trading sticks.

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Gold Jewellery

To craft gold jewellery do the following:

  1. Get a gold bar. Mine Gold ore (you need level 40 mining) and then use it with a furnace (you need level 40 smithing) to make it into a bar.
  2. Get a gem if you want the piece of jewellery to have a gem in it.
  3. Use a chisel to cut the gem if it isn't already cut.
  4. Get the mould for the kind of Jewellery you want to make (ex. necklace mould if you want to make a necklace).
  5. Use the gold bar with the furnace and select what you want to make.

Note: You must have the mould for what you want to make in your inventory.

Below is a table of all the craftable items made with gold.

Item Ring Image Level to Craft Ring Ring Crafting Exp Necklace Image Level to Craft Necklace Necklace Crafting Exp
Gold Gold Ring 5 15 Gold Necklace 6 20
Sapphire Sapphire Ring 20 40 Sapphire Necklace 22 55
Emerald Emerald Ring 27 55 Emerald Necklace 29 60
Ruby Ruby Ring 34 70 Ruby Necklace 40 75
Diamond Diamond Ring 43 85 Diamond Necklace 56 90
Dragonstone Dragonstone Ring 55 100 Dragonstone Necklace 72 105
Onyx Onyx Ring 67 115 Onyx Necklace 82 120
Hydrix Hydrix Ring 79 130 Hydrix Necklace 90 135
Alchemical onyx ring Alchemical onyx ring 91 4115
Item Bracelet Image Level to Craft Bracelet Bracelet Crafting Exp Amulet Image Level to Craft Amulet Amulet Crafting Exp
Gold Gold Bracelet 7 25 Gold Amulet 8 30
Sapphire Sapphire Bracelet 23 60 Sapphire Amulet 24 65
Emerald Emerald Bracelet 30 65 Emerald Amulet 31 70
Ruby Ruby Bracelet 42 80 Ruby Amulet 50 85
Diamond Diamond Bracelet 58 95 Diamond Amulet 70 100
Dragonstone Dragon Bracelet 74 110 Dragonstone Amulet 80 150
Onyx Onyx Bracelet 84 125 Onyx Amulet 90 165
Hydrix Hydrix bracelet 94 140 Hydrix Amulet 99 180

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Silver Jewellery

Instructions to make all Silver items are the same; details on obtaining moulds and enchanting items varies.

  1. Find a silver rock (Southwest Varrock mine, Al Kharid chasm mine, and lots in the Crafting Guild if you can get in) and mine it (level 20 Mining required).
  2. Go to a furnace and use the Silver ore with the furnace to smelt it into a Silver bar (level 20 Smithing required).
  3. Now, get the desired mould (see below for information).
  4. Go back to the furnace and use the Silver bar with the furnace. A popup menu will ask what you would like to make. Click the desired picture.
Item Image Level to Craft Crafting Exp
Opal ring Opal ring 1 10
Opal necklace Opal necklace 16 11.5
Opal bracelet Opal bracelet 22 12.5
Opal amulet Opal amulet 27 15
Jade ring Jade ring 13 13
Jade necklace Jade necklace 25 15
Jade bracelet Jade bracelet 29 17
Jade amulet Jade amulet 34 20
Topaz ring 16 15
Topaz necklace 32 20
Topaz bracelet 38 25
Topaz amulet 45 30

Holy Symbol of Saradomin

You need level 16 crafting to make one. It gives 50 crafting experience per Holy Symbol. These are used to make your prayer last longer. Holy Symbol moulds are available at Crafting Shops (Rimmington and Al Kharid) for five gold coins. A spawn is located inside the Crafting Guild.

Once the symbol is made, it cannot be worn without a string. Get a Ball of wool, and use it with the Holy Symbol. Now you can wear the Holy Symbol but it does not give any prayer bonus.

Go to Brother Jered in the Prayer Guild (level 31 Prayer required), and talk to him. If you have the strung Holy Symbol with you, he will ask you if you want him to 'Bless' your Holy Symbol. This is free. In case you don't know where the Prayer Guild is, it's in the Monastery. Go to either wing of the Monastery and go up the ladder.

Picture: Holy Symbol

Unholy Symbol of Zamorak (Members Only*)

After you finish the Observatory Quest, go to the Zamorak Worshipping Site north of it. Talk to the Spirit of Scorpius for an Unholy symbol Mould (You can get them unlimited times; they are not tradeable). Level 17 Crafting is required to make one, earning 50 xp. After stringing it (use a Ball of wool on it), head back to the Spirit of Scorpius to have him "bless" it. It gives +2 in all attack stats and +8 Prayer when worn.

Picture: Unholy Symbol

Silver Sickle (Members Only*)

Follow the same procedure as with any other silver item, but this time use a Sickle mould, which can be bought at the crafting store in Al Kharid. It gives 50 experience. You can get it blessed by taking it to the Nature Spirit grotto in Mort Myre swamp. The Silver sickle(b) ("blessed") can be used to Cast Bloom. This is used in Mort Myre Swamp to generate items for your Druid pouch, and to fight Ghasts, but it can also be used for a pretty effect at weddings (consumes prayer).

Picture: Silver Sickle


Follow the same procedure as with any other silver item, but this time use a Tiara mould, which can be bought at any Crafting store. It gives 52.5 xp. Lvl 23 needed to make them. 5 exp per air rune... 25 exp per air tiara 5.5 exp per mind rune... You can enchant it by Using it on the desired Rune altar while carrying the related rune talisman. See the Runecrafting Skill Guide for more information.

Picture: Tiara

Silver bolts (Members Only*)

Making these is again the same process as with any other silver item. The mould you use this time is called the Bolt Mould. It can be obtained in the crafting shops in Rimmington and Al Kharid. You need level 21 to make these bolts and it gives 5 exp each.

Bolt Mould: Bolts Mould

the bolts can be used in the Ranging skill, you must wield a Steel crossbow or better to fire these (level 31 Ranged required).

Silver bolts (with feathers attached): Silver Bolts

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Dyeing Capes

It is possible to change the color of capes by using certain dyes on them. Dyes can be bought from the Witch, Aggie, in Draynor Village, and purple dye spawns outside of the walls of the southwest corner of East Ardougne.

Orange Cape Orange: Mix yellow dye with red dye and then apply to any color cape. You will gain 2.5 experience for this.

Green Cape Green: Mix yellow dye with blue dye and then apply to any color cape. You will gain 2.5 experience for this.

Purple Cape Purple: Mix red dye with blue dye and then apply to any color cape. You will gain 2.5 experience for this.

Red Cape Red: Just apply a red dye to any color cape. You will gain 2.5 experience for this.

Blue Cape Blue: Just apply a blue dye to any color cape. You will gain 2.5experience for this.

Yellow Cape Yellow: Just apply a yellow dye to any color cape. You will gain 2.5 experience for this.

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Limestone (Members Only*)

Limestone can be purchased at the Mort'ton Building-supplies store, or mined at Limestone mines. On the Members-only path East of Varrock that leads to Canifis, the mine is north of the path shortly before you reach the Temple. The other Limestone mine is in Tirannwn, southeast of the south gate to Prifddinas. Using a chisel on Limestone creates a Limestone brick and earns 6xp crafting. Both Limestone and Limestone bricks can be used to rebuild the Mort'ton temple, which earns 5 xp at a time (see Shades of Mort'ton quest guide for details.)
Limestone Limestone Limestone brick Limestone Brick

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Snelms (Members Only*)

Snail helmets (or "snelms") can be made by members who have completed the Priest in Peril Quest. Venture into Mort Myre swamp and kill a snail with the shell you fancy (there are 9 in all). An elemental shield is recommended as their acid attack is magical. You will get a snail shell and a snail corpse. Use a chisel on the shell (requires Level 15 crafting!) to make a snelm, earning 32.5 xp.

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Carapace Armor

Carapace armor is crafted from Carapace dropped by the cockroaches in the Stronghold of Player Safety.

Image Item Name # of Carapace Needed Required Level Experience
Carapace helm Carapace helm 2 33 24
Carapace torso Carapace torso 3 35 36
Carapace legs Carapace legs 2 34 24
Carapace gloves Carapace gloves 1 30 12
Carapace boots Carapace boots 1 31 12

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Snakeskin Armor (Members Only*)

Picture Skin to make XP Gained Level Needed to Craft
Snakeskin Body Snakeskin body (15 Skins) 55 53
Snakeskin Chaps Snakeskin chaps (12 Skins) 47 51
Snakeskin Vambraces Snakeskin vambraces (8 Skins) 38 47
Snakeskin Boots Snakeskin boots (6 Skins) 30 45
Snakeskin Bandana Snakeskin bandana (5 Skins) 44 48
Broodoo Shield Broodoo shield (2 Skins) 100 35

There are currently 4 ways of obtaining Snake hides:

  • Buy them from other players
  • Kill a snake and skin it with a knife during Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble mini-game.
  • Kill a snake that randomly jumps out of bushes during the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini-game.
  • Kill snakes just north of the village of Mos le' harmless (requires the completion of the Cabin Fever quest).
    NOTE: these type of snakes can poison you up to 3 continuously.

Snakehide on Moss le' harmless

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Sirenic Armor (Members Only*)

Sirenic is the most powerful ranged armor in the game. It is crafted from Sirenic scales, which are rare drops from high-level Slayer monsters with a ranged weakness, and Algarum thread.

Image Item Name Sirenic Scales Needed Required Level Experience
Sirenic mask Sirenic mask 14 91 500
Sirenic hauberk Sirenic hauberk 42 93 1500
Sirenic chaps Sirenic chaps 28 92 1000

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Farming Items

Weaving empty vegetable sacks takes 4 jute fibers and gives 38 exp per sack.

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Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

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