Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
51 Agility
51 Hunter
54 Smithing
59 Mining
Must have claimed Varrock Museum kudos for completing the Shield of Arrav quest.
Must be able to fight multiple level 86 enemies.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Spade (Spade in toolbox will not work), Pickaxe (any kind), Redberry pie, Blurite ore, Light source, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
2 Varrock teleport methods, Amulet of glory (4), and Food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
15K Hunter XP Lamp, 10K Defence XP Lamp, 10K Mining XP Lamp, 10K Smithing XP Lamp, 2K Agility XP Lamp, access to the Chaos Temple Dungeon, 5 Kudos in Varrock Museum, an Antique lamp (granting 1K XP in the skill of your choice) from Historian Minas on the first floor of the Museum, 2 Treasure Hunter keys, and 2 Hearts of Ice for use in Treasure Hunter.
Start Point:
Northwestern tower of the Varrock Palace.
To Start:
Talk to Captain Rovin.
  1. Head up the northwestern tower of the Varrock Palace and talk to Captain Rovin. He will tell you that Hartwin, his scout, has seen an army of zombies at the Graveyard of Shadows and will call for him. Hartwin will appear and give you a more detailed explanation of his findings. Captain Rovin will then ask you and Hartwin to investigate it further.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Varrock is by using the Varrock teleport spell (requires 25 Magic). If you die while Hartwin is following you, you will have to meet up with him again at the northwestern tower of the Varrock Palace.

    Captain Rovin

  2. Speak to Hartwin again and he will teleport you into the Wilderness, close to the Graveyard of Shadows. Head into the graveyard and Hartwin will tell you that there was an army. You will notice the zombie tracks.

    Note: During the quest, the areas in the Wilderness where the quest takes place will be safe and other players will not be able to attack you. If at any point you wish to leave the Wilderness, simply step out of the safe area.

    Graveyard of Shadows

  3. Inspect the nearby trees, tree stumps, bushes, rocks, and bones to uncover the tracks. In one of the trees, you will find a Grubby key.

    Grubby Key

  4. Keep inspecting objects until you notice that the footpaths stop. Talk to Simon and ask him about the zombie army. He will inform you that he saw them heading towards the Chaos altar. Use the Grubby key to open the trapdoor behind the altar and descend down the trapdoor


  5. As you go down the trapdoor, you will get attacked by a number of Armoured zombies (level 86). Run past them and look-over the balcony to the north. A cut scene about 3 Mahjarrats and Arrav will occur.

    Look-over balcony

  6. Head west and grab 3 Bottles from the floor. Now, you must kill 3 Armoured zombies and use the Bottles to catch the red mist, that they emit upon death. When you have gathered 3 Bottles of mist, go through the door to the west and a cut scene will occur, featuring Arrav. Collect the red mist from 3 more Armoured zombies and proceed through the next door. Look-over another balcony and a cut scene will occur in which Zemouregal reveals the details of his plan to attack Varrock. Once the cut scene has ended, Hartwin will give you a Varrock teleport tablet and ask you to speak to Captain Rovin.

    Red Mist

  7. Teleport to Varrock and inform Captain Rovin about what you have discovered. He will ask you to talk to Thurgo, an Imcando dwarf. Make your way to Thurgo's hut, south of Port Sarim and ask him about the shield of Arrav. He will tell you to go to Camdozaal, the Imcando Dwarf Hall under Ice Mountain, and give you a Scrap of paper with the coordinates of its location.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Thurgo's hut is by using the Fairy Ring code AIQ, or by using the port sarim home teleport and running south. If you forgot to bring a Blurite ore, then head into the nearby Blurite Dungeon and mine one.


  8. Head to the White Tree on top of the Ice Mountain, west of Edgeville, and dig just to the east of it. You will dig a hole out of the snow. Now, use a pickaxe with the churned-up snow to clear the rubble. Enter the hole and crawl to Camdozaal.

    Note: The easiest way to reach the Ice Mountain is by using the Amulet of glory (4) to teleport to Edgeville.

    Ice Mountain

  9. Walk a bit south and talk to Ramarno, the sage of the Imcando dwarves. He will only help you unlock the power of the Shield of Arrav, if you prove that you can smith. Use a Blurite ore with the nearby sacred forge and talk to Ramarno again. He will use his magic to light up the forge and a cut scene will occur in which you discover how to unlock the shields' power.

    Note: If you give Ramarno a Redberry pie, you will receive 1K Smithing XP.


  10. Return to the Varrock Palace. As you approach the palace, you will see a cut scene of the zombie invasion. Dodge the attack of Armoured zombies and inform Captain Rovin about what you have learned about the shield and he will give you the Restored shield. He will then tell you to look in the library for its descendants. Head downstairs to the library and talk to Reldo, who will tell you to look for the list of elders and to consult the Varrock Census.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Varrock is by using the Varrock teleport spell (requires 25 Magic).


  11. Pick up the List of elders lying on the floor and match the mentioned surnames to those in the Varrock Census at the back of the library to find the living descendants of the elders. Talk to each one of the descendants. All of them will try to activate the Restored shield's powers but only one of them will tell you that he is not a blood descendant. He will then explain that his great-grandfather was adopted and that last descendant married a person of the Fitzharmon family.

    Note: The person who will tell you about Dimintheis differs from player to player.

    Varrock Census

  12. Head to the fenced-off area, southeast of the Varrock east bank, and talk to Dimintheis at his house. A cut scene will occur of all the zombies being defeated by Dimintheis with the Shield of Arrav.


  13. Return to Captain Rovin to claim your reward.

    Note: You may speak to Historian Minas at the Varrock Museum to receive 5 kudos and an Antique lamp, granting 1K XP in the skill of your choice.

    Congratulations! Quest Completed!

    Quest Completed

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