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Bow string

Materials needed to make a Bow string:

  • Flax
  • A spinning wheel
  1. Go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, everything you need is here.
  2. Next, go to the spinning wheel and outside is a field of Flax. Pick some and then go up the ladder to the spinning wheel.
  3. Spin the Flax into Bow strings and then deposit it all in the bank.
  4. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Picture: Bow string


Materials needed to make bows:

Note: The values shown in the table below are after you have strung the bows! You receive half of the experience when you cut the bow from the log, and the other half once you have strung it! Example: For the Oak shieldbow, you will receive 25 experience points for cutting the bow, and 25 experience points for stringing it for a grand total of 50 experience points.

Picture Bow Name Level To Make Experience
(Cut and Strung)
Range Level To Wield
Shortbow Shortbow 5 10 1
Longbow Shieldbow 10 20 1
Oak Shortbow Oak shortbow 20 33 5
Oak Longbow Oak shieldbow 25 50 5
Willow Shortbow Willow shortbow 35 66.6 20
Willow Longbow Willow shieldbow 40 83 20
Maple Shortbow Maple shortbow 50 100 30
Maple Longbow Maple shieldbow 55 116.6 30
Yew Shortbow Yew shortbow 65 133 40
Yew Longbow Yew shieldbow 70 150 40
Magic Shortbow Magic shortbow 80 166.6 50
Magic Longbow Magic shieldbow 85 183 50
Elder shortbow Elder shortbow* 90 202.4 60
Elder shieldbow Elder shieldbow* 95 232.8 60

*Members only items

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Materials needed to make arrows:

To make an arrow, you must cut some Logs and use a Knife to cut them into Arrow shafts. By adding Feathers to the Arrows shafts, you will only need to add arrowsheads to complete the arrows. Arrowheads can either be purchased from a member's archery store, or smithed at an anvil. Feathers can either be bought from the fishing shop in Port Sarim, by killing Chickens, or by catching birds in the Hunter skill.

NOTE: You make 15 arrows at a time! Bronze will only yield you 39.5 xp, not 39.5 x 15.

Picture Arrow Name Level To Make Total Experience Minimum Bow To Wield
Arrow shafts Arrow shafts 1 5 N/A
Headless arrows Headless arrows 1 15 N/A
Bronze arrows Bronze arrows 1 39.5 Any
Iron arrows Iron arrows 15 57.5 Any
Steel arrows Steel arrows 30 95 Oak
Mithril arrows Mithril arrows 45 132.5 Willow
Adamant arrows Adamant arrows 60 165 Maple
Rune arrows Rune arrows 75 207.5 Yew
Dragon arrows Dragon arrows* 90 225 Elder bows or Dark bow only
Dark arrow Dark arrows* 95 262.5 Any
Stalker arrow Stalker arrows* 95 262.5 Any

*Members only items

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Repairing arrows

Materials needed to repair arrows:

Use a Broken arrow on the repair equipment, you will either permanently destroy it or receive a random new arrow. 8 Fletching experience is earned per successfully repaired arrow.

Ogre bows and arrows*

Materials needed to make ogre arrows:

You must have completed the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest to make Ogre arrows. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Cut some logs from the Achey Trees in the Feldip Hills.
  2. Use a Knife on them to make Ogre arrow shafts* (yield varies, from 2 to 6).
  3. Add Feathers to make Flighted ogre arrows* (at least 4 Feathers per arrow).
  4. Finally, kill some Wolves (any kind) and use a Chisel with their bones to get Wolfbone arrowtips. Making Wolfbone arrowtips earns 2.5 xp each, though the yield varies from 2 to 6, the xp each is constant.
  5. Add the Wolfbone arrowtips to the Flighted ogre arrows to make Ogre Arrows.

After the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, you can make Comp ogre bows and Brutal arrows. The Comp ogre bow is made by using a Knife on an Achey tree log while carrying Wolf bones. To make Brutal arrows, use the desired type of nails on a Flighted ogre arrow while having a Hammer in your inventory or on your toolbelt. (Black nails may be found in coffins or as a drop from Zogres. Comp ogre bows and Brutal arrows may also be purchased from Uglug Nor after you've sold him one Relicym's balm (4) as described in the Zogre Flesh Eathers quest guide.) These can be used to hunt Chompy birds or for everyday Ranged combat.

Picture Bow Name Level To Make Experience
(Cut and Strung)
Range Level To Wield
Ogre Bow Ogre bow* N/A (Quest) N/A (Quest) 30
Comp ogre bow Comp ogre bow* 30 90 30

*Members only items

Picture Arrow Name Level To Make Experience (Feather/Making Shafts) Minimum Bow To Wield
Ogre arrowshafts Ogre arrow shafts 5 1.6 xp per shaft N/A
Headless ogre arrows Flighted ogre arrows* 5 0.9 N/A
Ogre arrows Ogre arrows* 5 1 Ogre
Bronze brutal arrow Bronze brutal arrows* 7 1.4 Ogre
Iron brutal arrow Iron brutal arrows* 18 2.6 Ogre
Steel brutal arrow Steel brutal arrows* 33 5.1 Ogre
Black brutal arrow Black brutal arrows* 38 6.4 Ogre
Mithril brutal arrow Mithril brutal arrows* 49 7.6 Ogre
Adamant brutal arrow Adamant brutal arrows* 62 10.1 Ogre
Rune brutal arrow Rune brutal arrows* 77 12.6 Ogre

*Members only items

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Broad arrows and bolts:

Materials needed to make Broad arrows and bolts:

Broad arrows*:

Broad-tipped bolts*:

NOTE - You make 15 arrows or 10 bolts at a time.

Picture Item Name Level To Make Experience
Broad arrows Broad arrows* 52 15
Broad-tipped botls Broad-tipped bolts* 55 3

*Members only items

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Materials needed to make crossbows:

  • Logs (The type of log you use determines the crossbow made)
  • Knife
  • Limbs (The type of limbs you use determines the crossbow made)
  • Crossbow string

How to make crossbows

  1. Use a Knife on the appropriate logs to fletch a stock.
  2. While having a hammer in your inventory or on your toolbelt, use the appropriate metal bar on an anvil to make the limbs (refer to the Smithing guide for the required level), or buy the required limbs from a crossbow sales dwarf (Hirko, Hura, or Holoy).
  3. Use the limbs with a stock to make an unstrung crossbow.
  4. Use a Crossbow string on the unstrung crossbow to get the final crossbow.
Fletching lvl Log Stock Fletching XP Limbs Unstrung c'bow Fletching XP String Fletching XP Crossbow Total Fletching XP
9 Logs Wooden stock 6 Bronze limbs Bronze c'bow(u) 6 Crossbow string 6 Bronze c'bow 18
24 Oak Logs Oak stock 16 Blurite Limbs Blurite c'bow(u) 32 Crossbow string 16 Blurite c'bow 64
39 Willow Logs Willow stock 22 Iron Limbs Iron c'bow(u) 44 Crossbow string 22 Iron c'bow 88
46 Teak Logs Teak stock 27 Steel Limbs Steel c'bow(u) 54 Crossbow string 27 Steel c'bow 108
54 Maple Logs Maple stock 32 Mithril Limbs Mithril c'bow(u) 64 Crossbow string 32 Mithril c'bow 128
61 Mahogany Logs Mahogany Stock 41 Adamant limbs Adamant c'bow (u) 82 Crossbow string 41 Adamant c'bow 164
69 Yew Logs Yew Stock 50 Rune Limbs Runite c'bow (u) 100 Crossbow string 50 Rune c'bow 200
92* Magic logs Magic stock 100 Dragon limbs Dragon c'bow(u) 200 Crossbow string 100 Dragon c'bow 400

*Members only items

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You must have completed The Tourist Trap quest to make darts.

Materials needed to make darts:

Use the appropriate tip with feathers to create darts you want.

Picture Dart Name Level To Make Experience
Bronze dart Bronze dart 1 1.8
Iron dart Iron dart 22 3.2
Steel dart Steel dart 37 7.5
Mithril dart Mithril dart 52 11.2
Adamant dart Adamant dart 67 15.0
Rune dart Rune dart 81 18.8
Dragon dart Dragon dart* 95 25

*Members only items

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Materials needed to make bolts

  • Unf bolts, made using the Smithing skill.
  • Feathers
  • Bolt tips (optional), to make stronger bolts.
Regular Bolts
Name Bolt(unf) Level Required Finished Bolt Experience
Bronze bolts Bronze(unf) 9 Bronze 0.5
Blurite bolts Blurite(unf) 24 Blurite 1
Iron bolts Iron(unf) 39 Iron 1.5
Silver bolts Silver(unf) 43 Silver 2.5
Steel bolts Steel(unf) 46 Steel 3.5
Mithril bolts Mithril(unf) 54 Mithril 5
Adamant bolts Adamant(unf) 61 Adamant 7
Runite bolts Rune(unf) 69 Rune 10
Jewel-tipped bolts
Tips Name Bolt Type Level To Fletch Experience Result Name
Opal bolt tips Bronze 11 1.6 Opal bolts
Jade bolt tips Blurite 26 2.4 Jade bolts
Pearl bolt tips Iron 41 3.2 Pearl bolts
Topaz bolt tips Steel 48 3.9 Topaz bolts
Barb bolttips* Bronze 51 9.5 Barbed bolts
Sapphire bolt tips Mithril 56 4.7 Sapphire bolts
Emerald bolt tops Mithril 58 5.5 Emerald bolts
Mith grapple tip* Mithril 59 11 Mith grapple
Ruby bolt tips Adamant 63 6.3 Ruby bolts
Diamond bolt tips Adamant 65 7 Diamond bolts
Dragon bolt tips* Rune 71 8.2 Dragon bolts
Onyx bolt tips* Rune 73 9.4 Onyx bolts
Hydrix bolt tips* Ascension 80 10.6 Ascendri bolts

*Members only items

Bakriminel bolts:

Materials needed:

Bakriminel bolts must be fletched (requires level 93 Fletching and gives 13 experience) from Bloodwood logs, you must be standing within a two square range of the Bloodwood tree the logs were cut from. If you do not do this the logs or shafts will disappear (85 Woodcutting is required to cut the logs).

In addition to normal Bakriminel bolts, Members can top them with gemstone bolt tips and enchant them to create two more types of bolts.

Tips Bolt Level To Fletch Experience Magic Level To Enchant Enchanted
Opal bolt tips Opal bakriminel bolt 89 11.4 89 Opal bakriminel bolt (e)
Sapphire bolt tips Sapphire bakriminel bolts 90 11.5 90 Sapphire bakriminel bolts (e)
Jade bolt tips Jade bakriminel bolts 91 11.6 91 Jade bakriminel bolts (e)
Pearl bolt tips Pearl bakriminel bolts 92 11.7 92 Pearl bakriminel bolts (e)
Emerald bolt tips Emerald bakriminel bolts 93 11.8 93 Emerald bakriminel bolts (e)
Topaz bolt tips Red topaz bakriminel bolts 94 11.9 94 Red topaz bakriminel bolts (e)
Ruby bolt tips Ruby bakriminel bolts 95 12 95 Ruby bakriminel bolts (e)
Diamond bolt tips Diamond bakriminel bolts 96 12.1 96 Diamond bakriminel bolts (e)
Dragon bolt tips Dragonstone bakriminel bolts 97 12.4 97 Dragonstone bakriminel bolts (e)
Onyx bolt tips Onyx bakriminel bolts 98 12.5 98 Onyx bakriminel bolts (e)
Hyrdix bolt tips Hydrix bakriminel bolts 99 12.6 99 Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e)

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Alchemy Values

The following values (coins received) are based on Low and High Alchemy spells used on strung and unstrung bows.

Bow Name Unstrung Strung
Low Alchemy High Alchemy Low Alchemy High Alchemy
Shortbow 9 15 20 30
Shieldbow 24 36 32 48
Oak shortbow 20 30 40 60
Oak shieldbow 32 48 64 96
Willow shortbow 40 60 80 120
Willow shieldbow 64 96 128 192
Maple shortbow 80 120 160 240
Maple shieldbow 128 192 256 384
Yew shortbow 160 240 320 480
Yew shieldbow 256 384 512 768
Magic shortbow 320 480 640 960
Magic shieldbow 512 768 1024 1536

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Jadinko Lair*

When you have lit a fire, you can use a straight root on it to harden it. You can then fletch these into Sagaie shafts, which requires 83 Fletching.

To create a sagaie weapon, you will need to attach Mutated vines to the shafts.

Mutated vines can also be combined with 2 Excrescences (from killing Mutated jadinkos) to create Bolas (87 Fletching is required to make Bolas).

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Dungeoneering Fletching:

Players can fletch arrows, bows, staves, wands, and traps from branches obtained within the Daemonheim dungeons. Refer to the Dungeoneering skill guide for more information.


Name Image Level Required Experience Members Only?
Tangle gum shortbow Tangle gum shortbow 1 5 No
Tangle gum longbow Tangle gum shortbow 6 5.7 No
Seeping elm shortbow Seeping Elm Shortbow 11 9 No
Seeping elm longbow Seeping elm longbow 16 10.3 No
Blood spindle shortbow Blood spindle shortbow 21 15 No
Blood spindle longbow Blood spindle longbow 26 17.2 No
Utuku shortbow Utuku shortbow 31 23 No
Utuku longbow Utuku longbow 36 26.4 No
Spinebeam shortbow Spinebeam shortbow 41 33 No
Spinebeam longbow Spinebeam longbow 46 37.9 No
Bovistrangler shortbow Bovistrangler shortbow 51 45 No
Bovistrangler longbow Bovistrangler longbow 56 51.7 No
Thigat shortbow Thigat shortbow 61 59 No*
Thigat longbow Thigat longbow 66 67.8 No*
Corpsethorn shortbow Corpsethorn shortbow 71 75 Yes
Corpsethorn longbow Corpsethorn longbow 76 86.2 Yes
Entgallow shortbow Entgallow shortbow 81 93 Yes
Entgallow longbow Entgallow longbow 86 106.9 Yes
Grave creeper shortbow Grave creeper shortbow 91 113 Yes
Grave creeper longbow Grave creeper longbow 96 129.9 Yes

*Free players can wield but not make these items.

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When Fletching arrows in Dungeoneering, you will receive regular arrow shafts no matter what branch they are fletched from. The number of shafts that are received differs by the branch used.

Arrow Type Image Level Required Experience Members Only?
Novite arrows Novite arrows 1 19.5 No
Bathus arrows Bathus arrows 11 37.5 No
Marmaros arrows Marmaros arrows 22 75 No
Kratonite arrows Kratonite arrows 33 112.5 No
Fractite arrows Fractite arrows 44 150 No
Zephyrium arrows Zephyrium arrows 55 187.5 No
Argonite arrows Argonite arrows 66 225 No*
Katagon arrows Katagon arrows 77 262.5 Yes
Gorgonite arrows Gorgonite arrows 88 300 Yes
Promethium arrows Promethium arrows 99 300 Yes

*Free players can wield but not make these items.

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Clicking the 'Fletch' option on a branch will give you an option window to choose what you would like to make. Branches can be bought from the Smuggler, or cut from trees in the dungeon. The branches shown below on the table can be made into any staff available from lower level branches. To imbue the staff with the desired element, you must use the staff on the Runecrafting altar. You must be 2 levels higher than the Fletching level required for each type of staff.

Name Image Level Required Experience Members Only?
Tangle gum staff Tangle gum staff 8 9 No
Seeping elm staff Seeping elm staff 18 16.2 No
Blood spindle staff Blood spindle staff 28 27 No
Utuku staff Utuku staff 38 41.4 No
Spinebeam staff Blood spindle staff 48 59.4 No
Bovistrangler staff Bovistrangler staff 58 81 No
Thigat staff Thigat staff 68 106.2 No*
Corpsethorn staff Corpsethorn staff 78 135 Yes
Entgallow staff Entgallow staff 88 167.4 Yes
Grave creeper staff Grave creeper staff 98 203.4 Yes

*Free players can wield but not make these items.

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Wands are made in the same way as Staves.

Name Image Level Required Experience Members Only?
Tangle gum wand Tangle gum wand 8 9 No
Seeping elm wand Seeping elm wand 18 16.2 No
Blood spindle wand Blood spindle wand 28 27 No
Utuku wand Utuku wand 38 41.4 No
Spinebeam wand Spinebeam wand 48 59.4 No
Bovistrangler wand Bovistrangler wand 58 81 No
Thigat wand Thigat wand 68 106.2 No*
Corpsethorn wand Corpsethorn wand 78 135 Yes
Entgallow wand Entgallow wand 88 167.4 Yes
Grave creeper wand Grave creeper wand 98 203.4 Yes

*Free players can wield but not make these items.

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Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

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Capes of Accomplishment

Fletching Skill Cape Set

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Hickton to purchase a Fletching cape for 99,000 Coins.

Fletching Master Skill

Once you have achieved level 120, Hickton will sell you the Fletching master cape for 120,000 Coins.


Note that as of December 2018, another one of Mod Daze's Easter Eggs have been found. This enables you to purchase a Skillcape for half price (only from Hickton, not Elen) if you are wearing a Ring of Charos (a). Be aware that "Half price" is 92,000 Coins as the experience at level 92 is approximately half way to level 99.

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