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Lets begin with some basic definitions of magic-related items:

  • Rune - Runes are stones with magical qualities that allow you to cast spells.
  • Staff - The staff is the basic weapon used by the wizard. Certain staffs are more powerful than others, and some take the place of certain runes (more on that later).
  • Robes - Robes are the only clothing made especially for mages. Robes are very light, which allows mages to run farther than if they were in metal armor, and they also add to our maging capabilities, unlike armor, which lowers the amount of damage you do and the experience you gain.
  • Mage - One who uses magic.

Magic can be a very powerful form of combat, especially when you have unlocked the use of Ancient Magicks and have a sufficiently high Magic level as these spells have special effects in addition to high damage. To be able cast combat spells, you will need to be wielding either a staff, wand or magic off-hand (tables detailing all of these are found below). Furthermore, Magic damage is limited by the level of your weapon and so you will need the appropriate equipment for the level of spell you are casting to be able to use Magic in combat to its full potential e.g. surge spells will require you to use a level 80+ weapon to deal their full damage.

Magic is also extremely useful outside of combat are and there are large number of spells specifically designed to aid you in skilling and getting around Gielinor.

To look at the spells you can cast, access the Ability book and click on the Magic tab. Hover your mouse over the spells and you will see the level and the runes required for the spell:

Spell information

If you have the runes, it will show the amount of runes you have next to the amount required for the spell.

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To get runes to cast spells, you can buy them from either rune store (one in Port Sarim, one in Varrock). The rune store in Port Sarim is cheaper than the one in Varrock, but it only stocks 1000 of each basic rune opposed to the 5000 in Varrock. The stores stock air, fire, water, earth, body, mind, chaos, and death runes. Runes can also be bought in the Magic Guild (Yanille) and the Mage Arena. Another very good way to get runes is to craft them yourself. Refer to the Runecrafting Skill Guide for information. Consult the following chart to see a mini-picture of each rune, and some details:

Rune Image Classification Spawning Location(s)
Air Air Rune Elemental Musa Point behind Luthas' house, in the forest west of Lumbridge, Dark Warriors Castle
Armadyl Armadyl Rune Used for the Storm of Armadyl spell None
Astral* Astral Rune Used for Lunar Magicks None
Blood* Blood Rune Ancient magicks and some Lunar spells Wilderness
Body Body Rune Weaken and some Lunar spells Al Kharid Scimitar Shop, Northwest Varrock, Wilderness
Chaos Chaos Rune Curse, Teleport block and Vulnerability Dark Warriors Castle, Wilderness
Cosmic Cosmic Rune Used for Enchantment Deep Wilderness on the Ice Plateau
Death Death Rune Ancient magicks, Slayer dart and Vengeance spells Southeast of Yanille surrounded by Grey Wolves
Earth Earth Rune Elemental North Varrock Forest, Varrock Sewers
Fire Fire Rune Elemental Al Kharid Mine, Karamja Dungeon, Merlin's Workshop in Camelot Castle
Law Law Rune Used for Teleportation and Telekinesis No spawn point, you need to kill monsters
Mind Mind Rune Confuse, Stagger and Monster examine Lumbridge Castle, Varrock sewers
Nature Nature Rune Used for Conversion Wilderness, Ardougne (chests), Rellekka north shore island (requires Telegrab)
Soul* Soul Rune Used for High Level Curse Attacks and Teleother spells Wizard's Guild
Water Water Rune Elemental Al-Kharid Mine

*Members-Only Runes

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Combination Runes (Members-only)

Combination runes act as one of each supporting rune. For example, casting the Earth surge spell (normally requiring 5 Earth and Air) would require only 5 Dust runes. Refer to the Runecrafting Skill Guide for details on making these runes.

Rune Image Acts As Best Use {Other Uses}
Mist Mist Rune Picture Air and Water Water missile attacks
Dust Dust Rune Picture Air and Earth Earth missile attacks
Mud Mud Rune Picture Earth and Water Bind, Snare, Vulnerability, Enfeeble, Entangle, Stun, Bones to bananas, Enchant lvl-5 jewelry
Smoke Smoke Rune Picture Air and Fire Ancient Magic Smoke attacks, Fire missile attacks
Steam Steam Rune Picture Fire and Water Ape Atoll Teleport
Lava Lava Rune Picture Earth and Fire Enchant lvl-6 jewelry

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Spells and Abilities

The spellbook is accessed through the Ability book and is divided into four sections: Abilities, Combat-spells, Teleport-spells and Skilling-spells. The images below show each section, in the same order as the aforementioned list. The spells that are darkened (all of the ones shown here) cannot be cast because you do not have the right amount of runes or magic level needed to cast them.

Abilities Combat Spells Teleport Spells Skill Spells

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Magic Abilities

Below is a table of all the magic abilities that you can use while wielding a magic weapon during combat. For more information on using abilities see our Combat guide.

Magic Abilities Abiliy
Cooldown Description
Wrack Wrack Basic 1 None 3 Seconds A powerful spell that deals up to 94% active spell damage. Inflicts 125% damage against stunned opponents.
Asphyxiate Asphyxiate Threshold 1 None 20 Seconds Reach out with magical force and choke the life from your target over 6 seconds, dealing damage every 2 seconds. Your target is stunned for the duration of this effect. Combo attack.
Omnipower Omnipower Ultimate 2 None 30 Seconds Bombard your target with each of the 4 elements, dealing damage equal to 200-400% of your active spell's damage.
Dragon Breath Dragon Breath Basic 5 None 10 Seconds Breathe a mighty cloud of fire in a frontal cone, hitting all targets for damage up to 188% of active spell damage, disabling protection prayers in PvP.
Sonic Wave Sonic Wave Basic 8 Two-handed magic weapon 5 Seconds A focused blast of magic that pummels your target, damaging and knocking them off balance. Deals 157% of your active spell's damage. Your next attack has a 10% bonus to accuracy against the affected target.
Impact Impact Basic 10 None 15 Seconds Blast your target with a burst of magical energy, interrupting their attacks and binding them for a short time and dealing 100% of your active spell's damage.
Concentrated Blast Concentrated Blast Basic 12 Dual wield magic weapons 5 Seconds Blast your target with three beams of concentrated energy. Each beam deals 75% of your active spell's damage and increases by 7% with each beam. Combo attack.
Deep Impact Deep Impact Threshold 15 None 15 Seconds Blast your target with a burst of magical energy, interrupting their attacks and binding them for a short time and dealing 200% of your active spell's damage.
Combust Combust Basic 20 None 15 Seconds Applies a damage-over-time effect to the target, dealing 100%-188% of the active spell's damage over 6 seconds. If the target moves location, they suffer 2x damage.
Surge Surge Basic 30 None 20 Seconds Instantly teleport up to 10 metres in a straight line ahead.
Detonate Detonate Threshold 37 None 30 Seconds Summon an explosive ball of energy. The longer you maintain the effect - up to 6 seconds - the more powerful the explosion will become. Using Detonate a second time will trigger the explosion.
Chain Chain Basic 45 None 10 Seconds A magical spell that chains between nearby targets, hitting 2 additional nearby targets for 100% of your active spell damage each.
Wild Magic Wild Magic Threshold 55 None 20 Seconds Fire an unpredictable double magical attack at your target, which deals between 50% and 215% of your active spell's damage.
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Ultimate 66 None 60 Seconds Transform into an elemental based on your most recently cast spell. While transformed your spells are free to cast and your damage is increased by 50%. Lasts 20 seconds.
Smoke Tendrils Smoke Tendrils* Threshold 75 None 45 Seconds Tendrils of smoke whip at your opponent's feet for 6 seconds. The first hit causes 100% weapon damage. The second, third and fourth hits cause 125%, 150% and 200% damage, but also hit you for 25%, 50% and 100% weapon damage. Combo attack.
Tsunami Tsunami Ultimate 81 None 60 Seconds Summon forth a destructive wall of water, damaging all targets in a frontal cone for damage equal to 200%-300% of your active spell's damage. Critical strikes generate 10% adrenaline for 30 seconds.
Sunshine Sunshine** Ultimate 85 None 60 Seconds Summon a sunbeam to shine over your location, lasting 30 seconds. During this time, provided you remain within the beam, your magic damage will be increased by 50%. If your target enters the beam, they will be hit for 10% to 20% of weapon damage every 2 seconds.

*Must have obtained and read the Codex Ultimatus after completion of The Dig Site to unlock.

**Requires completion of The World Wakes quest to use.

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Magic Spells Table

* Members-only spells

Spell Magic Level Required Runes Needed Base XP Base damage Effect
Home Teleport None None 0 - Teleports you to an active lodestone of your choice. This spell takes a while and you will stop as soon as you enter combat.
Air Strike 1 1 Air 5.5 48 A basic Air missile
Confuse 3 1 Mind 13 - Reduces your opponent's attack by 5%
Crossbow Bolt Enchant 4 Depends which Bolt Depends which Bolt - Gives the certain Bolt a special effect (must be gem tipped)
Water Strike 5 1 Water, 1 Air 7.5 48 A basic Water missile
Enchant Lvl-1 Jewelry 7 1 Water, 1 Cosmic 17.5 - For use on Sapphire, Opal, and Lapis lazuli Jewelry
Earth Strike 9 1 Earth, 1 Air 9.5 86 A basic Earth missile
Mobilising Armies Teleport 10 1 law, 1 air, 1 water 19 - Teleports you to Mobilising Armies
Weaken 11 1 Body 21 - Reduces your opponent's strength by 5%
Fire Strike 13 1 Fire, 1 Air 11.5 125 A basic Fire missile
Bones to Bananas 15 2 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Nature 25 - Changes all held bones into bananas
Air Bolt 17 2 Air 13.5 163 A low level Air missile
Curse 19 1 Chaos 29 - Reduces your opponent's defense by 5%
Bind 20 1 Nature 30 - Holds your opponent for 5 seconds
Low Level Alchemy 21 3 Fire, 1 Nature 31 - What the General Store will pay
for an item when there are zero in stock
Water Bolt 23 2 Water, 2 Air 16.5 221 A low level Water missile
Varrock Teleport 25 1 Fire, 3 Air, 1 Law 35 - Teleports you to Varrock
Enchant Lvl-2 Jewelry 27 3 Air, 1 Cosmic 37 - For use on Emerald and Jade jewelry
Earth Bolt 29 2 Earth, 2 Air 19.5 278 A low level Earth missile
Lumbridge Teleport 31 1 Earth, 3 Air, 1 Law 41 - Teleports you to Lumbridge
Telekinetic Grab 33 1 Air, 1 Law 43 - Take an item you can see but can't reach
Fire Bolt 35 2 Fire, 2 Air 22.5 336 A low level Fire missile
Falador Teleport 37 1 Water, 3 Air, 1 Law 48 - Teleports you to Falador
Teleport to House 40 1 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law 30 - Teleports you to your house
Air Blast 41 3 Air 25.5 394 A medium level Air missile
Superheat Item 43 4 Fire, 1 Nature 53 - Smelt ore without a furnace
Camelot Teleport* 45 5 Air, 1 Law 55.5 - Teleports you to Camelot
Water Blast 47 3 Water, 3 Air 28.5 451 A medium level Water missile
Enchant Lvl-3 Jewelry 49 5 Fire, 1 Cosmic 59 - For use on Ruby and Red topaz jewelry
Snare* 50 4 Earth, 4 Water, 3 Nature 60 20 Holds your opponent for 10 seconds
Slayer Dart* 50 1 Death, 3 Air 30 480 Use to slay Turoths and Kurasks
Ardougne Teleport* 51 2 Water, 2 Law 61 - Teleports you to Ardougne (must have completed Plague City quest)
Earth Blast 53 3 Earth, 3 Air 31.5 509 A medium level Earth missile
High Level Alchemy 55 5 Fire, 1 Nature 65 - What a specialty Store will normally pay for an item (at their normal stock level).
Charge Water Orb* 56 30 Water, 3 Cosmic, Orb 66 - Needs to be cast on a water obelisk
Enchant Lvl-4 Jewelry 57 10 Earth, 1 Cosmic 67 - For use on Diamond Jewelry
Watchtower Teleport* 58 2 Earth, 2 Law 68 - Teleports you to the Watchtower (must have completed Watchtower quest)
Fire Blast 59 3 Fire, 3 Air 34.5 566 A medium level Fire missile
Charge Earth Orb* 60 30 Earth, 3 Cosmic, Orb 70 - Needs to be cast on an earth obelisk
Bones to Peaches* 60 4 Water, 4 Earth, 2 Nature 35.5 - Changes all held bones to peaches (must have bought at Mage Training Arena)
God Wars Dungeon Teleport* 61 2 Fire, 2 Law 68 - Teleports you to the God Wars Dungeon (must have completed The Mighty Fall)
Trollheim Teleport* 61 2 Fire, 2 Law 68 - Teleports you to Trollheim (must have completed Eadgar's Ruse)
Air Wave* 62 4 Air 36 595 A high level Air missile
Charge Fire Orb* 63 30 Fire, 3 Cosmic, Orb 73 - Needs to be cast on a fire obelisk
Ape Atoll Teleport* 64 2 Water, 2 Fire, 2 Law, 1 Banana 74 - Teleports you to Ape Atoll (Learned in Recipe for Disaster quest)
Water Wave* 65 4 Water, 4 Air 37.5 624 A high level Water missile
Charge Air Orb* 66 30 Air, 3 Cosmic, Orb 76 - Needs to be cast on an air obelisk
Vulnerability* 66 1 Chaos, 1 Soul 76 - Reduces your opponent's defense by 10%
Enchant Lvl-5 Jewelry* 68 15 Water, 15 Earth, 1 Cosmic 78 - For use on Dragonstone jewelry
Earth Wave* 70 4 Earth, 4 Air 40 672 A high level Earth missile
Storm of Armadyl* 71 1 Armadyl rune 70 270 Lowers your opponents Defence level by one
Enfeeble* 73 1 Body, 1 Soul 83 - Reduces your opponent's strength by 10%
Teleother Lumbridge* 74 1 Soul, 1 Law and 1 Earth 84 - Teleports Target to Lumbridge
Fire Wave* 75 4 Fire, 4 Air 42.5 720 A high level Fire missile
Entangle* 79 3 Nature 89 - Holds your opponent for 15 seconds
Stagger* 80 12 Earth, 12 Water, 1 Soul 90 - Reduces your opponent's attack by 10%
Polypore strike* 80 Polypore staff - 786 A very powerful air spell
Air Surge* 81 5 Air 75 768 A very-high level air missile
Teleother Falador* 82 1 Soul, 1 Law and 1 Water 92 - Teleports Target to Falador
Teleport Block 85 1 Death, 1 Chaos, 1 Law 80 - Prevents your enemy from teleporting for 5 minutes
Water Surge* 85 5 Water, 5 Air 80 768 A very-high level water missile.
Enchant Lvl-6 Jewelry* 87 20 Earth, 20 Fire, 1 Cosmic 97 - For use on Onyx, Alchemical onyx, and Hydrix jewelry
Teleother Camelot* 90 2 Soul, 1 Law 100 - Teleports Target to Camelot
Earth Surge* 90 5 Earth, 5 Air 85 768 A very-high level earth missile.
Fire Surge* 95 5 Fire, 5 Air 90 768 A very-high level fire missile.

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Types of Spells

Certain types of spells are used for certain things. First there are the Missile spells. The missile spells include all of the battle spells that actually cause damage to your opponent during a fight.

The second type of spell is the Enchant spell. Enchant spells are used to enchant jewelry. Jewelry that can be enchanted right now are amulets, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Of these, only amulet spells are available to free players. F2p can enchant Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond amulets, while members can enchant Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Dragon, and Onyx amulets, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Conversion spells are very important and useful. Conversion spells are used to convert things into other things. These spells are: Bones to Bananas, Bones to Peaches, Low Level Alchemy, and High Level Alchemy (Low alch and High alch). High alch is a great spell for getting cash. Alchemy turns any item on which the spell is cast into gp. The amount of Gp received is the same as if you sold that item to the item's respective specialty store when the store has no stock of the item.

The final type of spell is the Teleportation Spell. These spells are extremely useful, especially for members who have to travel long distances to go places since their world is so much bigger. Teleportation is not just for teleporting your character though. Tele-grab is another useful teleportation spell. It grabs whatever item you cannot reach but can see so you don't have to actually be next to it and pick it up.

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Slayer's staff/Staff of light

A Slayer's staff (55 Slayer and Magic required) is a staff used for activities such as Barrows and for Slaying monsters which require the spell 'Magic Dart.' A Staff of light (75 Magic and Attack required) is a higher leveled version of the Slayer's staff that adds 15% more damage and has a 1/8 chance to not use runes when casting a spell.

When setting spells to auto cast, the Slayer's staff and Staff of light can only auto-cast the following spells:

  • Magic Dart
  • Wind Wave
  • Water Wave
  • Fire Wave
  • Earth Wave

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Ancient Magic Spellbook

Ancient combat spells Ancient Teleports

To use Ancient Magic, you must have completed the Desert Treasure Quest. To switch between the Ancient Magic and the standard Magic spellbook, pray at the altar inside the pyramid where you finished the quest. Every time you pray at this altar, your prayer will be drained.

Ancient spells can be cast and auto-cast with any type of staff. To do so, right-click the spell and select the Auto-cast option.

  • Gale (air) spells reduce your targets chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds
  • Rock spells (earth) reduce your target's damage by 5% for 10 seconds
  • Bloodfire (fire) spells restore your lifepoints by 5% of the damage dealt to your target
  • Ice spells (water) stop your target from moving for 10 seconds
  • Rush spells are medium level single target spells
  • Burst spells are medium level multi-target spells
  • Blitz spells are high level single target spells
  • Barrage spells are high level multi-target spells

Multi-target spells can hit a up to 9 targets at a maximum as long as they are standing in the 3x3 grid where the spell is cast.

For attack spells, the base experience points (XP) are listed in the table. To calculate XP for these spells, follow this formula: Damage Inflicted x 2 + Base XP = Total XP

Note: Additional spells (marked with an asterisk *) may be unlocked after completion of The Light Within quest.

Spell Magic Level Required Runes Needed Base XP Damage Effect
Gale rush 50 1 Death, 3 air 30 480 Reduces your target's chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds
Rock rush 52 1 Death, 3 Earth 31 499 Reduces your target's damage by 5% for 10 seconds
Paddewwa teleport 54 2 Law, 1 Fire, 1 Air 64 - Teleport to Edgeville Dungeon
Bloodfire rush 56 1 Death, 3 Fire 33 353 Restores your lifepoints by 5% of the damage dealt to your target
Ice rush 58 1 Death, 3 Water 34 556 Freezes your target in place for 5 seconds
Senntisten teleport 60 2 Law, 1 Soul 70 - Teleport to west of Digsite
Gale burst 62 2 Death, 4 Air 36 595 Multi-target spell, reduces your target(s) chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds
Rock burst 64 2 Death, 4 Earth 37 614 Multi-target spell, reduces your target(s) damage by 5% for 10 seconds
Kharyrll teleport 66 2 Law, 1 Blood 76 - Teleport to Canifis
Bloodfire burst 68 2 Death, 4 Fire 39 652 Multi-target spell, restores your lifepoints by 5% of the damage dealt to your target(s)
Ice burst 70 2 Death, 4 Water 40 672 Multi-target spell, freezes target(s) in place for 5 seconds
Lassar teleport 72 2 Law, 4 Water 82 - Teleport to Ice Mountain
Gale blitz 74 1 Blood, 5 Air 42 710 Reduces your target's chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds
Opal Aurora* 75 2 Soul, 3 Air 1 803 Direct damage spell. Also restores lifespan on prisms.
Prism of Restoration* 76 6 Soul, 2 Blood, 6 Astral 84 - Places a prism which heals nearby familiars and restores their special attack energy, and gives a chance to not use scrolls on familiar special ability use.
Rock blitz 76 1 Blood, 5 Earth 43 729 Reduces your target's damage by 5% for 10 seconds
Intercept* 77 2 Soul, 3 Earth, 3 Air 80 - Redirects damage taken by the targeted player over the next three seconds to the caster, and reduces the damage to 95% of the original hit.
Sapphire Aurora* 77 1 Soul, 3 Water 1 822 Direct damage spell. Also overcharges prisms, adding useful effects on their next tick.
Dareeyak teleport 78 2 Law, 3 Fire, 2 Air 88 - Teleport to Wilderness (level 22), ruins west of Bandit Camp
Bloodfire blitz 80 1 Blood, 5 Fire 45 768 Restores your lifepoints by 5% of the damage dealt to your target
Emerald Aurora* 79 1 Soul, 3 Earth 1 841 Direct damage spell. Also applies a stacking 1% damage reduction buff to the caster. Stacks up to 5%, and with other damage reduction methods.
Prism of Salvation* 80 6 Soul, 2 Blood, 6 Astral 89 - Places a prism which players can click to teleport near to, as long as there's a clear path between.
Ruby Aurora* 81 1 Soul, 3 Fire 1 851 Direct damage spell. Also has a chance to apply a 1% damage buff to nearby allies. Stacks up 3%.
Ice Blitz 82 1 Blood, 5 Water 46 787 Stuns target NPC's for 10 seconds, or 9.6 for players.
Prism of Loyalty* 82 6 Soul, 2 Blood, 6 Astral 97 - Places a prism into which players can funnel life points. Anyone doing so will take damage, and the prism will automatically heal nearby players with 25% or lower life points.
Shield Dome* 84 3 Soul, 3 Earth, 3 Water 87 - Deploys a static dome that allies can stand within to reduce incoming damage by 50%. Domes cannot be layered on top of each other, and new shield domes affecting a player within 2 minutes have diminishing returns.
Carrallangar teleport 84 2 Law, 2 Soul 94 - Teleport to Wilderness graveyard (northwest of Chaos Temple)
Gale barrage 86 2 Blood, 5 Air 48 786 Multi-target spell, reduces your target(s) chance to hit by 5% for 10 seconds
Prism of Dowsing* 86 3 Soul, 3 Nature, 3 Fire, 3 Earth 103 - Places a prism which attracts wisps to it and increases the chance of drawing enriched wisps. All nearby players can benefit from this.
Crystallise* 88 6 Soul, 6 Chaos, 6 Fire, 6 Water 95 - When cast on mining, fishing or woodcutting spots - or full box traps - will cause the resource to persist for 30 seconds, yield no resources and give increased XP rounded to 50%. Other players may still deplete the resource, but Crystallise will carry on when the resource is back.
Rock barrage 88 2 Blood, 5 Earth 49 786 Multi-target spell, reduces target(s) damage by 5% for 10 seconds
Rapid Growth* 88 3 Soul, 3 Nature, 3 Earth, 3 Water 95 - Skips a tree, fruit tree or herb patch forward a growth stage. Usable once per day on each eligible farming location.
Crystal Mask* 90 4 Soul, 5 Mind, 6 Fire, 7 Earth 112 - Gives +15% to pickpocketing chance and gives a chance to avoid damage and stun on failure for 5 minutes
Annakarl teleport 90 2 Law, 2 Blood 100 - Teleport to Wilderness Demonic Ruins (furthest northeast area of F2P Wilderness)
Bloodfire barrage 92 2 Blood, 5 Fire 51 786 Multi-target spell, restores your lifepoints by 5% of the damage dealt to your target(s)
Ice barrage 94 2 Blood, 5 Water 52 786 Multi-target spell, freezes your target(s) in place for 5 seconds
Ghorrock teleport 96 2 Law, 8 Water 106 - Teleport to Wilderness level 44 Ice Plateau
Spellbook Swap* 96 1 Law, 2 Cosmic, 3 Astral 1 - Gives the ability to cast 1 spell from the Lunar or regular spellbook

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Lunar Magic Spellbook

Lunar combat spells Lunar teleports Lunar skill spells

To get started with Lunar Magic, a character must have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Additional spells are unlocked through completion of the Dream mentor quest and the Livid farm minigame. Those who have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest may access the Lunar spellbook by praying at the Astral Altar on Lunar Isle; this action does not drain prayer like the altar for Ancient Magicks.

All Lunar Magic requires Astral Runes, and there are no battle spells in Lunar Magic; there is therefore no autocast option for these spells. Much of Lunar Magic involves teleportation, as most of the teleport spells have a group-based variant. Other Lunar Magic spells involve object manipulation and aiding other players in the area.

Spell Magic Level Required Runes Required Experience Gained Effect
Lunar Home Teleport N/A N/A N/A Teleports you to Lunar Isle, the teleport takes a while and you will stop as soon as you enter combat, so when using this spell be sure to be standing on a safe spot.
Bake Pie 65 1 Astral, 4 Water, 5 Fire 60 Bake pies without a stove (Still yields cooking XP)
Cure Plant 66 1 Astral, 8 Earth 60 Cures disease on farming patch
Monster Examine 66 1 Astral, 1 Cosmic, 1 Mind 61 Tells you the monsters Hitpoints, maximum hit, if poison effects them, and if they are a slayer monster. *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
NPC Contact 67 1 Astral, 2 Air, 1 Cosmic 63 Contacts various NPCs that the NPC Contact Spell will communicate with.
Cure Other 68 1 Astral, 10 Earth, 1 Law 65 Cure poisoned players
Humidify 68 1 Astral, 3 Water, 1 Fire 65 Fills all vessels in your inventory with water. Does not work on certain quest vessels. *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
Moonclan Teleport 69 2 Astral, 2 Earth, 1 Law 66 Teleports you to Moonclan Island
Tele Group Moonclan 70 2 Astral, 4 Earth, 1 Law 67 Teleports players to Moonclan Island
Cure Me 71 2 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 1 Law 9 Cure poison
Ourania teleport 71 2 Astral, 6 Earth, 1 Law 69 Teleports players near the entrance to the ZMI Altar.
Hunter Kit 71 2 Astral, 3 Earth 70 Creates a Hunter kit that gives you the basic Hunter equipment: noose, butterfly net, bird snare, noose wand, rabbit snare, teasing stick, and an unlit torch. *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
Waterbirth Teleport 72 2 Astral, 1 Law, 2 Air 70 Teleports you to Waterbirth Island
South Falador Teleport* 72 2 Astral, 5 Water, 1 Law 72 Teleports you to the south entrance of Falador
Tele Group Waterbirth 73 2 Astral, 5 Water, 1 Law 72 Teleports players to Waterbirth Island
Cure Group 74 2 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 2 Law 74 Cure poison on players
Repair Rune Pouch* 75 1 Astral, 1 Cosmic, 1 Law 75 Repairs and increases the amount of uses before a Runecrafting pouch degrades
Stat Spy 75 2 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 5 Body 76 Cast on another player to view all of their stat levels. *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
Barbarian Teleport 75 2 Astral, 3 Fire, 2 Law 76 Teleports you to the Barbarian Outpost
Tele Group Barbarian 76 2 Astral, 6 Fire, 2 Law 77 Teleports Players to the Barbarian Outpost
North Ardougne Teleport* 76 2 Astral, 5 Water, 1 Law 76 Teleports you Ardougne's north entrance
Superglass Make 77 2 Astral, 10 Air, 6 Fire 78 Make glass without a furnace (Full inventory at once; yields up to 50% extra glass to the total and destroys buckets; yields 10 crafting XP per glass)
Remote Farm* 78 2 Astral, 2 Earth, 3 Nature 76 Allows you to check on, and if necessary, cure, your farming patches from anywhere
Khazard Teleport 78 2 Astral, 4 Water, 2 Law 80 Teleports you to Port Khazard
Tele Group Khazard 79 2 Astral, 8 Water, 2 Law 81 Teleports players to Port Khazard
Dream 79 2 Astral, 1 Cosmic, 5 Body 82 Restores your hitpoints 10x while sleeping. Clicking, doing anything else, or auto-retaliation will wake you. *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
String Jewellery 80 2 Astral, 5 Water, 10 Earth 83 String amulets without wool (Yields 4 crafting XP)
Spritualise food* 80 2 Astral, 3 Cosmic, 5 Body 81 Heals your familiar, increases the amount of time on the timer, and boots its combat stats
Stat Restore Pot Share 81 2 Astral, 10 Water, 10 Earth 84 Shares a potion with up to 4 nearby players
Magic Imbue 82 2 Astral, 7 Water, 7 Fire 86 Combine runes without a talisman
Make Leather* 83 2 Astral, 2 Body, 2 Fire 87 Tans up to 5 hides per cast
Fertile Soil 83 3 Astral, 15 Earth, 2 Nature 87 Fertilise a farming patch with super compost (Yields 18 Farming experience per patch)
Boost Potion Share 84 3 Astral, 10 Water, 12 Earth 88 Shares a potion with up to 4 nearby players
Fishing Guild Teleport 85 3 Astral, 10 Water, 3 Law 89 Teleports you to the Fishing Guild
Tele Group Fishing Guild 86 3 Astral, 14 Water, 3 Law 90 Teleports players to the Fishing Guild
Plank Make 86 2 Astral, 15 Earth, 1 Nature 90 Makes planks out of one log. You still must pay the for changing them into planks (wood - 70, oak - 175, teak - 350, mahogany - 1050). *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
Catherby Teleport 87 3 Astral, 10 Water, 3 Law 92 Teleports you to Catherby
Tune Bane Ore 87 2 Astral, 4 Earth, 1 Bane ore 87 Tunes the ore against a certain monster, which can then be smithed into ammunition that deals extra damage against that monster (requires partial completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat
Tele Group Catherby 88 3 Astral, 15 Water, 3 Law 88 Teleports players to Catherby
Ice Plateau Teleport 89 3 Astral, 8 Water, 3 Law 96 Teleports you to Ice Plateau
Disruption sheild* 90 3 Astral, 3 Blood, 10 Body 97 Negates the damage of the next attack dealt against you in a PvP situation (this spell has a 30 second cooldown)
Tele Group Ice Plateau 90 3 Astral, 16 Water, 3 Law 99 Teleports players to Ice Plateau
Energy Transfer 91 3 Astral, 1 Nature, 2 Law 100 Spend hitpoints and SA energy to give another SA and run energy
Heal Other 92 3 Astral, 3 Law, 1 Blood 101 Transfers up to 75% of hitpoints to another player
Teleport to Trollheim* 92 3 Astral, 10 Water, 3 Law 101 Teleports you to the Trollheim farming patch (requires completion of My Arm's Big Adventure)
Group Teleport to Trollheim* 93 3 Astral, 20 Water, 3 Law 101 Teleports players to the Trollheim farming patch (requires completion of My Arm's Big Adventure)
Vengeance Other 93 3 Astral, 10 Earth, 2 Death 108 Allows another player to rebound damage to an opponent
Vengeance 94 4 Astral, 10 Earth, 2 Death 112 Rebound damage to an opponent
Vengeance Group* 95 4 Astral, 11 Earth, 3 Death 120 Casts Vengeance on up to 50 players in a 9x9 area
Heal Group 95 4 Astral, 6 Law, 3 Blood 124 Transfers up to 75% of hitpoints to a group
Spellbook Swap 96 3 Astral, 2 Cosmic, 1 Law 130 Allows you to change spellbooks long enough to cast one spell for the swapped book. *Requires the completion of Dream Mentor*
Borrowed power* 99 3 Astral Same as the spell used Allows you to use one of several spells from the standard spellbook (Wind wave, Water Wave, Earth Wave, Fire Wave, Entangle, Enfeeble, Telekinetic Grab, High Alchemy, Bones to Peaches, House Teleport, Vulnerability, Magic Dart) while in the lunar spellbook. Can be subsequently reset within bank areas.

*Must be unlocked through the Livid Farm mini-game.

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Dungeoneering Spellbook

While Dungeoneering, you have access to a wide variety of spells found in the standard spells table listed above and various Lunar spells. In addition, there are multiple teleportation spells that are unique to Dungeoneering; Note that none of these teleportation spells grant experience.

Spell Magic Level Required Casting Requirements Destination
Dungeon Home Teleport N/A N/A Starting room
Create Gatestone N/A 3 Cosmic N/A
Gatestone Teleport 32 N/A Gatestone
Group Gatestone Teleport 64 3 Law Group gatestone

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Enchanted Jewelry

Jewelry containing gems (see Crafting Skill Guide can be enchanted using spells from the list above. Cosmic runes are always required to enchant jewelry. Different enchanted items have different uses, as shown in the table below. There are only a few non-member options in this particular field. To activate teleportation jewelry, you can either right-click the item in your inventory and select 'rub' or right-click the item while equipped and select 'operate'.

Item Image Gem Effect Charges
Ring of recoil * Sapphire Ring Sapphire When equipped, deals opponents you fight 10% of the damage they deal to you. Crumbles after 40 hp of damage is dealt.
Bracelet of clay * Sapphire bracelet Sapphire When equipped, Player will mine Soft clay instead of Clay. 28
Games necklace * Sapphire Necklace Sapphire Teleport to Burthorpe Games Room, Barbarian Outpost, Clan Wars, or Bounty Hunter. 8
Amulet of magic Sapphire Amulet Sapphire When equipped, provides a 3.2% Magic critical damage bonus. Unlimited.
Ring of metamorphosis * Opal Ring Opal Receive double experience when catching butterflies barehanded 10
Headhunter's sacrifice * Opal bracelet Opal Provides a chance for your current slayer task kills to count as double. 25
Featherfingered necklace * Opal Necklace Opal Provides a chance to not be stunned or damaged while pickpocketing. 10
Amulet of bountiful harvest * Opal Amulet Opal Provides a chance to save seeds when planting them while Farming. 10
Ring of dueling * Emerald Ring Emerald Teleports you to Duel Arena, Castle Wars, Fist of Guthix, or Mobilising Armies. 8
Ring of luck ring of luck Lapis lazuli Provides Tier 1 luck enhancement Unlimited
Castlewar brace * Emerald Bracelet Emerald When equipped, will deal 20% more damage against a enemy bearing their team's flag and Castlewars bandages heal 50% more. 3 (one charge used for each Castlewars game. Bonus is still in effect for the 3rd charge, even when bracelet has crumbled.
Binding necklace * Emerald Necklace Emerald When equipped while Runecrafting combination runes, will have 100% success. 15
Amulet of defence Emerald Amulet Emerald When equipped, provides a 2.6% critical damage bonus to Melee, Ranged and Magic. Unlimited
Amulet of nature * Emerald Amulet with magic string Emerald Can be assigned to a Farming patch and player will be able to check on status of the patch. Unlimited
Ring of respawn * Jade Ring Jade 5
Flamtaer bracelet * Jade Bracelet Jade Provides a chance to instantly build a wall while doing the Mort'ton Shade Burning minigame. 2
Traveller's necklace * Jade Necklace Jade Teleports you to theWizards' Tower, North of West Ardougne, and west of the Ruins of Uzer 5
Botanist's amulet * Jade Amulet Jade Provides a 5% chance to brew a 4 dose potion in place of a 3 dose potion. 5
Ring of forging * Ruby Ring Ruby When equipped while smelting Iron bars, will have 100% success. 140
Inoculation brace * Ruby Bracelet Ruby Protects the wearer from an amount of disease damage. Crumbles after protecting the wearer from 500 poison damage.
Digsite pendant * Ruby Necklace Ruby Teleports you to the North side of the Digsite Area. 5
Amulet of strength Ruby Amulet Ruby When equipped, provides a 3.2% Melee critical damage bonus. Unlimited.
Columbarium ring * Red topaz When equipped, has a increased chance to receive cremation rewards when killing Vyrewatch. 50
Headhunter's thrill * Red topaz Provides a chance to not decrease your kill count of your slayer task, while still awarding Slayer experience. 25
Necklace of gluttony * Red topaz Food that is consumed will heal for an additional 100 health. 20
Enlightened amulet Red topaz Can be used to teleport to the Nexus, south of the Graveyard of Shadows, and the Bandit Camp (Desert). 5
Ring of life * Diamond Ring Diamond When equipped and your hitpoints drops below 10% of your total hitpoints, you will be teleported (with all your items) to your respawn location. (SEE WARNING **) 1
Forinthry brace * Diamond Bracelet Diamond When equipped, prevents Revenants from damaging the player for one minute. 5
Phoenix necklace * Diamond necklace Diamond When equipped and your lifepoints drops below 20%, auto restores 30% of the total hitpoints. This will take effect over a Ring of life. 1
Amulet of power Diamond Amulet Diamond When equipped, provides a 3% critical damage bonus to Melee, Ranged and Magic and +1 Prayer. Unlimited.
Ring of wealth * Dragonstone Ring Dragonstone When equipped, gives higher rate of success for rare drops from monsters. When charged, it can be used to teleport to the Grand Exchange or Miscellania. 4 for teleports
Combat bracelet * Dragonstone Bracelet Dragonstone Teleports to Warriors' Guild, Champions' Guild, Ranging Guild, or the Monastary (Prayer Guild). When equipped and you are completing a Slayer task, will update you at every tenth target. 4 for teleports, unlimited for slayer total effect, rechargable at the totem in the Legends' Guild.
Skills necklace * Skills Necklace Dragonstone Teleport you to the Fishing Guild, Mining Guild, Crafting Guild, or Cooks' Guild. It also increases the chance of getting caskets while big net fishing when worn. 4 for teleports, unlimited for the fishing effect, rechargeable at the totem in the Legends' Guild.
Amulet of glory * Dragonstone Amulet Dragonstone When equipped, provides a 3.9% critical damage bonus to Melee, Ranged and Magic and +3 Prayer, and higher rate of success for getting gems while mining. Teleports to Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor Village, or Al Kharid. 4 for teleports, unlimited for stat effects, rechargable at the fountain in the Heroes' Guild.
Ring of fortune * Onyx Ring Onyx Provdies Tier 3 luck enchanement. Unlimited.
Regen bracelet * Bracelet of regeneration Onyx When equipped, doubles the rate of lifepoint recovery. Unlimited.
Berserker necklace * Berserker necklace Onyx When equipped, provides a 3.9% Melee critical damage bonus. When also equipping an obsidian melee weapon with the necklace, increases damage by 20%. Unlimited.
Amulet of fury * Amulet of fury Onyx When equipped, provides a 4.2% critical damage bonus to Melee, Ranged and Magic and +5 Prayer. Unlimited.
Ring of death * Ring of death Hydrix When equipped, gives a chance of healing 2.5% of a target's health when that target dies. Disintegrates after 10 hours of combat.
Deathtouch Bracelet * Deathtouch bracelet Hydrix When equipped, gives a chance of reflecting 25-50% of damage taken back onto opponents. Disintegrates after 10 hours of combat.
Reaper necklace * Reaper necklace Hydrix When equipped, causes all critical hits to give a 1% attack bonus buff in all styles, capping at three stacked buffs for 10 seconds. Disintegrates after 10 hours of combat.
Amulet of souls * Amulet of souls Hydrix When equipped, causes soul split to sometimes heal 25-50% more. Disintegrates after 10 hours of combat.
Luck of the dwarves * Luck of the dwarves Alchemical onyx Provides Tier 4 luck enhancement. Unlimited.

* Members-only
** WARNING: If your opponent can hit more than 10% of your health, be careful! If you fall to 0 before you fall under 10% e.g. If you have a maximum of 500 lifepoints and are down to 50 lifepoints and are then hit for 50+ life points, you will NOT be saved!

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Enchanting Bolts

Any gem tipped bolt can be enchanted using your Magic skill. Enchanting your gem tipped bolts will result in it having a special effect. These special effects are different for each enchanted gem tipped bolt. To enchant a gem tipped bolt you must be wielding or carrying it, click on the level 4 spell and an interface will pop up, click on the bolt you wish to enchant (you must be carrying or wielding it).

Enchanting Bolts Interface

In the following table you will find more info about what effect the enchanting has on the certain gem tipped bolts (this table is sorted from the magic level needed, from low to high).

Bolt type Magic level required Runes needed Effect Magic exp gained
Opal 4 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Air runes A chance of a lightning bolt striking your opponent (this will result in extra damage). 9
Sapphire 7 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Mind rune, 1 Water rune Chance of lowering your opponent's Prayer level (a part of that is given to you). 17
Jade 14 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Earth runes Chance of knocking your opponent to the ground (some players might ignore it). 19
Pearl 24 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Water runes A chance of a bolt of water coming down on your opponent (the opponent will ignore it if its wearing a water staff, but will get hit harder when wearing a fire staff). 29
Emerald 27 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Nature rune, 3 Air runes Bolts being poisoned, with an increased chance of poisoning your opponent. 37
Red Topaz 29 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Fire runes A chance of lowering your opponent's Magic level. 33
Ruby 49 1 Cosmic rune, 5 Fire runes, 1 Blood rune A chance of losing 10% of your Hitpoints to do 20% damage to your opponent (does not work if you have 10% or less of your Hitpoints left). 59
Diamond 57 1 Cosmic, 10 Earths, 2 Law A chance of ignoring a bit of your opponent's defence against Ranged attacks. 67
Dragonstone 68 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Soul rune, 15 Earth runes A chance of inflicting a dragon's breath hit against your opponent (doesn't work if they have an Anti-dragonbreath shield, or against fire monsters like dragons). 78
Onyx 87 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Death rune, 20 Fire runes A chance of doing extra damage and healing a small amount (does not work on undead creatures). 97
Ascendri 90 1 Cosmic rune, 1 Death rune, 20 Fire runes Chance to gain deathmark when hitting target, which gains 1% extra adrenaline per hit. 120


Basic Staffs

There are many different kinds of staves available to use, including some that are members-only. The basic elemental staves can be bought at Zaff's Staff shop in Varrock, on the northwest side of the town square. While wielding the elemental staves, you will not have to use the elemental rune that pertains to your staff. For example, if you wield an Staff of Air, you can cast air strike with no air runes.

Battle Staffs

Battlestaffs are stronger than normal staffs, but with a Powered Orb attached, they still take the place of certain runes. For example, if you have a Fire battlestaff, you wont need any fire runes, and your magic will hit harder than if you had a non-enchanted staff. To get a Battlestaff, you must use a Powered Orb (either Air, Water, Earth, or Fire orb) on a Battletaff (this requires various Crafting levels).

Powering Orbs

To enchant an orb you will need the following items:

  1. A glass orb
  2. 3 cosmic runes
  3. 30 basic runes of the type of orb you want to make (ex. 30 Fire runes if you want a Battlestaff of Fire)

Take the above items to the Obelisk location indicated below. Cast the appropriate spell to Enchant the orb. Then you may use the Crafting skill to attach the powered orb to a Battlestaff.

Picture Orb Type Magic Lvl Needed Runes Needed Obelisk Location
Water orb Water 56 3 Cosmic
30 Water
Taverley Members-only dungeon. In the Black Dragon room go up the ladder and it will be next to you.
Earth orb Earth 60 3 Cosmic
30 Earth
Edgeville dungeon, low-level wilderness area. Past the Black Demons, near Chronozon.
Fire orb Fire 63 3 Cosmic
30 Fire
Taverley Members-only dungeon. Past the Black Dragons to the west of the Black Dragons in a little room with lava.
Air orb Air 66 3 Cosmic
30 Air
Edgeville dungeon, low-level wilderness area. At the Black Demons (level 156) there is a little room with a ladder to the North, go up the ladder and you will be standing next to it.

Mystic Staffs (Enchanted Battlestaffs)

The next best staffs are the Mystic Staffs (Enchanted Battlestaffs). These are pretty much the same as the Non-Enchanted Staffs, but they are even stronger. To enchant a battle staff, you must have completed the Scorpion's Catcher quest, which means Mystic Staffs are members only. Then you can get Thormac the wizard to enchant your battlestaffs for 40k. Thormac can be found in the Sorcerers' Tower just north west of the Legends Guild, by the Temple of Ikov.

Special Staffs

The remaining staffs are obtained from quests, minigames and monster drops. For example, the Iban Staff is received after you beat the Underground Pass Quest and the Staff of Light is obtained as a drop from Ice strykewyrms.

Damage Bonus

Since magic spells don't require staffs to auto-cast, some of the more advanced staffs give an additional damage bonus when used. The damage bonus is limited to the following staffs.

  • Ahrim's staff
  • Master wand
  • Void Knight mace
  • Zuriel's staff
  • Corrupt Zuriel's staff
  • Ancient staff
  • Polypore staff
  • Armadyl battlestaff
Staff Image Attack Lvl Req Magic Lvl Req Accuracy
Staff Staff 1 1 150
Skull sceptre Skull Sceptre 1 1 150
Magic staff Magic staff 1 1 150
Staff of air Staff of air 1 1 150
Staff of water Staff of water 1 1 150
Staff of earth Staff of earth 1 1 150
Staff of fire Staff of fire 1 1 150
Battlestaff Battlestaff 30 30 381
Air battlestaff Air battlestaff 30 30 454
Water battlestaff Water battlestaff 30 30 454
Earth battlestaff Earth battlestaff 30 30 454
Fire battlestaff Fire battlestaff 30 30 454
Lava battlestaff Lava battlestaff 30 30 454
Mud battlestaff Mud battlestaff 30 30 454
Mystic air staff Mystic air staff 40 40 400
Mystic water staff Mystic water staff 40 40 628
Mystic earth staff Mystic earth staff 40 40 628
Mystic fire staff Mystic fire staff 40 40 628
Mystic lava staff Mystic lava staff 40 40 628
Mystic mud staff Mystic mud staff 40 40 628
Mystic steam staff Mystic steam staff 40 40 628
Iban's staff Iban's staff 1 50 850
Slayer's staff Slayer staff 1 50 850
Ancient staff Ancient staff 1 50 850
TokTz-Mej-Tal (Obsidian staff) Obsidian staff 60 60 1132
Lunar staff Lunar staff 1 65 850
Guthix staff Guthix staff 1 60 1132
Saradomin staff Saradomin staff 1 60 1132
Zamorak staff Zamorak staff 1 60 1132
Blisterwood staff Blisterwood Staff 1 70 1486
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff 1 70 1486
Staff of light Staff of light 1 75 1694
Polypore staff Polypore staff 1 75 1694
Armadyl battlestaff Armadyl battlestaff 1 77 1783
Zuriel's staff Zuriel's staff 78 78 1829
Chaotic staff Chaotic staff 1 80 1924
Noxious staff Noxious staff 1 90 2458

Note: Polypore staff only requires 75 magic to wield, but the Polypore Strike requires level 80 magic!

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Wands are one handed, accurate and fast magic weapons. They allow you to use an offhand item while casting spells and still have an accuracy bonus in combat as opposed to just using an offhand item and runes.

Wand Image Magic Level Accuracy
Wizard wand Wizard wand 1 150
Imp horn wand Beginner wand 10 202
Spider wand Spider wand 20 316
Batwing wand Batwing wand 30 454
Splitbark wand Splitbark wand 40 628
Void knight mace Void knight mace 42 668
Beginner wand Beginner wand 45 732
Apprentice wand Apprentice wand 50 850
Mystic wand Mystic wand 50 454
Teacher wand Teacher wand 55 983
Grifolic wand Grifolic wand 60 1132
Master wand Master wand 60 1132
Ahrim's wand Ahrim's wand 70 1486
Wand of treachery Wand of treachery 70 1486
Abyssal wand Abyssal wand 75 1694
Virtus wand Virtus wand 80 1924
Seismic wand Seismic wand 90 2485

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Off-hand equipment

Books and orbs are off-hand items that enhance your spell casting abilities. When wielded with a wand, books will double the casting speed of combat spells. Orbs act as off-hand wands and allow the player to cast spells while wielding a main-hand melee or ranged weapon, but still have a magic accuracy bonus.

Off-hand equipment
Book/Orb Image Magic Level Accuracy
Wizard's book Wizard's book 1 110
Imphide book Imphide book 10 202
Spider orb Spider orb 20 316
Splitbark orb Splitbark orb 40 628
Tome of frost Tome of Frost 48 801
Bat book Bat book 50 850
Mystic orb Mystic orb 50 454
Grifolic orb Grifolic orb 60 1132
Mages' book Mages' book 60 1132
Ahrim's book of magic Ahrim's book of magic 70 1486
Abyssal orb Abyssal orb 75 1694
Virtus book Virtus book 80 1924
Seismic singularity Seismic singularity 90 2485

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What to Wear

You can vary what you wear when training magic. In some cases you don't have much money and in others you have all the money you can spend! The following is divided into Free play and Members and displays the best equipment you should wear for the best magic bonus (this is only our suggestion):

Free players and Members with a low budget: (Click links to find how to obtain and other info)

Members with a high budget: (Click links to find how to obtain and other info)

Members with a very high budget: (Click links to find how to obtain and other info)

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There are a few quests that give magic experience. It is advisable to do these quests before you actually start training, because you do not want to have to start out with Air strike. For more information, please refer to the Quest Experience Guide.

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Wizard's Mind Bomb

The Wizard's Mind Bomb is a drink that temporarily raises your magic level by 2 or 3; it raises by 2 under level 50 magic, and 3 above. It is useful at times when quests or other things require a certain level and you are very close, but not quite there. For members, If you have 63-65 magic, you can use it to gain entrance into the Wizard's Guild. This drink can be purchased in Falador and Burthorpe Inns. It can also be brewed; mature Wizard's Mind Bombs increase your magic by 4, the same amount as a magic potion.

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Wizards' Guild

The Wizards' Guild is in Yanille, and information about it can be found in the Wizards' Guild Guide. You will need 66 Magic in order to enter the guild. (This can be achieved through the use of potions.) Different kinds of runes and all elemental staffs can be bought at the Magic Guild, as well as Mystic robes. The Robe Store Owner, the Magic skill master, is also located here. Speak with him to purchase the Cape of Achievement in Magic.

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Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

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Capes of Accomplishment

Magic Skill Cape Set

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit the Robe Store owner to purchase a Magic cape for 99,000 Coins.

Magic Master Skill

Once you have achieved level 120, the Robe Store owner will sell you the Magic master cape for 120,000 Coins.


Note that as of December 2018, another one of Mod Daze's Easter Eggs have been found. This enables you to purchase a Skillcape for half price (only from the Robe Store owner, not Elen) if you are wearing a Ring of Charos (a). Be aware that "Half price" is 92,000 Coins as the experience at level 92 is approximately half way to level 99.

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