[RuneHQ Event] F2P Iron Wars - Friday, November 10th
Sunday, Nov 05, 2017

F2P Iron Wars

RuneHQ F2P Iron Wars event - November 10, 2017

Great battles deep within the wilderness have been waged for years. But now feel like a distinct memory, Join us as we travel into the wilderness to recreate and battle each other in the most powerful gear... IRON. Form teams, run solo,or just run around like a madman yelling "help!". There will be limited supply of free iron sets (full helm, platebody, platelegs, scimitar) for everyone who comes! Be sure to join us in this F2P PvP fun! WARNING: THIS EVENT IS NOT SAFE, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING YOU LOSE DURING THE EVENT.

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October Player Achievements
Thursday, Nov 02, 2017

Excellent Work!


Some of you may remember way back when, the RHQ team once made announcements concerning the achievements of our users. Welp, that day has returned!

We at RuneHQ would like to personally congratulate the following members of our community for their fantastic achievements over the past month:

Curious on how your achievement can appear on the front page? Simply share your Accomplishment(s) or awesome Boss/Skill pet drops on the forums and at the end of the month we will share a recap of the month's gains.

Congratulations once again!

<3 RuneHQ Staff
[RuneHQ Event] Gregorovic - Saturday, November 4th
Sunday, Oct 29, 2017


RuneHQ Gregorovic event -November 4th, 2017

Deep in the heart of Gielinor a second war of the gods rages on. As each faction fights to defeat the other and accomplish the mission they set upon, adventurers have made their way into the battle and began to challenge the generals of the gods in hopes for new weapons and armour. One of these generals is the general of Sliske called Gregorovic, a man who wanted to become more powerful and was made so by being killed and resurrected by Sliske. For those that kill him there is a chance to obtain his weapons, the shadow glaives.

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[RuneHQ Event] - Barbarian Assault - Friday, November 3rd
Sunday, Oct 29, 2017

Barbarian Assault

RuneHQ Barbarian Assault event - November 3, 2017

Deep under the Barbarian Outpost, there are foul creatures called Penance monster. The barbarians have been trying to fight off the Penace creatures but have not been very effective. They needed more strong adventurers to come help them defeat the Penance monster and ultimately taking down the Penance Queen. This can only be done with a team that everyone is doing their part in and working together. If we defeat the Penance creatures, the barbarians may reward us with honour points which can be spent to from things like special armour to re-colouring your weapons!

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[RuneHQ Event] Halloween Hide & Seek - Tuesday October 31st
Monday, Oct 23, 2017

Halloween Hide & Seek

RuneHQ Halloween Hide & Seek event - October 31, 2017

Come one, come all! Its time for a game of hide and seek, but this time we made some changes! It's our special halloween edition and it is going to be sp00ky! Have no fear, all locations are 100% safe (or are they?) Muwhahaha.

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