Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
Quests Required:

Cabin Fever, access to Mos Le'Harmless.
Icthlarin's Little Helper, access to Sophanem.
Ghosts Ahoy, access to Dragontooth Island.
Mourning's Ends Part I, access to Lletya.
Regicide, access to Tirannwn area.
The Fremennik Trials, access to Miscellania and Etceteria.
The Fremennik Isles, access to Jatizso and Neitiznot.
Monkey Madness, access to Ape Atoll.
Hunt for Red Raktuber, to hunt down the polar bear.
Some Like It Cold and Desert Treasure to hunt the Ghost Penguin.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Boots of lightness, Spotted/Spottier cape, and Penance gloves, (Super) Energy potions, and various teleport methods.
Starting Point:
To Start:
Talk to Larry the Zookeeper.
Getting Started:

Speak to Larry at Ardougne Zoo. He is located at the south west part of the Zoo and is marked by a gold Distractions and Diversions game icon. He will give you a Spy notebook in which to record your sightings. You do not need to carry it in your inventory, either when spying penguins or reporting the sightings back to Larry. The location of the penguins reset each Wednesday and differs from world to world. You can check your notebook to see if it has been reset. If it states you have recently spotted 0 penguins', then it has been reset.

Note: Upon completion of the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest, Larry will be replaced by Chuck the Polar Bear.


Spying For Penguins:

The penguins are constantly on the move. Therefore, it is best to work with a team to find out where they are because hunting for them on your own is a challenging task (Note: Various Penguin Hunting Friends Chats can be found in the 'Minigames and D&Ds' section of the RuneScape Official Forums). Penguins can wander all over RuneScape, including quest areas and the Wilderness. This means that some penguins may be un-spy-able if you have not completed the required quests (see required quests above). When you have spotted a penguin, simply right-click on it and select 'Spy-on'. This will take note of the location of the spy so that you can report it to Larry or Chuck.

To help you on your search, you may ask Larry for a location hint.

Hints from Larry include:

  • Somewhere in the Kingdom of Kandarin
  • Located Southern desert
  • Near pointy eared ones
  • Kingdom of Asgarnia
  • Located Northern desert
  • Near the ghost town
  • South of Ardougne
  • Located Around Ardougne
  • North of Ardougne
  • Kingdom of Misthalin
  • Located In the Wilderness
  • Located Deep Jungle
  • Located on an island, Etc.
  • Where bloodsuckers rule
  • Where brothers quarrel
  • Located Port Sarim
  • Near a big tree with short people

Penguins Disguises:

There are 10 penguins hidden throughout Runescape. They have chosen their disguise carefully to blend in with their environment, making it hard for you to spot them. Below you can find a list of all the disguises.

Disguise Image Examine Information
Barrel Barrel What's black and white and smells like beer?
Bush Bush What's black and white and down to earth?
Cactus Cactus What's black and white and covered in spines?
Crate Crate What's black and white and on a sneaking mission?
Rock Rock What's black and white and looks like a rock hopper?
Toadstool Toadstool What's black and white and covered in mushroom?

During the Holiday events the penguins can be disguised to suit the occasion.

Disguise Image Examine Information
Halloween Halloween What's black and white and smells of pumpkin?
Christmas Christmas What's black and white and covered in snow?

Spying for the Polar Bear:

If you have completed the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest, you can earn one extra penguin point by hunting down the PJB polar bear agent. The agent hides inside wells through RuneScape. When you have spotted the agent, simply 'inspect' the well. This will take note of the location of the agent so that you can report it to Chuck. The location of the the PBJ agent resets each Wednesday along with the penguins. Unlike penguins, the location of the agent is the same for all the worlds.

Polar Bear

Possible locations:

  • North of Ardougne
  • Southern entrance to Falador
  • Musa Point
  • Relleka
  • Rimmington
  • Southeast Varrock

Spying the Ghost penguin:

If you have completed Some Like It Cold and Desert Treasure, you can earn an extra three points a week by hunting the Ghost penguin. This penguin differs from the regular penguins because it teleports to a new location every couple of minutes, can only be seen and spied while wearing a Ring of visibility and cannot be trapped. However, players who have spoken to Sliske in the Empyrean Citadel after completing The Shadow Sword, Fate of the Gods and Ritual of the Mahjarrat do not require the ring to spy on the Ghost penguin. As with the regular penguins, it is highly recommended to find a Friends chat to help you hunt this penguin.

You can earn up to 10 penguin points each week. If you have completed the Cold war quest, certain penguins will award you 2 points when spied resulting in a maximum of 15 points each week. Provided you have the requirements, you may also spy on the polar bear and ghost penguin each week, meaning that you can potentially earn up to 19 penguin points each week. You can save up to 50 points before you must use them.

Each point can be traded in for 6.5k coins or experience in any skill. The formula for experience is: Number of points X the level of your chosen skill x 25 = XP Reward. For example, If you have 67 Runecrafting; 67 x 25 = 1675, so you will receive 1675 experience per point. A maximum of 50 points will yield 83,750 experience in the skill of your choice.


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