Is this Distractions and Diversions Safe to play?:
Weekly. You can also force one reset for this activity per week by using a D&D token (weekly).
Skills Required:
Skills Recommended:
A high Agility level
A high Magic level
A high Ranged level
A High Firemaking level
A High Thieving level
Quests Required:
The Firemaker's Curse for the Firemaking performance and Some Like It Cold for the Thieving performance.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Agility/Firemaking/Magic/Ranged/ boosting armor and items.
Have as many emotes available as possible.
Starting Point:
Varies between 12 locations each week.
To Start:
Obtain a Circus ticket from the Ticket Vendor.
Getting Started:

Each location that the circus moves to will have different audiences who have different likes. To find the exact location, look for the circus symbol on the world map (see the table with locations below). Some of these audiences will even appreciate specific types of costumes that you wear. The best part about performing is that you will not have to provide any props, other than yourself. So, get your costume and makeup on and head over to the Ticket Vendor.

Ticket Vendor

Image Location
Catherby Catherby, northwest of the bank
Taverley Taverley, in the flax field north of the POH portal
Edgeville Edgeville, next to the bridge east of the bank
Falador Falador, northwest of the Artisans Workshop
Rimmington Rimmington, next to the POH portal
Draynor Village Draynor Village, near the bridge to the Wizards' Tower
Al Kharid Al Kharid, near the cactus farming patch
Lumbridge Lumbridge, northwest of the castle
Lumberyard Varrock, South of Fort Forinthry near the Earth Altar.
Cooks' Guild Varrock, south of the Cooks' Guild
Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome Stronghold, west of the entrance
Seers' Village Seers' Village, south of the pub

Once you are at the circus, you can talk to Balthazar the Ringmaster for an overview of the area. If you have performed previously and lost your costume pieces, you can talk to him to reclaim them. If you want to leave at any point, just tear your Circus ticket and you will be transported out of the circus area. If you log off while inside the circus area, you will automatically leave.


There are five different types of acts you can perform:

  • Agility
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Firemaking
  • Thieving

Agility Performance:

Objective: Perform tricks or juggle items while on the tightrope.

To start the Agility performance, enter the changing room just south of Balthazar and you will be outfitted with an acrobat costume and appear on the high wire. You can speak to the Agility assistant to receive instructions for the performance if you wish or just get started.

By clicking on the icons which appear on the Minigame interface, you must either perform tricks or juggle items. Each trick or juggling act has a suggested level and depending on your level, the higher this is, the more chance you will have of failing it.

Agility Performance


Image Trick Suggested Level To
Be Able To Perform
Small Hop Small Hop 10 Agility 350
One-leg Balance One-leg Balance 20 Agility 578
Twirl Twirl 30 Agility 805
Handstand Handstand 40 Agility 1034
Cartwheel Cartwheel 50 Agility 1261
Small Leap Small Leap 60 Agility 1489
No-hand Cartwheel No-hand Cartwheel 70 Agility 1716
Forward Roll Forward Roll 80 Agility 1945
Large Leap Large Leap 90 Agility 2172
Backflip Backflip 99 Agility 2400
Total Experience 13750



Image Object Suggested Level To
Be Able To Perform
Balls Balls 10 Agility 350
Plates Plates 20 Agility 578
Eggs Eggs 30 Agility 805
Knives Knives 40 Agility 1034
Spades Spades 50 Agility 1261
Tuna Tuna 60 Agility 1489
Soap Soap 70 Agility 1716
Cannonballs Cannonballs 80 Agility 1945
Torches Torches 90 Agility 2172
Chinchompas Chinchompas 99 Agility 2400
Total Experience 13750

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Magic Performance:

Objective: Cast spells on objects.

There are 15 different types of props set up for you cast spells on. Note that there are three areas with 5 objects each. You can only cast specific spells on each object and will only be able to cast 10 spells.

Vary the performance by doing a different emote between each spell cast. You can do more than one emote between each action, but you can only do a total of 10 during each performance. You can talk to the Magic assistant for more information on the performance if you wish.

  • You can cast alchemy and teleportation spells in the north-east corner
  • You can cast elemental spells in the north-west corner.
  • You can cast levitation spells in the south-east corner.

Magic Performance


To cast a spell on an object, simply right-click the object and select the spell you wish to cast.

Image Object Available Spells Suggested Level To
Be Able To Cast
Book Book Elemental 10 Magic 970.5
Rat Rat Levitation 10 Magic 970.5
Cat Cat Levitation 20 Magic 2055
Tree stump Tree stump Elemental 20 Magic 2055
Bowl Bowl Levitation 30 Magic 2059
Helm Helm Elemental 30 Magic 2059
Penguin Penguin Levitation 40 Magic 2132.5
Shield Shield Elemental 40 Magic 2132.5
Armour 1 Armour Elemental 50 Magic 2206
Ork Ork Levitation 50 Magic 2206
Armour 2 Armour Alchemy
60 Magic 2647
Stool Stool Alchemy
70 Magic 2794
Dumb-bells Dumb-bells Alchemy
80 Magic 3088
Assistant Assistant Alchemy
90 Magic 2133
Anvil Anvil Alchemy
99 Magic 3530
Total Experience 23615

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Ranged Performance:

Objective: Range poppinjays and the bullseye target.

To begin, pick a shooting spot facing either the Poppinjay or Bullseye target and you will be given the option to choose what kind of weapon you'd like to use. Pick one and you'll shoot at your target. Do this five times for both the poppinjay and bullseye, including some emotes between each shot, to complete the performance. You can talk to the Ranged assistant for more information on the performance if you wish.

Ranged Performance

Shooting Spots:

Shooting spot Suggested Level To
Be Able To Shoot
Shooting spot (10) 10 Ranged 687.5
Shooting spot (20) 20 Ranged 1455
Shooting spot (30) 30 Ranged 1458.5
Shooting spot (40) 40 Ranged 1510.5
Shooting spot (50) 50 Ranged 1562.5
Shooting spot (60) 60 Ranged 1875
Shooting spot (70) 70 Ranged 1979
Shooting spot (80) 80 Ranged 1458.5
Shooting spot (90) 90 Ranged 1458.5
Shooting spot (99) 99 Ranged 1458.5
Total Experience 14903.5

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Firemaking Performance (Fire-Breathing):

Objective: Breathe fire using some colored solutions.

Upon completion of The Firemaker's Curse, you can participate in the Firemaking performance. To start, stand on the star next to Sera and choose one of the solutions from the Minigame interface to breathe a colored flame. Breathe fire 6 times to complete the performance.



Image Solution Suggested Level To
Be Able To Use
Salt Solution Salt 74 Firemaking 2580
Berry Solution Berry 78 Firemaking 2830
Copper Solution Copper 82 Firemaking 3080
Blurite Solution Blurite 87 Firemaking 3330
Elemental Solution Elemental 91 Firemaking 3580
Rubium Solution Rubium 95 Firemaking 3830
Total Experience 19230

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Firemaking Performance (Fire-Poi):

Objective: Perform tricks using a fire poi

Upon completion ofThe Firemaker's Curse, you can participate in the Firemaking performance. To start, stand on the star near Emmett and choose a trick to perform from the Minigame interface. Perform 6 tricks to complete the performance.



Trick Suggested Level To
Be Able To Perform
Twig's Try 74 Firemaking 2580
The Lazy Lina 78 Firemaking 2830
Isis Spiral 82 Firemaking 3080
The Flint Fling 87 Firemaking 3330
Spinning Sera 91 Firemaking 3580
The Big 'E' 95 Firemaking 3830
Total Experience 19230

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Thieving Performance:

Objective: Perform Magic and Illusionist Tricks

Upon completion of Some Like It Cold, you can participate in the Thieving performance. Start the performance by standing on the star and perform the five magic tricks with an emote between each trick. You can talk to Teddy for more information on the performance if you wish.

Thieving Performace


Trick Suggested Level To
Be Able To Perform
Pretend Levitate 50 Thieving 2206
Card Trick 60 Thieving 2647
Flowers from Sleeves 70 Thieving 2794
Rabbit from the Hat 80 Thieving 3088
Water Tank 90 Thieving 3525
Total Experience 14260

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When aiming for points an costumes, the best method is to alternate 99 tricks, spells, and shooting spots. Before starting and in between actions, perform an emote to maximize your points. If you do not have high levels in these skills, then do the actions the audience shout out loud.


  1. Emote
  2. Level 99 trick
  3. Emote
  4. Level 99 juggle
  5. Repeat this 4 times


  1. Emote
  2. Level 99 alchemy spell
  3. Emote
  4. Level 99 teleportation spell
  5. Repeat this 4 times


  1. Emote
  2. Level 99 bullseye shoot
  3. Emote
  4. Level 99 poppinjay shoot
  5. Repeat this 4 times

Firemaking (Fire-Breathing):

  1. Emote
  2. Level 95 solution
  3. Emote
  4. Level 91 solution
  5. Repeat this 2 times

Firemaking (Fire Poi):

  1. Emote
  2. Level 95 trick
  3. Emote
  4. Level 91 trick
  5. Repeat this 2 times


  1. Emote
  2. Level 90 trick
  3. Emote
  4. Level 80 trick
  5. Repeat this 3 times

Experience focused:

For maximum experience gain from each performance, you must peform each action only once. You receive experience for a certain action only once. If you fail that action, you miss out on the experience for it. It is recommended to do 5 actions higher and 5 lower than your actual level to ensure you successfully perform that action. To find out which actions are the best suited for your levels, check the experience each action yields in the tables above.

During the Agility performance, you will only receive experience for performing tricks requiring different skill levels. This means that if you perform a level 90 trick followed by a level 90 juggle, you will only receive the experience for the first action. Even though you can do two magical spells at each level, each level of item counts as one action. For example, even though there are two level 10 items, doing a spell on each will only gain you the experience of one level 10 spell. On the ranged course both areas count as one for your experience. This means if you do a level 50 action on the bullseye, you will not get the experience for doing a level 50 action on the other poppinjays.

Hints And Tips:

  • If you fail an action, you will not receive experience for what trick even if you successfully perform that trick afterwards. Putting an emote or another action between keeps it from lowering your points overall.

  • Never repeat any action or emote. If you do repeat an performance action, you do not get XP for it again. However, it does count as one of the ten actions you can perform and you will still receive points for successfully completing that action multiple times.

  • Always perform 10 emotes during a performance. Make sure to do this before the last performance action so to maximize your points.

  • Listen to the audience, who are shouting out loud what they want. This will improve your increase your points. The audience has no problems with asking for the same level trick more than once.

  • If you have high enough skill levels, listening to the audience will not increase you score in comparison to alternating between the two highest level tricks you can do. Be warned that this comes with a risk of failure, which may give you less points.

  • Take your chances, even though actions are marked to be successful for levels higher than you have, you might still accomplish those performance actions. You will get more points for taking a risk. Players with level 70+ in Agility, Magic, Ranged or Firemaking will be able to successfully perform the higest level tricks most of the time.

  • Bring any skill raising potions and stat-boosting clothes to help with your performances. The extra boost increases the chance of not failing an action.

  • Take your time. You can speak to the assistants in between actions to ask how the audience thinks of you. You may also bank in between the Agility/Magic/Ranged performances if you need more stats boosting items or clothing.

  • If you cannot remember which magical areas you can do which spells, then listen to the audience to refresh your memory. They will shout out a spell and an item, telling you which spells you may use.



For successfully performing a trick, you receive experience in that skill. You can refer to the tables above for more information about the experience for each trick


Depending on the amount of points you earn from a performance, Balthazar will reward you with a piece of circus clothing. If you ever lose one of these items, speak to the him again and he will replace them free of charge.

Points Rewards
Type Male Female
1-500 Audience hat Audience male hats Audience female hats
Audience shirt Audience male shirts Audience female shirts
Audience leggings/skirt Audience male leggins Audience female skirt
Audience Shoes Audience male shoes Audience female shoes
Giant's hand Giant's hand
501-1000 Acrobat hood Acrobat male hood Acrobat female hood
Acrobat shirt Acrobat male shirt Acrobat female shirt
Acrobat pants Acrobat male pants Acrobat female pants
Acrobat shoes Acrobat male shoes Acrobat female shoes
501-1000 Firemaker's tabard Firemaker's tabard
Firemaker's trousers/skirt Firemaker's trousers Firemaker's skirt
1001-1200 Clown hat Clown hat
Clown top Clown top
Clown leggings Clown leggings
Clown shoes Clown shoes
Tambourine Tambourine
1201+ Ringmaster hat Ringmaster hat
Ringmaster shirt Ringmaster shirt
Ringmaster pants Ringmaster pants
Ringmaster boots Ringmaster boots
Mega-phonus Mega-phonus

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