[RuneHQ Event] Vindicta - Friday 3rd
Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017

RuneHQ Event - Vindicta

Deep in the heart of Gielinor a second war of the gods rages on. As each faction fights to defeat the other and accomplish the mission they set upon, adventurers have made their way into the battle and began to challenge the generals of the gods in hopes for new weapons and armour. One of these generals is the general of Zaros called Vindicta, a Ilujanka who is seeking revenge on the Twin Furies who had killed her parents. For those that kill her there is a chance to obtain a very rare weapon, the dragon rider lance.

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[RuneHQ] Content Update!
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

RuneHQ: Content Update

Recently our Content team has been going through our databases and guides with a fine tooth comb, and thanks to you guys (The Submitters) we are able to find even more things that we missed (cause c'mon, we're only human).

Here at RuneHQ, We strive to bring our Guests and Members the best we can give.. be it in a guide, or in our Persons, Items, and Monsters databases. Due to the vast amount of awesome contained in our favorite game - Runescape - We continue to ask you guys for your help in making sure everything is awesome!

If you're wondering what exactly our Team is up to behind the scenes, we've been diligently working on updating all of our Monsters, adding new Quest and Task guides, alongside updating some of our most common Quest Guides.

Pirate's Treasure
Legends' Quest
OSRS Tithe Farming
OSRS Hero's Quest
New Varrock Tasks
God Wars Dungeon 2
Goshima City Guide
Sliske's Endgame (we're still ironing out the kinks in this pesky thing though)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many projects our Team has currently. We'll be back again in the next few weeks with another update!
As always, Happy 'Scaping!

To help our Content Team, you can submit any errors and incorrect information to us using our Updates/Submissions Form.
- RuneHQ Content Team-

[RuneHQ Event] Beastmaster Durzag - Saturday 28th
Monday, Jan 23, 2017

RuneHQ Event - Beastmaster Durzag

In a far off world called Mazcab, home of the goebies, the airut have begun to attack the goebies villages and homes. As the airut continue to attack the goebies they have requested help from humans to help fend off the airuts. The biggest and baddest airut of them all called Beastmaster Durzag is one airut that the goebies can't defeat. This Saturday we will be taking on the beastmaster and his pets in an attempt to help liberate the goebies of Mazcab from these invasive airuts. If the attempt is successful there are many rewards to be gained including teir 90 tank armour, items which have the ability to unlock new combat abilities, and currency that can be used to buy goods from the goebies. Hope to see you there!

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[RuneHQ Event] Pest Control - Friday 27th
Monday, Jan 23, 2017

RuneHQ Event - Pest Control

The Void Knights are being attacked by pesky demonic creatures with varying combat styles and abilities, but no matter how many we defeat, they just keep appearing endlessly! We need to assure the safety of the Void Knights by not only killing off these pests, but also by breaking the portals that dispose them to attack. Be ready to help outnumber and/or put your multi-target attacks to their best potential, because this is the day we'll help in the effort to stop the Pests from doing as they please!

More information about this event can be found in this topic.

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[RuneHQ Event] Social Slayer - Saturday 21
Monday, Jan 16, 2017

RuneHQ Event - Social Slayer

Come along and slay some beasts but pair up with a fellow adventurer to take down your assignment in double the time! Social Slayer is a way you can pair up with a like minded adventurer and get through your assignment a lot faster with the bonus of faster slayer points which can be used to buy juicy rewards like the Slayer helm and unique to Social Slayer you will get co-op points for each task you complete that can be spent on pets and abilities to aid you and your partner in future assignments!

More information about this event can be found in this topic.

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