[RuneHQ Event] Saradomin GWD - Saturday 25th
Monday, Mar 20, 2017

Saradomin GWD

As Commander Zilyana prayed to Saradomin for the strength to retrieve the Godsword from Kree's forces, Saradomin blessed her with three very powerful amulets, each bearing the symbols of her enemy's Gods. She discussed this with her generals, Growler, Bree and Starlight, and noticed that these amulets enhanced their combat abilities but why should they be handed out to their enemies? Zilyana later learned that these amulets granted her the power to hear the bearer's thoughts and she was able manipulate them, even if it was just a whisper, a murmur, or a hiss. For some time, Kree and Zilyana were allies against K'rils forces in an attempt to deliver the Godsword to Saradomin's forces at the Temple of Lost Ancients. They shared weaponry, such as the Armadyl Crossbow, but also had their own weapons. Now, as each faction has made an encampment under the Temple, the battle for the Godsword still rages to this day.

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[RuneHQ Event] Hardmode Armadyl - Friday 24th
Monday, Mar 20, 2017

Hardmode Armadyl

It was a rainy day in Lumbridge, I was doing my slayer assignment, Cows, in the cow pen just west of the River Lum. As I sliced through the beef, cooked a juicy steak, I gazed upon the chicken hut where Fred The Farmer's house is located. All of the chickens were white, except one laying down in a corner. I approached it and saw that it wasn't just any normal chicken... it was a baby Aviansie, with the symbol of Armadyl etched below its neck. It was in bad health. Instead of reporting the bug to Jagex like a great Runescape Player would, I brought him to the God Wars dungeon to see if a Spiritual Mage can heal it. Turns out, this Aviansie wasn't just any old bird, it was Kree-ara's nephew's godsons' 5th cousin-in-laws' room mate's baby. This enraged the whole Armadyl encampment... to the point where I am currently writing this while in the waiting room while the entire army of Armadyl are trying to turn me into bird fodder. I already called the Events Team to help, but we need as many as we can to help! Come and slay some Flying specimens (not me) at the Armadyl God Wars Dungeon.

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[RuneHQ Event] Vindicta - Saturday 18th
Monday, Mar 13, 2017


Deep in the heart of Gielinor a second war of the gods rages on. As each faction fights to defeat the other and accomplish the mission they set upon, adventurers have made their way into the battle and began to challenge the generals of the gods in hopes for new weapons and armour. One of these generals is the general of Zaros called Vindicta, a Ilujanka who is seeking revenge on the Twin Furies who had killed her parents. For those that kill her there is a chance to obtain a very rare weapon, the dragon rider lance.

More information about this event can be found in this topic.

[RuneHQ Event] Pest Control - Friday 17th
Monday, Mar 13, 2017

RuneHQ Event - Pest Control

The Void Knights are being attacked by pesky demonic creatures with varying combat styles and abilities, but no matter how many we defeat, they just keep appearing endlessly! We need to assure the safety of the Void Knights by not only killing off these pests, but also by breaking the portals that dispose them to attack. Be ready to help outnumber and/or put your multi-target attacks to their best potential, because this is the day we'll help in the effort to stop the Pests from doing as they please!

More information about this event can be found in this topic.

[RuneHQ] Content Update!
Saturday, Mar 11, 2017

RuneHQ: Content Update

Recently our Content team has been going through our databases and guides with a fine tooth comb, and thanks to you guys (The Submitters) we are able to find even more things that we missed (cause c'mon, we're only human).

Here at RuneHQ, We strive to bring our Guests and Members the best we can give.. be it in a guide, or in our Persons, Items, and Monsters databases. Due to the vast amount of awesome contained in our favorite game - Runescape - We continue to ask you guys for your help in making sure everything is awesome!

If you're wondering what exactly our Team is up to behind the scenes, we've been diligently working on updating our Monsters, adding new Quest and Task guides, alongside updating some of our most common Quest Guides.

Skill Outfits Guide
Back to the Freezer Quest Guide
Abyssal Demon Invention Guide
Invention Perks Guide
Memorial of Guthix D&D Guide

OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide
OSRS Achievement Diary: Ardougne
OSRS Achievement Diary: Desert
OSRS Achievement Diary: Falador
OSRS Achievement Diary: Fremennik
OSRS Achievement Diary: Karamja
OSRS Achievement Diary: Lumbridge
OSRS Achievement Diary: Morytania
OSRS Achievement Diary: Varrock
OSRS Achievement Diary: Wilderness

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many projects our Team has currently. We'll be back again in the next few weeks with another update!
As always, Happy 'Scaping!

To help our Content Team, you can submit any errors and incorrect information to us using our Updates/Submissions Form.

As always, we are looking for talented members of our community to join our Editors, If you are interested, please visit our applications or message one of the Content Managers (DarkAdvisor & Rooskii)
- RuneHQ Content Team-

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