[Runescape Update] - Heist - New Minigame
Monday, Feb 17, 2014


Heist Waiting Room

A brand new minigame is here! In this minigame you will either play a Robber or a Guard. As a robber you must use your ability to look like the locals to steal loot from the bank and return it to your ship. As a guard you must do everything to stop the robbers! Most of the rewards for this minigame are perks for use within the game, but you can also earn yourself a nice amount of bonus XP for either Hunter or Thieving.

To find out exactly what is involved in this minigame and to see all the other changes (such as changes to Death lotus darts) click here.

-RuneHQ Staff
Player Achievements!
Monday, Feb 17, 2014

Posted Achievements from RuneHQ Members!

RuneHQ's Achievements

In the last week our Accomplishment board has seen a number of new achievements from our RuneHQ members! We at RuneHQ would like to congratulate the following on their amazing achievements:

If you would like to have your achievements mentioned on our front page then head on over to the Accomplishment section of our forums and let us know what achievement you are particularly proud of!

~RuneHQ Staff
Ventrilo Meet and Greet Returns
Saturday, Feb 15, 2014

Meet and Greet

Want to learn a little more about everyone? Meet some new people or just want to have fun? Well then come to our second ever Ventrilo Meet and Greet! Everyone is welcome to join - new or old - to the site. You do not need a Ventrilo account for this event, but if you would like one made for the event, simply make a topic here. We look forward to getting to know everyone at this weekend's Meet and Greet. :)

  • Date: Saturday, February 22nd
  • Time: 5pm CST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT+ UK
  • Ventrilo: Port: 8325
-RuneHQ Staff
[RuneHQ Event] - Castle Wars
Saturday, Feb 15, 2014

Castle Wars

[RuneHQ Event] - King Black Dragon!
Friday, Feb 14, 2014

King Black Dragon

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