[Runescape Update] - One of a Kind Quest Guide!
Monday, Mar 10, 2014

One of a Kind Quest Guide Released!

One of a Kind

Good news for all the hardcore questers! The new Grandmaster Quest One of a Kind has been released with some pretty high requirements and fabulous rewards. What are you waiting for? Report to Mr. Mordaut in the Varrock Museum basement and see what he has to say!

-RuneHQ Staff
RuneHQ Ventrilo Karaoke!
Saturday, Mar 08, 2014

RuneHQ Ventrilo Karaoke

-RuneHQ Ventrilo Staff
[RuneHQ Event] - Castle Wars!
Saturday, Mar 08, 2014


-RuneHQ Events Team
[RuneHQ Event] - Big Chompy Bird Hunting!
Friday, Mar 07, 2014


-RuneHQ Events Team
Recent Staff Changes
Wednesday, Mar 05, 2014

New Groups and New People!

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed some new faces around the forum representing our staff, and you may have also seen two new staff groups appearing in this past week:

New Groups - Clan Staff and Social Media

Clan Staff Social Media

New Staff Positions

Content Editors Developers

We also have some new members on our staff teams to report, helping us out with Content and Developing for the site. For full detail of all these changes, check out the dedicated forum thread here.

~ The RuneHQ Staff ~

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