[RuneHQ Event] - Fight Pits
Thursday, Dec 19, 2013


-RuneHQ Events Team
[RuneHQ Event] - Trouble Brewing
Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013


-RuneHQ Events Team
[RuneHQ Event] - Clan Wars
Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013

Clan Wars!

Clan Wars

-RuneHQ Events Team
[Runescape Update] - Up to Snow Good - Christmas 2013
Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013

Up to Snow Good - Christmas 2013

Up to Snow Good

Christmas time is here in Gielinor, but an evil demon has locked up Santa! Christmas needs saving. But maybe you don't want to help Santa, and would rather help the demon San'tar Klaws. Your actions in this year's event will either award you Nice points or Naughty points, which points you go after if totally up to you, and you'll be rewarded for gaining either!

For all the information on what you can do to be nice or naughty, and what rewards you'll earn for doing so check the news post here.

- RuneHQ Staff -
[RuneHQ Event] - Group Fishing!
Sunday, Dec 15, 2013

Group Fishing

-RuneHQ Events Team

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