RuneHQ Event - Barrows
Saturday, Apr 12, 2014

RuneHQ Event - Barrows

Would you say that being a master of shadows is a fun job? According to Sliske, it's just a bundle of joy! He has taken control of 6 powerful beings and launched them (with their own graves) down south of the Mort Myre Swamp, each left resting in their respective tombs. These guys are known as the Barrows Brothers. They all possess different stats and abilities, and only get stronger after each brother is defeated. Think you can handle taking them all down one by one and digging deep for a chance at looting their powerful armor? Let us disturb their rest!

Details on this event can be found in this topic! We look forward to seeing you there!

-RuneHQ Events Team-
RuneHQ Event - Corporal Beast
Friday, Apr 11, 2014

RuneHQ Event - Corporal Beast

Under the bone littered ground of the Wilderness, is the cave where one of the most dangerous creatures in all of RuneScape habits. This creature is the Corporeal Beast. Many warriors have tried to defeat this monster, but have had no success. It's brute power, and magic crushes them in ease. There have been very few people who have entered his lair and killed him. And even less of those people have received one of the rarest drops that the Corporeal Beast hordes in his lair. Sigils. Sigils are the Corporeal Beast's most prized treasures, and players will pay top price for them. Will you help slay this horide creature?

Details on this event can be found in this topic! We look forward to seeing you there!

-RuneHQ Events Team-
[Runescape Update] - Free to Play HiScores, Action Bar Sharing and Clan Messaging
Monday, Mar 31, 2014

Free to Play HiScores, Action Bar Sharing and Clan Messaging!

Action Bar Sharing

This week's RuneScape update sees some smaller changes to the game, and a very long requested feature. The return of Free to Play players showing up on the HiScores is here! You will need to log in once after today's update to show up on the hiscores, and there are some requirements you must meet. To see the requirements check out the full news post.

It's now also possible to share your action bar setups with people on your friends list, a great feature for those new people to the Evolution of Combat system, or for a group effort against a boss.

-RuneHQ Staff
[RuneHQ Event] - Nex and Vorago!
Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014

nex copynex copy

~ RuneHQ Events Team
[Runescape Update] - Fate of the Gods!
Monday, Mar 24, 2014

Fate of the Gods Quest Released!

Fate of the Gods

The second quest of March is upon us. This one sees the long awaited return of Zaros! Adventurers will venture through The World Gate to either help or sabotage Zaros' return, which side will you take?

To get all the details on the quest and all of today's other changes (such as new divine locations) check out the full news post here.

-RuneHQ Staff

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