OOP PHP Programers needed
Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014

Do you have Object Oriented PHP program skills and want to help out RuneHQ?

We are now accepting applications for Site Coders team members! Click on the Contact/Apply link on the forums and choose Site Coder Application(click here).

Player Achievements!
Monday, Feb 24, 2014

Posted Achievements from RuneHQ Members!

RuneHQ's Achievements

In the last week our Accomplishment board has seen a huge amount of achievements thanks to the recent Bonus Experience Weekend. We at RuneHQ would like to personally congratulate the following people for their incredible achievements over the last week:

If you would like to have your achievements mentioned on our front page then head on over to the Accomplishment section of our forums and let us know what achievement you are particularly proud of!

RuneHQ Staff~
[Runescape Update] - Revolution!
Monday, Feb 24, 2014



Revolution has been released allowing us now to choose between different combat modes - from full manual to revamped Momentum. Included in this update are also some other interesting new combat features like ability queuing.

-RuneHQ Staff
[RuneHQ Event] - Pest Control!
Saturday, Feb 22, 2014


-RuneHQ Event Team
[RuneHQ Event] - House Party/Group Skilling!
Thursday, Feb 20, 2014


-RuneHQ Events Team

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