[Runescape Update] - Treasure Hunter!
Tuesday, Feb 04, 2014

Treasure Hunter and Demon Drop Table Improvements !


Yelps has been retired, long live Alice? The green creature and his Squeal have been removed in favor of Treasure Hunter which features keys instead of spins and some different rewards. You can even customize it by removing some categories of items. For complete description, check here.

In other news, demons' drop table has been overhauled, now including new abyssal wand and orb.

-RuneHQ Staff
January's Player Achievements!
Sunday, Feb 02, 2014

Posted Achievements from RuneHQ Members in January!

RuneHQ's Achievements

During the month of January we saw many achievements posted on our Accomplishments board of our forum. We at RuneHQ would like to congratulate the following people for their achievements last month:

~Tabion for achieving both 99 Fishing and 99 Divination
~Look Titan for achieving 99 Defence - his 2nd 99
~Super Fly for achieving 99 Constitution
~SteamOS for achieving 99 Woodcutting
~Senex Seni for achieving 99 Fletching - his 11th 99
~The Cardinal for achieving 99 Firemaking
~Brackenbury for completing his first Master Quest - Desert Treasure
~Lord Relztik for his fantastic luck in collecting 400k loot in 30 minutes

If you would like to have your achievements mentioned on our front page then head on over to the Accomplishment section of our forums and let us know what achievement you are particularly proud of!

~RuneHQ Staff
[RuneHQ Event] - Corporeal Beast!
Saturday, Feb 01, 2014


-RuneHQ Events Team
[RuneHQ Event] - Social Slayer!
Thursday, Jan 30, 2014


-RuneHQ Events Team
Server Downtime
Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014

Server Downtime

Tomorrow, Jan 29th,our servers will be undergoing a few upgrades. Both the site and forum will be offline during the process. At the moment we are unsure how long and when exactly the upgrades will take place. We appreciate your patience with us.

- Lilroo503

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