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Cooking Items

To cook meat, chicken or fish, simply use the raw item on a fire or Range.

Note: You can deliberately burn things if needed. After you cook them, you can cook them again, and will see the message "You deliberately burn the nicely cooked meat." No exp is gained for burning meat deliberately.

The table below will show you the foods you can cook, the level requirements to cook them, and how much each food heals.

Name of Food Cooked picture Cooking Level Needed Heals Number of bites Exp Gained
Crayfish Crayfish 1 200 1 30
Cooked chicken Chicken 1 200 1 30
Sinew * Sinew 1 N/A N/A 3
Roast bird meat * Bird Meat 1 200 1 63
Cooked meat Meat 1 200 1 30
Shrimps Shrimp 1 200 1 30
Karambwanji * Karambwanji 1 200 1 10
Bread Bread 1 200 1 40
Sardine Sardine 1 200 1 40
Anchovies Anchovies 1 200 1 30
Herring Herring 5 200 1 50
Baked potato * Baked potato 7 200 1 15
Mackerel * Mackerel 10 200 1 60
Redberry pie Redberry pie 10 200 2 78
Thin snail meat * Thin snail meat 12 50-70 1 65
Bacon * Bacon 14 200-300 ** 1 68
Trout Trout 15 200-300 ** 1 70
Spider on stick * Spider on stick 16 100 1 80
Roast rabbit * Roast rabbit 16 200-320 ** 1 72
Lean snail meat * Lean snail meat 17 80 1 80
Cod * Cod 18 200-360 ** 1 75
Nettle tea * Nettle tea 20 400 1 52
Pike Pike 20 200-400 ** 1 80
Meat pie Meat pie 20 400 2 110
Roast beast meat * Roast beast 21 200-420 ** 1 82.5
Cooked crab meat * Cooked crab 21 420 5 100
Fat snail meat * Fat snail meat 22 70-90 1 95
Bacon stack * Bacon stack 24 200-500 ** 1 88
Salmon Salmon 25 200-500 ** 1 90
Stew Stew 25 500 1 117
Cooked slimy eel * Cooked slimey eel 28 60-100 1 95
Cooked sweetcorn Cooked sweetcorn 28 10% of Life Points 1 104
Mud pie * Mud pie 29 N/A N/A 128
Cooked chompy * Chompy bird 30 200-600 ** 1 140
Tuna Tuna 30 200-600 ** 1 100
Cooked karambwan * Karambwan fully cooked 30 200-600 ** 1 190
Apple pie Apple pie 30 400 2 130
Cooked fishcake * Fishcake 31 700 1 100
Garden pie * Garden pie 34 120 2 138
Bacon pile * Bacon pile 34 200-700 ** 1 108
Plain pizza Pizza 35 700 2 143
Jug of wine Wine 35 700 1 200
Rainbow fish * Rainbow fish 35 200-700 ** 1 121
Cave eel * Cave eel 38 200-960 ** 1 115
Potato with butter * Baked potato with butter 39 200-780 ** 1 95
Lobster Lobster 40 200-800 ** 1 120
Cake Cake 40 798 3 180
Chilli potato * Baked potato with chilli-con-carne 41 200 - 1000 ** 1 165.5
Cooked jubbly * Jubbly 41 200-820 ** 1 160
Bass * Bass 43 200-860 ** 1 130
Bacon heap * Bacon heap 44 200-900 ** 1 135
Swordfish Swordfish 45 200-900 ** 1 140
Meat pizza Meat pizza 45 900 2 26
Fish pie * Fish pie 47 940 2 164
Potato with cheese * Baked potato with cheese 47 200-940 ** 1 199.5
Cheese Cheese 48 200 1 64
Chocolate cake Chocolate cake 50 999 3 30
Cooked oomlie wrap * Oomlie wrap 50 200-900 ** 1 40
Egg potato * Egg potato 51 200-1100 ** 1 195.5
Lava eel * Lava eel 53 200-1060 ** 1 30
Bacon mound * Bacon mound 54 200-1100 ** 1 158
Anchovy pizza Anchovy pizza 55 200-1100 ** 2 40
Ugthanki kebab * Ugthanki kebab 58 1400 1 120
Pitta bread * Pitta bread 58 N/A N/A 40
Curry * Curry 60 200-1200 ** 1 280
Monkfish * Monkfish 62 200-1240 ** 1 150
Mushroom potato * Mushroom potato 64 200-1600 ** 1 270.5
Pineapple pizza * Pineapple pizza 65 1300 2 197
Tuna potato * Tuna potato 68 200-1700 ** 1 309.5
Admiral pie * Admiral pie 70 1400 2 210
Pork pie Pork pie 74 200-1080 ** 1 210
Shark * Shark 80 200-1600 ** 1 210
Baron shark * Baron shark 80 2100 1 210
Sea turtle * Sea turtle 82 200-1640 ** 1 211.3
Wild pie * Wild pie 85 200-1700 ** 2 240
Cavefish * Cavefish 88 200-1600 ** 1 214
Manta ray * Manta ray 91 200-1820 ** 1 216.3
Rocktail * Rocktail 93 200-1860 ** 1 225
Rocktail soup * Rocktail soup 93 200-2100 ** 1 500
Summer pie * Summer pie 95 200-1900 ** 2 260
Tiger shark * Tiger shark 95 200-1900 ** 1 230

* = Members Only Items.
** = Healing amount is dependant on your Constitution level.

Additional miscellaneous info: if you burn a pizza, you get a "rebate" boost of an additional 74 xp for the next two pizzas you make (180 xp for each of next two pizzas versus regular 143 xp, which is 37 xp additional for each pizza). This "rebate" does not seem to occur on anything else.
Meat and anchovy pizza xp shown is just for adding topping to an existing cooked pizza. Chocolate cake xp is just for adding chocolate to existing cake.
The experience given for potatoes includes making all the toppings. So to get the full experience from, say, a tuna potato, you would have to cook the tuna, cook the sweetcorn, make the topping, bake the potato, and then place the topping on the potato.

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How to Cook

Bread Bread

  1. Pick some grain, and take it to the windmill to make flour.
  2. You will need to use a pot to pick up the flour you have made.
  3. Buy a bucket, jug, or bowl, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.
  4. Mix the flour and water to make some bread dough.
  5. Cook the dough by using it with a stove.

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Pies Pie

  1. Mix flour and water to make some pastry dough.
  2. Place the dough in an empty pie dish.
  3. Use your choice of filling with the empty pie.
    • Redberry Pie:
      1. Add a redberry to fill your pie.
    • Apple Pie:
      1. Add a cooking apple to fill your pie.
    • Meat Pie:
      1. Add a piece of cooked meat to fill your pie.
    • Mud Pie:
      1. Add a bucket of compost to your pie shell.
      2. Add a bucket of water to the pie.
      3. Add some dry clay to finish your pie.
    • Garden Pie (+3 farming when eaten):
      1. Add a tomato to your pie shell.
      2. Add an onion to the pie.
      3. Add a cabbage to finish your pie.
    • Fish Pie (+3 fishing when eaten):
      1. Add a cooked trout to your pie shell.
      2. Add a cooked cod to the pie.
      3. Add a potato to finish your pie.
    • Admiral Pie (+5 fishing when eaten):
      1. Add a cooked salmon to your pie shell.
      2. Add a cooked tuna to the pie.
      3. Add a potato to finish your pie.
    • Wild Pie (+5 ranged and slayer when eaten):
      1. Add a piece of raw bear meat to your pie shell.
      2. Add a raw chompy to the pie.
      3. Add a raw rabbit to finish your pie.
    • Summer Pie (+5 agility when eaten):
      1. Add a strawberry to your pie shell.
      2. Add a watermelon to the pie.
      3. Add an apple to finish your pie.
  4. Cook the pie by using it with a stove.

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Cakes Cake Chocolate cake

  1. Mix flour, eggs, milk together in a cake tin.
  2. Cook the cake by using it with a stove.
  3. Buy some chocolate and add it to the cake, to make Chocolate Cake.

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Stew Stew

  1. Obtain a bowl, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.
  2. Pick a potato and place it in the bowl.
  3. Cook some meat and place it in the bowl.
  4. Cook the stew by using it with a stove or fire.

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Curry (Members only) Curry

  1. Make some uncooked stew (see Stew description).
  2. Before cooking the stew add 1 Spice (bought or thieved from Spice stall in Ardougne market square), or 3 Curry leaves.
  3. Cook the curry by using it with a stove or fire.

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Wine Wine

  1. Fill a jug with water.
  2. Use grapes with the jug of water.
  3. Wait until the wine ferments.
  4. Wine will ferment when left in your inventory or the bank.

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  1. Mix flour and water to make a pizza base.
  2. Buy a tomato and add it to the pizza.
  3. Buy some cheese and add it to the pizza.
  4. Cook the pizza by using it with a stove.
  5. Add your choice of topping to the pizza.

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Oomlie wrap (Members only) Oomlie wrap

  1. You can find Oomlie Birds (lvl 45 - look like brown chickens) inside Kharazi Jungle. The Kharazi jungle is the area you explore while doing the Legends quest (you can't enter the jungle unless you're doing or did the Legends quest). It's the most southern part of Karamja Island.
  2. Kill an Oomlie Bird. It will drop a Raw Oomlie Meat which looks just like a raw chicken.
  3. Go to the totem pole (if you did the Legends quest - you'll know what it is) which can be found on the western part of the jungle (not on the shore) or look near the Water Pool. You should see a big tree near it with the option to shake it.
  4. Shake the tree. A Palm leaf will appear on the ground.
  5. Use the leaf on the Raw oomlie meat to wrap it up.
  6. Cook the Oomlie wrap on a fire or range. (Unwrapped Oomlie will always burn.)

Oomlie wraps heal 140 Life Points.

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Ugthanki kebab (Members only) Ugthanki Kehab

  1. You can find Ugthankis (lvl 42 - look like camels) wandering the desert south of Shantay Pass. This is located south of Al Kharid.
  2. Kill an Ugthanki. It will drop a Raw ugthanki meat which looks just like raw meat.
  3. Cook your raw Ugthanki meat on a fire or range.
  4. Get knife, bowl, tomato and onion.
  5. Use onion and tomato on bowl to get onion and tomato mix.
  6. Add cooked ugthanki meat with the mixture.
  7. Get flour and water, make pitta dough.
  8. Cook the Pitta dough.
  9. Use pitta bread on kebab mix to finish kebab.

Ugthanki kebabs heal 190 Life Points.

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Nettle tea (Members only) Nettle tea

  1. Fill a bowl with water.
  2. Put some picked nettles into the bowl of water.
  3. Boil the nettle-water by using it with a range or a fire.
  4. Use the bowl of nettle tea with a cup.
  5. If you take milk, use a bucket of milk on it.

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Potato Toppings and Ingredients (Members only)

  • Dairy Products Pot of cream Pot of butter Cheese
    1. Get a bucket of milk and churn it into either cream, butter, or cheese. Churns may be found in various places throughout RuneScape.
    2. Cream can be churned into butter or cheese, and butter can be churned into cheese.
  • Chilli-con-Carne Chilli-con-carne
    1. Use Gnome Spice and Garlic on a bowl to make Spicy Sauce; yields 25 EXP per Spicy Sauce made.
    2. Add in a piece of Meat while having a knife in your inventory to make your topping.
  • Scrambled Egg and Tomato Scrambled Egg and Tomato
    1. Add an Egg and a Tomato to separate bowls with a knife in your inventory.
    2. Cook the Bowl of Eggs on a range or a fire to make Scrambled Eggs; this yields 50 EXP per egg.
    3. Use the Bowl of Tomatoes with the Bowl of Scrambled Eggs to make your topping.
  • Mushroom and Onions Mushroom and Onions
    1. Add an Onion and a Mushroom to different bowls while holding a knife in your inventory.
    2. Cook your Bowl of Onions and Bowl of Mushroom on a fire or a range to fry them; this yields 60 EXP per onion or Mushroom fried.
    3. Use the Bowl of Onions on the Bowl of Mushrooms to make your topping.
  • Tuna and Sweetcorn Tuna and Sweetcorn
    1. Add a cooked Tuna to a bowl.
    2. Add a cooked Sweetcorn to the bowl to finish your topping.

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Potatoes (Members only) Baked potato

  1. Bake a potato on a range.
  2. Add a pat of butter to your potato, as it always precedes other toppings.
  3. Add one of the following toppings to your potato. You can find out how to make toppings in the Potato Toppings and Ingredients section.
    • Baked potato with chilli-con-carne
      For a potato with chilli-con-carne, add a bowl of chilli-con-carne to your potato.

    • Baked potato with cheese
      For a potato with cheese, add a slice of cheese to your potato.

    • Baked potato with egg and tomato
      For a potato with egg and tomato, add a scrambled eggs and tomato topping to your potato.

    • Baked potato with mushroom and onion
      For a potato with mushroom and onion, add a bowl of mushrooms and onions to your potato.

    • Baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn
      For a potato with tuna and sweetcorn, add a tuna-and-sweetcorn topping to your potato.

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Gnome Cooking and Bartending (Members only)

Players can learn how to make gnome dishes and cocktails by visiting the second floor of the Grand Tree and speaking to Aluft Gianne or Blurberry, respectively. Making gnome dishes earns 30 xp on your own, or an additional bonus of 60 xp (for a total of 90 xp) if you make them as tasked by Aluft Gianne. Making gnome cocktails earns 60 xp, with no bonus from Blurberry. Please refer to the Gnome Cooking and Bartending Special Report for details.

Brewing (Members only)

Brewing is also part of the Cooking skill, but has a dedicated guide in the Special Reports sections. Please refer to the Brewing Guide for details.

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Levels required to not burn fish

Cooking levels required to not burn fish
Type of Food Cooking Fire/Range Cooking gauntlets Cook-o-matic
(Lumbridge Range)
Shrimp 33 - Yes
Crayfish 33 - Yes
Anchovies 34 - Yes
Sardine 34 - Yes
Herring 41 - Yes
Mackerel 45 - Yes
Trout 50 - Yes
Cod 52 - Yes
Cooked slimy eel 58 - -
Salmon 58 - Yes
Rainbow fish 62 - -
Pike 64 - Yes
Tuna 64 63 -
Lobster 74 68 -
Swordfish 86 81 -
Monkfish 92 90 -
Shark - 94 -
Cavefish - 94 -
Rocktail - 95 -

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Cooking Notes:

This is probably one of the fastest ways to increase cooking experience, despite having to put a bit of work into it. Cakes give 180 experience each, which is the best experience you can get per dish, prior to level 60, when you can cook Karambwan for 190 experience per dish.

There are Cave Eel (level 38), Swordfish (level 45), and Lava Eel (level 53) which give slightly less experience than cakes, but are a single step each, making them faster. However, these require fishing them up, which takes time and some luck, as you'll get different kinds of fish in the process.

Cakes, however, use ingredients which are both free, and easy to get a hold of, quickly. The eggs are the only part where you have to wait for them to respawn, which takes 20 seconds. Most farms, however, have 2 egg spawns, so that works out to about 10 seconds per egg. You can milk cows about as fast as you can click, and the wheat is in fields that are full. I can pick 14 wheat in less than 10 seconds, when conditions are right.

Note: If you are level 34 Construction, you can get the ingredients from your kitchen larder (Oak Larder and better) and the tin from you kitchen shelf (wooden shelf 3 or better), cook the cakes on a range and have your servant bring them to the bank for you in your POH (Player Owned Home).

Now, you need level 40 cooking to do cakes, which is also high enough to enter the cooking guild, just make sure you have a chef's hat. I would recommend getting 14 Cake Tins, Buckets, and Pots stored in the bank as well.

First, I collect eggs, usually in multiples of 28. I'll take 1 or 2 loads to the bank (or more) before starting. This is the only ingredient I need to stock up on ahead of time.

I then grab 14 buckets, and keep my other 14 inventory spots open, and head for the farm south of Varrock. I usually find the path between the Champions Guild and the field of wheat to be the shortest route. After milking 14 buckets of milk from one dairy cow (usually while someone else is slaying it, which I find to be odd.), I make my way back to the bank in Varrock, stopping at the field to grab 14 bushels of wheat.

At the bank, I deposit the buckets and grab 14 pots. Taking the 14 bushels of wheat and 14 pots with me, I go to the cooking guild (be sure to don your chef's hat). I go to the top, and grind all bushels of wheat in the hopper, then head downstairs and fill the pots with flour.

I head back to the bank, and proceed to grab equal amounts of eggs, flour, milk, and cake tins from the bank. I usually put one cake tin and one egg side by side at the bottom of my inventory, and just keep using one with the other until all of the cake tins are full. I usually end up banking once or twice to complete all 14 cake tins.

Then I bank the pots and buckets, and take only the 14 full cake tins to the range in Juliet's house, and use each with the range. This will fill your inventory with 14 empty cake tins and a combination of cakes and burnt cakes. I drop the burnt cakes, and head back to bank, to deposit the cakes, and cake tins, grab the buckets and start again.

Now this takes a bit of effort, but since the only thing you have to wait for spawning is the eggs, and all of the ingredients are free, for 180 experience per dish I think the effort is well worth it.

Another way of getting cost effective experience is to buy and cook trouts and salmons from Shilo village fish shop (resp. 2gp and 5gp each at high stocks).

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Dungeoneering Food

There are numerous amounts of food types that you can use while training the Dungeoneering skill. You have the option to either cook the raw fish, or make baked potato combos. You will only be able to cook raw fish in dungeons with a Complexity level of 2 or above, and only make baked potatoes in dungeons with a Complexity level of 5 or above.

To make baked potatoes, you will first need to grow some cave potatoes in the dungeon using the Farming skill. The first thing you need to do is cook a potato on either a range stoked with branches, or on a fire. After you have a Baked cave potato, you can add any two of the three different ingredients: Gissel mushroom, Edicap mushroom, and one cooked fish.

Below is a table of all the different types of foods you can make, and the amount that each one will heal.

Name Image Life points Healed Level Required Experience
Baked cave potato * Baked cave potato 20 1 9
Gissel potato * Gissel potato 40 1 12.5
Edicap potato * Edicap potato 80 1 16.7
Heim crab Heim crab 200 1 22
Heim crab potato * Heim crab potato 60 3 31
Heim crab and gissel potato * Heim crab and gissel potato 120 6 41.1
Heim crab and edicap potato * Heim crab and edicap potato 180 9 51.9
Red-eye Red-eye 200 10 41
Red-eye potato * Red-eye potato 260 13 50
Red-eye and gissel potato * Red-eye and gissel potato 320 16 65.8
Red-eye and edicap potato * Red-eye and edicap potato 380 19 82.3
Dusk eel Dusk eel 400 20 61
Dusk eel potato * Dusk eel potato 100 23 70
Dusk eel and gissel potato * Dusk eel and gissel potato 520 26 91.8
Dusk eel and edicap potato * Dusk eel and edicap potato 580 29 114.3
Giant flatfish Giant flatfish 600 30 82
Flatfish potato * Flatfish potato 660 33 91
Flatfish and gissel potato * Flatfish and gissel potato 720 36 119.1
Flatfish and edicap potato * Flatfish and edicap potato 780 39 147.9
Short-finned eel Short-finned eel 800 40 103
Shortfin potato * Shortfin potato 860 43 112
Shortfin and gissel potato * Shortfin and gissel potato 920 46 146.4
Shortfin and edicap potato * Shortfin and edicap potato 980 49 181.5
Web snipper * Web snipper 1000 50 124
Snipper potato * Snipper potato 1060 53 133
Snipper and gissel potato * Snipper and gissel potato 1120 56 173.7
Snipper and edicap potato * Snipper and edicap potato 1180 59 215.1
Bouldabass * Bouldabass 1200 60 146
Bouldabass potato * Bouldabass potato 1260 63 155
Bouldabass and gissel potato * Bouldabass and gissel potato 1320 66 202.3
Bouldabass and edicap potato * Bouldabass and edicap potato 1380 69 250.3
Salve eel * Salve eel 1400 70 168
Salve eel potato * Salve eel potato 1460 73 177
Salve eel and gissel potato * Salve eel and gissel potato 1520 76 230.9
Salve eel and edicap potato * Salve eel and edicap potato 1580 79 285.5
Blue crab * Blue crab 1600 80 191
Blue crab potato * Blue crab potato 1660 83 200
Blue crab and gissel potato * Blue crab and gissel potato 1720 86 260.8
Blue crab and edicap potato * Blue crab and edicap potato 1780 89 322.3
Cave moray * Cave moray 1800 90 215
Moray potato * Moray potato 1860 93 224
Moray and gissel potato * Moray and gissel potato 1920 96 292
Moray and edicap potato * Moray and edicap potato 1980 99 360.7

* = Members Only Items.

Cooking Boosts


When cooking on a player created bonfire, you get a 10% cooking xp boost. This bonfire can be created by you or by another player.

Other boosts:

Cooking gauntlets can be used. These reduce the chance of burning what you are cooking.

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Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

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Cooking Cape of Accomplishment

Cooking Cape of Accomplishment

Once you have reached level 99, speak to the Head Chef on the first floor of the Cooking Guild to obtain your cape.

Note: You need to wear a Chef's hat to enter.

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