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To start training Thieving, you'll need to pickpocket Men and Women by right-clicking them and selecting Pickpocket. At first you will be caught a lot, resulting in a short stun and being dealt a small amount of damage, but as your level increases you will have a better chance of success.

This is the same for all of the NPCs listed below apart from the workers in Prifddinas who require a single click to be pickpocketed many times until they catch you, after which you will be given a strike rather than being stunned. After three strikes you will no longer be able to pickpocket that clan's workers for 20 minutes.

Wearing Gloves of silence, an Ardougne cloak 3 or Ardougne cloak 4, Exoskeleton set, or all three combined will greatly reduce the chance of you being caught while pickpocketing.

Monster Level
When Successful
Location Loot
Man/Woman 1 8 All around 3 Coins
Farmer 10 14.5 Farms 9 Coins, or Potato seed
Female H.A.M. Follower 15 18.5 H.A.M. Headquarters Coins (1-21), Bronze Arrow (1-13), Steel Arrow (1-13), Leather Body, Cowhide, Tinderbox, Logs, Bronze Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, Steel Hatchet, Bronze Pickaxe, Iron Pickaxe, Steel Pickaxe, Thread (1-9), Needle, Knife, Feather (1-6), Raw Anchovies, Uncut Opal, Uncut Jade, Bronze Dagger, Iron Dagger, Steel Dagger, Grimy Guam, Grimy Marrentill, Grimy Tarromin, Slayer staff, Damaged Armour, Rusty Sword, Buttons, H.A.M. Gloves, H.A.M. Boots, H.A.M. Logo, H.A.M. Shirt, H.A.M. Cloak, H.A.M. Hood, and H.A.M. Robe.
Male H.A.M. Follower 20 22.2 H.A.M. Headquarters Coins (1-21), Bronze Arrow (1-13), Steel Arrow (1-13), Leather Body, Cowhide, Tinderbox, Logs, Bronze Hatchet, Iron Hatchet, Steel Hatchet, Bronze Pickaxe, Iron Pickaxe, Steel Pickaxe, Thread (1-9), Needle, Knife, Feather (1-6), Raw Anchovies, Uncut Opal, Uncut Jade, Bronze Dagger, Clue scroll (level 1), Iron Dagger, Slayer staff, Steel Dagger, Grimy Guam, Grimy Marrentill, Grimy Tarromin, Damaged Armour, Rusty Sword, Buttons, H.A.M. Gloves, H.A.M. Boots, H.A.M. Logo, H.A.M. Shirt, H.A.M. Cloak, H.A.M. Hood, and H.A.M. Robe.
Warrior 25 26 Al-Kharid (male), Ardougne and Varrock (female) 18 Coins
Rogue 32 36.5 Level 54 Wilderness 25 Coins, 40 Coins, poisoned Iron dagger, Wine, 8 Air runes, Lockpick
Cave Goblin 36 40 Dorgesh-Kaan 10 - 49 Coins, Iron ore, Swamp tar, Oil lantern, Unlit Bullseye lantern Unlit torch, Bat shish, Wall beast fingers, Frogspawn gumbo, Cave goblin wire, Green gloop soup, Frog burger, Coated frog legs, Tinderbox
Master Farmer 38 43 Draynor Village square, the farm north of Ardougne (East) Various seeds
Guard 40 46.8 Cities 30 Coins
Bearded Pollivnian Bandit 45 65 Pollnivneach (Desert) 40 Coins
Fremennik 45 65 Rellekka 40 Coins
Desert Bandit 53 79.4 Desert Bandit Camp 30 Coins, Antipoison(1), or Lockpick
Knight 55 84.3 Ardougne 50 Coins
Pollivnian Bandit 55 84.3 Pollnivneach (Desert) 50 Coins
Yanille Watchman 65 137.5 Yanille 60 Coins, Bread
Menaphite Thug 65 137.5 Pollnivneach (Desert) 60 Coins
Paladin 70 151.8 Ardougne 80 Coins and 2 Chaos runes
Gnome 75 198.3 Gnome Stronghold 300 Coins, Earth rune, King worm, Swamp toad, Gold ore, or Fire orb, Court summons, Wishing well bush seed, Barberry seed, Sunchoke seed, Butterfly flower seed, Snape grass seed, Fly trap seed, Reed seed, Prickly pear seed, Grapevine seed, and Potato cactus seed
Hero 80 273.3 Ardougne 100 - 300 coins, 2 Death runes, Blood rune, Fire orb, Cut Diamond, Gold ore, or Wine
Elf 85 353.3 Lletya 280 - 350 coins, Fire Orb, Gold Ore, Jug of Wine, 2 Death Runes, Cut Diamond, 3 Nature runes, Wishing well bush seed, Barberry seed, Sunchoke seed, Butterfly flower seed, Snape grass seed, Fly trap seed, Reed seed, Prickly pear seed, Grapevine seed, and Potato cactus seed.
Dwarf trader 90 556.5 Keldagrim 100 - 400 coins, Bronze bar (noted), Iron bar (noted), Steel bar (noted), Mithril bar (noted), Adamantite bar (noted), Runite bar (noted), Tin ore (noted), Copper ore (noted), Iron ore (noted), Mithril ore (noted), Adamantite ore (noted), Runite ore (noted), Coal (noted), or Clue scroll (level 3), Court summons, Wishing well bush seed, Barberry seed, Sunchoke seed, Butterfly flower seed, Snape grass seed, Fly trap seed, Reed seed, Prickly pear seed, Grapevine seed, and Potato cactus seed.
Iorwerth Worker 91 125 Prifddinas Adamantite ore (Noted), Brawling gloves (Melee), Clue scroll (Hard and Elite), Coins (50-500), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Crystal triskelion fragment 2, Crystal triskelion fragment 3, Shark Super attack (1) (Noted), Super defence (1) (Noted), Super strength (1)
Cadarn Worker 92 135 Prifddinas Bowstring (Noted), Brawling gloves (Magic), Brawling gloves (Ranged), Clue scroll (Hard and Elite), Coins (50-500), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Crystal triskelion fragment 2, Crystal triskelion fragment 3, Shark Super magic potion (1) (Noted), Super ranging potion (1) (Noted), Unpowered orb
Trahaearn Worker 95 145 Prifddinas Adamantite ore, Brawling gloves (Mining), Brawling gloves (Smithing), Clue scroll (Hard and Elite), Coal (Noted), Coins (50-500), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Crystal triskelion fragment 2, Crystal triskelion fragment 3, Dwarven stout (m), Gold ore (Noted), Steel bar (Noted)
Crwys Worker 97 155 Prifddinas Bowstring (Noted), Brawling gloves (Firemaking), Brawling gloves (Woodcutting), Clue scroll (Hard and Elite), Coins (50-500), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Crystal triskelion fragment 2, Crystal triskelion fragment 3, Grapevine seed, Kwuarm seed, Morchella mushroom spore, Snape grass seed, Supercompost (Noted)

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Stealing From Stalls

To steal from market stalls go to Ardougne, Rellekka, Miscellania, Etceteria, or the Ape Atoll (note that the Fremennik Trials quest is required to access Rellekka, Miscellania, and Etceteria, and the Monkey Madness quest is required to access the Ape Atoll). Click on a stall to steal from it, or right click on a stall and use the "Steal from" option. If when stealing from a stall you fail, the stall owner may just yell at you, or a Guard, Knight or Paladin will attack you. The more valuable the products on the stall are, the more people who watch it. You are better off waiting until they are either dead or distracted with somebody else (if you can not kill them yourself), when you are not in their line of sight. In Ardougne, Knights can be lured into nearby buildings and shut in, cutting down on the battles (since they aren't dead, they don't respawn this way).

Stall Location Level
When Successful
Vegetable Stall Etceteria*, Miscellania* 2 10 Cabbage (16%), Garlic (12%), Onion (23%), Potato (23%), or Tomato (25%)
Tea Stall Varrock 5 16 Tea
General Stall Ape Atoll 5 16.5 Hammer, Tinderbox, Pot
Bakers Stall East Ardougne, Keldagrim 5 16 Cake, Bread, and Chocolate cake slice.
Crafting Stall Ape Atoll **, Keldagrim 5 16 Chisel, Necklace mould, Ring mould
Monkey Food Stall Ape Atoll ** 5 16 Banana
Rock Cake Stall Gu'Tanoth 15 6.5 Rock cake
Silk Stall East Ardougne 20 24 Silk
Wine Stall Draynor Village square 22 27 Jug, Jug of water, Jug of wine, Grapes, or Bottle of wine
Seed Stall Draynor Village square 27 10 Various seeds
Fur Stall East Ardougne, Rellekka 35 36 Grey wolf fur
Fish Stall Etceteria*, Miscellania*, Rellekka 42 42 Salmon (most likely), Tuna or a Lobster (rare)
Crossbow Stall Keldagrim 49 54 Crossbow limbs or Bolts
Silver Stall East Ardougne, Keldagrim 50 54 Silver ore
Spice Stall East Ardougne 65 81 Spice
Magic Stall Ape Atoll ** 65 100 Elemental rune (Air, Earth, Fire or Water) or Law rune
Scimitar Stall Ape Atoll ** 65 100 Iron scimitar, Steel scimitar (rare) [stand in spot between stall and building before turning human, to avoid attacks]
Gem Stall East Ardougne, Keldagrim 75 160 1 uncut gem (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond)

* Note that thieving in Etceteria or Miscellania reduces your popularity in the kingdom; also you must have completed the Fremennik Trials Quest in order to get there.
** To access Ape Atoll, do Monkey Madness Quest.

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Disarming Traps

Certain objects such as chests, stairs, and occasional trapdoors have traps on them. To find a trap, all you need to do is right click on the object and see if there's an option to "search for traps." If you choose not to disarm a trap then you receive damage to your Life Points. If you have a high enough thieving level then you will be able to disarm it. Traps will reset after a certain amount of time.

Thieving From Chests

Within the world of thieving, you will find many chests that you can disarm and retrieve treasure. These chests vary in treasure ranging from Coins, Steel arrowheads, Nature runes, Blood runes, and even Adamantite ore.In the Al kharid desert, at the bandit camps bar, you can buy the Bandits brew, which temporarily raises your thieving by 1, which could be good for opening chests or doors that you have the level to open yet. But, be careful about this, because the drink costs 650 coins.

Chest Level
Experience Locations Loot
Coins (10) 13 7.5 1. East entrance to Ardougne Market Square, building on north side of road, west wall. 2. House north of Ardougne's church, second floor, chest on the right, south wall. 3. 3 chests (?) in the Animated Axe house, lvl 54 wilderness. 10 Coins
Zogre Coffin 20 27 Between the Zogres from Zogre Flesh Eater Quest. Bones, Zogre bones, Rusty swords, Tinderbox, Pickaxe, Herbs, Coins, Nails and other junk.
Nature Runes 28 25 1. East entrance to Ardougne Market Square, building on south side of road, second floor, chest on the right, west wall. 2. House north of Ardougne's church, second floor, chest on the left, south wall. 3. Fremennik Helmet Shop. 1 Nature Rune, 3 Coins
Coins (50) 43 125 1. East entrance to Ardougne Market Square, building on south side of road, second floor, chest on the left, west wall. 2. Underground Mourner's HQ, northernmost chest. 50 Coins
Steel Arrowheads 47 150 1. House north of Ardougne in the town of Hemenster. 2. Underground Mourner's HQ, middle chest. Note: Lockpick needed. 5 steel arrowheads and 20 gp
Average Chests 52 200 Dorgesh-Kaan Oil Lantern and Cave Goblin Wire
Blood Runes 59 250 Down the ladder in Chaos Druid Tower, south to end of cavern, 2 chests near the back wall in middle of floor. Note: A second magical trap triggers and teleports you to a room outside the tower, in Ardougne. 2 Blood Runes, 500 Coins
Paladin Chest 72 500 Go to King Lathas' castle that stands in the middle of Ardougne. Walk inside and go up the stairs. Go to either side (left or right) and use a lockpick to enter through the doors to the far, East towers. Adamantite ore, Raw shark, Uncut Sapphire and 1000 Coins
Rich Chest 78 650 Dorgesh-Kaan Uncut Sapphire, Uncut Emerald, Uncut Ruby, and Iron Bar

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Dungeoneering Chests

Within the dungeons of Daemonheim, you will find many chests containing various treasure. Please note that the locations and the item rewards are random and cannot be listed in the table below.

Level Required Experience for Looting
1 25.5
10 57
20 115
30 209
40 331.5
50 485
60 661.5
70 876
80 1118.5
90 1410.5

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Picking Locks

For some doors in Runescape, you may have to pick their locks to open them. To pick a door's lock, simply right click on it and then select the picklock option. As your level increases in thieving, you will be able to access places you couldn't have gone before. The doors will eventually re-lock so you can pick them again.

To get the Lockpick you have to pickpocket Rogues in the Wilderness until you get one, or you can get them from the Rogues Den for 24gp. You can use this Lockpick for areas in the Wilderness or other places that require it. A Lockpick will also make opening locked doors an easier task.

Door and Location Level
1 Story Room East of Spice Stall 1 3.75
2 Story House East of Baker's Stall 14 15
1 Story Room South of Yanille Bank 16 15
2 Story House With Red Carpet In Northwest Ardougne 16 15
Handelmort Mansion 21 15
Ardougne Sewers; Door Leads To Mine and Zombies (level 32) 32 25
Pirate Door 39 35
Chaos Druid (level 19) Tower and Blood Rune Chest 46 37.5
Jail Doors In Iban's Cave 50 4
Ladder In 2nd Floor of Paladin (level 71) Tower 61 50
Back Entrance to Agility Dungeon, Downstairs In Southern Yanille 82 50

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Miscellaneous Thieving

You can distract the eyes within the abyss to get thieving exp.You get 25 exp each time you successfully distract the eyes and get through to the inner circle.The Monk of Zamorak at Edgeville mini-quest must be completed to give access to the Abyssal area.

Lure and K.O.

With the Pollnivneach area and The Feud quest comes a whole new (and vicious) way to pickpocket. Obtain a Blackjack (either an Oak blackjack during the quest, or a Willow blackjack afterwards for 600 gp from the Market trader located outside the Kebab shop.) Wield the Blackjack. Right click on any innocent Villager (level 3), Bandit (level 41), Bandit (level 56), or Menaphite Thug (level 55) and choose "Lure". A dialog will ensue, asking the victim to follow you. If they agree, lead them to a place out of anyone's sight (such as behind buildings). Then right click on them and click "Knock out". If it works, quickly pickpocket them before they come back to their senses. If you fail, you will immediately get into a battle, so be prepared (you may want to switch weapons, but remember to switch back for your next victim). You may be able to halt the battle by pickpocketing them again quickly, but you may fail and take damage.

You earn approximately 8 xp for knocking out a Villager, 10 xp for either level Bandit, and 20 xp for a Menaphite Thug. A successful pickpocket immediately following a K.O. earns the usual amount of xp and loot (for Villagers it's 8xp and 5 gp).

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The best bet on pickpocketing an enemy is to pace yourself and not pick an enemy quickly but in a peaceful way. This will help you, and you'll get caught even less. Pressing "Pick Pocket" on a character twice in quick succession will almost always result in getting caught. As you gain levels, you'll be able to have more consecutive successes. Also, if you thieve from behind, they are not looking at you and so you may have a better chance of success.

So you're fully equipped in full Rune with a Dragon Battle Axe and Rune Plate?

Bringing a good amount of food with you will help. If you are caught, you will be stunned and have damage dealt to you.

It's best to get a Lockpick before you start picking door locks.Head to lvl 54 Wild and pickpocket a Rogue (Lvl 21). You'll need lvl 32 Thieving for this (you'll get 35.5 XP, and a possibility of different rewards per attempt). So you might need to pick from them a few times before getting a Lockpick. This is not advised though because the chaos elemental is located at the front of Rogues' Castle. And you have a high probability of being killed. You can also buy lockpicks from Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den under the bar in Taverley for 20gp, 50 theiving is required for him to talk to you. If you have 53 theiving you can pickpocket lockpicks from Desert Bandits at the Desert Bandit Camp. Finally there is a respawn point in the agility dungeon near Yannille. It is recomended that you buy lockpicks on the Grand Exchange for around 50gp.

Types of Thieves

The Bad Thief:

Nothing is more annoying than a thief thieving the character you are stealing from. So a Thief (or player) has stolen your area and killed the character(s) you were busy practicing on? You're a Thief and you don't have to put up with it! This is where the skill Ranging and your weapon comes in. One of the best ways to run off an annoying player is to get a high range level (45+) and Range the crap out of him/her. Or you can use your strength and kill off their enemies. This may seem mean but they never read the strategy of the good thief.

However, since you only get stunned when you are caught now, stealing from the same person isn't a problem anymore. It's just considered good manners to keep with your own man if possible. The only thing you need to look out for are other players coming to your thieving area and killing off all the characters.

The Good Thief:

Use good manners. Nothing is wrong with being polite.

Thieve only the characters you get to first; don't be rude and go after another player's character. It's an online game and you need to try to stay polite and work on the men without getting frustrated and then killing them off.

It's much easier and more rewarding to be a good thief. Others become more willing to take turns at chests and stalls when you are polite.

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Training Thieving

Lvl 1 - 5. Route A - Getting Started:
To get started in Thieving you need to thieve Man (Lvl 3) or Woman only, which will give 8 experience with each pick and 3 coins. The best thing to do is to thieve until Lvl 5. Best location - Man in the middle of Falador. Edgeville has a house with several men inside.

Lvl 5 - 25. Route A - Baker's Stall:
Once you hit Level 5 Thieving its time to ditch Men and head to Ardougne. Cakes give 16 XP (Experience) and a cake of course, can be eaten. Cakes are pretty much an easy food source, and once you get to lvl 25 Thieving, you'll have a lot of Cakes to live off of (as well as Meat Pies, Chocolate cake slice and Bread).

How this stall (and the others) work is you must hide to the side where the Stall owner and the Guards can't see you easily. Then quickly steal a cake before it's too late. Do this till Lvl 25 Thieving or take Route B...

Lvl 10 - 25. Route B - Farmers:
After picking Men till you are lvl 10, it's time to pickpocket Farmers. They are located all over RS near fields and animals. One place to go is Ardougne. Head north toward the Fishing Competition and once in Hemenster, there should be some small buildings located along the road. One of the buildings has an upstairs. When you get there, you'll find two Farmers (Lvl 15 ) and a bed. Farmers might be harder and it will be slower to achieve lvl 25 than thieving cakes. Farmers give 14.5 XP and 9 Coins a pick (cakes are 16xp) and you must be lvl 10 Thieving to pick 'em. Best location - Fishing Competion Building Upstairs.

Lvl 25 - 40. Route A - Warriors:
Warriors come in two versions: male (in Al-Kharid) and female (Ardougne and Varrock Castle).

The best path to take, if you are higher than lvl 40 Combat, would be the females, which can be found in and around Ardougne Market. If you have a lower combat level, it is advised to pickpocket the male versions in Al-Kharid. The Al-Kharid's palace with its male warriors is one of the best places to train because the bank is right next to it. Both type of warriors will give you 26 XP per pick and 18 coins each time.

The males are in Al-Kharid's palace and the bank isn't too far away. You can get a few in a room and close the door (that way they won't walk too far away).

Lvl 40 - 65/70. Route A - Guards:
Guards are very important to becoming a Lvl 70 Thief. You may not think so but I recommend you Thieve until lvl 70 on Guards only. Why? Because after a while it'll get easier and easier to thieve Guards. Guards give 30 coins and 46.5 XP a pick. After a while of Thieving 30 Coins a pick will become rewarding and you will make over 300 - 400K off Guards until you reach Lvl 70.

The best place to Thieve Guards would be either Falador Exits or outside Varrock Castle. It'd be wise to thieve Guards outside Varrock Castle in the early mornings as it's rare to see a soul walk past.

Lvl 65 - 70. Route B - Yanille Watchman:
When you hit Lvl 65 Thieving and you have 42 agility, then it's recommended to Thieve Yanille Watchman until Lvl 70 Thieving. To find the Watchmen you must head to the tower post at the northern wall of Yanille to the west. When you're Lvl 42 Agility, climb up the handholds (unless you've completed the Watchtower quest). Yanille Watchman give an impressive 138 XP per pick, 60 Coins and a loaf of Bread. The xp will also help you gain levels more quickly than on guards alone.

Lvl 70 - Beyond. Route A/B - Paladins/ Paladin Chest:
A: Your best bet for Lvl 99 Thieving is Paladins, a very profitable and easy-earning XP opponent. Head to the castle in Ardougne. You can either thieve them on the Castle grounds or head upstairs to the Paladin Tower. Once upstairs, use your Lockpick to open the door; inside will be over 5 Paladins (Lvl 62 ). These guys give a impressive 151.75 XP per swipe, 80 Coins and 2 Chaos runes.

It's recommended you use your weapon and Plate on these guys, even if you're Lvl 70 to 78 or so on. Bring lots of food with you (preferably Swordfish as the 30 or 40 Life Points damage every time you are caught adds up quickly).

B: Once you reach Lvl 72 Thieving, thieve from the chest that is in the same tower as the Paladins. You will be magically transported out of Ardougne to the East, just outside of the wall. You will take with you however, 500 XP, an Uncut Sapphire, 1000 gold coins, an Adamantite ore, and an Raw shark.

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Pyramid Plunder

Male Outfit


Female Outfit


The Black Ibis outfit is a reward from the Pyramid Plunder activity. Granting a multiplier to your Thieving experience up to 700 experience when worn. The full set provides a 5% bonus.

The complete set may be placed in the Armour case in the Costume room of a player-owned house

The Rogues' Den

Under the Pick and Lute pub in Taverley you'll find the Rogue's Den. This basement is home to the Flash Powder Factory minigame. The entrance to the den is found here:


To enter the Flash Powder Factory, you'll need 75 Thieving and Agility, and Herblore. You can then talk to Brian O'Richard to enter the game instance. For more information on playing this minigame and the rewards, see our Flash Powder Factory guide.

Aside from the minigame, you will find several Wall Safes in the den. These require level 50 Thieving to attempt and yield 70 XP for opening. The possible rewards are coins (10, 20, or 40 at a time), and gems up to Diamond. Failure to crack the safe will cause anywhere from 20 to 60 damage. To increase your chances of successfully cracking Wall Safes, you can purchase a Stethoscope from Martin Thwait down in the Den. (Note: Stethoscopes are untradeable and require 50 Agility to use) Having it in your inventory or using it on the Wall Safe will increase your likelihood of succeeding. With a Stethoscope and a decent Thieving level, Wall Safes can be opened very swiftly, enabling you to earn a large amount of experience fairly quickly.

Lastly, it should be noted that Martin Thwait also sells Lockpicks for 20 coins each, providing an alternative to those who don't want to risk entering the Wilderness to steal them from Rogues.

Wall Safe

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Sorceress's Garden

This mini-game can be a fast way to raise your thieving level, especially for those who have high levels (65+) already. In order to be able to play this mini-game, you will need to have finished the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. This is a safe mini-game because there is nothing that can kill you. However, if you have been poisoned and you enter the mini-game area then you can still die and lose items. This is also a Members Only mini-game.

You can start this game by talking to Osman, who is located in Al Kharid. He will instruct you on how to get to the mini-game area. When you get there, you can choose from four different areas to pick Sq'irk Juice for Osman. The thieving levels necessary are listed below. Please refer to the Sorceress's Garden Mini-game Guide for more detailed information. You can also refer to the Sorceress's Garden Map for extra help.

Sq'irk Juice Image Thieving Level Required Sq'irks Required
Winter Winter Sq'irk Juice 1 5
Spring Spring Sq'irk Juice 25 4
Autumn Autumn Sq'irk Juice 45 3
Summer Summer Sq'irk Juice 65 2

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Custom Evidence Files

At level 63 Thieving and after completion of the Rocking Out comes another pretty good and profitable way of training thieving. You can now steal from the Custom Evidence Files located at the top of the tower prison "The Rock".

To start thieving from these Cabinets, you first have to get arrested by talking to the Custom's Sergeant in Rimmington. You can't have any items equipped or in your inventory as you travel to The Rock. Use the Lockers inside the Sergeant's house (blue square) to store your items. The fastest way to get back to Rimmington is by teleporting to your Player Owned House, if it is located in Rimmington (red square).

Custom files map

When you arrive, you will be in the cell from the quest with open back wall and bed . Search the bed for a lockpick and exit the cell. NOTE: When you leave the cell, you will be attacked by all Customs Officers nearby! Though they are only level 35, you are unarmed!

Custom files startpoint

Kill a Customs Officer and pick up his clothes and weapon and put them on. The other Customs Officers should now leave you alone. If you take off the clothes, the Officers will become aggressive again!

Custom files lockpick

Head over to the stairs and go up to the second floor. Open the door, and tell the Locker Officer you need some evidence. inside, Once inside, simply start thieving the cabinets! They give 75 exp each, and pretty decent loot. While you are thieving, the Customs Officers will attack you now and then. They will only drop bones, unless you have dropped/destroyed your piece of clothing.

Possible Loot:

  • Bronze scimitar
  • Iron scimitar
  • Steel scimitar
  • Rune scimitar
  • Steel longsword
  • Uncut gems (up to diamonds)
  • Coins (300)
  • Shark
  • Iron bar
  • Mithril bar
  • Gold bar
  • Eyepatch
  • Stripy Pirate Shirt (white/brown)
  • Pirate boots
  • Level 2 Clue scroll (rare; these clues only have one step to them until completion.

There is a slight chance you get no loot at all from the cabinets and no exp. You will get the message "You ransack the filing cabinet but fail to find anything interesting."

To escape from The Rock either cast Home Teleport or go down the tower to your cell, exit through the wall and dive off the pier. You will end up near the Karamja Gnome Glider with all your run energy drained.

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Thieving is by far one of the best overall profit-making skill

Chaos Druid Tower:
When you have achieved Lvl 59 Thieving, head to the Chaos Druid Tower in Ardougne and pick lock the Tower door. Once inside, go down the ladder and follow the cavern until you have reached a room full of Ogres. When you check the chest the traps, you will receive 500 Coins and 2 Blood runes. At point you will be warped to a building nearby. Quickly head back and repeat the same procedure on the chest again. Keep repeating this process, and sell the runes afterwards

Thieving Paladins:
Thieving Paladins is by far the best way to receive XP in Thieving, and still very profitable. With every pick, you will earn 80 Coins and 2 Chaos runes. You can sell the runes afterwards.

Nature Runes:
Natures are an easy way to earn money without the requirement of having a high level. Head to the building south of Ardougne's north bank. Upstairs, you will find two chests; one of them containing nature runes. Afterwards you may sell the runes you gained.

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Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards

For more information on how to boost your level, see the Temporary Stat Leveling Techniques special report.

For XP rewards from quests, see the Quest Experience Guide special report.

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Thieving Cape of Accomplishment

Thieving Cape of Accomplishment

Once you have achieved level 99, you may visit Martin Thwait located at his Lost and Found shop in the Rogues' Den. He will sell you a Thieving cape for 99,000 coins.

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