[RuneScape Update] - Winter Weekends - Skilling!
Friday, Dec 05, 2014

Winter Weekends - Skilling!

Winter Weekends - Skilling

As mentioned in Behind the Scenes - December article, this week sees the first of four Winter Weekends, boosting some of your favourite skilling activities for 72 hours.

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[RuneScape] - Well of Goodwill - Final Totals!
Thursday, Dec 04, 2014

Well of Goodwill - Final Totals!

Well of Goodwill - Final Totals

The Well of Goodwill is now closed! But how much did the RuneScape community raised?

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[RuneScape Update] - Christmas Rares!
Tuesday, Dec 02, 2014

Christmas Rares!

Christmas Rares

Get festive RuneScape rares in daily and weekly hauls of presents, including the tradeable holly wreath, Christmas scythe and rubber turkeys!

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-RuneHQ Staff-
[RuneScape Update] - Premier Club!
Monday, Dec 01, 2014

Premier Club!

Premier Club

Premier Club is finally back with a bash!

This time Gold members get 12 months of membership, a Dwarven Instinct aura to find hidden loot chests, some fantastic new lava wings, a lava hawk pet, access to VIP worlds, chat and forum badges and so much more!

Pay with PayPal for an exclusive pet and armour override set.

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[RuneScape Update] - Christmas Event 2014!
Monday, Dec 01, 2014

Christmas Event 2014!

Christmas Event 2014

Feel the Festive Cheer as Christmas comes early to RuneScape! Deliver presents, pull a huge cracker and round up tinsel snakes to unlock some cool rewards including some ice-cool cosmetic overrides: a full snowman outfit and ice sickle!

Read more here.

-RuneHQ Staff-

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