[RuneHQ Event] - Social Slayer!
Thursday, Jan 30, 2014


-RuneHQ Events Team
Server Downtime
Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014

Server Downtime

Tomorrow, Jan 29th,our servers will be undergoing a few upgrades. Both the site and forum will be offline during the process. At the moment we are unsure how long and when exactly the upgrades will take place. We appreciate your patience with us.

- Lilroo503
[RuneScape Update] - Holy Moley - Giant Mole Update
Monday, Jan 27, 2014

Holy Moley - Giant Mole Update

The Giant Mole

In this week's update the long unchanged Giant Mole has received a well deserved update. She's been graphically updated to look more menacing, has had a few new drops added, and is now an instanced boss so you can easily tackle her alone! The recommended level to kill her is only a combat level of 110 for normal mode (yes, there is a hard mode giant mole now!) so she is a great boss for those mid level players.

To see all the changes made to the Giant Mole, and for all other changes (including new tier 5 auras!) check out the full news post here.

- RuneHQ Staff -
[RuneHQ Event] - Group Fletching
Sunday, Jan 26, 2014

Group Fletching

New Site Comment System
Saturday, Jan 25, 2014

New Site Comment System

Hey everybody and welcome to the RuneHQ Community in 2014!

We're a bit late with a "welcome to 2014" topic, but we have good reason! I promise! To start with, let's do a quick recap of who we are and what we have to offer you all.

RuneHQ is one of only three Platinum supported RuneScape fansites.  We do our best to help out the community with pretty much everything!  We have quest guidesitem and monster information, skill calculatorscommunity forums, and so much more.  More recently we have been attempting to branch out from just our own site.  We now have our very own RuneHQ clan in game, Facebook pageTwitter accountYouTube channel, and a brand new Twitch stream.  We often run competitions on the forums and are regularly running in-game events for everyone to join in on.  We currently have 32 lovely staff members that volunteer their time to keep the content, forums, and the code itself always updated and running smoothly.  We do it you, the community, because we want to share our knowledge and enjoy helping others.  Hopefully you've enjoyed your time and RuneHQ and are committed to another year with us because, boy, do we have some awesome things happening later this year!


To start off the year, we are releasing one brand new feature and one updated feature.  Thanks to our developer Sumurai8, those features are getting released RIGHT NOW!


Rewind a few years and those of you from back then will remember that the only way to help correct any information on the site was to have a forum account and post on the forums.  We eventually decided that we wanted the help of everyone and not just those on the forums, so we created a way for users on the site to submit data too.  You needed to click a link and were brought to a different page where you had to fill in a bunch of information. That was the past.


Now if you want to submit information, you just need to scroll to the bottom of the guide, click the correct tab for submissions, and enter in the information that will help us correct the guide.  Simple!  Your information will be posted on the forums, hidden to everyone until an editor approves it.  This gives us a chance to make sure no spam gets through.  When we determine it to be correct information, we'll change it and everything is good to go!  Hopefully you'll find that the update form is simplified from before and even easier for you to help us keep the site as updated as possible.


But of course we can't leave it at just that one change.  We've gone ahead and created a way for everyone to leave a comment at the bottom of every guide and database entry page!  Want to state how helpful step 5 of that quest guide was? We'd love to hear it and so would your fellow players!  Feel like suggesting a different setup for how to kill the boss?  Be my guest!  I'm very interested in knowing exactly how you will all use this new comment system.


As with the spam prevention on the update form, we also need to initially hide comments from certain people until one of our moderators has a chance to review the content.  If you want to bypass that restriction, you'll need to be logged into your forum account and be an Established or Advanced Member.  Anyone abusing either of these systems will unfortunately need to be banned from them, so please use some judgement before pressing that submit button!


We hope you'll enjoy these updates.  Please feel free to ask any questions about these changes on our forums.  We look forward to hearing your feedback and are already getting excited about our next feature to be released...

- Lilroo503

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