[RuneHQ Event] Heist!
Thursday, Jun 12, 2014

RuneHQ Event - Heist!


A classic game of guards and.. camels? In this minigame, guards must seek to arrest thieves and protect their treasure from being stolen by .. camels who strangely have need for gold coins. Thieves must aim to plunder riches and treasures from the banks of Runescape and load them onto their wooden boats for a quick getaway! Both sides must race against time to secure the treasure in order to earn a plethora of bonus experience that can be used in Thieving and Hunter.

  • Date: Friday, June 13th, 2014
  • Time: 6pm CDT / 7pm EDT / 11pm GMT / 12am UK
  • World: 60
  • Friends Chat:Tri_Killer2
  • Location: Heist can be entered along the Taverly wall, northwest of Falador
~ Events Team ~
[RuneHQ Event] Fishing Trawler!
Thursday, Jun 12, 2014

RuneHQ Event - Fishing Trawler!

Fishing Trawler!

Murphy the Fisherman has called on us again, as his ship battles against the Karamja seas to net our catch of the day in a Fishing Trawler! Battle against the harshness of the ocean as your ship sustains damage from the tidal forces and the debris that batter you as you sail around the karamja coast towards Asgarnia (well that, or Murphy hasn't got a very good ship, you decide!) Unique rewards include access to some of the best food in the game which involve Turtles (we like them) and Manta Rays, some of you may even find a strange shark tooth amongst the netting as well as old pieces of weaponry and armour. If you're here for the fishing exp, or for food to PvM with, or even just earning an honest day's pay, you've come to the right place at Port Khazard!

  • Date: Saturday, June 14th, 2014
  • Time: 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT / 7pm GMT / 8pm UK
  • World: 60
  • Friends Chat:Kunio-kun
  • Meeting Place:Port Khazard

More information about the event can be found in this topic.

We'll need as many people as we can get, so tell your fellow players to join us in our quest to catch fish!. See you there!

-Events Team-
[RuneHQ Event] Nex
Thursday, Jun 05, 2014

RuneHQ Event - Nex!

Nex Event

Last night, an imp teleported into my player owned house, complaining about recent mass slaughtering in the God Wars Dungeon. It startled me, so I swung my sword at him, killing the noob imp instantly. He dropped piece of a frozen key, and a note that stated some disturbing facts. It turns out that the giant door in the dungeon was not just a decoration, it lead to the Ancient Prison, home of the fearsome army of Zaros - lead by Nex! There was a poorly drawn diagram on the back, displaying what looked like a key split into four parts, one relating to each god. The tiny little imp's note went on to say that Nex is far more powerful then all of the other bosses in the God Wars Dungeon!

Instead of rushing into the God Wars Dungeon, The RuneHQ Events Team has decided to call upon the community to help take down Nex! Be prepared with:

  • High Combat Stats (80+ is highly recommended)
  • Good armour (Nex armour, Port armour etc.)
  • A beast of burden (Tortoise, Pack Yak, Terrorbird)
  • Lots, and lots of food!
  • A shard of Zaros and Ancient Ceremonials are not needed, but recommended.

In order to access Nex, you will need to kill monsters from Zamorak, Armadyl, Saradomin and Bandos until they drop a frozen key piece. Put all 4 items together to make the key required. You must kill 40 Zarosian monsters, or equip a full set of Ancient Ceremonial Robes in order to reach Nex's Lair. Do this before the event starts.

  • Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2014
  • Time: 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT / 7pm GMT / 8pm UK
  • World: 67
  • Friends Chat: Sliverdager1
  • Meeting Place: God Wars Dungeon

More information about the event can be found in this topic.

We'll need as many people as we can get, so tell your fellow players to join us in our battle. See you there!

~RuneHQ Events Team~
[RuneHQ Event] King Black Dragon
Thursday, Jun 05, 2014

RuneHQ Event - Slaying King Black Dragon!

King Black Dragon Event

Somewhere very deep in the wilderness lies the second born abomination of Kerapac's fellow dragonkin. It is time for us to seek out this dragon and put an end to it once an for all. Wait.. are you scared of dragons? How about one with not one but three heads!? Join me and the rest of RuneHQ'S Events Team, as we venture into the lair of this deviant dragon and put an end to his monstrosity! If we are lucky, we may even walk away with his head!


  • High Combat Stats (80+ Defence is highly recommended) and Protect/Deflect Magic (Note: This isn't a must to attend, just a helpful tip to fight)
  • Anti-dragon/Dragonfire Shield in conjunction with an Antifire Potion

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, June 6th
  • Time: 5:00pm CST / 6:00pm EST / 11:00pm GMT + UK
  • World: 67
  • Friends Chat: Jonthai
  • Meeting Place: Edgeville bank

More information about the event can be found in this topic.

We hope to see you there!

~RuneHQ Events Team~
RuneHQ is Hiring!
Sunday, Jun 01, 2014

RuneHQ is hiring!

Staff Positions

Are you interested in joining the RuneHQ team? We have so many different positions available at the moment and we are looking for dedicated people to come help us out! If you think that you would make a good addition to our team you should check out the FAQs linked in this topic

We look forward to seeing your applications!

~RuneHQ Management~

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