[RuneHQ Event] - Sinkholes
Sunday, Jan 19, 2014


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[RuneHQ Event] - Hard Mode Dungeoneering!
Saturday, Jan 18, 2014


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[RuneHQ Event] - Dungeoneering!
Thursday, Jan 16, 2014


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[Runescape Update] - Power to the Players - New Poll System
Monday, Jan 13, 2014

Power to the Players - New Poll System

Power to the Players

The future of RuneScape has been put in the players hands in this week's update! From now on, almost everything headed for the game will go through a poll for the players to decide on first. You can access the new poll system in the game itself. Open the Community (previously Social) interface, and you'll find the polls under the 'Vote Now!' tab (seen above).

For more information on what each poll means, and to see some of the polls coming up later this month check out the full news post here.

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[RuneHQ Event] - Burthorpe Games Room
Sunday, Jan 12, 2014


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