[RuneHQ Events] Beast Master Durzag - Friday 28th
Monday, Jul 24, 2017

Beast Master Durzag

In a far off world called Mazcab, home of the goebies, the airut have begun to attack the goebies villages and homes. As the airut continue to attack the goebies they have requested help from humans to help fend off the airuts. The biggest and baddest airut of them all called Beastmaster Durzag is one airut that the goebies can't defeat. This week we will be taking on the beastmaster and his pets in an attempt to help liberate the goebies of Mazcab from these invasive airuts. If the attempt is successful there are many rewards to be gained including tier 90 tank armour, items which have the ability to unlock new combat abilities, and currency that can be used to buy goods from the goebies. Hope to see you there!

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[RuneHQ Events] Stealing Creation Saturday - July 22nd
Monday, Jul 17, 2017

Stealing Creation

Sacred clay is an absolutely astonishing material that can be used to create almost anything! Whether it's tools, weapons, food, or even a summoning familiar, Sacred clay will do the job! But how and where do you get this clay? The Gamers Grotto north of the currently chaotic Falador City contains a co-operative mini-game about gathering as much of this clay as you can, making tons of goodies, and turning them in for points that you can spent on bonus experience in a bunch of different skills! As I said, it is co-operative, so not only should you be making the best tools for yourself, but also make tools or gather clay that others usually can't get their hands on.

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[RuneHQ Events] Helwyr Friday - July 21st
Monday, Jul 17, 2017


Deep in the heart of Gielinor a second war of the gods rages on. As each faction fights to defeat the other and accomplish the mission they set upon, adventurers have made their way into the battle and began to challenge the generals of the gods in hopes for new weapons and armour. One of these generals is the general of Seren called Helwyr, an elf who is seeking revenge on Gregorovic who had performed cruel experiments on his fellow elves. For those that kill him there is a chance to obtain his wand, Wand of the Cywir elders.

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[RuneHQ Event] Discord CAH Event - Saturday, July 22
Thursday, Jul 13, 2017

Cards Against Humanity

RuneHQ CAH event - July 22, 2017

​Hello RuneHQ users! After a small respite, the RuneHQ Chat Mod team is back at it again! They are hosting a Cards Against Humanity event, which should be much fun. Please join us Saturday, July 22, 2017, while we crack up over funny, yet horrendous jokes! If you have never played before, Cards Against Humanity is a game similar to Apples to Apples, yet with more dirty, dark jokes. The Card Tsar is the "judge" of each round, in which a Black card is drawn which is the main card.  You must match White cards in your hand to the black card. You can either match it up so the cards make sense, or put some wacky cards that make no sense whatsoever! More information can be found in here.

Please join our Discord by the link in the top of our site, along the selection bar. You can also access it via this link here.

As a warning, this game is very Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Keep that in mind when deciding to play!

We hope to see you there!

-RuneHQ Chat Mods
[RuneHQ Events] Nex Saturday - July 15th
Monday, Jul 10, 2017


In an icy prison deep beneath the frozen soil of the God Wars Dungeon lies Zaros' final general locked away. Her name is Nex. Many adventurers have gathered the frozen key and entered her prison to challenge her, but few have escaped. Nex has four deadly stages, her regular phase, smoke, blood, ice, shadow and Zaros. Each with their own strengths these phases make Nex one of the most dangerous monsters on Gielinor. If she is defeated there is a chance for her to drop rare ancient Zarosian armour and weapons. Will you take on the challenge?

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