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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Luck of the dwarvesPlayer Made (See Notes).74.3 M gpNoYes
Laceration bootsMonster Drop.25.1 M gpNoYes
Linza's hammerBarrows
Grand Exchange System
4 M gpNoYes
Linza's greavesGrand Exchange System
3.8 M gpNoYes
Linza's CuirassBarrows
Grand Exchange System
3.7 M gpNoYes
Linza's helmGrand Exchange Possible loot from Barrows2.5 M gpNoYes
Linza's ShieldBarrows Grand Exchange System2.3 M gpNoYes
Lime parasolTreasure Hunter promotion (Build a Beach). This event runs from August 11th till August 15th.1.1 M gpNoNo
Log-splitting scrimshawPlayer made (See Notes Section).832.3 k gpNoYes
Lemon parasolTreasure Hunter promotion (Build a Beach). This event runs from August 11th till August 15th.818.9 k gpNoNo
Light mystic robes setPlayer made (See Notes Section).568.1 k gpNoYes
Leviathan ringPlayer Made (See Notes Section).323.5 k gpNoYes
Leaf-bladed swordMonster drop.40 k gpNoYes
Lockbox-skipping ticketPossible reward from a Treasure trail Reward Casket.39.3 k gpNoYes
Large bladed rune salvageMonster Drop.30.9 k gpNoNo
Large plated rune salvageMonster Drop.30.9 k gpNoNo
Large spiky rune salvageMonster Drop.30.8 k gpNoNo
Large blunt rune salvageMonster Drop.30.6 k gpNoNo
Lantadyme incense sticksPlayer Made (See Notes).17.7 k gpNoYes
Larupia FurPit falling Spined Larupia.16.7 k gpNoYes
Large blunt adamant salvageMonster Drop.15.2 k gpNoNo
Loop half of a keyCan be given to you as a possible reward from a random event and from the Gnome Delivery Service. It can also be found inside Caskets, inside the Taverley chest, inside the Barrows chest, and received as a monster drop or found inside of a dead, evil tree.14.9 k gpNoYes
Lifeguard chair head tokenFound while skilling on the beach during the Summer Beach Party14.4 k gpNoNo
Lumber Yard TeleportPossible reward from Reward casket: (easy), (medium), (hard), (elite), or (master).12.8 k gpNoYes
Luck potionPlayer made (See Notes).12.3 k gpNoYes
Lava battlestaffMonster Drop.9.4 k gpNoYes
Larupia hatCrafted by the owner of the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock.9.4 k gpNoYes
Light animica stone spiritObtained from mining Light animica rocks; Monster Drop.9.2 k gpNoYes
Light animicaObtained by Mining Light animica rocks. 8.2 k gpNoYes
Large plated adamant salvageMonster Drop.7.7 k gpNoNo
Large bladed adamant salvageMonster Drop.7.6 k gpNoNo
Lantadyme potion (unf)Player Made (See Notes).7.5 k gpNoYes
Light orbPlayer made (see notes). Also may be found when Thieving chests in Dorgesh-Kaan.7.4 k gpNoYes
Large bladed mithril salvageMonster Drop.7.3 k gpNoNo
Light creature pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).7.2 k gpNoYes
Large spiky adamant salvageMonster Drop.6.8 k gpNoNo
Limpwurt rootRespawns in Edgeville resource dungeon (requires 20 Dungeoneering to enter); Player made (See Notes Section); Monster drop; Bought from Poletax in Taverley and the Harmony pillar farmer and Lady Meilyr in Prifddinas.5.6 k gpNoNo
LycheeHarvested from a Lychee fruit bush, grown from a Lychee seed.5.3 k gpNoYes
Large blunt mithril salvageMonster Drop.5.1 k gpNoNo
Large spiky mithril salvageMonster Drop.4.5 k gpNoNo
Lava titan pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).4.4 k gpNoYes
Limpwurt seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, stolen from seed stalls, purchased from Olivia at the Draynor Village marketplace, or bought in Vinesweeper.4.4 k gpNoYes
Lumbridge teleportPlayer Made (See Notes).4.4 k gpNoYes
Lapis lazuli ringPlayer made (See Notes Section).3.3 k gpNoYes
Large plated mithril salvageMonster Drop.3.1 k gpNoNo
Large bladed steel salvageMonster Drop.3 k gpNoNo
LockpickRespawns in Agility dungeon near Yanille; Bought from Dodgy Derek or Martin Thwait; Monster Drop.2.9 k gpNoYes
Luminite injectorObtained from a Portable skilling pack; Purchased from Egil.2.9 k gpNoYes
Lassar teleportPlayer Made (See Notes).2.1 k gpNoYes
Large blunt steel salvageMonster Drop.2.1 k gpNoNo
Large plated steel salvageMonster Drop.2.1 k gpNoNo
Large spiky steel salvageMonster Drop.1.8 k gpNoNo
Left eyepatchPossible reward for looting a pirate impling jar.1.5 k gpNoYes
Leather scrapsObtained by excavating various Hotspots and Caches (See Notes for details); Possible reward from an Ancient casket.1.3 k gpNoYes
Large teak bedPlayer made using 5 teak planks and 2 Cloths on a Steel framed bench or better workbench. 1.2 k gpNoYes
LeatherPlayer made (See Notes Section).1.2 k gpNoNo
LuminiteObtained by Mining Luminite rocks.1.2 k gpNoNo
Lean snailMort Myre swamp snail drop1.2 k gpNoYes
LeavesLeaves are dropped by baby tanglefoots (after the Fairy Tale Part I quest) or when using any secateurs to cure a tree of disease.1 k gpNoYes
Large oak bedPlayer made using 5 Oak planks and 2 Cloths on an Oak workbench or better.969 gpNoYes
Law talismanMonster Drop.940 gpNoYes
LimeTree Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree, Pollnivneach General Store, and From the random event Dr. Ford. Does not respawn.841 gpNoYes
Lava runePlayer made or may be purchased in the Mage Arena.807 gpNoYes
Large bladed iron salvageMonster Drop.777 gpNoNo
Lantern lensPlayer made (See Notes Section).747 gpNoYes
Luminite stone spiritObtained from mining Luminite rocks; Monster Drop.698 gpNoNo
Liverwort seedMonster Drop.697 gpNoYes
Leather chapsPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Lowe in Varrock, the Gnome shopkeeper in Burthorpe, and Armour salesman in the Ranging Guild; Monster drop.682 gpNoNo
Lantadyme seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, bought in Vinesweeper.676 gpNoYes
Larupia topCrafted by the owner of the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock.645 gpNoYes
Lychee seedMonster Drop; Obtained from Reward casket (elite).631 gpNoYes
Luminous snaggler seedMonster Drop.596 gpNoYes
Leather shieldPlayer made (See Notes Section)585 gpNoNo
Larupia legsCrafted by the owner of the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock.583 gpNoYes
Large plated iron salvageMonster Drop.559 gpNoNo