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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Leaping sturgeonFished on top of Baxtorian Falls.362 gpNoYes
Locust meatPossible monster drop.371 gpNoNo
Lustrous energyHarvested from Lustrous wisps and Lustrous springs east of the Canifis Slayer Tower.394 gpNoYes
Light Creature scroll (Enlightenment)Player made (See Notes Section).413 gpNoYes
Lantern lensPlayer made (See Notes Section).439 gpNoYes
Luminous energyHarvested from Luminous wisps and Luminous springs south of Sophanem; Can be obtained from pickpocketing Amlodd workers in Prifddinas.448 gpNoYes
Leather shieldPlayer made (See Notes Section)458 gpNoNo
Liverwort seedMonster Drop.471 gpNoYes
Light animica stone spiritObtained from mining Light animica rocks; Monster Drop.533 gpNoYes
Limpwurt rootRespawns in Edgeville resource dungeon (requires 20 Dungeoneering to enter); Player made (See Notes Section); Monster drop; Bought from Poletax in Taverley and the Harmony pillar farmer and Lady Meilyr in Prifddinas.534 gpNoNo
Leather vambracesPlayer made (See Notes); Bought from Armour salesman in the Ranging Guild; Possible monster drop.537 gpYesNo
Large spiky iron salvageMonster Drop.544 gpNoNo
Leather bootsPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Thessalia and Lowe in Varrock, Jiminua northwest of Tai Bwo Wannia, and Obli in Shilo Village; Caught while Fishing with a Big fishing net; Monster drop; Respawns in the house northeast of the Al Kharid and in Lumbridge Castle cellar.560 gpNoNo
LavenderPicked in the jungle surrounding Oo'glog.570 gpNoYes
Leather glovesPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Thessalia and Lowe in Varrock, Gunslik in Keldagrim, Jiminua northwest of Tai Bwo Wannia, and Obli in Shilo Village; Caught while Fishing with a Big fishing net; Monster drop; Respawns south of Edgeville bank, inside Father Urhney's house, and inside the Phoenix Gang's weapon store room.599 gpNoNo
Law tiaraMade by using a Tiara on the Law Altar while carrying a Law talisman in your inventory.607 gpNoYes
Large plated iron salvageMonster Drop.655 gpNoNo
Large blunt iron salvageMonster Drop.675 gpNoNo
Larupia legsCrafted by the owner of the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock.721 gpNoYes
Larupia topCrafted by the owner of the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock.790 gpNoYes
Lemon cheesecakePlayer Made (See Notes).807 gpNoYes
Lantadyme seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, bought in Vinesweeper.814 gpNoYes
Lean snail meatPlayer made.962 gpNoYes
Large oak bedPlayer made using 5 Oak planks and 2 Cloths on an Oak workbench or better.992 gpNoYes
Lobster potRespawns within the Fishing Guild. Fishing stores and the Fishing Guild.1,032 gpNoNo
Large bladed iron salvageMonster Drop.1,084 gpNoNo
Leather chapsPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Lowe in Varrock, the Gnome shopkeeper in Burthorpe, and Armour salesman in the Ranging Guild; Monster drop.1,123 gpNoNo
Limestone brickPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Razmire Keelgan in Mort'ton, the Stonemason in Keldagrim, Rasolo West of the Fishing Guild, Bill in Fort Forinthry, and the Sawmill operator in Prifddinas; Monster drop.1,137 gpNoNo
LeatherPlayer made (See Notes Section).1,150 gpNoNo
LimestoneDropped by monsters, mine on road to Mort Myre from Varrock, buy in Mort'ton General Store, or mine in Tirannwn near the Arandar Mountains.1,175 gpNoNo
Large teak bedPlayer made using 5 teak planks and 2 Cloths on a Steel framed bench or better workbench. 1,273 gpNoYes
Leather bodyPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Thessalia and Lowe in Varrock, the Gnome shopkeeper in Burthorpe, the Armour salesman in the Ranging Guild, Jiminua northwest of Tai Bwo Wannai, and Obli in Shilo Village ; Monster drop; Respawns in the building southwest of the Varrock Magic Shop.1,276 gpNoNo
Leather cowlPlayer made (See Notes); Bought from Armour salesman in the Ranging Guild; Possible monster drop.1,312 gpNoNo
Lemon chunksPlayer made (See Notes Section).1,425 gpNoYes
LemonTree Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree food suppliers.1,616 gpNoYes
Left eyepatchPossible reward for looting a pirate impling jar.1,706 gpNoYes
LimeTree Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree, Pollnivneach General Store, and From the random event Dr. Ford. Does not respawn.1,713 gpNoYes
LogsRespawn locations (See Notes); Cut from a Tree; Monster Drop; Purchased from Polypore merchant.1,798 gpNoNo
Law talismanMonster Drop.2,023 gpNoYes
LuminiteObtained by Mining Luminite rocks.2,062 gpNoNo
Lapis lazuli ringPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,274 gpNoYes
Large spiky steel salvageMonster Drop.2,280 gpNoNo
Lesser Demon scroll (Ring Of Fire)Player made (See Notes Section).2,462 gpNoYes
Lassar teleportPlayer Made (See Notes).2,683 gpNoYes
Large plated steel salvageMonster Drop.2,809 gpNoNo
Leather scrapsObtained by excavating various Hotspots and Caches (See Notes for details) or Screening Fiery brimstone, Saltwater mud, Aerated sediment, or Earthen clay; Possible reward from an Ancient casket.2,984 gpNoYes
Large plated mithril salvageMonster Drop.3,633 gpNoNo
Large blunt steel salvageMonster Drop.3,850 gpNoNo
Light creature pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).4,053 gpNoYes
LycheeHarvested from a Lychee fruit bush, grown from a Lychee seed.4,139 gpNoYes
Luminite injectorObtained from a Portable skilling pack; Purchased from Egil.4,296 gpNoYes
Large bladed steel salvageMonster Drop.4,743 gpNoNo
Lean snailMort Myre swamp snail drop5,256 gpNoYes
Large spiky mithril salvageMonster Drop.5,300 gpNoNo
Light animicaObtained by Mining Light animica rocks. 5,838 gpNoYes
Large spiky adamant salvageMonster Drop.6,348 gpNoNo
Lantadyme potion (unf)Player Made (See Notes).6,971 gpNoYes
Loop half of a keyCan be given to you as a possible reward from a random event and from the Gnome Delivery Service. It can also be found inside Caskets, inside the Taverley chest, inside the Barrows chest, and received as a monster drop or found inside of a dead, evil tree.7,829 gpNoYes
Large bladed adamant salvageMonster Drop.7,947 gpNoNo
Large blunt mithril salvageMonster Drop.8,363 gpNoNo
Larupia hatCrafted by the owner of the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock.8,563 gpNoYes
Lava battlestaffMonster Drop.8,936 gpNoYes
Light mystic robe bottomMonster drop.10,000 gpNoNo
Large bladed mithril salvageMonster Drop.10.4k gpNoNo
Large plated adamant salvageMonster Drop.10.5k gpNoNo
Lumbridge teleportPlayer Made (See Notes).11.6k gpNoYes
Lava titan pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).13.8k gpNoYes
Light orbPlayer made (see notes). Also may be found when Thieving chests in Dorgesh-Kaan.15.0k gpNoYes
LeavesLeaves are dropped by baby tanglefoots (after the Fairy Tale Part I quest) or when using any secateurs to cure a tree of disease.17.4k gpNoYes
Luck potionPlayer made (See Notes).19.2k gpNoYes
Lantadyme incense sticksPlayer Made (See Notes).19.9k gpNoYes
Large blunt adamant salvageMonster Drop.21.1k gpNoNo
Lifeguard chair head tokenFound while skilling on the beach during the Summer Beach Party21.8k gpNoNo
Light mystic hatMonster drop.22.3k gpNoNo
Large blunt rune salvageMonster Drop.29.5k gpNoNo