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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Little deathslinger pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoYes
Little Book o' PiracyReward from the Cabin Fever quest.---YesYes
Little bloodrager pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoYes
Lit torchNone.---NoYes
Lit strange objectPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Lit decoy bombPlayer Made (See Notes).---YesYes
Lit bug lanternObtained by lighting an Unlit bug lantern, which can be bought from any Slayer master for 130 coins.---NoYes
List of eldersRespawns On the floor of the Varrock Palace library.---YesYes
List of battlefish suppliesGiven to you by Plaza during Some Like It Cold.---YesYes
ListGiven to you by Ellamaria at Varrock Castle.---YesYes
Liquid honeyGiven to you by Elena in West Ardougne.---YesYes
Lion trophy (damaged)Obtained by excavating Animal trophies; Obtained by completing Infernal Source Site Research; Obtained by opening Ancient caskets.---NoYes
Lion trophyUnknown---NoYes
Linza's ShieldBarrows Grand Exchange System1.9m gpNoYes
Linza's helmGrand Exchange Possible loot from Barrows19.1m gpNoYes
Linza's hammerBarrows
Grand Exchange System
2.3m gpNoYes
Linza's greavesGrand Exchange System
19.2m gpNoYes
Linza's CuirassBarrows
Grand Exchange System
20.1m gpNoYes
Lingam stone (damaged)Obtained by excavating Moksha device; Obtained by completing Orthen Dig Site Site Research; Obtained by opening Ancient caskets.---NoYes
Lingam stoneUnknown---NoYes
LinenBought from Raetul in Sophanem.---NoYes
Lined masterwork armour piecePlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Limpwurt seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, stolen from seed stalls, purchased from Olivia at the Draynor Village marketplace, or bought in Vinesweeper.344 gpNoYes
Limpwurt rootRespawns in Edgeville resource dungeon (requires 20 Dungeoneering to enter); Player made (See Notes Section); Monster drop; Bought from Poletax in Taverley and the Harmony pillar farmer and Lady Meilyr in Prifddinas.537 gpNoNo
Limitless sigilMade by combining 1,000 vital sparks.0 gpNoYes
Limestone brickPlayer made (See Notes Section); Bought from Razmire Keelgan in Mort'ton, the Stonemason in Keldagrim, Rasolo West of the Fishing Guild, Bill in Fort Forinthry, and the Sawmill operator in Prifddinas; Monster drop.1,104 gpNoNo
LimestoneDropped by monsters, mine on road to Mort Myre from Varrock, buy in Mort'ton General Store, or mine in Tirannwn near the Arandar Mountains.1,175 gpNoNo
Lime slicesPlayer made (See notes section).100 gpNoYes
Lime parasolTreasure Hunter promotion (Build a Beach). This event runs from August 11th till August 15th.6.1m gpNoNo
Lime chunksPlayer made. (See notes section)45 gpNoYes
LimeTree Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree, Pollnivneach General Store, and From the random event Dr. Ford. Does not respawn.1,713 gpNoYes
Lily of the valleyPicked almost anywhere in RuneScape during Spring.---NoNo
Lil' TuzzyLiberation of Mazcab.---NoYes
Lightweight FeatherObtainable during the March 11 to March 14 promotion on Treasure Hunter.---NoYes
Lighthouse TeleportPossible reward from Reward casket: (easy), (medium), (hard), (elite), or (master).32.7k gpNoYes
Lighthouse keyReceived from Gunnjorn.---YesYes
Light tax bagObtained by collecting taxes from the citizens of Jatizso.---YesYes
Light orbPlayer made (see notes). Also may be found when Thieving chests in Dorgesh-Kaan.15.0k gpNoYes
Light mystic robes setPlayer made (See Notes Section).1.1m gpNoYes
Light mystic robe topMonster drop.61.7k gpNoNo
Light mystic robe bottomMonster drop.10,000 gpNoNo
Light mystic hatMonster drop.22.3k gpNoNo
Light mystic glovesMonster drop.257.1k gpNoNo
Light mystic bootsMonster drop.396.7k gpNoYes
Light grey afroBought from Party Pete, in the Falador Party Room, for 50gp. ---NoNo
Light globeA total of 8 globes can be found around Senntisten, see step 12 for specific locations.---YesYes
Light Creature scroll (Enlightenment)Player made (See Notes Section).413 gpNoYes
Light creature pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).4,035 gpNoYes
Light core (Extinction)Received by killing Shadows.---YesYes
Light corePlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Light brown afroBought from Party Pete, in the Falador Party Room, for 50gp. ---NoNo
Light blue afroBought from Party Pete, in the Falador Party Room, for 50gp. ---NoNo
Light animica stone spiritObtained from mining Light animica rocks; Monster Drop.548 gpNoYes
Light animicaObtained by Mining Light animica rocks. 5,598 gpNoYes
LightFound in the second chest in the riddle room of Armadyl's Citadel.---YesNo
Lift manualFound on a crate near the scaffold in the Miscellania dungeon.---YesYes
Lifeguard chair head tokenFound while skilling on the beach during the Summer Beach Party21.8k gpNoNo
Life runeFound by flipping the Pure essence found in the Gower house.---YesNo
Life refreshAlways found in lost property (heavy), lost property (bulky), and lost property (weighty); Possible loot from huge parcels.---NoYes
Life altar fragment 3Retrieved from the Max after maxing Riding, Sailing, and Bankstanding Beta skills.---YesNo
Life altar fragment 2Retrieved from the Grand Exchange Maintenance puzzle.---YesNo
Life altar fragment 1Retrieved from the Wise Old Man's bank.---YesNo
LifeFound in the third chest in the riddle room of Armadyl's Citadel.---YesNo
Liberation of Mazcab reroll tokenReward for Call of the Ancestors; Bought from the Armoursmith. ---NoYes
Levs music boxObtained during the quest Beneath Cursed Tides.---YesNo
Leviathan ringPlayer Made (See Notes Section).205.5k gpNoYes
Lever schematicIn a crate on the basement floor 1 of the Elemental Workshop dungeon.---YesYes
Lever keyStolen from the Guard (Registry).---YesYes
Lever (Dorgesh-Kaan)In the old power station in the Dorgesh-Kaan agility area when you use a spanner on the console.---NoYes
Lever (broken)If you fail an obstacle on the agility course with a lever in your inventory, it will break.---NoYes
LeverRespawns in the Temple of Ikov dungeon, in the room west of broken bridge.---YesYes
Level 3 certificateGiven to you by one of Examiners at the Exam Centre, southeast of Varrock, upon completing the level 2 exam.---YesYes
Level 2 certificateGiven to you by one of Examiners at the Exam Centre, southeast of Varrock, upon completing the level 2 exam.---YesYes
Level 1 certificateGiven to you by one of Examiners at the Exam Centre, southeast of Varrock, upon completing the level 1 exam.---YesYes
Letters from VioletRecieved from Postie Pete during the start of the quest.---YesNo