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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Khopesh of ElidinisPlayer Made (See Notes).350.1m gpNoYes
Khopesh of TumekenPlayer Made (See Notes).232.1m gpNoYes
Karil's crossbowBarrows chest.5.1m gpNoYes
Karil's top (broken)Karil's top degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.2.4m gpNoYes
Karil's topBarrows chest.1.6m gpNoYes
Karil's skirtBarrows chest.903.8k gpNoYes
Karil's off-hand pistol crossbowBarrows chest.767.0k gpNoYes
Khopesh of the KharidianDropped by monsters in the Sophanem slayer dungeon and in chest from Shifting tombs.715.3k gpNoYes
Karil's pistol crossbowBarrows chest.683.6k gpNoYes
Karil's skirt (broken)Karil's skirt degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.664.0k gpNoYes
Karil's coifBarrows chest.523.6k gpNoYes
Karil's crossbow (broken)Karil's crossbow degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.378.1k gpNoYes
Kingly impling jarThe result of successfully catching a Kingly Impling.336.1k gpNoYes
Kodama orokami maskFrom looting a Bundling orokami or looting a Bundling orokami jar.247.7k gpNoYes
Karasu orokami maskFrom looting a Stalking orokami or looting a Stalking orokami jar.202.2k gpNoYes
Key to the CrossingMonster drop.174.1k gpNoYes
Karil's coif (broken)Karil's coif degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.85.5k gpNoYes
Knot skipping ticketPossible reward from a Treasure trail Reward Casket.46.4k gpNoYes
Kwuarm incense sticksPlayer Made (See Notes).41.1k gpNoYes
Kahului parasol tokenSummer Beach Party Event, Player bought25.5k gpNoNo
Kauai parasol tokenSummer Beach Party Event, Player bought25.5k gpNoNo
Kyatt furPitfalling Sabre-toothed Kyatts.20.1k gpNoYes
Kwuarm potion (unf)Player Made (See Notes).16.7k gpNoYes
Kebbit teeth dustCrushing kebbit teeth with a pestal and mortar.16.3k gpNoYes
Kebbit teethMonster drop. 16.2k gpNoYes
Kandarin cow (unchecked)Chance to obtain from Adam Antite or Callia; Purchased from Granny Potterington's Farmer's Market.14.3k gpNoYes
Kurask bootsMonster drop.13.6k gpNoYes
Kitchen knifeBought from Culinaromancer's Chest.12.5k gpNoYes
Kyatt hatFancy Dress Shop in Varrock.12.1k gpNoYes
Kwuarm seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, bought in Vinesweeper, and a possible reward from burning a Vyrewatch corpse.11.7k gpNoYes
Kal'gerion demon scroll (Crit-i-Kal)Player Made (See Notes).7,390 gpNoYes
Kharyrll teleportPlayer Made (See Notes).5,418 gpNoYes
Kyatt topFancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock.5,029 gpNoYes
Kyatt legsFancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock.4,924 gpNoYes
Krandorian hopsGrown in a hops patch, requires level 21 farming.3,870 gpNoYes
KeramosObtained by excavating various Hotspots and Caches (See Notes for details) or Screening Saltwater mud; Possible reward from an Ancient casket.3,497 gpNoYes
Karam. overlord pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,732 gpNoYes
Keg of beerThora the Barkeeper in Rellekka.2,440 gpNoYes
KelpPlayer made (See Notes Section).1,931 gpNoYes
KnifeRespawns southeast outside Lumbridge Castle walls (must go around the back), Lumbridge Castle basement, tabletop in Karamja general store, (members) tabletop in cook's house in Catherby, (members) house in Seers' Village and 2nd floor of the general store in Varrock. Monster drop and Bought from general stores.1,517 gpNoNo
Karambwan vessel (Empty)Given to you by Lubufu, in Brimhaven, during the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.
Bought from Tiadeche, in Tai Bwo Wannai, after the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.
814 gpYesYes
KebabBought from the Kebab sellers in Al Kharid, Keldagrim, Respawns in the house in Entrana, and Pollnivneach; Monster Drop.619 gpNoNo
Kebab mixplayer made500 gpNoYes
Kebbit clawsObtained by trapping a wild kebbit in the Piscatoris Hunter Area.414 gpNoYes
Krandorian seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, dropped by farmers, stolen from seed stall, purchased from Olivia at Draynor Village marketplace, or bought in Vinesweeper.310 gpNoYes
King wormRespawns at the Tree Gnome Stronghold Swamp and South end of Taverley. Stolen from gnomes (requires 75 Thieving and yields 198.5 XP).279 gpNoYes
Karamthulhu Overlord scroll (Doomsphere)Player made (See Notes Section).199 gpNoYes
Kebbit spikeDeadfalling Prickly Kebbits using the hunting skill. 152 gpNoYes
Kebbit boltsPlayer Made (See Notes Section).
Crafted by Leon.
64 gpNoYes
K sigilOn a pedestal in Enakhra's Temple, below the Quarry.---YesYes
Kaigi's journalDropped by Airut.---NoYes
Kaigi's journal pagesMonster drop.---NoYes
Kal'gerion battle commendationMonster Drop.---NoYes
Kal'gerion notes (part 1)Dropped by the To'kash the Bloodchiller boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Kal'gerion notes (part 2)Dropped by the Har'lakk the Riftsplitter boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Kal'gerion notes (part 3)Dropped by the Bal'lak the Pummeller boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Kal'gerion notes (part 4)Dropped by the Yk'lagor the Thunderous boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Kal'gerion notes (part 5)Dropped by the Kal'ger the Warmonger boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
KalferberriesThis item is obtained when harvesting a grown kalferberry patch in Herblore Habitat.---NoYes
Kalferberry seedPossible drop for jadinkos in Herblore Habitat.---NoYes
Kalibath's journalMonster drop.---NoYes
Kalphite clawMonster drop.---NoYes
Kalphite defenderPlayer made (See notes).---NoYes
Kalphite defender (broken) It can be created by combining perfect chitin with a new or fully-repaired off-hand drygore mace, rapier, or longsword.0 gpNoYes
Kalphite eggMonster drop.---NoYes
Kalphite King helmThis item is obtained from the Treasure Hunter minigame. ---NoYes
Kalphite queen headMonster drop.---NoYes
Kalphite queen head (stuffed)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Kalphite wandererFound when cutting Acadia logs in the VIP area or the Imperial District.---NoYes
Kalphite wanderer in amberFound when pick-pocketing the Gullible tourist in the Port District or Menaphite marketeers in the Merchant District Market.---NoYes
Kandarin cowResult of checking a Kandarin cow (unchecked); Result of breeding cows at Player-Owned Farms.0 gpNoYes
KangaliThis pet is found whilst training while using Strength.---NoYes
Kantharos cup (damaged)Obtained by excavating Oikos studio debris; Obtained by completing Everlight Site Research and the Saradominist Special Research "Home, Sweet Home"; Obtained by opening Ancient caskets.---NoYes
Karambwan paste (Cooked)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Karambwan paste (Poison)Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes