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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Jute seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers; Stolen from a Seed stall; Bought from Olivia in Draynor Village and Coeden in Prifddinas; Monster drop; Bought in Vinesweeper.161 gpNoYes
Jute fibreGrown in a hops patch, requires level 13 Farming.1,864 gpNoYes
Junk refinerPlayer made (See notes).0 gpNoYes
Jungle vine (Big Game Hunter)Obtained by cutting Jungle vines within the Big Game Hunter---NoYes
Jungle vineObtained by investigating the dense jungle North of the Eastern Overgrown Idol.---YesYes
Jungle trapper legguardsPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Jungle trapper headPlayer Made (See Notes). ---NoYes
Jungle trapper chestPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Jungle trapper bootsPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Jungle trapper armsPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Jungle logsObtained from jungle trees in Big Game Hunter encounters.---NoYes
Jungle camo topFancy Clothes Shop in east Varrock.1,376 gpNoYes
Jungle camo legsFancy Clothes Shop in east Varrock.1,761 gpNoYes
Juna's giftNone.---YesYes
JunaReceived from The Archivist in the Hall of Memories after turning in Aagi and Seren.---NoYes
Juju woodcutting potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Juju woodcutting potion (2)Result from drinking a juju woodcutting potion (3).---NoYes
Juju woodcutting potion (1)Result from drinking a juju woodcutting potion (2).---NoYes
Juju woodcutting flas (6)Player made (See notes section).---NoYes
Juju vial packPurchased from Papa Mambo.---NoYes
Juju vial of waterPurchased from Papa Mambo.7 gpNoYes
Juju vialPurchased from Papa Mambo.1 gpNoYes
Juju teleport spiritbagBought from Bettamax in Taverley, or from Papa Mambo in the Herblore Habitat area.3,160 gpYesYes
Juju mining potion (4)A juju potion is a reward from the Herblore Habitat. Player Made (See Notes).58.7k gpNoYes
Juju mining potion (3)Player Made (See Notes).33.9k gpNoYes
Juju mining potion (2)Player Made (See Notes).6,746 gpNoYes
Juju mining potion (1)Player Made (See Notes).1,910 gpNoYes
Juju mining flask (6)Player made (See Notes).---NoYes
Juju hunter potion (4)Player made (See Notes Section).42.4k gpNoYes
Juju hunter potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section).28.0k gpNoYes
Juju hunter potion (2)Result from using a juju hunter potion (3).---NoYes
Juju hunter potion (1)Result from drinking a juju hunter potion (2).---NoYes
Juju hunter flask (6)Player made (See notes section).---NoYes
Juju gumboPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Juju fishing potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section).40.2k gpNoYes
Juju fishing potion (2)Play made (See Section Notes).6,681 gpNoYes
Juju fishing potion (1)Player made (See Section Notes).3,831 gpNoYes
Juju fishing flask (6)Player made (See notes section).90.1k gpNoYes
Juju farming potion (4)Player made (See Notes Section).41.2k gpNoYes
Juju farming potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section).27.9k gpNoYes
Juju farming potion (2)Player made (See Notes Section).20.1k gpNoYes
Juju farming potion (1)Player made (See Notes Section).10.1k gpNoYes
Juju farming flask (6)Player made (See notes section).87.9k gpNoYes
Juju cooking potion (4)Player made (See Notes Section).13.5k gpNoYes
Juju cooking potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Juju cooking potion (2)Player made (See Notes Section).3,655 gpNoYes
Juju cooking potion (1)Player made (See Notes Section).2,256 gpNoYes
Juju cooking flask (6)Player made (See notes section).34.6k gpNoYes
Jug of winePlayer made(See Notes); Bought at Karamja Spirits Bar and Fortunato in Draynor Village; Stolen from wine stalls; Second floor of the building behind Catherby bank.102 gpNoNo
Jug of water packBought from Beefy Bill, Jossik, and Shantay.---NoYes
Jug of waterBought from Shantay and Beefy Bill; Spawns at the ground floor of Al Kharid Palace and Cooking shop in Yanille; Player made (See Notes Section).29 gpNoNo
Jug of vinegarBought from Fortunato at his stall in Draynor Village.---YesYes
Jug of bad wineFailed attempt at maturing player-made wine.---NoNo
JugRespawns in the Lumbridge Castle basement, Crafting Guild, Cooks' Guild top floor, other random kitchens around RuneScape. Bought in General Stores; filled Jugs are dropped by monsters138 gpNoNo
Journal of PerjourFound by searching the skeleton in the tunnel network leading to the TzHaar Kiln.---YesYes
Journal entryFound on a table in a house within Ashdale.---YesNo
Journal (Making History)Found inside a Chest.---YesYes
Journal (Horror from the Deep)Found in the bookcase on the second floor of the Lighthouse.---YesYes
Journal (Filliman's)Mort Myre Swamp, search the Grotto.---YesYes
Jogre bonesMonster drop.692 gpNoYes
Jogre boneMonster drop.---YesYes
Job applicationFound within Evil Dave’s bank.---YesYes
Jitterberry seedCan be obtained from cross-pollinating Exuberry seeds and Blisterberry seeds.---NoYes
JitterberryPicked from jitterberry bushes planted on Tuai Leit (See Notes); bought from Sinuman or Terri when in stock.---NoYes
Jhallan's memory (book)Is given to you after you give Jhallan's memory to Kharshai.---YesYes
Jhallan's memoryCollected using a fully-charged Engrammeter on the island in the center of the Muspah Cave.
See the miniquest guide for directions.
JewelsStolen from Ali the Mayor's safe at his house in Pollnivneach.---YesYes
JewelleryBy cleaning an Uncleaned find at the Varrock Museum's.---NoYes
Jewelled golden statuettePyramid Plunder mini-game.146.4k gpNoYes
Jewelled diamond statuetteObtained while searching for treasure in the Pyramid Plunder Minigame. 0 gpNoYes
Jewelled black iron ringThis item was a reward from the discontinued Squeal of Fortune.---NoYes
JewelReceived from the Shady man in exchange for a Coconut drink.---YesYes
Jester scarfReward from completing the 2005 Christmas event. You can reclaim it from Diango in Draynor Village.---NoNo
Jester hatReward for completing the 2005 Christmas Event.---NoNo
Jessika's swordBought from the Void Knights at the Void Knight Outpost for 350 Pest Control Commendation Points.---NoYes