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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Hazelmere's signet ringMonster drop (Rare Drop Table).2,100.0m gpNoYes
Holly wreathOnce a possible prize during the 2014 Christmas event.2,100.0m gpNoNo
Half full wine jugBought and sold from other players.1,600.0m gpNoNo
Hexhunter bowMonster Drop.591.6m gpNoYes
Hydrix amuletPlayer made (See notes section).73.6m gpNoYes
HydrixPlayer made (See notes section).68.5m gpNoYes
Hydrix ringPlayer made (See notes section).62.9m gpNoYes
Hydrix necklacePlayer made (See notes section).56.6m gpNoYes
Hydrix braceletPlayer made (See notes section).35.3m gpNoYes
Hydrix amulet (unstrung)Player made (See notes section).27.7m gpNoYes
Hailfire bootsPlayer made (See notes).19.6m gpNoYes
Hot sand walk override tokenRandomly obtained while participating in any of the activities at the Summer Beach Party event, including defeating Clawdia; Purchased from Flo.2.0m gpNoNo
Hood of subjugationMonster drop.1.7m gpNoYes
Heated tea flaskPossible reward from a Reward casket (master). 1.5m gpNoYes
Heavy chestPossible reward from a Reward casket (master). 1.5m gpNoYes
Hobby unicorn (black)Possible reward from Reward casket (master).1.5m gpNoYes
Highwayman maskPossible reward from a Reward casket (easy).1.4m gpNoNo
Hobby unicorn (white)Possible reward from Reward casket (master).1.4m gpNoYes
Hydrix dragon maskPossible reward from a Reward casket (master).1.4m gpNoYes
Half-moon spectacles (green)Possible reward from Reward casket (master).1.3m gpNoYes
Half-moon spectacles (black)Possible reward from Reward casket (master).1.2m gpNoYes
Half-moon spectacles (blue)Possible reward from Reward casket (master).1.2m gpNoYes
Hypnotic parasol tokenObtainable by participating in activities during the Spring Fayre event; Purchased from Rixie.1.1m gpNoNo
Holy elixirMonster drop.766.1k gpNoYes
Hacky sack resting emote tokenFound while skilling on the beach or obtained from killing Clawdia during the Summer Beach Party.455.2k gpNoNo
Hand cannonMonster drop.318.1k gpNoYes
Holy aggroverload recipePlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
HexcrestJungle Strykewyrm monster drop.79.8k gpNoYes
Huge blunt adamant salvageMonster Drop.43.4k gpNoNo
Hawai'i parasol tokenSummer Beach Party Event, Player bought41.3k gpNoYes
Huge bladed rune salvageMonster Drop.38.9k gpNoNo
Huge blunt rune salvageMonster Drop.38.9k gpNoNo
Huge spiky rune salvageMonster Drop.38.3k gpNoNo
Huge plated rune salvageMonster Drop.38.1k gpNoNo
Hunter flask (6)Player made (See Notes Section).35.7k gpNoYes
Helm of neitiznotReward from The Fremennik Isles quest.28.3k gpYesYes
Hunter potion (3)Player Made (See Notes).23.0k gpNoYes
Huge bladed adamant salvageMonster Drop.20.6k gpNoNo
Hunter potion (4)Player made (See Notes Section).17.9k gpNoYes
Huge bladed mithril salvageMonster Drop.17.7k gpNoNo
Hardened dragon bonesMonster drop and Possible reward from Falador resource bundle.15.8k gpNoYes
Harmony mossPlayer made (See Notes Section).14.7k gpNoYes
Herb protectorPlayer made (see notes); bought from GE. 14.1k gpNoYes
Huge plated adamant salvageMonster Drop.12.8k gpNoNo
Holy scarab pouchPlayer Made (See Notes).11.6k gpNoYes
Huge blunt mithril salvageMonster Drop.11.1k gpNoNo
Hydrix bakriminel bolts (e)Player Made (See Notes).11.0k gpNoYes
Huge spiky adamant salvageMonster Drop.10.7k gpNoNo
Hydrix bakriminel boltsPlayer Made (See Notes).9,368 gpNoYes
Hellfire metalObtained by excavating various Hotspots and Caches (See Notes for details) or Screening Fiery brimstone; Possible reward from an Ancient casket.8,834 gpNoYes
Harvest flask (6)Player Made (See Notes).8,375 gpNoYes
Hunters' crossbowPurchased from Leon for 1.3k.8,367 gpNoYes
Hydrix bolt tipsPlayer made (See notes section).8,106 gpNoYes
Huge spiky mithril salvageMonster Drop.7,619 gpNoNo
Huge bladed steel salvageMonster Drop.7,465 gpNoNo
Huge plated mithril salvageMonster Drop.7,301 gpNoNo
Hellhound scroll (Soul Food)Player Made (See Notes).5,224 gpNoYes
Huge blunt steel salvageMonster Drop.4,777 gpNoNo
Huge plated iron salvageMonster Drop.3,613 gpNoNo
Huge plated steel salvageMonster Drop.3,394 gpNoNo
Huge spiky steel salvageMonster Drop.3,260 gpNoNo
Harralander potion (unf)Player Made (See Notes).2,775 gpNoYes
Hydra pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,415 gpNoYes
Huge bladed iron salvageMonster Drop.2,399 gpNoNo
Harvest potion (3)Player Made (See Notes).2,306 gpNoYes
Headhunter's thrillPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,292 gpNoYes
Half a wilder piePlayer Made2,171 gpNoYes
Half a redberry piePlayer made (See Notes Section).2,098 gpNoNo
Hasty whirligig shellMonster Drop.1,905 gpNoYes
Holy symbolPlayer made (See Notes Section) and Davon in Brimhaven.1,889 gpNoNo
Heirloom tomatoPlayer Made (See Notes).1,840 gpNoYes
Half plain pizzaResult of eating a plain pizza.1,744 gpNoNo
Hammerstone hopsGrown in a hops patch, requires level 4 Farming.1,711 gpNoNo
HairMonster drop; Purchased from Vanligga Gastfrihet after you have paid her taxes - 5k Coins - during or after the quest; Harvesting produce from Yaks at the Manor farm.1,689 gpYesYes
Hood of subjugation shardMonster drop.1,626 gpNoYes