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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Red dragon leatherPlayer made (See Notes Section.)1,417 gpNoYes
Red dragon maskPossible reward from a Reward casket (hard).1.4m gpNoNo
Red dragon tail-boneDropped by Red dragons only during the Odd Old Man's wish-list after the Fur 'n' Seek quest.---YesYes
Red dragonhideMonster drop; Harvesting produce from Red dragons at the Manor farm.1,123 gpNoNo
Red dragonhide bodyPlayer made (See Notes Section).5,822 gpNoYes
Red dragonhide bootsPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,740 gpNoYes
Red dragonhide chapsPlayer made (See Notes Section).5,396 gpNoYes
Red dragonhide coifPlayer made (See Notes Section).3,566 gpNoYes
Red dragonhide setPlayer made (See Notes Section).9,417 gpNoYes
Red dragonhide shieldPlayer made (See Notes Section).7,033 gpNoYes
Red dragonhide vambracesPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,271 gpNoYes
Red dyePurchased from Oronwen; "Made" by giving Aggie the Witch the ingredients and a fee (See Notes).6,285 gpNoNo
Red dye bellowsPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Red eggBarbarian Assault mini-game.---NoYes
Red elegant blouseA possible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 1)1.4m gpNoYes
Red elegant legsA possible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 1).1.4m gpNoYes
Red elegant shirtA possible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 1).1.4m gpNoYes
Red elegant skirtA possible reward from a Treasure Trail (level 1).1.4m gpNoYes
Red EnvelopeZodic Training Treasure Hunter---NoNo
Red featherSnaring Crimson swifts in the Hunter skill. Sold at Varrock Fancy Cloths store.90 gpNoNo
Red firelighterPossible reward from Treasure Trails (Any level Clue scroll); Possible reward from a Fire spirit.912 gpNoYes
Red flowersPlayer made (See Notes Section).6,076 gpNoYes
Red goblin mailMade by using Red dye with Goblin mail and Monster drop.---YesYes
Red hallowe'en maskThis mask was dropped on October 31st, 2002 (Halloween).2,147.5m gpNoNo
Red headbandPossible reward from a Reward casket (medium).1.3m gpNoNo
Red herringSearch a bookcase in Peer the Seer's house in Rellekka. ---YesYes
Red hot sauceGiven to you by Ali the Kebab seller in Pollnivneach.---YesYes
Red isafdar mushroomCan be picked near the Tirannwn hunter area.---YesYes
Red jewelCreated by trying to crush the White jewel, Green jewel or Blue jewel.---NoYes
Red key (Melzar's Maze)Dropped by Zombie rat in Melzar's Maze.---NoNo
Red logsPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Red mahogany logsGiven to you by male Jungle Foresters or female Jungle Foresters, south of Shilo Village, in exchange for a Sharpened axe.---YesYes
Red mossMonster drop or Smuggler shop.0 gpNoYes
Red onionPlayer Made (See Notes).1,558 gpNoYes
Red paintIn Philipe's painting set (in his room) on the second floor of the Carnillean house.---YesYes
Red partyhatHoliday Drop Item.2,147.5m gpYesNo
Red pentagonPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Red powderPicked up from the pedestals in Char's cave, west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.---YesYes
Red power crystalFound inside Stomp's boss room while fighting him.0 gpNoNo
Red rose seedPicked up from the rose patches at the Monastery, west of Edgeville.---YesYes
Red rumTrouble Brewing Mini-Game.---NoYes
Red salamanderCaught with a Net trap around the entrance to the Ourania (ZMI) Altar, northeast of the Observatory.4,308 gpNoYes
Red salamander (checked)Result of breeding salamanders at the Ranch Out of Time.0 gpNoYes
Red salamander (unchecked)Obtained from Dream of Iaia. 208.2k gpNoYes
Red sandstoneMined just north of Oo'Glog next to agility shortcut leading out of town.---NoYes
Red satchelMonster drop.---NoYes
Red spice (1)Monster Drop; Player Made (See Notes).---YesYes
Red spice (2)Monster Drop; Player Made (See Notes).---YesYes
Red spice (3)Monster Drop; Player Made (See Notes).---YesYes
Red spice (4)Monster Drop; Player Made (See Notes).---YesYes
Red spiders' eggsRespawns at Edgeville Dungeon (Members), Karamja island ( Enter the hole and go to the far west wall passing non-aggressive Red Spiders and you will find them), path towards Tirannwn and the Varrock Sewers. Can also be obtained by using the Egg spawn scroll.
Monster drop.
163 gpNoNo
Red spiky vambracesPlayer made (See Notes Section).2,378 gpNoYes
Red squarePlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Red toadPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Red topazRed topaz is a type of semi-precious gem. It can be either obtained using the Mining skill from the Shilo Village gem rocks, a random gem rock during the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up mini-game, from panning at the Digsite near the River Salve, a possible reward from the Gnome Restaurant activity, a possible find from Mobilising Armies. 1,408 gpNoNo
Red topaz bakriminel boltsPlayer Made (See Notes).833 gpNoYes
Red topaz bakriminel bolts (e)Player Made (See Notes).1,330 gpNoYes
Red topaz macheteCan be bought from Gabooty for 2.4k Trading sticks in Tai Bwo Wannai village or from Safta Doc near the anvil in Karamja in a deal for 1.2k Trading sticks, 1 Gout tuber, and 3 Red topaz (cut or uncut).60.4k gpNoYes
Red trianglePlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Red vine blossomPicked from a grown red vine plant.---NoYes
Red vine wormMcGrubor's Wood, in western fenced-in area.---YesYes
Red zodiac costumeObtained by completing the Zodiac Training card at least three times during the promotion (February 2016).---NoNo
Red-eyePlayer made (See Notes Section) or Monster drop.---NoNo
Red-eye & edicap potatoPlayer made.0 gpNoYes
Red-eye & gissel potatoPlayer made.0 gpNoYes
Red-eye potatoPlayer made.0 gpNoYes
RedberriesRespawns at the redberry bushes south of Varrock, east of the ruins.
Food Shop in Port Sarim; Bought from Beefy Bill in the cow fields near Lumbridge.
991 gpNoNo
Redberry juicePlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Redberry piePlayer made (See Notes); Bought from Romily Weaklax in the Cooks' Guild.2,993 gpNoNo
Redberry seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, dropped by farmers, or bought in Vinesweeper.151 gpNoYes
Redeyes's boneMonster drop.---YesYes
Reed seedPickpocketed from elves, gnomes, or dwarf traders, can be found while hunting Jadinkos.130 gpNoYes
Reefwalker's capePlayer Made (See Notes Section).174.9k gpNoYes
Reese's off-hand swordReward from The Blood Pact quest.---YesNo
Reese's swordReward from The Blood Pact quest.---YesNo