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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Necronium armoured boots + 2Player made (See Notes Section).114.6k gpNoYes
Necronium armoured boots + 3Player made (See Notes Section).175.2k gpNoYes
Necronium armoured boots + 4Player made (See Notes Section).132.7k gpNoYes
Necronium barPlayer made (See Notes Section).9,054 gpNoYes
Necronium battleaxePlayer made (See Notes Section).26.2k gpNoYes
Necronium battleaxe + 1Player made (See Notes Section).30.1k gpNoYes
Necronium battleaxe + 2Player made (See Notes Section).218.7k gpNoYes
Necronium battleaxe + 3Player made (See Notes Section).357.8k gpNoYes
Necronium battleaxe + 4Player made (See Notes Section).377.0k gpNoYes
Necronium full helmPlayer made (See Notes Section).6,964 gpNoYes
Necronium full helm + 1Player made (See Notes Section).20.6k gpNoYes
Necronium full helm + 2Player made (See Notes Section).48.8k gpNoYes
Necronium full helm + 3Player made (See Notes Section).184.8k gpNoYes
Necronium full helm + 4Player made (See Notes Section).377.8k gpNoYes
Necronium gauntletsPlayer made (See Notes Section).3,582 gpNoYes
Necronium gauntlets + 1Player made (See Notes Section).51.7k gpNoYes
Necronium gauntlets + 2Player made (See Notes Section).30.3k gpNoYes
Necronium gauntlets + 3Player made (See Notes Section).92.7k gpNoYes
Necronium gauntlets + 4Player made (See Notes Section).123.8k gpNoYes
Necronium kiteshieldPlayer made (See Notes Section).25.1k gpNoYes
Necronium kiteshield + 1Player made (See Notes Section).24.5k gpNoYes
Necronium kiteshield + 2Player made (See Notes Section).46.5k gpNoYes
Necronium kiteshield + 3Player made (See Notes Section).104.1k gpNoYes
Necronium kiteshield + 4Player made (See Notes Section).289.1k gpNoYes
Necronium mattockPlayer Made (See Notes Section).21.4k gpNoYes
Necronium off hand battleaxePlayer made (See Notes Section).20.7k gpNoYes
Necronium off hand battleaxe + 1Player made (See Notes Section).47.9k gpNoYes
Necronium off hand battleaxe + 2Player made (See Notes Section).89.8k gpNoYes
Necronium off hand battleaxe + 3Player made (See Notes Section).361.0k gpNoYes
Necronium off hand battleaxe + 4Player made (See Notes Section).371.0k gpNoYes
Necronium ore boxPlayer Made (See Notes Section).101.0k gpNoYes
Necronium pickaxePlayer Made (See Notes).22.5k gpNoYes
Necronium pickaxe + 1Player Made (See Notes).29.0k gpNoYes
Necronium pickaxe + 2Player Made (See Notes).78.8k gpNoYes
Necronium pickaxe + 3Player Made (See Notes).162.6k gpNoYes
Necronium pickaxe + 4Player Made (See Notes).291.1k gpNoYes
Necronium platebodyPlayer made (See Notes Section).19.4k gpNoYes
Necronium platebody + 1Player made (See Notes Section).85.1k gpNoYes
Necronium platebody + 2Player made (See Notes Section).270.5k gpNoYes
Necronium platebody + 3Player made (See Notes Section).482.1k gpNoYes
Necronium platebody + 4Player made (See Notes Section).562.1k gpNoYes
Necronium platelegsPlayer made (See Notes Section).19.1k gpNoYes
Necronium platelegs + 1Player made (See Notes Section).148.6k gpNoYes
Necronium platelegs + 2Player made (See Notes Section).76.4k gpNoYes
Necronium platelegs + 3Player made (See Notes Section).200.8k gpNoYes
Necronium platelegs + 4Player made (See Notes Section).494.4k gpNoYes
Necrovarus' notesNecrovarus' notes are obtained by speaking to Necrovarus in the Grim Underworld during the 2015 Hallowe'en event. ---NoNo
NeedleBought from Dommik in Al Kharid; Search haystacks; Possible monster drop.50 gpNoNo
Needle (o)In a room of a dungeon. In the chest in the Enigmatic hoardstalker room.---NoYes
Neem drupeVines in Polypore Dungeon (next to bip Fairy ring) or monster drop.---NoYes
Neem oilPlayer made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoYes
Negative energyHarvested from springs on Goshima or the third island of The Islands That Once Were Turtles; or bought from Halia for 10 Chimes each.---NoYes
NekhakhaWithin Crondis' tomb.---NoYes
Nemi poisonReceived from Trinks while on task.---NoYes
NettingTorn from the curtains in the main bedroom, on the second floor, of the Carnillean house.---YesYes
Nettle teaPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Nettle-waterPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
NettlesEdgeville, on the ground along south wall near the Yew trees; South and east sides of thee Draynor Village prison; East side of Draynor Manor; South of the entrance of Fenkenstrain's Castle; Very south-eastern part of the Haunted Woods; North-east of the Canifis Slayer Master; Near Father Urhney's house in the Lumbridge Swamp.---YesYes
New crystal bowBought from Islwyn in Isafdar (he moves between the Magic trees southwest of Lletya and a clearing northeast of the Tyras camp every 5 minutes).915.5k gpNoYes
New keyMourner's house basement.---YesYes
Newcomer mapBought from most General Stores and Rasolo west of the Fishing Guild. 205 gpNoNo
Newly made crystalGiven and made for you from Arianwyn in return for a black crystal during Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light)---YesYes
NewspaperPurchased from Benny.0 gpNoNo
NewtIn the basement of Hetty's house in Rimmington.---YesYes
Newt labelIn the basement of Hetty's house in Rimmington.---YesYes
NewtonThis pet is found whilst training while using Magic.---NoYes
Newts and toads labelIn the basement of Hetty's house in Rimmington.---YesYes
Nex's followersPossible monster drop.---NoYes
Nial's throwing axeMonster drop.---YesYes
Nice hedgeBought from the Garden supplier in Falador park.0 gpNoYes
NicknacksObtained from Nicknacks hotspots when not doing Effigy Incubator.---NoYes
Night owl flight gogglesUnknown---NoYes
Night owl flight goggles (damaged)Unknown---NoYes
Night spiderResult of checking a Night spider egg (unchecked); Result of breeding spiders between 9:00 and 21:00 game time at Player-Owned Farms.0 gpNoYes
Night spider egg (unchecked)Chance to obtain from Adam Antite or Callia.139.9k gpNoYes