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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
CarrotTaken from buckets in the reindeer enclosure in the Lumbridge crater.---NoNo
Carrot (violet is Blue)Obtained from a crate either South East or West of Trevor at the third puzzle.---YesNo
CartJust South of the gate to Goshima; along the cliff. ---NoYes
Carved dragonstone (left)Obtained by searching the fireplace on the West side of the ruins.---YesYes
Carved dragonstone (right)Player Made (See Notes).---YesYes
Carved evil turnipPlayer made (See Notes Section).4,141 gpNoYes
Carved keystone It is used in a puzzle with a chisel and hammer, a broken bridge, and a Mining rock, which can be mined at various Mining levels to get a rock, which can then be chiseled at various Crafting levels into a keystone.---NoYes
Carved oak benchPlayer made (see notes section). 16 gpNoYes
Carved oak magic wardrobePlayer made.20 gpNoYes
Carved oak tablePlayer made (See Notes Section). 18 gpNoYes
Carved shardObtained when training Crafting after a player has reached level 99.---NoYes
Carved soapPlayer made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Carved teak benchPlayer made (see notes section).24 gpNoYes
Carved teak magic wardrobePlayer made.61 gpNoYes
Carved teak tablePlayer made using six Teak planks and four Bolts of cloth on a Steel framed bench or better workbench. 325 gpNoYes
Case report 1In the filing cabinet next to the Clerk in the Seers' Village Courthouse.---NoYes
Case report 2In the filing cabinet next to the Clerk in the Seers' Village Courthouse.---NoYes
Case report 3In the filing cabinet next to the Clerk in the Seers' Village Courthouse.---NoYes
CasketFound at various Big Net fishing spots.
Dropped by rock crabs.
Dropped by some Daggonoths.
1,002 gpNoYes
Casket (CS Week)Received when a Clue Scroll(CS Week) has been fully solved.---NoNo
Casket (Pirate's Treasure)Reward from the Pirate's Treasure Quest.---YesNo
Casket keyFound on a bookshelf in the North West corner of the room West of the Draynor Manor entrance.---YesYes
Casket-salvaging scrimshawPlayer Made (See Notes).201.5k gpNoYes
Castle sketch 1Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Castle sketch 2Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Castle sketch 3Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Castle wars brace (1)Player made (See Notes Section). 5,128 gpNoYes
Castle wars brace (2)Made by using a charge from a Castle wars brace (3).0 gpNoYes
Castle wars brace (3)Player made (See Notes Section).2,261 gpNoYes
Castle Wars chinchompaThey can only be used within a castle wars game.0 gpNoYes
Castle wars enthusiast capeCastle Wars area, south of Observatory.---NoYes
Castle wars flag capeBought from Lanthus for 2 tickets once you capture the most flags in a Castle Wars game.---NoYes
Castle wars hobbyist capeCastle Wars area, south of Observatory.---NoYes
Castle wars kills capeBought from Lanthus for 2 tickets once you kill the most players in a Castle Wars game.---NoYes
Castle wars manualLanthas at the Castle Wars arena south of the Observatory.0 gpNoYes
Castle wars professional capePurchased from Lanthus at Castle Wars. Can only be purchased if you have completed 5000+ matches of Castle Wars. ---NoYes
Castle wars ticket (gold)Awarded for winning or drawing a game of Castle Wars.---NoYes
Castle wars ticket (silver)You awarded one ticket if you win, draw or lose.---NoYes
Castle wars token enhancerTaken from the Motherlode Maw inside the Edimmu Resource Dungeon (requires 115 Dungeoneering and at least level 95 in all skills); Obtained from Wythien in exchange for 10 Crystal motherlode shards or an Unfocused reward enhancer.---NoYes
Cat antipoisonGiven to you by the Apothecary in Varrock.---YesYes
Cat maskPossible reward from a Reward casket (medium).1.2m gpNoNo
Cat staffPossible reward from a Reward casket (elite).1.2m gpNoYes
Cat training medalReceived from Gertrude after your kitten/cat has caught 100 Rats or Hell-Rats.---NoNo
Catalyst powderAt the start of every Flash Powder Factory game, they appear in your inventory. More can be collected by pickpocketing the machine in the middle of the game field.---NoYes
Catalytic orbPlayer made (See notes section).0 gpNoYes
Catalytic runeGiven to you by Fiara when you enter the battle lobby for Fist of Guthix.
Also player made during the Stealing Creation mini-game (see notes section).
Catalytic staffPlayer made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoNo
Catalytic wandPlayer made (See notes section).0 gpNoYes
Catapult schematicsGiven to you by the Catapult engineer, in the forest north of the Tyras Camp.---YesYes
CatfishPlayer made (See Notes).220 gpNoYes
Catspeak amuletReward from the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest.---YesYes
Catspeak amulet(e)Given to you by Hild in Burthorpe.---YesYes
CattleprodFound near the incinerator, in the Sheep's pen North of Ardougne.---YesYes
Cavalier and maskPlayer Made (See Notes).0 gpNoYes
Cave crawler skinMonster drop.---YesYes
Cave directionsThis item is obtained during the Glorious Memories quest.---YesYes
Cave eelPlayer made.219 gpNoYes
Cave eel (o)In a room of a dungeon.In one of the side-rooms in the Enigmatic hoardstalker room.---NoYes
Cave goblin skullMonster drop.---YesYes
Cave goblin wirePickpocketing Cave goblins, Thieving average chests in Dorgesh-Kaan, or thieving from the wire making machine in Dorgesh-Kaan.6,165 gpNoYes
Cave morayPlayer made (See Notes Section) or Monster drop.0 gpNoYes
Cave moray potato It is created by using a Baked cave potato with a cooked Cave moray.---NoYes
Cave mouseA Cave mouse is obtained by grabbing it off the ground in the Juvenile wolf cave during Carnillean Rising.---NoYes
Cave nightshadeRespawns in the Skavid caves below Gu'Tanoth.Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Cave potato seedMonster drop, and purchased from the Smuggler.---NoYes
CavefishPlayer made (See Notes Section).3,197 gpNoYes
Cavefish glovesPurchased from Reggie.---NoYes
Cavern keyInside a chest in the Experiments Dungeon, northeast of Canifis. Monster drop.---YesYes
CaviarUse a knife on a Leaping sturgeon.635 gpNoYes
Cedar twigsHarvested off of a Cedar tree in the Phoenix' Lair. ---YesYes
Cedar weaving ribbonPlayer made (See Notes Section)---YesYes
Celebration cakeParty Pete in Falador.
Diango in Draynor Village.
Could be bought from Will Shakenspear during the 2012 Diamond Jubilee event.
This item is not sold via the Grand Exchange.
0 gpNoNo
Celebration candlesNone.0 gpNoYes
Celestial catalytic orbPossible reward for defeating Lexicus Runewright.0 gpNoYes
Celestial catalytic staffPossible reward for defeating Unholy Cursebearer.0 gpNoYes