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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Aggression potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section).68.8 k gpNoYes
Aggression potion (4)Player made (See notes)91.2 k gpNoYes
Aggression sigilPurchased from Abyssal Knight Quartermaster.---NoYes
Aggroverload (6)Player Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Agile legsSpeak to the Gnome trainer after you have completed 250 laps of the Advanced Gnome agility course.---NoYes
Agile shardObtained when training Agility after a player has reached level 99.---NoYes
Agile topSpeak to Gunnjorn after you have completed 250 laps of the Advanced Barbarian agility course.---NoYes
Agility arena ticketObtained by tagging numerous areas of the arena in a row.---NoYes
Agility capePurchased from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard.---NoYes
Agility cape (t)Purchased from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard.---NoYes
Agility flask (6)Player made (See Notes Section).9.8 k gpNoYes
Agility HoodReceived from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard when buying an Agility cape.---NoYes
Agility master capePurchased from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard.---NoYes
Agility mix (1)Player made (See Notes Section).550 gpNoYes
Agility mix (2)Player made (See Notes Section).358 gpNoYes
Agility potion (1)Player made (See Notes Section); Can be obtained from pickpocketing Hefin workers in Prifddinas.121 gpNoYes
Agility potion (2)Player made (See Notes Section).365 gpNoYes
Agility potion (3)Player made (See Notes Section); Random reward from completing the Hefin Agility Course.550 gpNoYes
Agility potion (4)Result of combining lower dose potions.833 gpNoYes
Agility skill training dummyObtained from Large and Medium skill training dummy crates or from Treasure Hunter itself.---NoYes
Agility tomeReward from the Temple Trekking mini-game. ---NoYes
Ahrim bobbleheadPlayer made (see notes section).---NoYes
Ahrim's book of magicBarrows chest.1.2 M gpNoYes
Ahrim's hoodA possible reward from the Barrows Mini-Game.713.5 k gpNoYes
Ahrim's hood brokenAhrim's hood degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.77.3 k gpYesYes
Ahrim's robe skirtBarrows Chest in Barrows Mini-Game.1.3 M gpNoYes
Ahrim's robe skirt brokenPlayer made (See Notes Section).612.7 k gpYesYes
Ahrim's robe topBarrows Chest in Barrows Mini-Game.2.2 M gpNoYes
Ahrim's robe top brokenAhrim's robe top degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.1.9 M gpNoYes
Ahrim's staffBarrows Chest in the Barrows Mini-Game.4.2 M gpNoYes
Ahrim's staff brokenAhrim's staff degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.1.5 M gpNoYes
Ahrim's wandA possible reward from the Barrows Mini-Game.816.5 k gpNoYes
Ailanthus TwigsHarvested from an Ailanthus tree in the Phoenix' Lair. ---YesYes
Ailanthus weaving ribbonPlayer made (See Notes Section). ---YesYes
Air altar teleportPurchased from Wizard Elriss for Runecrafting guild tokens or from Wizard Rinsit for 2,000 Runespan points.---NoNo
Air battlestaffPlayer Made (See Notes); Monster Drop.8.3 k gpNoYes
Air keyAt the entrance to the Guthixian temple during the While Guthix Sleeps quest.---YesYes
Air orbPlayer made (See notes).5.7 k gpNoYes
Air runeEast of the Draynor Village jail; behind Luthas' house on Karamja; south-west of the cooking guild; and in the Dark Knight's Fortress in the Wilderness.Player made (See Notes); Bought from Magic Store owner in the Wizards' Guild and Ali Morrisane after the Rogue Trader mini-game; Possible monster drop.81 gpNoNo
Air rune (Runespan)The Runespan---NoNo
Air rune (Slug Menace)Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Air runecrafting glovesBought at the Fist of Guthix mini-game lobby.---NoNo
Air staffPlayer made (See Notes Section).0 gpNoNo
Air talismanReceived from Sedridor after completion of Rune Mysteries; Possibly obtained from Box of summoning ingredients; Monster Drop; Purchased from Wizard Elriss; Obtained from Carwen Essencebinder.478 gpNoNo
Air talisman staffPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoNo
Air tiaraMade by using a tiara on the air altar while carrying an air talisman in your inventory.416 gpNoNo
Airtight potPlayer made (See Notes Section).134 gpYesYes
Airut bonemealPlayer made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Airut bonesMonster drop.7.5 k gpNoYes
Airut damage enhancerTaken from the Motherlode Maw inside the Edimmu Resource Dungeon (requires 115 Dungeoneering and at least level 95 in all skills); Obtained from Wythien in exchange for 10 Crystal motherlode shards or an Unfocused damage enhancer.---NoYes
Akateko orokami maskFrom looting a Foraging orokami or looting a Foraging orokami jar132 k gpNoYes
Akhomet's ceremonial daggerGiven to you by Jack of Spades.---YesYes
Akkorokamui orokami maskFrom looting a Salty orokami or looting a Salty orokami jar.144.8 k gpNoYes
Akrisae's hoodObtained as a possible reward from the Barrows chest.393.8 k gpNoYes
Akrisae's hood brokenAkrisae's hood degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.64.5 k gpNoYes
Akrisae's robe skirtObtained as a possible reward from the Barrows chest.622 k gpNoYes
Akrisae's robe skirt brokenAkrisae's robe skirt degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.481.1 k gpNoYes
Akrisae's robe topObtained as a possible reward from the Barrows chest.1.1 M gpNoYes
Akrisae's robe top brokenAkrisae's robe top degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.2.1 M gpNoYes
Akrisae's war maceObtained as a possible reward from the Barrows chest.388.5 k gpNoYes
Akrisae's war mace brokenAkrisae's war mace degrades to this after 15 hours of combat.50.4 k gpNoYes
Aksel's permission (sword)Aksel will only give this if he appears in the burial armour area or the track making area and a player speaks to him. Players must have an inventory space free to receive the item before speaking to him, otherwise he will disappear without giving permission.---NoNo
Akthanakos' memoryCollected using a fully-charged Engrammeter on the top floor of Enakhra's Temple.
See the miniquest guide for directions.
Akthanakos' memory (book)Is given to you after you give Akthanakos's memory to Kharshai.---YesYes
Al kharid flyerObtained from Ali the Leaflet Dropper in Al Kharid. ---YesNo
Alaea sea saltMined from Alaea Crablet on Uncharted Isles; purchased from Yi Yan when in stock.---NoYes
AlaeiteIt is obtained by answering the Riddler crab's riddle correctly. The answer is "Crab".---YesYes
Albino rat pouchPlayer made(See notes section).2.3 k gpNoYes
Alchemical notesOn a bookshelf in the room with Miss Cheevers.---YesYes
Alchemical OnyxPlayer made (See Notes Section).44.4 M gpNoYes
Alchemical onyx necklacePlayer Made (See Notes Section).51.3 M gpNoYes
Alchemical onyx ringPlayer made (see notes).48 M gpNoYes
Alchemist's amulet (charged)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Alchemist's amulet (uncharged)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Alchemist's amulet fragmentWon on the Squeel of Fortune during the weekend of Sep 07, 2012 - Sep 09, 2012.---NoYes