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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Beetle bitsPurchased from pet shops in Taverley or Yanille.1,016 gpNoYes
Beginner wandRewards guardian in the Mage Training Arena.158.1k gpNoYes
Beginner's tackle boxPurchased from a Fisherman.---NoYes
Beguiling smoke devil cardSinkholes Distraction and Diversion.---NoYes
Beguiling smoke devil card (solo)Received from the Gorajo hoardstalker.---NoYes
Beguiling smoke devil card (team)Received from the Gorajo hoardstalker.---NoYes
Behemoth notes (part 1)Dropped by the Gluttonous behemoth boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Behemoth notes (part 2)Dropped by the Bulwark beast boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Behemoth notes (part 3)Dropped by the Stomp boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Behemoth notes (part 4)Dropped by the Runebound behemoth boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Behemoth notes (part 5)Dropped by the Hope devourer boss during Dungeoneering.---NoNo
Bell baubleDiango's workshop in Draynor Village.---NoNo
Bell jarMonster drop.---YesYes
Belladonna seedPickpocketed from Master Farmers, and bought in Vinesweeper.1,144 gpNoYes
Bellefleur's journalSometimes appears by the exit ladder after a player has defeated the skeletal trio whilst Dungeoneering on the Occult Floors of Daemonheim.---NoYes
Belt buckleDigging, using a Trowel, at the Digsite east of Varrock.---NoYes
BeltfishPlayer made (See Notes).766 gpNoYes
Beret maskSewn together by Patchy.---NoYes
BernieThis pet is found whilst training Firemaking.---NoYes
Berserker helmRellekka helmet shop.43.9k gpNoYes
Berserker necklacePlayer made (See Notes Section).566.5k gpNoYes
Berserker ringMonster drop.14.9m gpNoYes
Berserker ring (i)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Berserker ring shardMonster drop.3,384 gpNoYes
Bert's rotaGiven to you by Bert.---YesYes
Bervirius notesSearch the tomb dolmen in Bervirius's tomb on Cairn Isle.---YesYes
Beta Scientist BackpackCan be retrieved from Diango in Draynor if destroyed.---NoNo
Beta Scientist FeetCan be retrieved from Diango in Draynor if destroyed.---NoNo
Beta Scientist GlovesCan be retrieved from Diango in Draynor if destroyed.---NoNo
Beta Scientist HeadCan be retrieved from Diango in Draynor if destroyed.---NoNo
Beta Scientist LegsCan be retrieved from Diango in Draynor if destroyed.---NoNo
Beta Scientist TorsoCan be retrieved from Diango in Draynor if destroyed.---NoNo
Betty's wandIn the basement of Betty's house in Port Sarim.---YesYes
Big bassFishing.---NoYes
Big bass (stuffed)Traded in Canifis at the Taxidermist shop. (see below)---NoYes
Big bonesRespawns in the Boneyard. Monster drop.249 gpNoNo
Big Book o' PiracyQuest reward.---NoYes
Big book of bangsGiven to you by Lord Iorwerth at the Elf Camp.---YesYes
Big cast netQuest reward.---YesYes
Big fishing netPurchased at Fishing Shops; Respawns in the Fishing Guild.300 gpNoYes
Big frog legMonster drop.---YesYes
Big mystery boxClaimed from Reyna.---NoNo
Big rockTo claim this item, players need to return to the troll settlement in the Barendir cave network. To get there, first head to the southern most entrance of Keldagrim. Just to the east of the entrance is the Keldagrim south-east mine. Along the east wall in the mine is the entrance to the Barendir cave network. Go in and then head northeast to the next cave entrance located along the east wall. Once in the troll settlement, the big rock is located on a pedestal in the center of the room. ---NoYes
Big sharkFound while fishing Sharks.---NoYes
Big shark (stuffed)Player made (See Notes Section).---YesYes
Big swordfishCaught while Fishing for Swordfish.---NoYes
Big swordfish (stuffed)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Bill teach's markBill teach will give this to you if you find the Idol of many heads for him.---YesYes
Bilrach's memoryCollected using a fully-charged Engrammeter in the castle of Daemonheim.
See the miniquest guide for directions.
Bilrach's memory (book)Is given to you after you give Bilrach's memory to Kharshai.---YesYes
Binding bookPlayer made (See notes section).---YesYes
Binding contractPlayer Made (See Notes); Possible reward from an Ancient casket.---NoYes
Binding fluidSearching crates on the first floor of the Tower of Life.---YesYes
Binding necklacePlayer made (see Notes section), monster drop, acquired during the Rune Mechanics quest.2,698 gpNoYes
Bird bookNickolaus's campsite.---YesYes
Bird feedIn a cupboard in Jerico's house just south of the northern bank in East Ardougne.---YesYes
Bird nestMay fall out off a tree while Woodcutting; Received from Wyson the gardener in exchange for a Mole claw or Mole skin; Possible reward from Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion; Collected from the Managing Miscellania minigame; Daily reward from the Modified farmer's hat - you'll receive additional nests if you have four or more pieces of the farmer's outfit.---NoYes
Bird nest (empty)Random event (See Notes Section).---NoYes
Bird snarePurchased from Hunter stores in Yanille and Nardah and player made (See Notes Section).32 gpNoNo
Bird's eggFound in bird's nest (random yield from woodcutting).---NoYes
Biscuit doughPlayer Made (See Notes).62 gpYesNo
BiscuitsPlayer Made (See Notes).927 gpYesNo
Bittercap mushroomGrown in the mushroom patch in Canifis.10.8k gpNoYes
Bittercap mushroom sporePickpocketed from Master Farmers.1,338 gpNoYes
BitternutIn the Trouble Brewing Mini-Game.0 gpNoYes
Black 2h crossbowPossible Treasure Trails reward (Easy Clue scroll).50.9k gpNoYes
Black 2h swordBought from Anton in the Warriors' Guild and Gaius in Burthorpe; Monster drop; Looted from Steel key chests from Mor'ton Shade Burning; Possible Treasure Trails reward (Easy Clue scroll).4,527 gpNoNo
Black afroBought from Party Pete, in the Falador Party Room, for 50gp. ---NoNo
Black armPlayers will need to battle Jonny at the Blue Moon Inn to get the arm back, and prove your loyalty to Katrine by giving the arm to her. ---NoYes
Black armour set (lg)Player made (See Notes Section).35.1k gpNoNo
Black armour set (sk)Player made (See Notes Section).35.1k gpNoNo
Black BattleaxeCan be purchased at Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar in Port Sarim for 1248 coins.8,880 gpNoNo
Black beadMonster drop.1,131 gpYesNo
Black beretObtained by completing a Treasure Trails.1.2m gpNoYes
Black boaterTreasure Trail reward.1.4m gpNoYes