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Name descasc Location descasc Market price descasc Quest Members Only
Wolf maskPossible reward from a Reward casket (medium).1.4m gpNoNo
Wolf staffPossible reward from a Reward casket (elite).1.3m gpNoYes
Wolf whistleObtained from Rufus.---YesYes
WolfbaneQuest Reward.---NoNo
Wolpertinger pouchPlayer made (See Notes Section).3,813 gpNoYes
Wolpertinger scroll (Magic Focus)Player made (See Notes Section).292 gpNoYes
Wood camo legsPlayer made (See Notes Section).901 gpNoYes
Wood camo topPlayer made (See Notes Section).12.9k gpNoYes
Wood dining tablePlayer made using 4 Planks and 4 Nails (any) on a workbench.5 gpYesYes
Wood kitchen tablePlayer made using 3 Plank and 3 Nails on a workbench. 6 gpNoYes
Wood logTaken from the table next to where the wizards are sitting.---NoNo
Woodcutting accumulatorThis can be created at your Invention workbench.77.3k gpNoYes
Woodcutting capePurchased from Wilfred.---NoYes
Woodcutting cape (t)Purchased from Wilfred.---NoYes
Woodcutting hoodReceived from Wilfred when buying a Woodcutting cape.---NoYes
Woodcutting master capePurchased from Wilfred.---NoYes
Woodcutting ringPlayer made (See Notes section).---NoYes
Woodcutting tomeReward from the Temple Trekking mini-game. ---NoYes
Wooden bedPlayer made using 3 Planks, 3 Nails (any), and 2 Bolts of cloth on a workbench.1,511 gpNoYes
Wooden benchPlayer made using 4 Planks and 4 nails (any) on a Wooden workbench or better.10 gpYesYes
Wooden boardIn the cupboard in the Carnillean house basement.---YesYes
Wooden bookcasePlayer made (See notes section).16 gpNoYes
Wooden carvingObtained from the Toy box in Violet's room.---YesNo
Wooden catPlayer made.11.0k gpYesYes
Wooden chairPlayer made using 3 Planks and 3 nails (any) on a Wooden workbench or better.67 gpYesYes
Wooden diskStudy the bull's head in Peer the Seer's house in Rellekka. ---YesYes
Wooden incense sticksPlayer Made (See Notes).1,423 gpNoNo
Wooden knotReceived while cutting a tree with the Dwarven army axe. 0 gpNoYes
Wooden shardObtained when training Woodcutting after a player has reached level 99.---NoYes
Wooden shieldSold at Cassie's shield Shop in Falador; Respawn north of Varrock, by the Wilderness ditch.2,101 gpNoNo
Wooden spearPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Wooden spear (golden poison)Player Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Wooden spear (phantasmal poison)Player Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Wooden spear (sky-blue poison)Player Made (See Notes).---NoYes
Wooden spoonBought from the Culinaromancer's chest after the Recipe for Disaster quest.320 gpNoYes
Wooden spoon (Pieces of Hate)Obtained by searching the desk on the ground floor of the jail.---YesYes
Wooden stockBought from Hirko in Keldagrim, Hura in the Dwarven Mines, and Holoy in the Dwarven Passage; Player made (See Notes Section).71 gpNoYes
WoodyThis pet is found whilst training Woodcutting.---NoYes
WoolObtained from sheep by using shears on one; Harvesting produce from White ewe or White ram at the Manor farm.514 gpNoNo
Woolly hatReward from completing the 2005 Christmas event. You can reclaim it from Diango in Draynor Village.---NoNo
Woolly pudding hat Reward from a christmas piñata loot bag.0 gpNoNo
Woolly scarfReward from completing the 2005 Christmas event. You can reclaim it from Diango in Draynor Village.---NoNo
Worker district teleportPlayer Made (See Notes).---NoYes
World Gate engramFound near a group of rocks as you walk North from the World Gate (See Notes for location image).---NoYes
World Gate engram (charged)Player Made (See Notes).0 gpNoYes
Worm battaPlayer Made (See Notes).307 gpNoYes
Worm crunchiesPlayer Made (See Notes).514 gpNoYes
Worm holePlayer Made (See Notes).1,033 gpNoYes
WormsDefender slots in a Barbarian Assault wave.---NoYes
Wormwood potion (unf)Player made. (See other info)---NoYes
Wormwood seedMonster drop.---NoYes
Worn-out adamant gauntletsPlayer made (See Notes Section).302.7k gpNoNo
Worn-out black gauntletsPlayer made (See Notes Section).145.8k gpNoNo
Worn-out bronze gauntletsFist of Guthix Minigame shop.29.2k gpYesNo
Worn-out dragon gauntletsFist of Guthix activity.219.7k gpNoYes
Worn-out iron gauntletsFist of Guthix Mini-game shop.48.1k gpNoNo
Worn-out mithril gauntletsPlayer made (See Notes Section).195.1k gpNoNo
Worn-out rune gauntletsPlayer made (See Notes Section).264.0k gpNoNo
Worn-out steel gauntletsAftermath of training with Steel gauntlets.90.2k gpNoNo
Worthless old bootsGiven to you by a Man, at a place resembling the Mining guild, in the past.---YesYes
Woven top (blue)Bought from Agmundi in Keldagrim.783 gpNoYes
Woven top (brown)Bought from Vermundi in Keldagrim.773 gpNoYes
Woven top (yellow)Bought from Agmundi in Keldagrim.732 gpNoYes
Wrapped candyObtained during the 2008 Halloween event.---NoNo
Wrapped oomliePlayer made.5,196 gpNoYes
Wreath crown tokenPossible reward from the Christmas piñata loot bag (2018).12.4m gpNoYes
Wreath shield token2017 Advent calendar event; from Christmas piñata loot bag.3,670 gpNoNo
WrenchGiven to you by Captain Braindeath on Braindeath Island.---YesYes
Wrought iron keyReward from the The Tourist Trap quest.---YesYes
Wushanko fishing baitObtained from Salmon Max.---NoYes
WushroomThese mushrooms can be found while foraging mushroom clusters found on Goshima and THe Islands That Once Were Tutles in The Arc.---NoYes
Wyrm heartMonster drop.36.6m gpNoYes
Wyrm scalpMonster drop.13.5m gpNoYes
Wyrm spikeMonster drop.10.2m gpNoYes
Wyrmfire potion (1)Player made (See Notes Section).---NoYes