Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Summer's End (Hard Tasks).
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Forinthry brace (Optional)
God banner (For skill boost)
Hunter potion (For skill boost)
Fletching potion (For skill boost)
Spicy Stew (For skill boost)
Wilderness Task Rewards
Task Set Rewards Gained Whom to speak to to obtain Rewards
Easy Wilderness sword 1, and 2 antique lamps worth 10,000 experience Speak to Mr Ex just North of the Edgeville bank behind the cart to claim your rewards.
Medium Wilderness sword 2, increased teleports on the sword, 2 antique lamps worth 40,000 experience. Speak to Mandrith inside Edgeville bank to claim your rewards.
Hard Wilderness sword 3, disease free herb patch in the Wilderness, Choice of destination at the wilderness obelisk, Harrison at the Chaos temple will un-note items for you, shortcut to the Obelisk of Air unlocked, 2 antique lamps worth 77,000 experience. Speak to Quercus near the bridge leading to the Grand Exchange in Edgeville to claim your rewards.
Elite Wilderness sword 4, Lava strykewyrm's searing ashes are noted upon death while carrying the sword, team capes act as Ava's accumulators, free teleport to Wilderness Warbands while active, improved drop rate of pvp armors and statuettes, 2 antique lamps worth 95,000 experience. Speak to Kolodion at the Mage Arena Bank to claim your rewards.
Starting Point:
Wilderness Easy Tasks
Task Description Quest Required Skills Required Items Needed Tips Members Only
Highway to the Danger zone! Enter the wilderness by any means. None None None You can use the lodestone to complete this. No
Chaosteo Offer bones on the Chaos Altar None None Any kind of bones Use your bones on the altar to complete this. (There are bones located near the altar) Yes
Take a potato chip... and eat it! View the recent wilderness kills on the noticeboard in Edgeville None None None The board is located East of the Crucible entrance. Yes
Taking the subway Enter the chaos tunnels from a wilderness entrance None None None Enter the Chaos Tunnels via any of the entrances in the wilderness. No
Hold my beer while I PK this guy View your bank in the wilderness via one of the cape vendors None None None Visit one of the cape vendors inside the wilderness to complete this task. No
Repressed Deposit 50 cursed memories at the Cursed memory rift None None None Train the Divination skill at the wilderness volcano and offer 50 memories. No
Ten-uous Link Reach a score of 10 at the wilderness switches None None None Switches can be found west of the entrance to Daemonheim from the wilderness. This can be achieved by running from the North to South button repeatidly. No
Unlocked and Loded Teleport to the wilderness lodestone None None None You must have unlocked the lodestone, after unlocking it, you can teleport to it at any time. No
Ex-posing yourself Ask Mr Ex in Edgeville to skull you None None None Speak to Mr Ex just North of the Edgeville bank behind the cart. No
Wilderness Medium Tasks
Task Description Quest Required Skills Required Items Needed Tips Members Only
Don't Axe for Permission Loot a chest in the magic axe hut in the deep wilderness. None 13 Thieving Lockpick The axes in this hut are aggressive, so bring food if you are low level. Yes
Filthy Rich Open the chest in the Lava Maze with a muddy key. None None Muddy key You can buy the muddy key from the Grand exchange or obtain from Chaos dwarves. No
Hardcore Parkour Complete a full lap on the Wilderness agility course None 52 Agility None Bring low end food if you are low level, such as cakes. Yes
Liquid Luck Create a Luck potion from scratch whilst in the wilderness None 57 Farming; 57 Herblore Vial of water, Uncut Dragonstone Collect a grimy bloodweed, cut and crush a dragonstone, and combine them into a vial of water. Yes
Notatrivialtask Persuade Notterazzo in the Bandit camp to show you his goods None None None Make sure you are skulled before entering the camp, or you will die. Simply speak to Notterazzo to complete this task. No
A Barrel of Staffs Purchase a god staff from the Chamber Guardian in the Mage Arena None 60 Magic 80,000 Coins Talk to the Chamber Guardian to buy your staff after completion of the Mage Arena mini-game. Yes
A Pizza The Loot Create an anchovy pizza from scratch in the Bandit camp and give it to Fat Tony. None 55 Cooking; 15 Fishing 4 Coins Make sure you are skulled before entering the camp, and fish the spot on the Eastern side of the Bandit Camp. Buy a pizza base from Fat Tony and combine it with the cheese and tomato found on the table to create an uncooked pizza. Cook the pizza and anchovies on the range, and then combine the anchovies onto the pizza before using it on Fat Tony. No
Doyouthinkhesaurus Catch a Black salamander near the Boneyard. None 67 Hunter Small fishing net and a rope Catch a salamander, and keep it for use in a future task. Yes
Wet'n'Wildy Use a Waka Canoe to travel to the Wilderness. None 57 Woodcutting A hatchet contained on the toolbelt will work for the completion of this task. Create a waka canoe in Edgeville and travel into the wilderness to complete this task. No
I'm just Bor-rogue-ing it Pickpocket a rogue in the Rogue's Castle None 32 Thieving None Pickpocket a rogue in the NorthEastern corner of the Wilderness. Yes
Wilderness Hard Tasks
Task Description Quest Required Skills Required Items Needed Tips Members Only
Nerves of Stele Activate and teleport from each of the Wilderness obelisks None None None Repeatidly teleport between each of the obelisks until this completes. Yes
Contract Killer Complete one of Erskine's slayer contracts None None Combat gear and food Obtain a slayer contract by speaking to Erskine in Edgeville. Yes
Pure a Chaos of Corpse Defeat the Chaos elemental None None Combat Equipment and food You must deal the most damage for this task to be completed. No
What Potion? Make a Camouflage potion whilst in the Wilderness from scratch None 65 Herblore; 57 Farming Black salamander, bloodweed seed, grimy bloodweed, and a Vial of water Collect a grimy bloodweed from planting a bloodweed seed in the Wilderness patch, clean it, then add a black salamander to the unfinished potion. Yes
There's Magic in the Air Charge an air orb at the obelisk of air None 66 Magic 30 Air runes, 3 Cosmic runes, and at least 1 Unpowered orb. You will need to be on the standard spell book to access the Charge Air Orb spell, and enter the wilderness via the Edgeville Dungeon. Yes
I'm the King of the Wild! Defeat the King Black Dragon with the Wilderness entrance's buff, dealing the most damage. None None Combat equipment, food and anti-fire protection The entrance is to the west of the Lava Maze, you can bank via a cape NPC to get your gear once you've arrived safely. No
The Root of the Problem Harvest a limpwurt root from the Farming Patch in the Western Ruins None 26 Farming Limpwurt seed Simply plant and harvest a limpwurt root from the patch to complete this task. Yes
Cement his Torment Defeat a Tormented wraith Summer's End None Combat gear; Jennica's ring You must bring a set of black equipment for the head, torso, legs, main hand, and off hand slots to damage a wraith. Yes
Wilderness Elite Tasks
Task Description Quest Required Skills Required Items Needed Tips Members Only
Camping is in tents Loot supplies from a Wilderness Warbands camp None None None You will be automatically skulled upon looting from a tent. You only need to attempt to loot a camp to complete the task, not complete the turn-in of supplies. Yes
Lava Palava Defeat a Lava strykewyrm None 94 Slayer Combat equipment; Food Save the searing ashes, as they are needed to complete another elite task. Yes
Rev-enge! Defeat one of each revenant creature in the Forinthry Dungeon None None Combat equipment, food, and Forinthry brace (Optional) You can bring a friend along to kill the revenants quickly. Yes
Come at me, Bro! Create an aggression potion from scratch whilst in the Wilderness None 82 Herblore, 57 Farming Searing ashes, blood weed seed, grimy bloodweed, Vial of water. Plant and harvest a grimy bloodweed, clean the herb, and put into a vial of water. Add the searing ashes to create the potion. Yes
Charming Moths Capture a charming moth 88 Hunter, 83 Agility None You can boost to the required levels to complete this task with a God banner (+2), a Hunter potion (+3), or a Spicy Stew (chance at +6) Yes
Smooth Bakriminel Craft some bakriminel bolts from scratch in the Wilderness None 85 Woodcutting, 93 Fletching Bakriminel bolt tips, a hatchet for chopping the tree Make sure you speak to Mami Rimba first before attempting to chop a bloodwood tree for the first time. You can boost to the required level to complete this task with a God banner (+2), a Fletching potion (+3), or a Spicy Stew (Chance at +6). Yes

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