Skill Levels Required:
Easy Tasks:
15 Mining, 13 Agility, 8 Crafting, 10 Construction, and 20 Fishing.

Medium Tasks:
40 Thieving, 21 Agility, 25 Magic, and 40 Firemaking.

Hard Tasks:
70 Farming (67 with a Garden pie), 51 Agility, 73 Smithing, 32 Cooking, 66 Crafting, 40 Construction, 25 Magic, and 57 Woodcutting.

Elite Tasks:
80 Woodcutting, 92 Firemaking, 15 Farming, 80 Magic, 95 Cooking, 92 Prayer, 88 Smithing, 69 Fletching, and 78 Runecrafting (66 with luck).
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Easy Tasks:
Bones, Pickaxe, Normal logs, 6,150 gp, Hatchet, Soft clay, Earth talisman or Earth tiara, Cup of tea, Fly fishing rod, around 5 feathers, and a Slash-style weapon.

Medium Tasks:
Limpwurt root, Red spiders' eggs, 30,105 gp, Rat pole, Ring of Charos(a), Chaos Talisman or Chaos tiara, Cat/Kitten, Dig Site pendant, 1 Law rune, 3 Air runes, 1 Fire rune, Tiara, Earth talisman, 20 Mahogany logs, Dramen Staff/Lunar Staff, Willow logs if you've traveled to Varrock before using the hot air balloon or 10 Willow logs if you haven't.

Hard Tasks:
Poison ivy seed, 2 Dashing kebbit furs, 15,800 gp, Adamantite bar, Wild pie, any type of Hatchet, 33 Air runes or an Air staff, 1 Air rune, 1 Law rune, 1 Soft clay, Battlestaff, Unpowered orb, 1 Cosmic rune, and a Skull sceptre with one or more charges.

Elite Tasks:
Inferno adze, Pot of flour, Jug of water or Bucket of water, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cooking apple, Runite bar, Hammer, 10 Feathers, 28 Pure essence or Rune essence.
Easy Tasks:
After completing the easy tasks, talk to Rat Burgiss at the crossroads between Lumbridge and Varrock to receive Varrock Armour 1. When worn, it allows entry to the Edgeville furnace along with the chance of smelting 2 bars at once up to and including steel (only at Edgeville furnace), the chance of mining two ores at once up to and including coal, better prices for most shops in Varrock (not including the sawmill), the ability to buy up to 16 Battlestaves from Naff, and the ability to change the Varrock teleport location to just south of the Grand Exchange. He will also give you a reward lamp granting 1k XP in a skill of your choice above level 30.

Item Image Armour Bonus
Varrock armour 1 Varrock Armour 1 59

Medium Tasks:
After completing the Medium tasks, talk to Reldo in the Varrock Palace library to receive Varrock armour 2, which will replace Varrock Armour 1. When worn, it gives all the features of Varrock armour 1 along with the chance of smelting 2 bars at once up to and including mithril (only at Edgeville furnace), the chance of mining two ores at once up to and including mithril, a chance of smithing at a slightly faster rate, the ability to buy up to 32 Battlestaves from Naff, and the ability to change the Varrock teleport location to just south of the Grand Exchange. He will also give you a reward lamp granting 5k XP in a skill of your choice above level 40.

Item Image Armour Bonus
Varrock armour 2 Varrock Armour 2 87

Hard Tasks:
After completing the hard tasks, speak To Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon to receive Varrock armour 3, which will replace Varrock Armour 2. When worn, it gives both the benefits of Varrock armour 1 and Varrock armour 2 along with the chance of smelting 2 bars at once up to and including adamant (only at Edgeville furnace), the chance of mining two ores at once up to and including adamantite, access to the bank in the Cooks' Guild, allows you to enter the Cook's guild without a Chef's hat, the ability to buy 64 Battlestaves from Naff, and the ability to change the Varrock teleport location to just south of the Grand Exchange. He will also give you a reward lamp granting 10k XP in a skill of your choice above level 50.

Item Image Armour Bonus
Varrock armour 3 Varrock Armour 3 123

Elite Tasks:
Talk to Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon to receive Varrock armour 4, which gives all the past bonuses of Varrock armour 3 but also gives five free bolt enchantments per day (up to and including Ruby bolts, when worn), the ability to buy up to 80 Battlestaves per day from Naff, Varrock's Estate agent offers half price housing costs, Bork's drops are more generous, you have access to boxed log storage near each beacon, and less of a chance to be teleported while in chaos tunnels.

Item Image Armour Bonus
Varrock armour 4 Varrock Armour 4 168
Starting Point:
Speak to either Rat Burgiss south of Varrock, Reldo in the Varrock Palace library, or Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon.


Varrock Diary map

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Easy Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs. Members Only
1 Strike a Pose Have Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear Go to Thessalia in the clothes shop southwest of Varrock square. No need to change your clothes, just right click Thessalia and select "Change Clothes," then exit the screen. None None No
2 Essential Facilitator Have Aubury teleport you to the essence mine Right-Click on Aubury and select "Teleport" to go to the mines. Aubury is in the Rune Shop just below the East Bank in Varrock. Rune Mysteries None No
3 Doing the Ironing Mine some Iron ore in the Mining spot, south-east of Varrock Get any pickaxe and mine the iron located at the mines southeast of Varrock. None 15 Mining No
4 Plank You Very Much Make a plank at the sawmill Bring 100 gp and a Log to the sawmill northeast of Varrock and talk to the Sawmill operator. None None Yes
5 Making Learning Fun! Enter the second level of the Stronghold of Security Go to the north side of Barbarian Village and enter the Stronghold of Security. To reach the second floor, hop through the portal on the first floor and then the ladder located in the treasure room. If you haven't been here before, you will need to go through the maze first before going down the ladder. View the Account Security guide to complete it. None None No
6 Jumping-off Point Jump over the fence, south of Varrock The fence is between Lumbridge and Varrock, close to Rat Burgiss. Simply use the agility shortcut and you're done. None 13 Agility Yes
7 Lumbering Around Chop down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard Bring a hatchet and go to the Lumber Yard, which is northeast of Varrock. Jump over the ledge and cut the tree near the front. None None No
8 Read All About It Buy a copy of the Varrock Herald Buy from Benny in Varrock square for 50 gp. None None No
9 Dog and Bone Give a stray dog a bone Find a stray dog around Varrock and use a bone on him. (There is one close to Gertrude's House west of Varrock.) Any bones work. None None No
10 Pot Stop Make a Bowl on the pottery wheel then fire it in the pottery oven, all in the Barbarian Village Bring Soft clay to Barbarian Village and go to the southern most house. Use the soft clay on the pottery wheel and choose "bowl." Take the unfired bowl to the oven next to the wheel and use it on the oven. None 8 Crafting No
11 On the Ragged Edge Enter Edgeville Dungeon using the entrance to the south of Edgeville Enter the Dungeon at the entrance just south of the bank. The entrance is next to a coffin. None None No
12 Relocation, Relocation, Relocation Move your player-owned house portal to a different location using the Varrock estate agent's Take at least 5k gp (depending on your construction level and where your house is currently) to the Estate agent's office and ask him to move your house. Then select a new place and he will move it.

Note: Look for "48" highlighted in red on the map above for the location of the office in northeast Varrock.
None 10 Construction Yes
13 It Belongs in a Museum Speak to Haig Halen after obtaining at least 50 kudos He is the Curator of the Varrock Museum and is found on the ground floor near the west entrance. See the Varrock Museum guide if you don't know how to get or if you don't know if you have any Kudos. Varies Varies Yes
14 Journey to the Centre of the Earth Altar Enter the Earth Altar using an earth tiara or talisman Equip an Earth tiara or bring an Earth talisman to the earth alter found below the Lumber Yard. None None No
15 Jackanory Have Elsie tell you a story Go to the second floor of the church, just north of the Museum. Bring Elsie a Cup of tea and she will tell you a story. None None No
16 Limey Mine some limestone near Paterdomus, the temple to the east of Varrock Bring any Pickaxe and mine some Limestone near the Rag and Bone man just west of the Temple of Paterdomus, the entrance to Morytania. None 10 Mining Yes
17 Sherpa's Delight Catch a trout in the river to the east of Barbarian Village Bring a Fly fishing rod and some Feathers and fish at the fishing spot on the east side of Barbarian Village near the bridge. None 20 Fishing No
18 King of the Castle Find the highest point in Varrock Go to either the third floor of the church or the third floor in Varrock palace to complete this task. None None No
19 Stick the Knife In Venture through the cobwebbed corridor in Varrock Sewers Bring any Weapon with a slash attack (daggers, longswords, whip, or knife) and travel through the Varrock sewers. Click on the cobwebs before the area where the Deadly red spiders spawn and you will automatically cut the cobwebs with your weapon. None None No

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Medium Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs. Members Only
20 Double-strength Weaksauce Have the apothecary make you a strength potion He will need a Limpwurt root, Red spiders' eggs, and 5 gp to make it. None None No
21 Champion! Enter the Champions' Guild Located southwest of Varrock. Varies 33 quest points No
22 What Lies Below? Take the Dagon-Hai shortcut to chaos portal Go to the statue east of Varrock. Go down the tunnel under the statue, head to the end, and enter the portal. You must have a Chaos talisman/Tiara, Omni-talisman/Tiara, or a Wicked hood to use. What Lies Below None Yes
23 With a Ten-foot Pole Get a full complement of rats on Rat pole You need to be past a certain point in the Rat catchers quest to obtain a pole. Requires 6 rats to make a completed pole. If you have 6 rats on the pole already, release one and catch another. Rat catchers None Yes
24 Can't Make an Omelette Escape from spider lair with red spider eggs Go in the Varrock dungeon and bring back Red spiders' eggs. Getting the eggs from the Edgeville Dungeon does NOT count. None None No
25 Point of En-tree Use the Spirit Tree north of Varrock The Spirit Tree is located north of Varrock Palace. Tree Gnome Village None Yes
26 Unlocking Your Emotions Perform the four emotes from the Stronghold of Security The four emotes are: Idea, Stamp, Flap, and Slap head. None Stronghold of Security mini-quest No
27 A Lick of Paint Select a color for a new kitten Speak to Gertrude at her house west of Varrock. You need 100 gp and must wear a Ring of Charos(a) to select a color. If you have lost your Ring of Charos, you can obtain it from Dr. Frenkenstrain at his castle in Canifis (or at Harmony Island if you have completed The Great Brain Robbery). Gertrude's Cat
Garden of Tranquillity
None Yes
28 For Fast Transactions Use the shortcut under the west wall of Varrock Palace It's on the northwest side of the palace grounds. None 21 Agility Yes
29 You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry Enter the 'A Soul's Bane' rift Climb down the rope to complete. A Soul's Bane None Yes
30 Return to Senntisten Teleport to the Dig Site using a Dig Site pendant You learn how to make the Dig Site pendant when you get a Ruby necklace from the archaeological part of the Varrock museum. None Learn to make a Dig Site pendant at the Varrock museum
49 Magic
31 Promised the Earth Craft an earth tiara at the earth altar Take an empty Tiara and an Earth talisman to the earth altar. Use the tiara on the altar and the talisman will combine with the tiara. None None No
32 Royale With Thieve Pickpocket a guard in the Varrock Palace courtyard Right click a guard and select "Pickpocket." None 40 Thieving Yes
33 Like a Varrocket Use the Teleport to Varrock spell You need 1 Law, 3 Air, and 1 Fire rune. None 25 Magic No
34 Challenge Vannaka Get a slayer task from Vannaka He is in the Edgeville Dungeon. You cannot have another task in progress. None 40 Combat Yes
35 Flatpack Backpack Buy 20 mahogany planks from the sawmill operator in one transaction Take 20 Mahogany logs to the sawmill operator with 30k. You can buy the logs or you need level 50 Woodcutting to cut mahogany trees. None None Yes
36 Master Scrumper Pick a fruit from the White Tree Pick a White tree fruit from the White Tree in the center of the Varrock Palace garden. Garden of Tranquillity None Yes
37 Engage Use the hot air balloon to travel from Varrock to somewhere else The Varrock hot air balloon is located east of Varrock. Visit The Transportation Special Report for more information. Enlightened Journey None Yes
38 Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Get a cat training medal from Gertrude Have your Kitten/Cat catch at least 100 rats. Then talk to Gertrude for your Cat training medal. If you have already received a medal in the past, you must drop it and talk to Gertrude to receive another one. Gertrude's Cat None No
39 Dial V For Varrock Dial to the fairy ring west of Varrock The Fairy Ring code is DKR. For more information visit the Transportation Special Report A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen None Yes
40 The Body Shop Browse through Oziach's Armour Shop Oziach's shop is found in the northwest part of Edgeville, close to the Wilderness wall. Right-click him and select "Trade." Dragon Slayer None No

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Hard Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs. Members Only
41 Burning Bush Pick poison ivy from your bush Farming patch in Varrock Plant a poison ivy bush in the patch near the Champions' Guild, then pick a berry when it is fully grown. To plant, 67 Farming can be used with a Garden pie. None 70 Farming Yes
42 But It Won't Warp You Anywhere Use the pipe shortcut in Varrock sewers, near the moss giants Enter Edgeville Dungeon via entrance south of Edgeville bank, then use the obstacle pipe located near Vannaka. None 51 Agility Yes
43 Lighten Up Trade furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a spottier cape Take 2 Dashing kebbit furs and 800 gp to the Fancy dress seller southeast of the Varrock eastern bank and he'll trade you a Spottier cape. The furs can be acquired by catching Dashing Kebbits in the Falconry area (69 Hunter required) or by purchasing from players. None None Yes
44 Put Your Smithing Hat On Smith an Adamantite medium helm on the south-east anvil in Varrock, next to Aubury's Rune Shop Take one Adamantite bar and a hammer to the anvil, and use the bar on the anvil. Click Adamant med helm on the menu that will pop up. None 73 Smithing No
45 Kudos on the Kudos! Speak to Orlando Smith when you have achieved 153 kudos You must do EVERYTHING possible in the museum. See the Varrock Museum guide if you don't know how to get or have any Kudos. See the Varrock Museum guide to see what quests are needed to earn Kudos. None Yes
46 Who Ate All the Pie? Talk to Romily Weaklax and give him a wild pie Either buy a Wild pie or make one. To make one it requires 85 Cooking (or 80 with a Chef's delight). When you acquire your pie, take it to Romily who is located in the Cooks' Guild. None 32 Cooking Yes
47 Battle of the Elements Craft an air battlestaff Buy a Battlestaff from Naff for about 7k coins. Take an Unpowered orb, three Cosmic and 30 Air runes to the air obelisk (see the Edgeville Dungeon Map for route) and use the orb on the obelisk. The obelisk is in the Wilderness, so be careful! Then use the Air orb you created on the battlestaff. None 66 Crafting Yes
48 Changing Rooms Give your player-owned house a fancy stone or tropical wood finish at the Varrock estate agent's You'll need to pay a fair amount of gp to the Estate agent to have him redecorate your house. Tropical wood costs 15k and Fancy stone costs 25k. None 40 or 50 Construction Yes
49 Keeping Tabs on Varrock Make a Varrock teleport tablet on a mahogany lectern You'll need one Soft clay, one Law, one Fire, and three Air runes. Use the soft clay on a mahogany lectern and click the "V" to make your tablet. None 25 Magic
67 Construction
50 Hand-Me-Downs Obtain a new set of Family Crest gauntlets from Dimintheis Destroy your gauntlets and talk to Dimintheis to get them back. Family Crest None Yes
51 Waka-Waka-Waka Make a waka canoe near Edgeville Go over the bridge northeast of the bank, then go south. Chop down the canoe tree at the station, and click on the log. None 57 Woodcutting No
52 Living on the Edge Use the Home Teleport spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook to teleport to Edgeville Turn on Ancient Magicks via the desert treasure pyramid altar. Then, use the home teleport. Desert Treasure None Yes
53 Intersceptre Use the skull sceptre to teleport to Barbarian Village Invoke the Skull sceptre to teleport. See the Stronghold of Security mini-quest guide for more information. None None No

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Elite Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs. Members Only
54 Stick a Bork In Him, He's Done Defeat Bork After completing The Hunt for Surok, simply kill Bork again. What Lies Below High combat levels recommended
The Hunt for Surok
55 Nomadness Speak to Zimberfizz about swapping your Soul Wars cape for one of a different colour Go to Zimberfizz in Soul Wars and ask him to swap the color of your current cape. Nomad's Requiem None Yes
56 Double Jointed Complete a large job at the Sawmill Accept a Large Job at the Sawmill and complete it. None 80 Woodcutting Yes
57 It All Adze Up Using an Inferno Adze, incinerate a log cut from a tree you've grown in Varrock Palace's garden Wield your Inferno adze and cut a tree from the Varrock Palace's garden until you burn one of the logs. All Fired Up 92 Firemaking
61 Woodcutting
15 Farming
58 Mind Your Back Get a member of the Dagon'hai's mind control spells to backfire on him Go to the statue where you start The Hunt for Surok and talk to the mage in the northeast chamber. Tell him to bow before you since you're the new leader and that you're a powerful mage. He'll cast a spell at you which will backfire. What Lies Below 80 Magic Yes
59 Red, Red Pies of Summer Bake a Summer pie in the Cooks' Guild
  1. Combine a Pot of flour and a Bucket of water to make Pastry dough.
  2. Add the Pastry Dough to a Pie dish to create a Pie shell.
  3. Add a Strawberry, a Watermelon, and a Cooking apple, in that order, to create a Raw summer pie.
  4. Bake the Raw Summer Pie in the oven.
None 95 Cooking Yes
60 Splitting Headache Defeat a skeleton at (or just pray at) Senntisten Altar with Soul Split enabled Go to The Temple of Senntisten and turn your Soul Split prayer on and kill a skeleton, or pray at the altar. The Temple at Senntisten 92 Prayer Yes
61 A Bolt From the Blue Smith and Fletch Ten Runite Bolts within Varrock Make sure you are within Varrock as you complete each step.
  1. Use a Runite bar on an anvil and smith 10 Unfinished runite bolts.
  2. Add 10 Feathers to the Unfinished runite bolts to make 10 Runite bolts.
None 88 Smithing
69 Fletching
62 A Ton of Earth Craft 100 or more Earth Runes simultaneously With 28 Rune essence or Pure essence in your inventory, craft Earth runes. This may be accomplished, with luck, at level 66 Runecrafting. None 78 Runecrafting No

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