Skill Levels Required:
Easy Tasks:
16 Fishing, 10 Crafting, 13 Farming.

Medium Tasks:
30 Mining, 40 Ranged, 45 Magic, 48 Agility, 46 Summoning, 45 Firemaking, 46 Fishing, and 43 Cooking.

Hard Tasks:
60 Woodcutting , 80 Fletching, 70 Prayer, 75 Firemaking, 56 Magic, 80 Cooking, 22 Strength, 36 Agility, 39 Ranged, and 76 Fishing.

Elite Tasks:
35 Fishing, 70 Cooking, 73 Smithing, 85 Fletching, 83 Magic, 10 Crafting, and 92 Herblore.
Quests Required:
Easy Tasks:
Started Dwarf Cannon and Murder Mystery.

Medium Tasks:
Completed Scorpion Catcher. Started One Small Favour and The Elemental Workshop I.

Hard Tasks:
King's Ransom, A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen, The Family Crest, and Knight Training Grounds mini-quest.

Elite Tasks:
Lunar Diplomacy.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
A Beast of burden, Super energy potions, Boots of lightness, Spotted cape/Spottier cape, and Camelot teleport methods.
Easy Tasks:
Seer's headband, which also counts as a dim light source when worn, the ability to obtain 30 free flax a day from Geoffrey, the Coal Trucks will now hold 140 coal, when cutting a normal tree you will recieve an extra log, and a 1K XP Lamp.

Medium Tasks:
Seer's headband light increases, the ability to obtain 60 free flax a day from Geoffrey, the Coal Trucks will now hold 168 coal, 10 bonus experience when cutting Maple trees, and a 5K XP Lamp.

Hard Tasks:
Seer's headband light is brighter, the ability to obtain 120 free flax a day from Geoffrey, the Coal Trucks will now hold 196 coal, the ability to spin fabrics in Seers' Village at a higher speed (33% faster), talk to the Lady of the Lake with Excalibur in your inventory to have it enhanced into an Enhanced excalibur, when wearing the Seer's headband the Camelot teleport spell will now teleport you to the center of Seers' Village, when reviving your prayer in Seers' Village you will receive a prayer boost, Thormac will enchant mystic staves for less money, and a 10K XP Lamp.

Elite Tasks:
Seers' headband 4, Experience lamp - 4 x 30,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 83, Experience lamp - 1 x 25,000 experience in the skill of your choice over level 70. At all times: Talk to Geoffrey in the flax field to claim 200 free flax per day, Stankers arranges for 200 coal to go direct from his Coal Trucks to your bank each day, increased chance of enchanted crossbow effects from occurring, and Enhanced excalibur's special attack now heals twice as much.
Starting Point:
Speak to any Seer in Seers' Village, Stankers by the coal trucks, or Sir Kay in Camelot Castle.


Seers' Village Achievement Diary Map

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Easy Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
1 Reflax Actions Pick 5 flax. The Flax field is located South of Seers' Village/Camelot. None None
2 Why? Walk clockwise around the mysterious statue. The statue is located east of the bank. You may be required to walk around it several times. None None
3 Stir, Galahad Have Sir Galahad make you a cup of tea. Sir Galahad is located in his house, west of McGrubor's Wood. None None
4 La Morte D'Arthur Take the poison chalice to King Arthur. A Poison chalice is obtained from Stankers at the mine near the Coal Trucks. King Arthur is located on the first floor of Camelot Castle. None None
5 Another String to Your Bow Spin 5 Bow strings. There is a spinning wheel located southwest of Seers' Village. None 10 Crafting
6 Bunch of Flours Fill five pots with flour from Sinclair Mansion. In the kitchen in Sinclair Mansion (empty the Flour to reuse pot.) Murder Mystery None
7 Happy Hour Give five locals a glass of Cider in the Foresters' Arms. The Foresters' Arms is located west of Seers' Village Bank. You can buy Cider at the bar underground Miscellania or you can brew it yourself (see Brewing Guide.) Use the Cider on a man or woman in the bar to give it to them. None None
8 Jute Alors! Plant a Jute seed. The Farming patch is located northwest of Seers' Village. Requires 3 Jute seeds. None 13 Farming
9 Sinclair Swirling Use the churn in Sinclair Mansion garden. A Bucket of milk/Pot of cream is required to do this. Also, there are dairy cows at the mansion, you could only bring an empty Bucket. None 21 Cooking
10 Grand Candle Buy a Candle from the Candle maker. Candles cost 3 coins each. He is located in Catherby South of the bank. None None
11 A Seer-ing Light Pray at Seers' Village altar. The Altar is located southwest of Seers' Village. None None
12 Mack Rolled Catch a Mackerel. A Big fishing net is required to complete this task. The fishing spot is located east of Catherby. None 16 Fishing

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Medium Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
13 Fleeing the Scene Use the Sinclair Mansion to Fremennik agility shortcut. The shortcut is located northwest of the Sinclair Mansion. None 48 Agility
14 It's a Slightly Magical Stick Talk to Thormac the Sorcerer about making mystic staves. Speak to Thormac located on the top floor of the building south of Seers' Village. Scorpion Catcher None
15 King Coal Transport a full load (224 pieces) of coal to Seers' Village. Mine 224 coal and put in the carts. You can also buy 224 coal and put it in the carts. The coal can be placed into the carts located northwest of Seers' Village You can take out the coal once you have finished putting it all in. None 30 Mining
16 I Can Seer My House From Here Find the highest point in Seers' Village. The highest point of Seers' Village is the top floor of the Spinning Wheel building located southwest of Seers' Village. One Small Favour None
17 Mastering the Elements Defeat each type of elemental in the Elemental Workshop. The entrance to the workshop is located in the Anvil house west of Seers' Village Bank. Must have a Battered key. The Elemental Workshop I None
18 It's Only a Model Teleport to Camelot. This requires 1 Law rune and 5 Air runes. None 45 Magic
19 Sniper Training Kill one guard on each tower of the Ranging Guild using a shieldbow. A standard wooden Shieldbow must be used with arrows up to Bronze. The Ranging Guild is located southwest of Seers' Village. None 40 Ranged
20 Arch Archer Have the Ranging Guild Competition judge congratulate you for acquiring over 1,000 archery tickets. The Ranging Guild is located southwest of Seers' Village. A payment of 200 coins is required to enter the Ranging contest. You'll need to play the competition between 15-20 times. (Alternatively, you can simply buy the tickets from the Grand Exchange). None 40 Ranged
21 What, No Cuddly Toy? Buy something from the ticket exchange in the Ranging Guild. None 40 Ranged
22 Familiar Fire Familiarity Use a familiar to make a fire from maple logs within Seers' Village. This requires a Pyrelord or Forge regent pouch and a maple log to complete this task. None 45 Firemaking
46 Summoning
23 At Least It Doesn't Need Walking Get a pet fish from Harry. Fill a fishbowl with water and add some seaweed. Talk to Harry with filled fishbowl in inventory. He will sell you a tiny net for 10 coins. Use the tiny net on the fish aquarium to get a pet fish. None None
24 All Your Bass... Catch and cook a Bass in Catherby. Use a big fishing net on a net fishing spot east of Catherby. Use on a stove or fire to cook. None 43 Cooking
46 Fishing

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Hard Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
25 At Home on the Range Teleport to the Ranging Guild. Use a charge on a Combat bracelet to teleport to the Ranging Guild. None None
26 See Yew at Five Cut five sets of yew logs. Chop 5 yew logs southwest of Seers' Village Bank. None 60 Woodcutting
27 The Short of It Fletch a magic shortbow in the Seers' Village Bank. Requires 1 Magic log, a Knife, and a Bow string. None 80
28 Prayer of Attorney Enter the Seers' Village courthouse with your Piety prayer turned on. The couthouse is located south of Camelot Castle. Activate the Piety Prayer before going in. King's Ransom
Knight Training Grounds mini-quest
70 Prayer
29 Beware of the Dog Use the fairy ring in McGrubor's Wood. This requires either a Dramen staff, a Lunar staff or completion of A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen. McGrubor's Wood is located west of Seers' Village. A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen None
30 Twisted Fire Starter Burn a magic log in Seers' Village. This requires 1 Magic log, Tinderbox. None 75 Firemaking
31 Alch-aholic High Alch a Magic shortbow in the Seers' Village bank. This requires 1 Magic shortbow, 1 Nature rune and 5 Fire runes. None 55 Magic
32 Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Catch five sharks in Catherby. The Catherby fishing spot is located east of Catherby. None 76 Fishing
33 Gonna Need a Bigger Range Cook 5 sharks using your Cooking gauntlets. This requires 5 sharks and Cooking gauntlets. The Family Crest 80 Cooking
34 Water Palaver Charge five water orbs in one go. The Water Obelisk is located on the small island south of Catherby fishing area. To get there, players must go to Taverley Dungeon and climb the ladder to the east of the Black dragons. Requires 5 Unpowered orbs and Enchant Water Orb Spells. None 56 Magic
35 Island Hopper Use the grapple shortcut to get from the Water obelisk island to Catherby shore. This requires a Mithril c'bow and a Mith grapple. Must have 22 Strength, 36 Agility, and 39 Ranged. None 22 Strength
36 Agility
39 Ranged

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Elite Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs. Skill/Other Reqs.
36 It's a Trap! No, Wait, It's a Pie Bake an Admiral pie from scratch in the Seers' Village/Catherby area.
  1. Fish and Cook a Salmon
  2. Fish and Cook a Tuna
  3. Farm a Potato
  4. Combine Pot of flour and a container of water to make Pastry Dough
  5. Add the Pastry Dough to a Pie dish to make a Pie shell
  6. Add the Salmon, Tuna, and Potato to the Pie shell to make a Raw Admiral Pie
  7. Cook the Pie on a Range

Note: All of the above actions must be done in Catherby or in Seers' Village.

None 35 Fishing
70 Cooking
37 Make a Bolt For It Fletch a Diamond-Tipped enchanted crossbow bolt within the Seers' Village area.
  1. Use an Adamantite bar on an Anvil to Smith an Adamant bolt (unf)
  2. Add Feathers to the Unfinished bolts to make Adamant bolts
  3. Use a Chisel on a Diamond to make Diamond bolt tips
  4. Add the Diamond bolt tips to the Adamant bolts
  5. Cast Enchant Bolt on the Diamond bolts
None 57 Magic
73 Smithing
38 The Long of It Fletch a Magic shieldbow within Seers' Village.
  1. Pick a Flax
  2. Spin the Flax into a Bow string
  3. Fletch Magic logs into a Magic shieldbow(u)
  4. Add the Bow string to the Magic shieldbow (u)
None 10 Crafting
39 Plentypotionentiary Make and drink an Extreme ranging potion within the Ranging Guild.
  1. Use a Clean dwarf weed and Wine of zamorak to make a Super ranging potion (3)
  2. Add 5 Grenwall spikes to the Super ranging potion (3) to make an Extreme ranging potion
  3. Take a drink of the potion
None 40 Ranged
92 Herblore
40 Moon Raker Cast Fertile Soil on a patch in the area. With 83 Magic cast Fertile Soil spell (Lunar Spells) on a farming patch in Catherby or Seers' Village. Lunar Diplomacy 83 Magic

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