Skill Levels Required:
Easy Tasks:
5 Hunter, 7 Magic, 14 Runecrafting, 22 Thieving.

Medium Tasks:
19 Strength, 25 Summoning, 30 Agility, 33 Crafting, 35 Woodcutting, 36 Herblore, 37 Ranged, 45 Mining, 45 Prayer..

Hard Tasks:
50 Runecrafting, 52 Fletching, 55 Cooking, 55 Farming, 61 Thieving, 65 Slayer, 70 Magic, 75 Dungeoneering.

Elite Tasks:
77 Slayer, 80 Agility, 80 Mining , 85 Herblore , 89 Crafting, 91 Thieving .
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Easy Tasks:
Speak to Grand Vizier Hassan after completing the Easy tasks for the Desert amulet 1 and one 2,000xp lamp.

At all times:
  • 2% cheaper items at the pizazz store.
When worn:
  • Double water from cacti (for Waterskin).
  • Sparkly Dung Kalaphites drop double loot.
  • 1 Bag of lost items from any of the Rug Merchants

Medium Tasks:
Speak to Zahur after completing the Medium tasks for the Desert amulet 2 and one 8,000xp lamp.

At all times:
  • 5% cheaper items at the pizazz store.
  • A second Teak tree near Uzer.
When worn:

Hard Tasks:
Speak to Ali the Mayor after completing the Hard tasks for the Desert amulet 3 and 1 20,000xp lamp.

At all times:
  • 10% cheaper items at the pizazz store.
  • A second Teak tree near Uzer.
  • The cactus patch in Al-Kharid will be protected from disease and always provides double spines.
  • Double charges on the Pharaoh's sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods.
  • Reduced chance of Mummies and Scarabs spawning in Pyramid Plunder.
When worn:
  • Double water from cacti (for Waterskin).
  • Sparkly Dung Kalaphites drop double loot.
  • Reduced failure rate at the Agility Pyramid.
  • Unlimited teleports to Nardah.
  • Goats have a chance to drop noted Desert goat horns.
  • Keris has a greater chance of scoring a vicious blow.

Elite Tasks:
Speak to the Clay Golem after completing the Elite tasks for the Desert amulet 4, two 30,000xp lamps and two 50,000xp lamps.

At all times:
  • 10% cheaper items at the pizazz store.
  • A second Teak tree near Uzer.
  • The cactus patch in Al-Kharid will be protected from disease and always provides double spines.
  • Double charges on the Pharaoh's sceptre and the Sceptre of the gods.
  • Reduced chance of Mummies and Scarabs spawning in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Keris has a greater chance of scoring a vicious blow.
When worn:
Starting Point:
Speak to any of the Taskmasters listed in the reward section.


Desert Task Map

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Easy Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs Skill Reqs Members Only
1 Assassin's Feed Eagle-dive into a hay cart after completing Diamond in the Rough.
  1. Climb on top of the roof of the Al Kharid Crafting store. (located in Northeastern Al Kharid, a bit south from the farming patch) Walk across the plank to the roof of the building south of the Crafting store. 2) Slide down the awning on the southern side of the roof, then enter the building and leave it via the western side by walking across the Washing Line.
  2. Climb up the ladder to the West and then cross the gate from above by crossing the planks. Climb up the ladder and jump from the scaffold located on the Western side of the roof.
  3. Climb down the rug on the south, then swing across the wooden frame located just next to the rug. Jump from the scaffold on the building South to you, and then Bounce on the awning.
  4. Climb up the brickwork, run to the Southern side of the bank's roof and then finally Eagle-jump the rug on the Southern wall to complete the task.
Diamond in the Rough None Yes
2 Touring Gear Equip a full set of desert clothing while standing in the desert. Go to Shantay Pass and buy yourself the items, unless you don't have them yet. (They'll cost a total amount of 100gp) Equip the items, and go-through the pass into the desert to complete the task. None None Yes
3 Memento Mori View the Duel Arena scoreboard. Go to the Duel Arena. (walk North from the Al Kharid lodestone) There will be a scoreboard just south from the entrance. Click on it to view it for task completion. None None No
4 Fool's Gold Catch a golden warbler. Head east of the Dominion Tower to the Hunter area located just next to the Dominion Tower. You can also use the Fairy Ring code D L Q and then walk to north. Lay a Bird Snare and wait for a Golden Warbler to get caught by it. None 5 Hunter Yes
5 Don't You Dare Close Your Eyes Use any of the magic carpets in the desert. Walk through the Shantay pass. Speak with the Rug Merchant just a bit South from the pass. Select a location you wish to travel to and pay the merchant the price for the journey to complete the task. None None Yes
6 Slash Fund Get water from a cactus in the desert. Go to the Kharidian Desert and find yourself a Kharidian Cactus (healthy). They are located all around the desert, but I used the ones West from Uzer. Select cut while having an empty water skin in your inventory to complete the task. None None Yes
7 Kookookachat Talk to Khoochak about a quest. Enter the Palace via the main doors. Walk South to the throne and speak with the bird (Khoochak) for task completion. You can select to speak about any of the Desert Quests you've completed. None None Yes
8 Fire at Will Craft a fire rune at the fire altar. Go to the Mysterious Ruins just North from the Duel Arena entrance. Enter the ruins and select Craft-Rune on the altar to complete the task. None 14 Runecrafting No
9 Seems Legit Obtain five artefacts from Pyramid Plunder and sell them to Simon in one go.
  1. Travel to the Sophanem city via either a carpet ride, fairy ring, walking (not recommended), or the Pharaoh's Sceptre teleport. Enter the first Pyramid just next to the city entrance by searching an Anonymous looking door. Speak with the guardian mummy to start the minigame.
  2. Walk East to the Agility pyramid, walk down the first rocks and trade with Simon Templeton. Select to sell all of your artefacts for task completion.
None 21 Thieving Yes
10 Extra Cheese Exchange pizazz points at the Mage Training Arena. Run to the Mage Training arena North from the Duel Arena. Participate in one of the activities in order to gain enough points to purchase something from the rewards shop upstairs to complete the task. None 7 Magic Yes
11 I Like to Watch Attempt to spectate on a match at the Dominion Tower. Go through Shantay pass and walk east to the Dominion tower. Walk up the stairs and enter the lobby. Climb up the stairs and select to spectate. Select a game you wish to spectate to complete the task. None None Yes
12 Wiggle Room Perform the troubadour dance emote near the dancers outside the Citharede Abbey. Teleport to Al Kharid lodestone. Leave the city via the East gate and keep walking East until you arrive to the Abbey. walk onto the platform with performers and select to do the Troubadour Dance-emote to complete the task. One Piercing Note None No

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Medium Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs Skill Reqs Members Only
13 Faster than a Speeding Bullet Ride an eagle to the desert.
  1. Grab a rope and travel to the Eagles' Peak, Closest Lodestone is Adrougne, alternatively if you have the Book of Char you can use its teleport function.
  2. Use a rope on the Desert Eagle. It'll fly to the Desert Eagle cave with a short cut scene, and you'll complete the task.
Eagles' Peak None Yes
14 So Su Me Solve an easy runedoku casket.
  1. Speak with Ali Morrisane at Al Kharid. If he doesn't have an option for runes, you should teleport to Varrok and speak with Aubury at the Rune Store of Varrock.
  2. Speak to Aubury about a business proposal from Ali Morrisane. Go throught the chat, then teleport to the Al Kharid lodestone and walk to Ali Morrisane. Speak about buying runes, and select to open a small runedoku casket.
  3. You're given a runedoku puzzle. Runedoku puzzles play like normal sudoku, except you use runes instead of numbers.
The Feud None Yes
15 A Bridge Not Far Cross the River Lum using a crossbow. Leave Al Kharid via the West Gate, located just a bit North from the bank. You'll see a set of two strong trees. Select to grapple the strong tree on the other side of the river to complete the task. None 8 Agility, 19 Strength, 37 Ranged Yes
16 Heathen Idle Pray at the Elidinis statuette in Nardah. Get to Nardah via either magic carpets, the fairy ring code D L Q or walking (not recommended). Enter the house North from the fountain and pray-at the statue to complete the task. Spirits of the Elid None Yes
17 Away with the Kalphites Travel to the fairy ring near the Kalphite Lair. Fairy ring code: BIQ A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (started) None Yes
18 All Square Sell a pyramid top to Simon. Make your way to the Agility pyramid by either walking, fairy rings, magic carpet rides, or a combination of these three. Climb up on top of the pyramid, remember to claim the golden pyramid by climbing the climbing rocks, and then leave the pyramid via a doorway. Trade with Simon and choose "Sell your artefacts" to sell the pyramid and complete the task. None 30 Agility Yes
19 Goat Harralander? Create a vial of combat potion from scratch in Nardah after killing a goat from the desert. Gather the required items and travel to Nardah.
  1. Kill a goat on the Southern side of Nardah. Then return to the city and grind the horn into Goat Horn Dust.
  2. Craft your molten glass into a vial and fill it with water from the fountain. Clean the Grimy Harralander.
  3. Add the harralander into the vial of water, and then add the goat horn dust into the vial of water to complete the task.
Spirits of the Elid 36 Herblore, 33 Crafting Yes
20 Taken for Granite Mine granite at the quarry south of the Bandit Camp. Travel to the Bandit Camp, preferrably via the lodestone. Walk a bit South into the Quarry and mine some Granite to complete the task. None 45 Mining Yes
21 Unbeetleable Create a spirit kalphite pouch at the obelisk south west of Pollnivneach. Gather the items and head for Pollnivneach by carpet rides or walking (not recommended). Walk the remaining way from Pollnivneach to the obelisk. Infuse the pouch to complete the task. None 25 Summoning Yes
22 An Teak Attempt to cut a log from the teak tree near the Ruins of Uzer. Make your way to Uzer via a magic carpet or walking. Walk to the Southeastern part of the area and chop one of the Teak trees in order to complete the task. None 35 Woodcutting Yes
23 Overcut Boost your stats at Amascut's altar. Make your way to the Altar of Amascut either by walking or the fairy-ring code D L Q. It's also possible to take a magic carpet to Uzer and walk the remaining way to the pyramid. Choose to go straigth to the Queen as you enter the pyramid and pray at the altar of Amascut to complete the task. Missing My Mummy 45 Prayer. Yes

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Hard Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs Skill/Other Reqs Members Only
24 Skinful Use Humidify to fill a Waterskin while standing in the desert. Go swap into Lunar Magics by praying at the Astral Altar (located at the Lunar Isle, using Al Kharid and Lunar lodestone teleports is recommended), then return to Al Kharid. Get a waterskin (0) from Shantay for 15gp. Go through the pass into the desert and cast Humidify to complete the task. Dream mentor 68 Magic Yes
25 Water on the Brain Equip a charged Enchanted water tiara while in the desert. Get yourself an Enchanted water tiara, if you don't have one already. That can be done by using water runes on a water tiara after completing the quest Dealing with Scarabas. Equip the tiara and go to the Desert for task completion. Dealing with Scarabas 50 Runecrafting Yes
26 More Fletcher than Sumona Fletch some Broad bolts or arrows in Sumona's house. Add feathers to either unfinished Broad Bolts at Sumona's house to complete the task. You can buy the unfinished bolts from Sumona herself.

NOTE: You must buy the ability to craft Broad Bolts or Arrows with 300 Slayer Points.
Smoking kills 52 Fletching Yes
27 Ug Thankee Kindly Make an Ugthanki kebab from raw ingredients in Nardah. Gather the required items and make your way to Nardah.
  1. Use the onion on the bowl. Then use the tomato on the bowl.
  2. Create a pitta dough by using the bucket of water on the pot of flour.
  3. Cook the raw ugthanki meat and dough on one of the Clay ovens located in Nardah.
  4. Use the cooked meat on the onion and tomato to produce a kebab mix.
  5. Finally, add in the pitta bread to finish the kebab and complete the task.
None 50 Cooking Yes
28 Nipped in the Bug Use a Dreadnip on the Kalphite Queen. You need 450 kills in the Dominion Tower and have a dreadnip to release. This will not work on the Exiled Kalphite Queen. None None Yes
29 Drafty in Here Kill a Dust devil in the Smoke Dungeon Make your way to the Smoke Dungeon, located in the Smokey well West from Pollnivneach. Walk into the first room in the South and kill a Dust Devil to complete the task. Smoking kills 65 Slayer Yes
30 Enaqua Fill a Waterskin from the fountain of Enakhra's Temple.
  1. Home teleport to the Bandit Camp lodestone, then walk Southwest to the Quarry and climb down the secret entrance.
  2. Climb down the ladder, go West until you reach another ladder, climb it up and walk west to the fountain.
  3. Use a waterskin on the fountain to complete the task.
Enakhra's Lament None Yes
31 Say It, Don't Spray It Hear one of Al the Camel's poems using a fully featured cramulet. Speak to Al the Camel in front of Al Kharid bank while wearing the full Cramulet. Choose to say something unpleasant and he'll tell you a poem. If it's your first time, you will automatically stop the camel from telling the poem and you'll have to speak with the camel again. Select the same option as before, then select that you'd love to hear a poem. Select a poem and go through the chat to complete the task. Enakhra's Lament, Do No Evil None Yes
32 1001 Kharidian Spikes Harvest spines from a cactus you grew yourself. Plant a Cactus seed to the Cactus patch. It's then suggested to speak with the farmer nearby (Ayesha) with six cavada berries to protect the plant from a disease, as it takes over nine hours to grow and you'd probably like to do something else while it grows. Once the plant has grown up, harvest spines from it to complete the task. None 55 Farming Yes
33 Ice-Cold Killer Freeze an enemy in the desert using Ice Burst.
  1. Teleport to the Bandit Camp Lodestone. Then walk to Southeast the Pyramid. Use the back-entrance on the South side to get to the altar instantly. Pray on the altar and leave with the portal in front of it.
  2. Walk away from the pyramid until you meet a desert creature. Target it and cast Ice Burst on it to complete the task.
Desert treasure 70 Magic Yes
34 Ludikeris Kill a scarab mage, Locust rider or Kalphite with the Keris dagger. Travel to Sophanem. Head to the bank in the Northeastern part of the city, grab your Keris, a light scourge and some combat gear. Head down the ladders in the bank and proceed to the west to find a scarab mage to kill. Contact! None Yes
35 Security through Obscurity Use the Deposit chest near the Bedabin Camp Walk to the Deposit box in the Northwestern corner of the Bedabin camp. Select to Deposit something to complete the task. Deadliest Catch None Yes
36 Wake-Up Call Open the sarcophagus in the level 61 room of Pyramid Plunder Enter the Pyramid Plunder at Sophanem, reachable by carpets, walking and the Pharaoh's Sceptre teleport. Work your way within the minigame to the level fifth room and open the sarchophagus to complete the task. None 61 Thieving Yes
37 Open Sesame Enter the Al-kharid resource dungeon. Head north of Al-kharid to the mine and enter the resource dungeon. None 75 Dungeoneering Yes

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Elite Tasks:

# Task Description Notes Quest Reqs Skill/Other Reqs Members Only
38 Staff on Stryke Kill a desert strykewyrm wearing a Full Slayer Helm and wielding an ancient staff.
  • The Ancient staff cannot be borrowed.
  • You may kill the strykewyrm with any side of the combat triangle you like so long as the staff and helm are equipped.
Note: You do not need to have the Desert strykewyrm as a current slayer task to kill one, so long as the requirements for the task are met.
Smoking kills, Desert treasure 77 Slayer, 55 Crafting Yes
39 Room Service Open the sarcophagus in the final room of Pyramid Plunder. You must have the required level, you are not able to use item boosts. None 91 Thieving Yes
40 Sun Shade Plant the Dominion marker in the desert, with all its achievements complete, including killing Sunfreet. See Dominion Tower Achievements None None Yes
41 A, B, Cithara Play the Holy Cithara while standing in the Citharede Abbey. If you need to reclaim the Holy Cithara, it's done by opening the chest within the cellar level of the Abbey with the following conditions met:
  • with Ring of Visibility, Six Saradomin releated items and Ghostspeak amulet or Cramulet equipped.
  • It is also required to have full run energy, standard spellbook and full prayer points while doing so.
One Piercing Note, Desert treasure None Yes
42 Ankle Support Wear the ankh and the Scabaras mask while in the desert. Diamond in the Rough, Do No Evil 80 Agility, 80 Mining Yes
43 I'm Super In Nardah make a Super antifire flask - making both the flask and the potion from scratch. While in Nardah:
  • Use the Phoenix feathers on the Antifire potions (3)
  • Blow your Robust glass into a Potion Flask
  • Use your Super antifire potions (3) on the Potion flask to create a Super antifire flask (6)
Note:The normal Antifire potion (3)'s do not need to be made, these can be purchased from the Grand Exchange.
As a First Resort... 89 Crafting, 85 Herblore, 81 Mining Yes

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